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I was a nineteen year old sophomore in college, still living a home when my sister and her best friend decided on having a sleepover. I ogled these 18 year high school seniors in their nightclothes and it wasn’t long before I had to retire to my room because my anatomy was betraying me.

As I lay on my bed with shorts and no shirt I again was thinking that the girls were hot looking and I had the starting of an erection. I ran my hand under the waistband of my shorts and felt the head of my now almost fully erect cock. I started to feel around the head and I closed my eyes enjoying the sensation, when my door flew open and I heard giggling. God was I embarrassed!

My sister was the first to speak, “Oh gosh I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to barge in without knocking.” I released my hard cock and removed my hand from inside my shorts but the bulge was as evident as ever and as I looked up I could see both my sister and her friend looking directly at my half exposed cock.

“I never expected to see your penis, and not hard like this”, my sister was quivering and she could not seem to remove her eyes from where my dick lay up against my belly. Her friend Robin was also staring and as I looked up at her I noticed she had one hand stroking her left breast and the other between her legs.

For the first time since they both entered the room Robin spoke, “Can I touch it?” Looking at my sister I noticed her nodding her head and Robin was not talking to her. I said, “Sis are you OK?”

Without speaking my sister walked toward the bed reached out and pulled my shorts down and wrapped her hand around the base of my cock and started stroking lightly. She looked up at Robin and motioned her over to the bed.

“Go on Robin touch his balls.” Robin sat on the other edge of the bed and reached her little hand out and lightly cupped my hanging sack. In the mean time my sister was stroking me faster; I reached up under her nightgown and laid my hand on her thigh. Unconsciously her legs spread and as street blowjobs porno I started to creep my hand closer to her pussy I could hear her breathing coming in rapid gasps.

I looked over at Robin and she was clearly consumed with the passion as she was clearly stroking her pussy now and squeezing my balls. My cock was at it’s fullest erection and throbbing from the hot action between the three of us, but I knew that the thought of my sister stroking my cock was what was fueling the flame, although watching Robin fingering her hot snatch was adding that much more excitement to the situation.

I was drawn out of my revelry as I heard Robin tell my sister, “Suck his dick”. I looked up at my sister and there was the glassy look in her eyes and I said, “Yeah, Sis come on suck this hard cock.” As I said this I reached up and touched her pantied pussy. What I felt was a radiant heat I never felt from any girl before and because her panties were soaked through I knew my sister was hot. She whimpered lightly when I drug my finger along the lips of her sex and as I did her stroking of me progressed to a jacking and it was clear that she would do just about anything now that she was so excited.

My sister knelt on the edge of the bed and leaned over my stomach. I could feel her breath as she leaned closer to my throbbing dick. She looked up into my eyes and looked as if she was asking permission, and I nodded. She took the tip of my cock in her mouth and stuck the tip of her tongue in the hole. I looked over where Robin was sitting and she had a look of sheer bliss on her face, “This is so hot”, she whispered.

I reached out my left hand and fondled her right nipple through her nightgown. Her nipple was hard and puckered and she moaned loudly and squeezed my balls. I realized at that time that my sister had taken more of my hard on between her lips and was jacking my cock where her lips would stop. I watched as her cheeks would draw in as she would withdraw student sex parties porno from me. I thought to myself that this was not the first time she sucked cock and was a little sad that I was not her first. Yeah I know ego and stuff, but it did not take long before I felt that familiar tingle and knew that it would not be long before I would be shooting a load. A load I was reluctant to let slide down her throat.

I reached down and pulled my sister up from my dick and brought her up so I could kiss those hot lips. I stuck just the tip of my tongue out and licked her bottom lip. Her mouth opened and sucked my tongue, much like she had my cock a few moments ago. Robin in he meantime had taken my sisters place between my legs and was nuzzling her tongue on my nut sack.

I looked at my sister and said, “Take off your underwear and come sit on my face”. She looked down at her nightgown and reached down and pulled it over her head then reached down and removed her panties.

Jumping up over my head she startled her legs on either side of me and As she was lowering her dripping cunt to my lips I looked up to see her puffy lips and her clit sticking out of its protective hood. I couldn’t wait to get her pussy so I reached up and grabbed her hips and jerked her down and stuck out my tongue. It entered her dripping hole and I heard an intake of breath above me and I knew I must be doing something right cause she immediately started undulating her hips and fucking my face. God, I thought this is some hot girl.

I sucked her pussy lips and licked her hole. Her juices were flowing out of her faster than I could lick them up but being the trooper that I am I tried. Soon though my face was drenched and I barely could make out the words above me, “ooh I never dreamed it would feel this good.” It was then I realized none of the boys she had dated had done this for her. I thought that they were all creeps that they would enjoy her sucking their cocks but submissive cuckolds porno would not return the favor.

I wrapped my lips around her hard clit and as I sucked and tongued the tip I heard her exclaim, “Oh yes, I cumming”. And cum she did! Her tangy juice was gushing out of her pussy and I did my best to drink it all up.

She collapsed on my chest and lay there trying to catch her breath. I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand but Robin grabbed my hand and leaned over and licked up the remainder of the nectar from my face.

I hadn’t really expected this and my cock jumped in response. I felt a hand wrap around the base of my dick and squeezing a drop of precum out my sister licked it off and proceeded to lick all up and down the shaft. Robin stuck her tongue in my mouth and grabbed my hand and stuck it between her legs. I realized she had removed her underwear sometime while I was eating out my sister. Her pussy was dripping wet and I knew she was close to an orgasm so I flicked the little button with my middle finger and she moaned loudly and started to buck her hips in time to my fingering her love button.

My sister had crawled off my chest and had positioned herself between my legs again. I again felt her warm mouth around the head of my hard on and I knew it would not be long. I finger fucked Robin faster as my sisters mouth was bobbing rapidly up and down my shaft.

I looked down at my sister’s face and she was looking me straight in the eye and I then knew she wanted me to shoot my load down her throat.

Robin exclaimed her impending orgasm and I felt her pussy muscles grip my finger as she came. I felt my load tingle up from my balls and then I was cumming! I sat up in time to see my sister’s throat working trying to swallow what I was given her, but she couldn’t swallow fast enough and she had to open her mouth to breathe. When she did the last few shots of sperm dropped out of her mouth back onto my shaft. She closed her mouth again and licked up what she had missed earlier.

After my cock was done jerking out the last of my come, my sister rose up and her and Robin kissed sharing the last of my sperm. I could not help but believe this was not their first time! I leaned back and watched the two gorgeous girls kiss and I was conjuring up ideas for round two

To Be Continued…?

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