Sister-In-Law’s Super Bowl Hyjinks

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With the Super Bowl coming up, I was reminded of this story. I wrote it after last year’s great game, one that came complete with a surprising, and very welcome bonus! OK then, here’s the first half’s exciting play by play. And of course, that includes the even more rambunctious half time’s risqué exploits!

This story revolves around my younger brother Tom, his new wife Leslie, and of course, me. My brother and his wife live only a few blocks from my condo. And when he invited me over to watch, or in my case listen to the big game, I readily accepted. Yeah right, I’m blind. Hey, don’t sweat it, I sure don’t. Anyway, let’s just see if maybe it adds an interesting wrinkle to this erotic tale.

My ex-wife Judi and I had enjoyed a wide open relationship, and brother Tom had always been fascinated by our wild sexual escapades. And believe me; the lucky guy reaped the benefits on more then one occasion too. But, he had never been able to talk his first wife in to any kind of swinging; and so far anyway, he hadn’t done any better with Leslie. So, despite the fact that Leslie and I got along great, and that’s sure included some definitely risqué back and forth teasing, I wasn’t expecting anything sexual. And sometimes, isn’t it just great to be surprised!

When I made it over to Tom’s, I discovered Leslie was out playing tennis with a girlfriend. She came bustling in a few minutes before kick off, said “Hi,” and headed off for a shower.

Earlier over cold beers Tom had told me about their Super Bowl bets. Leslie apparently thought the Cardinal’s quarterback matt Warner was cute, and that was enough reason for her to go with Arizona. They were betting on the half time score; and then, on the final score too. For half time the loser would have to perform oral, and the prize for the winning bet was a sexual fantasy of the winners choosing.

I knew that Leslie didn’t have a clue! But, Tom had told me that if he won, she’d be giving up some anal action. Of course I asked; but he didn’t have any idea of what to expect if Leslie actually won. Whichever way it went, and I didn’t know how I’d manage it; but, I was determined to maneuver myself right in to the middle of there wicked little game. And that’s just where things stood, when Leslie rejoined us after her shower.

Leslie just couldn’t stop busting tom’s chops, and he finally teased her in to agreeing to put up or shut up. By then Arizona was already behind. So, Leslie had agreed to go topless, at least for as long as Arizona was losing anyway. And sure, a topless Leslie might have worked for my brother; but, it left a lot up to my imagination. Fine, one thing I have in abundance is imagination!

Figuring, at least the door’s open, I sat on one end of the sofa, and listened to Tom whooping and exhorting “Go baby, yeah take it off!” I’d heard it all before. Only just then, I was holding the tank top Leslie had just tossed in to my lap, and listening to Tom’s bawled “Hey Bob, oh man Leslie’s got absolutely gorgeous tits!” Laughing, and I figured having way too much fun, he told me “Oh yeah, and their beauties alright, big and round, and fucking firm too!”

And as if that wasn’t enough, I was forced to endure hearing him ask Leslie “Hey baby, their 34C’s, right?” And then, like maybe she hadn’t noticed, he told her “Hey now, check that out; oh yeah baby, your nipples are popped right the fuck out! Yeah to bad Bob can’t see them, but yup those bad puppies are standing at attention alright!”

With a muttered “Asshole,” I threw her shirt at the fool. And who cared if it was a hit or a miss, when I had the pleasure of hearing Leslie give him a loud raspberry. Fine, so while I applauded, I felt a giggling Leslie plunk down on the far end of the sofa.

Bare feet pushed against my thigh playfully, before they settled on to my lap. And when Leslie began complaining about her sore feet, I obligingly started massaging them. I’ve been told many times that I give great foot, and pretty quick Leslie was moaning her agreement. You know how it goes, give a guy a foot and he’ll work right up to bare thigh in no time. Of course I’d known Leslie was a hottie! But oh man, I’d never had the opportunity to run my hands up and down her long, sleekly muscled legs before. And believe me, those beauties were long, deliciously long, soft, and silkily smooth. My hands worked their way up over firm calves, reached higher; and oh boy, my fingers were sliding over the velvety smooth skin of her inner thighs. Leslie didn’t object to my sensuous stroking, not even when my roaming fingers teased there way under the ragged edge of her cutoff jean shorts. And she didn’t say anything either, even when I deliberately brushed my hand against the moist hot crotch of her shorts. So while I stroked a thumb against the flaming treasure hiding out in those shorts, I just couldn’t help wondering if she’d noticed I was sporting a raging hard-on! For damn sure, I felt it throbbing, as it strained, threatening to güvenilir bahis burst right out of my pants. Yeah and, when I felt her slide her legs a bit further apart, I mentally crossed my fingers, hoping it wasn’t just a tease.

