Sister Swap Pt. 03

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“I heard from my attorney today,” Janet said. In the aftermath of the accident her dad introduced her to his personal attorney. “The suit has been filed. He says my case is very strong and expects the company to seek a settlement.”

The basic facts are undisputable: The truck driver ran a stop sign, hitting Tom’s car which had the right of way. The driver was ‘impaired’ while on the job and the company was aware of previous drug usage. That made them culpable. Tom was only twenty-five, his whole life ahead of him and the accident left his equally young wife a widow.

Her attorney was asking for a jury trial. The circumstances would gain much sympathy. A month later a big settlement was reached. Janet was paying her law firm by the hour, not contingency, so she netted almost the full amount.

“I would give it all up to have Tom back,” she said with tears in her eyes. “We need to go somewhere, get away from all this for a little while.”

“Unfortunately, I’ve used up all my vacation this year but when the new year starts, I get four weeks again,” I explained.

“And I could take a leave of absence,” Susan added.

“A couple of months from now? Where should we go? I’ve certainly got enough money.”

We searched the internet for resorts and cruises and decided we didn’t want the crush of a cruise or some big resort.

“Here’s something that catches my eye,” I announced. “Backpacking in the Andes. This company arranges everything, the equipment and guide. It will be summertime there. Listen to this: ‘Discover the enchanting world of the cloud forest, the ancient haciendas of Ecuador’s highlands, hike on Cotopaxi, one of the highest active volcanoes on Earth! Explore the high trails of Ecuador’s vine-draped forests.’

“What do you think?”

“I like it! We are athletic and that gets us away from the crowds.” Janet responded.

“I agree. As you say, something different. Definite possibility.”

We continued to research and kept coming back to the Andes idea.

“Oh, I am so looking forward to this,” Janet gushed after we booked the tour. It was her first spark of enthusiasm since the accident.

Our flight to Quito was uneventful and we were met by a representative of the tour company. After checking into the hotel, we napped and then out for a sumptuous dinner. We ended the night with three-way loving. The next two days were spent touring the area and making final arrangements.

“Jorge here will be your guide. He is one of our most experienced employees,” the company representative introduced us. Jorge was taller than most at six feet and spoke quite acceptable English. Both girls approved: he was also quite handsome.

“I am so pleased to be your guide. The company provides all of the equipment we need and a pack horse for the heavy items. Please forgive but a question regarding the tents. For three of you I will arrange two tents?”

“Susan is my wife and Janet is her sister. Hopefully you have a tent that can accommodate the three of us?

“Oh, yes, that won’t be a problem,” he blushed as he considered the implications.

We were taken by van to the trailhead where we were met by the wrangler with our pack horse. Our bulky and heavier gear was loaded on the horse, making our personal loads much lighter. Our first day we followed a gentle trail and settled into our hiking routine. The next afternoon we crossed a small steam that led to a beautiful lake.

“If you like, we can stay here overnight and you can do some swimming.”

Once Jorge set up our Beylikdüzü Escort tent we changed into swim suits. The girls giggled as they anticipated showing off to our guide.

“You guys are so bad, flaunting your sexy bodies in your tiny bikinis.”

“Yeah, we know and love it. Don’t we, Janet?”

Poor Jorge tried to act professional and not stare at the two girls. He looked at me, worried as to my reaction. “Don’t worry, Jorge, they love to tease. I don’t mind.”

We ran to the stream. The air was warm and I jumped into the water. God, it was cold.

“How is it, Bob?”

“Perfect,” I lied.

A moment later the girls found out otherwise. “Oh god, it’s so cold! Bob, you are an ass.” A quick dip and we had enough. Once dry, however, the sun felt warm and we propped ourselves against some trees and relaxed.

“We made a good choice, don’t you think? Janet asked.

“Yeah, this is great. Just the three of us.”

“What are you doing?” I asked as my wife removed her bikini.

“Going skinny dipping. Come on,” she yelled as she ran back into the water. Janet and I were right behind. We played around, dunked each other, and did some fondling.

