Sisterfest Ch. 02

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This is the second part of this particular story, of a total of three, and it contains graphic descriptions of sexual activity between consenting adults. All participants are over 18.

If the portrayal of consensual incest offends you in any way, then please feel free to leave and seek out a form of erotica perhaps more suited to your tastes and preferences.

My thanks go, as always, to Grand Teton, who puts up with my Obsessive/Compulsive Punctuation Scattering disorder and brings order out of the disorganised chaos I laughingly call my mind. His genteel “did you really want to say that?” is a lot more civilised than the “Don’t write that, people will think you’re a retard!” I get from most of my friends. Many thanks also to my Lori, who puts up with my strange hobbies, and to Bonnie, who keeps me encouraged when I periodically decide to just drop it all and embark on a career as a shoe-salesman.

As always, I caution the reader that this is not reality, nor is it intended to reflect reality in any way; it’s just one of my more obtuse fantasies, and is more about how I wish things could sometimes be, rather than the often dull and predictable reality we are condemned to live our lives in; just once, though, wouldn’t it be nice to just escape from that, to have anything we want, for free, no price to pay and no questions asked?

This story is a slight departure for me, I’ve been trying out some ideas and a different approach, so you will notice some differences between this and the other fare I’ve served up in the past; all I ask is that you give it a chance. In the immortal words of Dr. Sidney Freedman in M.A.S.H, feel free to “pull down your pants and slide on the ice!”

If you liked it please vote for it, if you didn’t, please tell me why; I do read all the comments, sometimes I act on them, sometimes I ignore them, and sometimes I need to have them deleted by a priest; there’s some strange, scary people out there…

So now, if you’re ready, please, come slide with me…



Thoughts and small musings from the mind of Lara Elliot aged 19 (and a little bit).

So now I’ve finally got Finn exactly where I’ve wanted him for lo these many moons now; poor Finny, I had to lie and lie, and then lie some more to get him here, but he’s such a sweetie under all that stupid rugby-player stoic machismo, and I believe he was worth the wait. The look on his sweet face when I sauntered in dressed like the last slut in the box was priceless, as was that gigantic boner I saw sprout like magic down there!

When I backed into that thing and wedged it in the crack of my bum, it was the culmination of months of plotting how to get my hands on it (OK, but you know what I mean…), especially after I saw him hosing down after tossing himself off and calling my name. I suppose at that point I could have just dashed into his room bare-arse naked and climbed-on, and possibly saved a lot of time and effort and just plain arsing around, but I didn’t want to scare him off; for some reason, I seemed to make him jumpy, can’t think why…

To backtrack a little, it’s been a hot summer so far, and seeing him every day, casually lounging around in baggy sweatshirts and wearing tight sports shorts, with his solid, muscular bum, those long, he-man legs, and that thing of his jiggling around in there like a rabbit bungee-jumping in a pillowcase was almost too much to bear.

Finally, on one never to be forgotten day, my friends and I were lounging around watching TV and talking about boys, and sex, and the likelihood of getting any in a town where most of the boys seemed to be rejects from some secret genetic-engineering programme, and Finny walked into the room pulling off his sweatshirt and asking about mum; I don’t think he realised we were there, but when he pulled that thing off, the room went silent as six foot of bare-chested, sculpted, golden-brown beefcake wearing just tight rugby shorts hit centre-stage.

Poor Finny suddenly realised I wasn’t alone, with all those girls suddenly crossing their legs and staring puppy-eyed at him; he just reddened, poor lamb, he really was so embarrassed, and I couldn’t figure out why; after all, what’s so embarrassing about being ogled by a room full of pretty girls enveloped in a mist of Oestrogen and struck down with a sudden case of sticky knickers? He beat a hasty retreat, but not before I’d copped a proper eyeful of my very own household man-candy, and that was when I began plotting in earnest to get him all naked and sweaty.

My best friend Haley knew what I wanted and how I felt, and suggested I decoy him into the nearest patch of woodland, yank his pants down, and stretch my throat with that beautiful, manly piece of male architecture, but there were other parts of me I wanted stretched first. I wanted to look into his eyes and suck his tongue, and nibble his lips while he fed his pocket python into my juice-box, so that plan was nixed; it’s still a good idea, though; when outdoor sex porno we get home I shall definitely be decoying him into the woods to give it a try, suitably modified by whatever else I learn or come across this weekend, of course.