Tom was already gloating over Pittsburgh’s early lead; and, when they scored to go up 10 nothing poor Leslie was one seriously unhappy girl. I figured he was pushing his luck; but Tom kept it up, teasingly suggesting “Come on baby, how about getting us a couple of cold beers? Right, as badly as you’re losing, you should at least be giving me some topless service!” With a snort of disgust, Leslie got up. Sure, and I figured Tom’s “Sore loser” comment meant she’d flipped him off.

I’m blind not deaf; so yeah, I recognized the sound of a hand delivering a hard swat to a pretty ass! And, you can bet that I would have, even without having heard Leslie’s tauntingly delivered “Oh sure, call that a swat? Hey honey, if I bend over, and hold real still, do you suppose you could manage not to embarrass yourself?” What; did that mean she was offering her ass as a target? Whatever, there I was busily formulating a tantalizing mental picture of her bent over, hands braced on her knees, her sweet ass wagging out a brazen invitation, when pow, a ringing crack interrupted. Leslie yelped, and I knew Tom had connected with a good one. But she was giggling, and only sounding teasingly sarcastic, when she said “Yes master, cold beer for you and your brother, right away master!”

Leslie returned, handed me a beer, and surprised me by sliding on to my lap. “Hey tom, I like Bob,” she said, “Are you sure he’s really your brother? Come on, he’s not a smart ass, or even an obnoxious asshole!” And maybe it was the way she squirmed her ass around on my bulging hard-on that had me feeling just a bit nervous; anyway, I chugged half my beer, before I sat it down. I still didn’t know what to expect; but oh Hell yes, I was beginning to feel hopeful!

Ignoring my beer, and the game too, I got the ball rolling by softly stroking my palms up and down Leslie’s bare back. I even tossed in some gratuitous neck massage, before reaching around to teasingly trace my fingertips over her flat belly. Thankfully, Tom put an end to my cowardly hesitation! Coming to my rescue, with what sure sounded an awful lot like a dare to me, he asked “So baby, what, are you going to let my brother use the Braille method to check out your pretty tits?” Honestly, I’ve tried that line seriously, and as a joke too, and it’s never gotten me anywhere. Well, but then that was ancient history, right? You bet, there’s always a first time!

Leslie’s “Sure honey” had my hopes soaring! Still, my heart skipped a beat, when her hands corralled mine., In a voice still dripping with mock sarcasm, I heard her say “At least Bob deserves to feel me up; unlike, somebody else I could name!” And then while my cock continued to positively throb against her ass, she lifted my hands and settled them on her tits. No surprise, for a change, Tom was right! It only took a quick exploration to confirm it; oh yes, Leslie possessed an absolutely terrific set of delightfully jutting, firm, and softly rounded tits! Yup, and those puppies were crowned with delightfully crinkly areola, and topped off by a pair of tantalizingly perky nipples.

Taking my time, I thoroughly enjoyed that double handful of damn near perfect tits! MY hands were full of all that luscious tit; so what else could I do, but fondle, squeezed, and gently caressed them! Pausing with them firmly cupped in my palms, I closed a thumb and finger around each puckered nipple. Pinching, and rolling them, almost instantly, I found myself holding a pair of hard, wickedly popped out nipples. Leslie’s soft moans became growls of pleasure, when I tried some real hard pinches, and a few twisting tugs. Unfortunately, at least temporarily anyway, Leslie had one eye back on the game. So, there I was totally engrossed in working over those delightfully perky nipples, when suddenly, she started whooping excitedly. Well, the next thing I knew, Leslie was squirming her way out of my hold, and right on off my lap.

Arizona had scored, making the score 10 to 7. Fine, I was rooting for Arizona too; only damn, the game had recaptured Leslie’s full attention. I could hear a delighted Leslie dancing around the room, clapping her hands, and taunting Tom. “Yippee, fuck yes,” she squealed, before insisting “OK buster, let’s see you getting that nasty tongue of yours warmed up! Oh yeah, this horny bitch is going to enjoy this halftime alright!” Tom was practically busting a gut laughing. And me, well, with Leslie off my lap, and her awesome tits out of my reach, I wanted to throw a penalty flag.

But, on the final play of the first half, it was poor Arizona that really wanted to throw one! Fortunately they couldn’t! Oh well, so it was poor Arizona, poor Leslie, and, as it turned out, lucky me. Un-huh, and when Pittsburg intercepted that pass, türkçe bahis returning it for a touchdown, poor Leslie screamed “Not fair, oh My God, no fucking way!”