We lounged around camp in our swim suits until it started to get cool. The girls giggled as Jorge developed an obvious bulge in his jeans. After a delicious trail dinner he prepared, the three of us hurried to our tent. I ate and fucked both girls and they cleaned up each other’s pussy afterward.

We moved on the next day. The hiking was more strenuous and we were pretty beat when camp was made. I had packed some premixed margaritas and we invited Jorge to join us.

“Susan and I have been married just over a year,” I told our guide. “Janet’s husband was recently killed in a car accident. We wanted to get away.” I explained. In turn Jorge said he was from Loja, a small city in southern Ecuador. He relocated to Quito looking for work and was hired as an Andes guide. This was his second year.

“It’s a very good job and pays quite well for Ecuador. Loja is near a 10,000-foot mountain in the Andes and my friends and I did much hiking. That’s why I got this job.”

“How old are you,” Janet asked.

“Nineteen. I went to university for a year but it wasn’t right for me.”

“Girl friends?”

“Not really. I’m on the move too much. But back in Quito I dated some girls.”

“You are a really handsome guy and I’m sure you don’t have any trouble talking them into bed.”

Jorge blushed and nodded.

More tired than usual we turned in early but found enough reserve energy for sex. Afterwards we snugged as the girls talked about our guide.

“He’s a really nice guy, isn’t he?” my wife asked her sister.

“Oh, yeah. And so handsome. Did you see him blush when I mentioned sex? How cute.”

“You have anything to say, Bob?”

“Nope. I wonder how long it would be until you guys had ideas.”

“I have so enjoyed your cock but I still miss having Tom inside me. He was such a good lover. Please don’t think bad of me but I would like to fuck Jorge. I suppose he would be interested?”

“God, for sure!” my wife exclaimed. “You saw how he ate us up with his eyes when we went swimming. Our bikinis didn’t leave much to his imagination. Why not go for it?”

“Bob, you ok with it?”

How could I say no? I would much rather keep both girls to myself but had no hold over Janet.

“Do you think he’s still up?” Susan asked.

“Probably. We turned in early and he always has a lot to Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan do to get ready for the next day. Go on, you know you want to.”

Janet slipped on panties. Jorge was packing away the last of the cooking utensils as I watched her approach, startling him. He seemed greatly embarrassed and ill at ease as she stood before him nearly naked. They talked for several minutes before she kissed him on the cheek and returned to our tent.

“What happened?” Susan was dying to know.

“He is such a nice boy. I told him I was very attracted to him and wanted to have sex. It was too dark to say but I’m pretty sure he was blushing madly. He thanked me profusely and said I was the sexiest girl he had ever met. He said the company was very strict about fraternizing with clients and he would lose his job if they found out. I wanted to touch him, to feel his cock. I was ready to fuck but realized even touching him would be cruel teasing.”

In the morning everything was back to normal. Jorge shyly watching Janet, the longing evident but restrained. The girls avoided doing anything that would make him more uncomfortable.

“I wonder, Janet, you made it clear you wanted him and it’s obvious he would love to fuck you. But maybe his concern wasn’t just about his job. Sure, if he had sex with a client and then someone complained he would get fired. Maybe he’s also worried about me. I’m with both of you, fucking both of you. He might well think I would not take kindly to you and him together. There’s a big blowup and he’s fired.”

“Makes sense. Here he is a guide on a ten-day tour with a guy and two frisky girls. Ten days without sex and I come on to him. He’s only nineteen and horny like all guys his age. I don’t blame him for being worried about his job.”

The next day while on a trail I started the conversation. “Janet says you are one of the most handsome guys she has ever met.”

“You knew she came to me last night?”

“Yes, she told my wife and me that she wanted to have sex with you. To fuck you.”

“And that would have been ok with you? I know you are married to the other girl, Susan. I don’t understand the relationship you have with Janet?”

“Janet and my wife are sisters. Since her husband died the three of us live together and Janet is like a second wife. This past year has been very difficult for her and she hasn’t had an interest in anyone else until she met you.”

“And you would let me have sex with your ‘second wife’?”

“When my wife and I retire tonight, take Janet to your bed. And don’t worry about your job. What happens out here is just between us.”