Poor Haley, she’s wanted so hard to sample Finn for so long; she’s petite, blonde, blue-eyed, sexy, and shapely, with an extravagant set of knockers; in fact she’s everything a guy’s supposed to want, and she worked it good. The girl was incorrigible; she’d sit there talking to me while Finny lounged in a chair reading, with her eyes fixed on his crotch. Every time he looked up, she’d wink and lick her lips; she couldn’t have been more obvious if she stripped off and sat on his face during a lull in the conversation, and STILL Finny just looked right through her; cue one crushed blonde wannabe mattress-tester. All my other mates also began relentlessly throwing themselves at him, to fall at the first fence, and then calling me a hateful bitch for poisoning his mind against them and keeping Mr. Incredible all to myself…

I, on the other hand, was beginning to think my beautiful brother was gay, or an android, or just cursed with a low (make that ‘subterranean’) sex-drive; he seemed to have no interest in girls, or sex, or me and my prominent nipples, just his studies and rugby, and I made increasingly bizarre and probably unworkable schemes to get my pussy in his face to see if he’d take a bite (or at least a tentative lick…)

Then one day I noticed him noticing me; Bingo! Finally all those subtle (and pretty bloody blatant!) flashes of my bum, and swanning around in skin-tight, nipple-enhancing slut-wear seemed to be paying-off. And still the silly bastard did nothing about it! Try as I might to get him steamed-up, the more I tried, the less he looked!

I honestly started to believe I was just kidding myself and reading more into it than was actually there; after all, he’s my big brother, maybe he actually took the “look but don’t touch” rule seriously, the silly arse, because I was practically blowing a trombone and waving a “Come And Get It” flag, which is definitely NOT like me at all; but then, this is Finny we’re talking about here; allowances must be made…

Anyway, long story short, while I’m not proud of the way I lied to him, and deceived him, and manipulated him to come here with me, I’m fucking ecstatic at the way it turned out; Finny, sweet, gorgeous, hottie man-tottie Finny turned out to have the sex-drive of a herd of prize goats, he was saving it all up for me, and exceeded all my expectations by giving me a seeing-to that should go down in the record books as a night to fucking remember, because I always will. It was a true Spunk-a-thon that almost left me permanently bow-legged, with my pussy irrevocably moulded into the shape of his cock!

Darling Finny’s promised to give my arse a good stretch, something else that’s making me sing and quiver inside; ever since I accidentally walked in on my roommate and her boyfriend with his knob rammed up her greasy bum I’ve wanted to try it (with Finn, of course, no-one else is going there, ever…) and tonight’s the night. I’m getting some shut-eye now; there’s this banquet thingy to attend tonight, and I have an outfit guaranteed to give a gatepost a hard-on. I only hope I last the night…



The sound of a gentle, regular chiming dragged Finn back from a dream of Lara, in bed with him, her eyes tightly closed and her lips parted as he held her legs wide open and pounded his straining cock into her tight anus, her head whipping from side to side as he pummelled her. As he came awake, he saw that part of the dream, at least, was true; Lara was indeed in bed with him, fast asleep and delightfully naked, her leg thrown over his and her damp pussy lips rubbing tantalisingly against the slick, glossy head of his steel-hard erection, while her deliciously taut little nipples poked solidly into his chest.

She looked delicious, vulnerable, and devastatingly sexy; in fact, in the perfect position for a good, old-fashioned wake-up fuck! He grinned to himself as he gently squeezed and fondled her buttock, simultaneously licking her lips as he rubbed his chest against her nipples, hoping to make her push back against him in her sleep.

“Don’t start, Finny, the mixer and banquet’s in half an hour!” she yawned, pulling herself closer to him and kissing him lightly on the base of his throat.

“Shower time, Finn, and I mean just a shower, so put that thing away! You promised me a good seeing-to later, so whatever you’ve got cooking there, put it on the back burner, you’re going to need it! Come on, baby, do my back…and ONLY my back!”

Lara rolled away from him, and squeaked in surprise as he rolled her back and kissed her lustfully, her lips stiff against his for a couple of seconds before melting as she kissed him back. They kissed for a minute or so, tongues darting inside public agent porno each other’s mouths, hands rubbing, touching, holding and squeezing, before Lara broke away with a giggle.