A practically delirious Tom was laughing so hard, he was in danger of hurting himself! Breathless, but almost under control, he happily told Leslie “Hey baby, looks like I win, huh! And, guess who’s already hard? Yup, so get ready baby, because this halftime, it’s going to be my big hotdog you’ll be eating!”

Poor Leslie was still muttering curses, when she plunked herself down on the sofa. But boohoo, she was way down on the far end! Despite the fact she was playfully nudging my hard-on with a foot, I was picturing her sitting there frowning, and with her arms crossed over her bare tits. You better believe I played it safe, and kept my mouth shut! And of course, my idiot brother went right on tormenting his poor miserable wife with his silly teasing. Only I’ve got to admit it, not hearing him bring up that blow-job he’d just won again was a real shocker! You bet, I figured he was afraid to bring it up again! Now, that was pretty smart, for my brother I mean!

I got up, announcing that I was going to grab a beer. Naturally, I’d checked to see if anyone else wanted one. Getting a pair of yes’s, I headed for the kitchen. And even with my head in the refrigerator, I heard Leslie’s surprisingly sultry voice, seductively asking, “Another beer Tom? Gee let me guess, that’s not all you want, now is it buster?” I swear I could practically hear tom licking his lips in anticipation. But, unfortunately I missed whatever he said to her. Whatever it was though, Leslie’s “Asshole,” told me it had been typical Tom!

I returned carrying three cold bottles, and waited for someone to take them. Tom finally said “Oops, sorry, I better take Leslie’s too; she’s in no position to drink it anyhow!” You bet, I was pretty sure I knew exactly what that meant! And almost unbelievably, Tom finally said something I had to agree with. And all the fool needed to do was ask “Oh man, what’s better then getting your cock sucked, while you enjoy a cold beer, right bob?”

Sensing an opening, I jumped right in, suggesting “Sure, I’d be willing to give it a try!”

Tom got as far as a “Hey,” before Leslie interrupted. Which left me wondering if he’d been about to tell her, hey why not, go for it baby, or something equally sweet? If nothing else, at least I knew I had the pleasure of having interrupted his blow-job! But then, I heard Leslie’s “If you know what’s good for you buster, you’ll hand over my beer!”

Tom gave a startled yelp! But then he was laughing, and explaining “She just pressed that damn half frozen bottle against my poor dick!” And I damn near dropped my beer, when he added “Behave yourself baby, or I’ll have you blow bob too!”

Leslie had something to say about that, and cut me off before I’d got past an enthusiastic “Hey there!”

“Really, you think so do you,” her nasty giggle asked? Oh man, and this very happy blind guy was sure sorry he couldn’t see his brother’s face, when his erotically inclined wife, playfully informed him “For your information buster, I intended to ask Bob if he’d like a blow-job. And, if you don’t shut-up, well, he’ll be getting his first!” Oh, and I really liked hearing her busting his chops by going on to blithely tell him “Hey, you know, I’d think I’d like having you watching! Right, what fun, having you sitting there eating your heart out, while I’m blowing your brother! So…if you know what’s good for you, as if, you’ll just shut-up!”

Well, keeping his mouth shut sure isn’t something my brother’s known for! So what the Hell, I figured at least I had a better chance of coming out a winner then poor Arizona did. Reaching out, I found Leslie’s head, bent and brushed a kiss across her cheek. And there I was thinking; now, that’s about as close as I ever want to be to my brother’s cock! But, as I settled my butt back on to the sofa, I was already imagining a couple of different ways in which closer might just turn out to be a sweet option. Right, my erotically fueled imagination had a couple of different double penetration scenarios unfolding in my brain. So, while I sat there enjoying my beer, I was fantasizing about pushing my seven inches of ready to explode cock in to Leslie’s tight little asshole! Which meant, I almost missed the beginning of tom’s animated play by play?

But then, I don’t suppose I could really have missed his enthusiastically delivered “Oh baby, yeah…more baby…like that…oh fuck me you’re good!” Well maybe I was just trying to ignore the lucky bastard! Anyway, I was all tuned in, and just in time to hear his “Shit bob, I’m sorry you can’t see what she’s doing!” yeah, well that made two of us! And I just knew the fool was pushing his luck, with his “She loves sucking cock, don’t you baby?”

Hearing a sharp slap followed by Tom’s “Hey baby”, and his smart ass sounding chuckle, I figured Leslie must have güvenilir bahis siteleri smacked him one, hard I hoped. Only I figured, his “Oh shit, yes, that’s it, you’ve got it all now…more baby, more…do it…Oh yes, suck it,” meant Leslie was still hard at work.

