Sister Mistress Ch. 12

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Katherine looked down at the cell phone and saw it was Jade calling.

“Hi ya Fuck Slut how’s tricks?”

“Big Tits your such a meanie his butt was red raw.”

“Little cunt deserves it Fuck Slut.”

“Gee I’d hate to see what you’d do if he did something really wrong.”

“Hang on a sec I’ve gotta switch off my lap top.”

Katherine didn’t want her conversation with Jade going out over Linda’s web site she leant over scrolled the mouse then with a double click of the mouse button shut down the web cams, microphones and camcorder.

“I’m back Fuck Slut, miss me?”

“Fuck Kate, you know I miss you.”

“I miss you to baby.”

“Sure sure I saw that horny little minx you got it on with. She’d make anyone’s mind wonder not to mention hands.”

“She’s a poor substitute for you Fuck Slut.”

“Have you thought about my proposition Big Tits?”

“Yeah but what about the questions I asked you?”

“Well as for how big they grow it depends on how long you take it for. One chick in the test group started with tiny A cups then after being on XM-12 for six months had aureole the size of fried eggs the nipples stood out like a pair of miniature two and a half inch cocks. Her boobs hung down that far the fat teats were almost down to her waist you know like those Aborigines in National Geographic documentaries.”

“I bet she was pissed off Jade.”

“At first but her brand new pair of double D melons soon shut her and her very happy husband up.”

“So it’s permanent then?”

“Shit yeah, they almost released it onto the market but thought that women wouldn’t go through the growth stage and the unwanted nipple enhancement turned them off.”

“Is the treatment dangerous at all?”

“The only danger is when they have surgery to pump up their flat bags well how about it Big Tits it’s a fair trade don’t ya think?”

“Deal Fuck Slut send me enough for two slaves for six months each. Have you chosen your prospective Mistress yet Jade?”

“Yes I’ve been fantasizing over someone for weeks now she works where I do downstairs in the warehouse.”

“What’s her name Fuck Slut?”

Katherine reached for a pen and paper she wasn’t going to make any of her earlier mistakes.

“Felicity, her name is Felicity. She’s gorgeous Kate she’s got long blonde hair half way to her butt and a killer set of tits, their not as big as yours though.”

“You’ve always liked big boobs Fuck Slut. Tell me what you know about her sexual preferences their paramount to the uptake of the virus.”

“We’ve been having lunch together for a while now and she’s always remarking about the guys who’s got a nice butt who looks buff that sort of thing. Last week she did say something about the head pathologist what was it… Oh yeah she said that old Gwen needed a strap-on dildo she was that bitchy or a good strap-on fucking.”

“She sounds like she’s Bisexual Jade.”

“Oh fuck I hope so Kate.”

“Don’t worry Fuck Slut she sounds like she’s a perfect candidate for the program so it will not matter if she’s into girls or not you’ll control her destiny. What’s Mistress Felicity’s full name?”

Katherine heard the excitement in Jade’s voice when she answered.

“It’s Felicity Hales.”

“How strict do you want her to be?”

“Like you Kate not right into the pain unless I’m disobedient but she should be quire kinky and extremely discrete.”

Katherine continued talking to Jade for another ten minutes asking her questions then scribbling down her answers. Finally she had all the information she needed to program Jade’s new play thing except the phrase that would activate the transformed Mistress Felicity.

“The most important thing Jade is her switch on or as I call it the fog curtain it has to be an easily remembered phrase that wouldn’t come up in general conversation. Do you have any ideas?”

“I don’t know Kate do you have any suggestions?”

“Well how about Felicity flicks hard Hales?”

“Can’t it be more sexual Kate?”

“Yes, but there’s a risk that when they come out of the fog they’ll remember the first few words there is a way around it. All you have to do is direct them not to remember anything for ten seconds before they go under, but it has to be done the first time or it’s no good.”

“Cool how about Felicity finds Fuck Slut first.”

“Perfect you kinky little Fuck Slut.”

“You know me all too well Big Tits

“Sure do I’ll get into the program tonight and send it FedEx on Monday.”

“Thanks Big Tits, you’re a darling I’ll box up the pills and instructions first thing Monday and put them through the priority delivery section you should get them that afternoon or Tuesday at the latest.”

“Your a sweetie Jade when you get Felicity trained I might bring Linda Cock slut for a visit.”

“Oh that’d be fantastic Kate.”

“I’ll catch you later Fuck Slut you horny bitch.”

“Yeah okay bye Big Tits.”

“Bye Fuck slut.”