We shook hands like an agreement had been made. I returned to our tent to give Janet the news.

She and Jorge made eyes at each other throughout dinner. Susan and I went to our tent, giving her privacy to seduce our guide. I jumped between my wife’s spread legs and ate her to climax and immediately plunged into her wet pussy.

Janet returned to our tent all aglow.

“That was fun, really fun. He’s so young and inexperienced.”

“Tell us everything you did,” Susan asked.

“I sucked his cock. He said the girls he bedded didn’t like doing it. He got excited and quickly pumped several big spurts into my mouth. He was greatly embarrassed for coming so soon. I kissed him, letting him taste himself and asked about his girlfriend. He said he went out with several girls but didn’t think of them as girlfriends since they also dated other guys.

“I played with Escort Beylikdüzü his cock until it was ready again. I turned onto my tummy and asked him to do me from behind. I think that was a new position for him. Reaching back, I took his cock and rubbed the head between my pussy lips and then lined it up with my hole.

“Jorge pushed and half his length entered me. Several more strokes and we were tightly coupled. He was energetic and I came. He continued and I had a second orgasm as he filled me with cum. We cuddled for several minutes with his cock still inside until it was flaccid.”

“Honey, would you mind if I also fucked him?” my wife asked.

“Now? The poor guy just came twice. He’s young but even so…. OK, go have fun.”

“Jorge will get his first sloppy seconds,” Janet laughed as Susan went to his tent. Meanwhile she rubbed her just fucked pussy against my hip. “You know what I want you to do, don’t you?”


“Yeah, that too. But first I want you to eat me. Susan said you did her after Tom fucked her at our place.”

“She told you?”

“Of course, she loved it and couldn’t wait to tell me. I wanted Tom to do it but it didn’t happen.”

Janet bent her knees and spread her legs, opening her just fucked pussy to me. “Give me your tongue, Bob. Eat me, suck out Jorge’s cum while he fucks your loving wife. I tasted him, now I want you to taste him.”

It was late when Susan finally returned. She kissed me, the taste of him on her lips, and then turned over and fell asleep a minute later. I awoke in the morning, both girls intertwined with me.

“So what happened?” I was dying to know.

“At first he thought I was Janet. Then he was all concerned because I was married. I told him everything was ok, that you knew I was there. I put his hand on my just-fucked pussy and told him I just had sex with you and now I wanted him too. Poor guy! I don’t think he knew what to say as I reached for his limp cock.

“‘I was just with your sister. It will take me some time,’ he bashfully explained.

“I played with him until he was half hard, enough to take into my mouth. I could taste you on his cock, Janet. Once he was fully erect, I spread my legs and we fucked. What he lacked in finesse he sure made up in enthusiasm.”

The smell of coffee eventually encouraged us to get up. Jorge watched as his three nude clients headed to a nearby stream to clean up. After six more days of hiking and sharing the girls with Jorge we returned to Quito, our vacation over.

“Thank you so much, Jorge. You were a most excellent tour guide. We all appreciate the very personal attention. I will write a letter of commendation to your company,” I said for benefit of the company representative that picked us up.

“And we will never forget you,” Janet said, kissing him discretely on the cheek.

“This was such a good vacation,” my wife said as we waited for our flight home. “Thank you, Janet, for covering the cost. No way we could have afforded our share. We saw so many interesting things. What was your favorite?”

Janet giggled. “Jorge’s cock. So big, so hard, so perfect.”

“Definitely a great guy!” Susan agreed. “I think we have given him some really good memories.”

“No doubt! You have his email address, don’t you?” I asked. “When we get back I will send him a picture of the two of you in bikinis.”

“Send him several pictures, including some without bikinis,” Janet asked.

“Are you going to look for a boyfriend?” I asked.

“No. I love being with you and my sister. We have a great relationship and I don’t want anything else. But it was fun having his cock. I would like to do that sort of thing again provided it’s ok with you and Susan. What do you think?” she looked at her sister.

“Good idea. Honey, you OK with us getting extra cock from time to time?”

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