Sister-In-Law Screwed

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This is a true story happened about 10 years back. It’s about me and my sister-in-law Sandhya. We were staying in Bangalore and had invited my co-brother Dr. Raj and Sandhya to Bangalore. We decided to go to Ooty for a short stay. We traveled in my car. Immediately after reaching Sandhya’s husband Dr. Raj got a call informing him that one of his patient is very serious and he needs to get back. He apologized to us and left immediately. However My sister in law Sandhya stayed back. That is the first time I had a close look at sexy Sandhya. She had a figure of 36C-26-36. Fair skin and medium height, sleek legs and perfect body contours for kneading. Every now and then whenever she use to pass by me, I used to get a hard on.

I was thinking overtime now about how to get her to bed with me. We were generally enjoying our stay at ooty. Next day morning we went for horse riding. My wife did not accompany us as she was scared. Sandhya wore a blue color tight jeans and boobs fitting top. She put on a sweater on top of that. She had tied her hair into ponytail and was wearing nike sports shoes. We started slowly. She was finding it difficult as she had never before sat on a horse. Both the horsemen were walking by the sides and we were slowly moving. At one point she was looking at me and I winked at her. She was taken by surprises and blushed. While the horse was walking in slow strides, the boobs were jumping up and down and I was watching the same and enjoying it which she has noticed. However she could not do anything to stop it. We reached a nice spot where I got down from the horse and asked her to get down. She said she can’t and I raised my hands to help her. She came in my arms and I fell down on the grass embracing her tightly. She again blushed and got up quickly. While she was getting up I squeezed her right boob slightly and tried to locate her tit and pinched from over her sweater. I think I caught it correctly as she sighed and moved away quickly. After some time while going back to hotel she did not talk to me. Her face had become red.

After Yalova Escort reaching the hotel we went for breakfast. When my wife was away refilling her plate I took a wild chance and told Sandhya that I want to sleep in her room tonight and I will come around 12 midnight and knock on her door thrice and she should open it. She was stunned. Before she could react I turned and moved to refill my plate. Throughout the day I was wondering whether she has taken it as a joke or should I really take a chance tonight. The lust for her sexy body was so powerful that I decided to try and take a chance. We all were watching TV in our room till 11. 30 PM. While having coffee before bidding goodnight, I put a tablet of compose in my wife’s cup. We all had coffee and Sandhya said goodnight to me and my wife and left. We went to sleep. My wife slept, however I was counting every minute. Those few minutes were like few days for me. Exactly around 12 midnight I got up, took my room key and walked out of my room. I crossed the corridor and came in front of Sandhya’s room. My heart was beating very fast. I knocked on the door thrice with trembling hand. A moment passed however there was no sign of door opening. I was about to leave, suddenly the door open and I went inside quickly and closed the door behind me. I saw Sandhya in a sexy night gown standing near her bed in a dim blue light.

I went near her and she embraced me hard and started kissing all over my face, neck and chest. I moved her towards the bed and made her sleep and lied down next to her. She had now attacked me by kissing me ferociously. I went for her gown string and pulled it. She was not wearing anything inside and the gown came off very easily. Her soft but firm boobs were inviting me. I took one nipple in my mouth and started sucking hard. The other nipple was being pinched by me. She removed my clothes and buried her face on my chest hair and moving her hands on my back and buttocks. By now I had a monstrous hard cock which she started playing with. I put my index finger in Yalova Escort Bayan her cunt and started rubbing it lightly. Honey has already started secreting. I pulled my finger and tasted it. It was delicious. I kissed her deep and started squeezing her boobs hard. Her nipples were erect now and I was twisting them in my thumb and forefinger. She had put her nails deep on my back and was not letting go my lips. I slapped on her bums hard and pulled her away from me, turned her and pulled her ass cheeks towards my hard cock. She happily bent and offered me her cunt lips which by now were oozing with honey. I put the head of my cock at the entrance of her cunt and holding her bums pushed it deep inside her in one go. She was not expecting it and was taken by surprise.

I fucked her for 10 minutes in this position. By now she was on all four in a doggy style and I was pumping her hard. I was slapping her ass cheeks hard and spitting on her anus and applying my saliva liberally. My intentions were to fuck her ass tonight. Suddenly I removed my cock and swiftly put at the entrance of her ass and held her tightly. She did not know what I was trying to do for a moment but she realized it and wanting to protest by moving away. I was holding her ass cheeks from backside so firmly that she instead of moving forward pushed her ass on my rock hard cock and it started entering her ass hole. She was experiencing the pain however my grip on her was such that she had to take the entire length of my cock inside her ass. I could feel my pulse beat now as her ass must have been fucked for the first time and it is very very tight. It was squeezing my cock like anything and it had gripped my cock like a vice. I slapped her buttocks hard and started moving in and out slowly. Sandhya started enjoying the pain and the pleasure simultaneously. She had never got fucked in the ass before. I fucked her in the ass for almost 10 minutes and filled her hole with hot semen. I was sweating profusely and her thighs were trembling now due to intense fucking Escort Yalova in that position. She fell on the bed and I fell on her and embraced her.

I slept on the bed and took Sandhya on my body which was hot like lava. My cock was still stiff. I inserted my cock in her cunt and asked her to remain in that position and keep kissing me. Our tongues were playing on each other. I was also scratching her back by my nails and moving her waist in a circular fashion as if she was grinding my now hardening stiff cock. Our collective juices from her ass hole were now entering her cunt and acting as an excellent lubricant for fucking. My cock was buried inside her cunt very deep and hardening like a steel rod. I asked Sandhya to ride on my now hard cock by sitting 90 degrees on it. She was twitching my nipples in between. I was holding her boobs and pressing and kneading them as if I am not going to get another chance. Her nipples were erect and I was squeezing them brutally. I held her waist firmly now and started helping her fuck my cock. Her both boobs were jumping while she was riding my cock. He rode my cock for almost 20 minutes and hit climax 3 times while doing so. My cock was almost entering her womb. Suddenly streaks of hot lava busted out of my cock and entered her womb. I pressed her down on my cock and held her firmly till every single drop of my juices are sucked inside her cunt.

She was so tired by now that she was half asleep. She removed my cock from her cum dripping cunt and collapsed next to me and slept. I turned her to the other side and again inserted my cock inside her from behind.. I held her both boobs in my palms and started twitching her nipples and fucking her giving slow but steady strokes. My cock was entering her cunt from behind effortlessly and I was holding and squeezing her breasts from behind for support. I fucked her in this position for around 25 minutes. She hit climax twice and could not take any more of ecstasy. She was pleading me to stop. However I decided to unload one more shot of my hot semen inside her and with great difficulty dumped my load inside her. She was tired and sleeping now in that position only. I relaxed for about half an hour and then withdrew my cock out of her and dressed up. I moved out of her room quietly and came back to my room and slept the moment I hit the bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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