Katherine shut off the cell phone dropped it on the desk reached for the laptop and switched it on she’d already finished most of Jade’s version of the virus program except for the finer points. All she need was the subjects name a suitable control phrase. The attached videos were chosen especially for Jade’s benefit making gaziantep zenci escort bayan sure that they contained most of Jade’s favorite kinky sexual perversions. On the end she’d tacked on a short clip of Linda Cockslut taking his Mistress’ fist making sure to show his genitals and pretty made up face. Followed by the lines of code that would make Felicity adore cross dressers transvestites and transsexuals nearly as much as guys and girls but for Jade’s benefit kinky lesbians would be Felicity’s preference. Katherine was just finishing the disc for Jade’s new Mistress when her Mother popped her head around the corner of Kathy’s door. Deborah was still dressed in her Lycra Gym gear.

“Hi Sweetie do you have any plans for tonight?”

“Um no why Mum?”

“Since Linda has been such a good house guest and your always deserving Kate I’m taking you both out for dinner.”

“Thanks Mum Linda deserves a break doesn’t she?”

“She sure does Kate Sweetie, it’s about time she had a meal prepared for her.”

“Do you know where she is?”

“Last time I saw her she was in her bedroom Mum.”

“Thanks Sweetie.”

Deborah went to Lukey baby’s room the door was slightly ajar and she peeked around the edge of it. Linda was sitting in front of her dresser mirror applying mascara she hadn’t noticed Deborah standing at the door.

“Linda Sweetie you should pluck your eyebrows it’d make you even hotter.”

“Ugh oh hi there Debbie I didn’t hear you come in. I’m not sure how to shape them that’s why I’ve never plucked them.”

Deborah stepped into his room her blue Lycra leggings clung to her legs as did the white Lycra bodysuit to hide the outline of her shaved pussy she was wearing an orange lace G-string and around her waist was an elastic belt three inches wide. She smelt of perspiration and her hair was dull and limp after being soaked in her sweat as she came closer Lukey baby drank in her musky aroma.

“Here Sweetie let Aunty Deborah show you how it’s done.”

Linda looked up at his Mother and handed her a pair of tweezers she held his chin in her left hand then began expertly plucking his eyebrows. Lukey baby winced each time his Mother pulled out a hair. Less than five minutes later Deborah stepped back to admire her handiwork.

“There you go Sweetie that’s more like it.”

Lukey baby looked up at the mirror his Mother had shaped them into a neat pair of matching reddish blonde eyebrows.

“Thank you Debbie they look fantastic.”

“Don’t mention it Linda you don’t have to make dinner tonight Sweetie, I’m taking you and Kate out.”

“Thanks again Debbie. Where are we going?”

“It’s a surprise Linda Sweetie, be ready by seven o’clock I’ve got to have a shower I stink.”

Deborah left her son sitting there and pealing off the Lycra bodysuit as she crossed the hallway went to her bedroom. She opened the shower screen door turned the taps on and quickly finished removing her Gym clothes. Stepping into the hot stream of water Deborah directed the drumming water at one of her large aureole whilst she pinched her opposite nipple. She’d left the Gym early when for some unknown reason her pussy had started to moisten and her already very noticeable teats started getting stiffer. Deborah had been thankful that she’d gotten out of the Gym before her state of excitement became evident to one and all. The woman on the treadmill beside her had given her a knowing look as she rushed past her heading for the door. Using her thumbs and forefingers Deborah took both nipples pulling them together under the flowing shower.

“Aghhhhhh fuck Deb stop it you haven’t got enough time to enjoy a good hard dildo fuck.”

She shook her head trying to shake out the images of huge dildos fucking pussies and ass’s flooding her brain she grabbed the shampoo squeezed out a large spot into her hand. Deborah washed then conditioned her long reddish brown hair she soaped her body all over paying particular attention to her big melons her pussy and for a reason she couldn’t quite remember an extraordinarily long time soaping her anus. An inaudible groan escaped Deborah’s lips when her long red fingernails scraped across her puckered sphincter she ran her index finger around the rim of her shitter delighting in the wicked sensations it induced. Regaining her composure Deborah took her razor and quickly shaved her pussy and then her under arms legs washing off the soap residue she was thrilled with the smooth feeling of her skin. Sighing Deborah reached for the taps shut off the water opened the glass door and took her towel from the warming rack, standing inside the stall while she dried herself Deborah whistled her favorite Dolly Parton song. She finished drying herself wrapped the towel around under her massive boobs then went into her bedroom, sitting down at her dresser Deborah glanced at the clock.

“Bugger it’s only five thirty I could’ve taken my big black dildo in the shower and fucked myself silly, oh well he’ll just have to wait a few hours.”

Deborah plugged her hairdryer in and spent the next ten minutes brushing, styling and blow drying her long hair then took out a skimpy quarter cup bra. Putting it on she found that the cream lace covered nylon cups were only just gaziantep escort bayan able to support her ample bust and her whole aureole stood clear of the cream nylon. Deborah threw her weight forward forcing her tits up both meaty boobs spilt over the flimsy bra and tumbled out.