So yeah, I was all ears, listening to Tom telling me “Oh man Bob, she’s pumping her mouth up and down…oh fuck, and she’s taking the whole damn thing every time too!” Damn, but then his “Yeah, you love feeling it push in to your throat, don’t you baby,” had me ready to reach for my dick. Leslie didn’t have anything to say; well not unless you count the wet slurping sounds her mouth made. And oh boy, that was answer enough for me alright!

Tom was beginning to breathe in fast gasps; so, I wasn’t surprised to hear him starting to moan and groan too. So yeah, I was ready for his “Yes, more, don’t stop…oh fuck…I’m gonna cum!” Still, I was damn near eating my heart out, while I listened to him happily hollering “More, yeah more baby…do that…that’s it…that’s it…here I come…fuck yes!” And, I could easily have done without hearing his strangled “Ah fuck yes…swallow it…yeah baby, take it!” Whatever, at least his loud demands for “More, more, don’t stop” sounded an awful lot like pleas to me.

I figured the wet slapping sounds meant Leslie had a fist pumping up and down his cock, franticly working to rip a final blast out of him. Tom’s grunted “Yes…now,” left me picturing Leslie swooping her mouth down to capture another mouthful of hot cum. Oh sure, and right after that, I just knew she’d be using her tongue. Yup, I could just picture her using it to swipe up and make a dessert out of the remaining cum trickling out of my brother’s cock!

I heard Leslie getting up, and after a long moments silence, I heard Tom saying “Sure, go for it if you like. I’m cool with it!”

And that left me hoping, Hell ready to start praying even, that Leslie’s “So, what do you say Bob; do you think you could handle a blow job,” wasn’t only a rhetorical question! She was kidding, right? I’d sure hate to think she’d have ever entertained the thought of me actually saying no! I mean really; hey, before she’d even finished saying “Tom said it’s cool for me to do it,” I’d already unbuckled my belt and yanked down my pant’s zipper. Shucking out of my jeans, I found myself wondering whether or not tom had slipped out of his pants. Not that it mattered just then; so, I guess I didn’t much care anyway! But personally, I’ve always felt like a total dork sitting with my pants down around my ankles! And, that’s even, or maybe especially if, I’m lucky enough to have some sexy young thing down on her knees with my hard cock filling her mouth!

Leslie giggled, and embarrassed the Hell out of me by informing me “hey Bob, I’m not going down on any guy who’s naked; well except that he’s still wearing his dumb socks!” Oops, and while my asshole of a brother roared with laughter; believe me, those socks quickly joined the rest of my clothes on the floor.

I knew Leslie had dropped to her knees when I felt her soft warm hands sliding up my thighs. Yeah and when I heard her softly growled “Yum,” I figured she’d just paused to take in the view. Not to complain or anything; but sometimes , I really do miss being able to see a playmates facial expressions. Right, like just then! No brag intended; but I happen to know, well, according to my ex-wife Judi anyway, that my cock’s thicker, and a good inch and a half longer then my brother’s. And with that happy thought in mind, I couldn’t help wondering just how much Tom would enjoy watching his wife working over another man’s cock. Back when I still had enough sight to appreciate my ex-wife’s wickedly erotic efforts in that regard, I sure as Hell had, and how!

OK, so I shouldn’t have been surprised! But, even having listened to Tom’s exclamations of pleasure, I wasn’t prepared for what Leslie, her extraordinary mouth, and that diabolically wicked tongue of hers did to me. Lucky, lucky me, I got the full treatment too! Yeah, and she got that started by using the pointy tip of her tongue, flicking and licking her way up from my balls, clear to my cock’s throbbing head. And then her soft lips followed where her darting tongue had gone, raining hot kisses all up and down my cock’s rigid length. I swear what the dancing tip of her tongue did to my cock’s exceedingly, as in over sensitized head should have been illegal. Sure it was that good, for sure it had me squirming! I was ready to reach for her head, tangle my fingers in her hair, push her head down, and bury the head of my cock deep in her throat. Ah well, she put a quick end to that delightful sounding prospect! Closing soft lips around its head, she sucked my cock in to the fiery wet heat of her mouth. With her lips gripping tight, Leslie’s bobbed her head, popping my cock’s head in and out of her mouth. Just that quick, she had me thinking about pumping that marvelous mouth of hers full of cum. And, that was even before those incredible lips started to slowly slide down the thick shaft of my cock. Softly sucking, maddeningly slowly, she teased them lower. But, when she stopped half way down, I took it for an invitation.

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