“That wasn’t fair, you caught me by surprise! Now, up, Finny, we’re guests here, and our hosts have asked us to attend; we have a duty to our hosts, it’s the least we can do, and that also includes not being late. Now come on!”

Finn grinned, and let her tug him off the bed and into the shower, where he scrupulously kept his hands to himself, except when doing her back, as she’d requested. However, Lara refused point-blank his offer to help her dry-off.

“It’s perfectly OK, Finny; I’ve been doing it since I was small, I know what to do!” she dimpled, smiling at his resigned look.

“Later, baby, I promise, let’s just get this mixer thing out of the way, then we can come back here and you can hump me bowlegged if you can manage it, but right now, we have a party to attend, so hurry up and dry yourself off, I have things I need to do!”

Finn had to give his erection a serious talking-to; Lara was just over there, she was jiggling and quivering most fetchingly, and right now Little-Head wanted her so badly it was almost a physical pain.

After five minutes of thinking the un-sexiest thoughts he could, with no visible results, he gave a resigned sigh, switched the shower to ‘Cold’ and stepped in. That did the trick; two minutes of high-pressure icy needles on his groin deflated him and took his mind rather effectively off his sister with all her lovely bits quivering and jiggling in the other room.

Finn stepped out of the shower room shivering and gasping, his head clear at last, and proceeded to towel-off, making sure he kept his back to his sister or his head turned away at all times; he didn’t fancy going through that all over again.

“I’ve laid out what you’re wearing tonight, Finny!” she called out. “There was a garment-case here in the closet with your name on it, so I assume it’s what you’re supposed to wear tonight. I can’t wait to see you in it!”

Finn turned to speak to her, but she’d already disappeared back into the small dressing room/closet to finish getting dressed. He padded over to the bed and picked up a fine, white silk duellist’s shirt, complete with lace ruffles at the throat and trailing lace cuffs, together with a pair of light, stretchy breeches, like black jodhpurs, and a red satin sash. He looked at them incredulously.

“Sissy, there’s been some kind of mistake! I can’t wear this…fancy dress outfit; have you actually looked at it? All that’s missing is the eye-patch and a fucking parrot! If I put this pansy-suit on, they’ll take away my Guy-Card and I’ll have to start ovulating!”

Lara poked her head out from the dressing room and grinned at him.

“It’ll look great on you, Finny, dead romantic, just put it on; they obviously expect you to wear it, otherwise why did they have it here for you? Look, there’s even a pair of boots to go with it. Honestly, you wear a lot less on the rugby pitch, and there’s only twenty-nine other men there, all dressed in those spray-on shirts and shorts. At least here there’s a whole bunch of girls to ogle you in that outfit, so quit moaning, baby, you’ll look dead sexy, I promise you!”

Muttering, Finn slipped into the clothes provided. He looked in the dressing mirror, noting that every single muscle in his long legs were clearly outlined and highlighted, as well as the embarrassingly clear outline of his cock.

“Great, I look like the first course at a gay gang-bang…” he mused, wondering if any of the other guys there were going to be dressed as stupidly as he was. He slipped on the shiny knee-boots, almost like English riding boots, but soft and supple, with a top-brand designer name label. He wondered briefly how they knew his shoe size, then forgot about it as he caught his reflection in the mirror, and groaned aloud.

“Oh God, Sissy, I can’t ponce around in this get-up! Look at me; please don’t make me wear this clobber, I look like Zorro’s gay brother, the one they don’t talk about! Now I’m worried just what they expect from me tonight, because I tell you, wearing this get-up, I’ll be bloody lucky if I get away without a Size 15 arsehole by the end of the night!”

Lara poked her head out again, and gasped softly; the full-sleeved white silk shirt flowed and billowed around him like an 18th century duellist. The waist sash emphasised his slim waist and hips, with the skin-tight breeches and knee-boots completing the illusion; all he needed was a cup-hilted rapier and he’d look like he’d just stepped out of the pages of a Dumas novel, poised to fight the evil Cardinal’s guard for the honour of his lady. The bulge of his cock, coiled up at the apex of his thighs like a sleeping python, made her breath catch as she silently ogled him.

“God, he’s gorgeous!” she thought to herself, happily drinking in the sight of her hot brother, reality kings porno eventually realising he was blushing, actually blushing, at her frank scrutiny. She quickly replayed what he’d just said, and smiled reassuringly at him.