“Hahaha hahaha I’d better be careful in this or I’ll knock someone’s eye out.”

She scooped each hefty melon up and adjusted the skimpy nylon underneath then rummaged around in the drawer until she found the equally scanty thong panties and matching suspender. Finding a pair of white lace top stockings Deborah sat back and opened them, then slid them up her freshly shaved legs one at a time clipped them onto the suspenders. Next she leant down lifting one leg she hooked the thong panties over her foot quickly followed by the other. Deborah stood up and pulled the thin strip of cream material up between her buttocks adjusted the gusset over her smooth shaved mound and finally straightened the suspenders. Deborah lifted her massive hooters pointing them at her reflection she smiled with satisfaction at the image in the dresser mirror.

“Not a bad body for a 40 year old, any chick half my age would kill to have titties like these.”

Deborah sat down and began applying her make up she went a little heavier on her eye shadow than she normally would’ve she applied a light green reflective base over her eyelid followed by two successively darker shades further up. Then Deborah used a dark eyeliner and eyebrow pencil to accentuate her eyes even more when she finally applied her black lash lengthening mascara she batted her eyelids. Deborah applied a hint of blush then admiring her reflection said.

“Deb, you’re definitely one hot Mother.”

She winked at her reflection.

“Why thank you, you’re to kind Sweetie.”

Opening her jewelry box Deborah picked a pair of large gold hoop earrings a half inch wide gold choker and matching bracelet putting them on the dresser, she went to her walk in wardrobe. Deborah stood in the doorway for several minutes trying to decide on what to wear eventually she deciding on a green pleated skirt that had splits on either side that went well past her stocking tops. The top caused her more concern because she wanted to look good but she didn’t want her titties to fall out she finally took a white long sleeve blouse with a ruffled collar and cuffs. When Deborah dressed she wasn’t quite happy with the arrow headed belt she’d chosen and decided to wear one of her new waist clinchers she threw the elastic belt onto her bed then dug around in her lingerie drawer for the waist clincher. She clipped the dozen small pearl headed buttons through their loops then spun around to look at herself in the full length mirror.

“You’re so sexy Deborah you’d pass for 28.”

She opened the walk in wardrobe door and grabbed her black leather knee boots

sinking to her bed Deborah unzipped the shiny boots and slid her feet into them she grasped the tab at the back and pushed her foot into the toe of each boot before zipping them up. Deborah reached out and took the jewelry she’d chosen and quickly put it on.

Katherine was in a kinky mood that afternoon so she dressed accordingly the only underwear she had on was a pretty little black lacy suspender belt with a pair black seamed stay up stockings. The light yellow dress she chose buttoned up the front and finished about six inches above her knee hanging loosely around Katherine’s waist was a chain link belt. She looked at her reflection and was satisfied when she was able to make out the dark outline of her stiff nipples straining against the thin yellow cotton. From experience she knew that when she sat down and opened her knees slightly her naked pussy would be on display and that thought thrilled her. Katherine’s make up was perfectly matched to her clothing a light gold eye shadow and bronze highlights dangling from her earlobes was a pair of cute ear rings they had a feather hanging from a small gold chain. Katherine found her white lace fingerless gloves and slipped into her yellow four inch pumps she sat on her bed as she laced the long straps around her calves. Katherine was running a brush through her long wavy red locks when her Mother stuck her head around the door.

“Hi Sweetie you ready.”

“Just gotta brush my hair Mum.”

Deborah stood in the doorway watching her daughter standing before the mirror as Katherine reached up her short cotton dress raised up and nearly showed her butt cheeks.

“Katherine you’d better watch out or you’ll be showing everyone your buns.”

“Who cares Mum, if their looking they’ll get a good show.”

Kate dropped her hands to her sides and lifted the dress showing her Mother that she didn’t have any underwear on.

“You’re naughty girl Miss Kate.”

“So what. It wouldn’t hurt you to show off your self a little more Mum.”

“Yeah maybe but I couldn’t wear something that short Katherine Sweetie.”

“Why not short enough for you eh?”

“Oh you.”

Deborah reached out and swatted her daughter’s arm playfully she was right the yellow dress Katherine had on would have to be a few inches shorter for her to wear it, but she didn’t know why. Katherine finished and put her hair brush on the dresser and turned to her Mother.

“All ready Mum.”

“Okay Sweetie lets get Linda.”

They crossed to Lukey baby’s bedroom Katherine didn’t bother knocking she walked in closely followed by Deborah. Lukey baby was sitting at the dresser mirror in a sexy white six inch wide lace suspender with white lace top stockings busily applying his foundation. Deborah didn’t notice that Linda didn’t have any boobs her attention was distracted by the twin Titanium rings swinging from Lukey baby’s nipples.

“So you had your nipples pierced to Linda Sweetie? You’re running late too.”

“Sorry Debbie I had such a tough time choosing an outfit.”

“Bullshit Cockslut you were probably to busy having a wank.”

“I didn’t Mistress Katherine I promise.”

“Oh leave her alone Katherine you meanie.”

Deborah took a step towards her son put a hand on either shoulder and looked over his head at his reflection.

“I’ll take you shopping tomorrow Linda we’ll get you some really sexy things Sweetie.”

“You should take Jenny with you Mum she’s got a really great dress sense.”

Deborah left hand slowly slipped down off Linda’s shoulder her long fingernails absentmindedly flicked the cool steel ring. Lukey baby took a beep breath and tried to control the excitement in his voice.”

“Can we Debbie can we?”

“If she wants to come and help she’s welcome to tag along you can ring her when we get home Linda.”

Katherine hadn’t been prepared for this so she quietly stepped out of Lukey baby’s bedroom and crossed to her Mother’s room. Closing the door she fished her cell phone out of her handbag and dialed Jenny’s cell number.


“Hi Jenny its Katherine from over the road, are you alone?”

“Um yeah what can I do for you?”

“Juicy Juggy Jenny this is your Mistress.”

“Good afternoon Mistress Katherine thank you for calling.”

“Listen carefully Juggy Jenny.”

“Yes Mistress Katherine.”

“Linda will ring you later tonight to ask you to accompany her and my Mother on a shopping spree at the mall tomorrow. You’ll accept the invitation and at the mall you’ll pick out clothing that you would gladly wear for Linda to try on. Make sure she only purchases sexy clothing your Mistress doesn’t like jeans, slacks or those stupid skorts I believe that a skirt shouldn’t be confused with a pair of shorts do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress Katherine when can I see you again?”

“If your good and I’m pleased with your choice of clothes for my Cockslut then I might let you come over and play with both Linda and I. Would Juicy Juggy Jenny like that?”

“Oh yes please Mistress Katherine I saw her in your garage earlier today when she stripped off her T-shirt and sweat pants then threw them in the bags I nearly came Mistress Katherine. I had to run home and finger my puss till I did come.”

“Did you lick your finger?”

“Yes Mistress Katherine I imagined it was your pussy.”

“That’s my good little whore, I’ll talk to you later now forget that I called but remember your instructions.”

This was the first time Katherine had tried programming over the telephone she wasn’t expecting any thing out of the ordinary since Jenny was so deeply programmed.

“Thank you Mistress Katherine good bye.”

Katherine dropped her cell phone back into her handbag and went to Lukey baby’s bedroom. She found her Mother standing between Lukey’s knees his face was tilted up looking at his Mother as she applied his eye shadow. Deborah had already applied Linda’s eyeliner and was just putting the finishing touches to the dark pink eyelids she then used a shade of purple to outline the pink. Deborah took the blusher spreading it across her sons’ cheek bones then she applied lip liner pencil and finally filled in his lips with a slutty shade of red lipstick.

“What do you think Miss Kate?”

“Not bad for a Cockslut what is she going to wear Mum?”

“Hang on I’ll have a look.”

Deborah disappeared around the door Katherine ordered Lukey baby to glue his boobies in place a minutes later their Mother returned carrying a red dress on a clothes hanger it looked as if it was made for a midget.

“You took your nipple rings out Linda?”

“Yeah they show through my clothes Debbie. Are you sure it’ll fit me it looks far too small.”

“Don’t doubt your Aunt it’s made from Lycra and stretches far enough to go over my big titties so it’ll fit you no problems Sweetie.”

Deborah took the tiny dress from the hanger and gathered the crisscrossing straps she held it out for Linda to step into. Lukey baby steadied himself with a hand on his Mother’s shoulder as he lifted each stockinged foot and placed them into the dress he gazed at her ample cleavage. Lukey straightened up as Deborah slid the clinging material up his thighs and over his butt gathering it around his waist. His Mother continued to move the dress up his body until she was able to pull the straps over her sons’ shoulders. Deborah then held the hem of the dress and as Linda cupped his fake boobs his Mother pulled the hem down over his ripe ass. The thin almost nonexistent material clung to every curve of the fake boobies the stiff nipples poked out proudly and the lines his suspender belt made stood out nearly as far. Overall it made it obvious to anyone who cared to glance in Linda’s direction that she was one red hot fuck slut. Seeing her niece dressed like this had a strange effect on Deborah she wasn’t quite certain why but she was attracted to her young niece she shook her head to clear the naughty thoughts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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