“Finny, you look great, all sexy and romantic, like Lord Darcy about to seduce the chambermaids; now I wish we didn’t have to go to this damned banquet; in that get-up, I feel like attacking you myself!”

Finn grinned, in spite of his misgivings, looking at himself in the mirror and trying to find an angle where he didn’t look like one of the Village People, the chorus from Adam & The Ants “Stand & Deliver” echoing in his head, the bit about ‘…I’m the dandy Highwayman…’ seeming particularly appropriate.

Eventually he gave up, and could only hope that the dining room, or wherever this mixer was happening, was dimly lit, or that every other guy had to wear the same ridiculous fancy-dress outfit; then at least they could all look like a pack of complete twerps together; misery loves company, after all.

Lara stepped out of the dressing room and posed for him.

“Taah-daah! How do I look Finny?” she smiled nervously.

Finn’s jaw nearly smacked the floor as his cock lurched. She was wearing a sheer, one-piece black body stocking, a faint floral pattern worked into the weave, but it was still so sheer as to be entirely transparent. The material clung to every curve and contour, her bobbing breasts and nipples clearly visible. The stretchy material formed a perfect ‘camel-toe’ around her pussy, parting and clearly outlining her labia. When she turned for him to see all of her, he could see the material clinging lovingly to every curve and crease of her buttocks as they quivered and jiggled, the material even swooping into the cleft between her cheeks, further highlighting her spectacularly sexy bottom.

Even though she was covered from neck to ankle, she nevertheless managed to look more naked than if she’d just been nude, and infinitely more enticing; the material of the body stocking clung like a second skin, covering her completely yet concealing nothing, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. Black stilettos with teetering 5-inch heels filled-out the ensemble, making her legs look impossibly long and alluring. To complete the look, she’d applied bright crimson lipstick, and had rimmed her eyes with some kind of deep black mascara. The total effect was stunning.

Lara blushed when he said nothing, just stared at her, his eyes wide as he drank her in, with her midnight black hair piled up on her head with one long curl on each side, perfectly framing her beautiful face, and the sheer black body-stocking contrasting sharply with her glowing porcelain skin. Only her deep, cornflower-blue eyes and crimson lips relieved the otherwise monochrome look. On any other girl it might have looked stark, maybe even overdone, but with Lara’s colouring it was the perfect look. Finn was bewitched.

“Fucking hell, Sissy, you look fucking amazing!” he murmured, “Let’s not go to that stupid mixer. I’d rather stay in here and fuck you rigid!”

Lara smiled happily at his reaction, her eyes drawn to the large bulge at his crotch, then regretfully tearing her eyes away.

“Me too, Finny, but we’re guests here, so we have to do what the host wants. Don’t worry; as soon as we can gracefully bow out, I’ll race you back here, okay?”

Finn nodded, never once taking his eyes off her.

“It’s a deal Sissy. I can’t wait!”

Lara grinned, and pirouetted gracefully, like a dancer.

“You really like it? I got it from Ann Summers; I had to order it and hope it didn’t arrive when mum was in; Christ knows what she’d have said if she knew I was ordering stuff from sex shops, probably disown me on the spot!”

“You look …incredible, like…everything I ever dreamed of…God, you’re beautiful, Sissy!” he breathed, his eyes riveted on her as her body bounced and quivered so enticingly, her stiff nipples almost tearing through the flimsy material as they strained against it.

“You don’t look so bad yourself, stud!” she grinned, lightly running her hands over his chest.

“Don’t do that, Sissy…just don’t, not while I’m wearing these stupid things, not unless you want everyone to see the Elliot family jewels!” he grinned, Lara grinning back as she caught his glance at his clearly outlined cock. “If you touch me again, I can’t guarantee we’ll get as far as the mixer, not with you looking like that!”

Lara turned and flirted her sexy little bottom at him, Finn nearly groaning at the sight of those two delightful globes bobbing and rubbing together under that body-stocking with just a faint whisper of material, almost deafening him with his heightened perception of her. Lara grinned, and took his hand.

“Let’s go Finny, let’s go and mix; the sooner we get this over with, the sooner we can get back her so you can shove that thing in me again!”

Finn laughed, some of the tension draining out of him, and followed her as she led him once more to the room where they’d all assembled that afternoon. He was pleased and relieved to see that all the other boys were wearing the same get-up as him; they all still studiously avoided each other’s eyes, though.

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