Sisterly Love Ch. 03

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When the door bell rang nearly an hour later, Crystal shot her companion a coy smile and crossed the room, her hips swaying enough to ensure Tyler would be watching her bare ass, and unlocked the door. Mourning the loss of her swollen mouth wrapped around his cock, Tyler didn’t even protest that she swing the door open completely naked.

It wasn’t like the neighbors wouldn’t enjoy the sight of her.

What he wasn’t expecting more was the girl that stepped through the door. Nearly identical to Crystal, but with darker blonde hair, she stepped through his threshold easily with a smile. Her hair was shorter, cropped around her face and layered longer in the front. Her eyes skimmed the room, resting on Tyler playfully for a moment before sliding to her sister, who’d shut the door behind her and came up to her side silently. Tyler opened his mouth, confused and a little unsure what was going on, his dick stirring back to life at the sight of the girl in the red shirt and tiny skirt. But before he could even ask, she turned towards Crystal and kissed her, moaning lightly as Crystal tugged her shirt up and over her head, exposing her tits.

“Glad you could come,” Crystal tossed the shirt to the ground, where it joined the pile of forgotten clothes strewn that night. Taking her hand, she tugged her to the couch where Tyler sat, with little to deny about how he found the situation. “This is Tyler. Tyler, this is Jessie, my sister.”

“It’s nice to meet you,” The words poured from his mouth automatically and he extended his hand, pulling it back the next instant. “So, babe, what’s going -“

Crystal and Jessie both took to their knees, one on the couch next to him and the other between hardcore porno his legs. He groaned as their tongues met on his throbbing cock, and ran a hand down Jessie’s back beside him, smoothing it over her ass as he tilted his head back in pleasure. She spread her legs open and he traced her cunt, caught up in the feel of a mouth wrapped around his dick and another tongue licking his balls lightly. Crystal reached up to his hand on her sister, and moved it closer to her hole, rubbing his fingers against the smooth skin until Jessie’s wetness slicked their hands. She moaned around his cock, and Tyler bit his lip.

“Mmm fuck,” He wasn’t aware he’d spoken the words, but Jessie moved her head faster in response, bobbing her mouth up and down his shaft, licking the head as she went, virtually throat fucking herself. He slid two fingers inside her pussy as Crystal began to play with her clit, her tongue moving up to meet her sister’s on his cock.

Tyler finger fucked her harder, her tight cunt squeezing tight around him, and she opened her legs wider. His hips rose to shove his cock deeper in her throat, his free hand on the back of Crystal’s head, forcing her to stay in her position. But she moved away, grabbing her sister by the hand and pulling her to her feet. Tyler’s hand found his cock and began to stroke, watching them nip at each other’s lips, fingers wandering down stomachs and between thighs, illicting in quiet groans from each girl. Crystal whimpered when Jessie bent down and latched onto her tit, drawing a hard nipple into her mouth, sucking it lightly as she rubbed her clit.

“Mmm, oh God, yes,” Her words repeated themselves, her breathing growing heavier as hd porno her sister worked her. “Mm, fuck Jessie.” She pulled away and tugged her sister back to the couch, laying down next to Tyler, with her legs open. Without a second’s hesitation, Jessie fell to her knees and licked her sister’s waiting cunt. The moan that left the other girl’s swollen lips left Tyler no doubt that what he’d heard back at the apartment when he picked her up, was definitely the sister’s enjoying themselves beforehand. He stood quickly, walking by and twisting Crystal’s nipple as he rounded Jessie, nudging her legs open.

Without pause, they gave, exposing her wet pussy to him. He watched her head move against her sister, heard the little sighs and gasps as he jacked off, a thumb circling her clit.

Then he put his hands on both of her hips, and pushed his way into her tight cunt. He groaned loudly, her pussy spreading apart for him, and she whimpered.

“Don’t stop,” He ordered her, pushing her head back down on her sister, who made eye contact with Tyler over her buried head. Without breaking it, he began to move inside of her, driving his cock deep into her over and over, watching the pleasure on Crystal’s face, the way her tits swayed with each thrust into her sister.

“Oh God, don’t stop. Please don’t stop,” Jessie begged, before sucking Crystal’s clit, causing her to cry out loudly. Tyler didn’t answer, he kept a steady pace in and out of her wet hole, nearly retreating at times, only to slam himself back in completely. He pulled out, grabbing Jessie up by the hair and leading her over to lay on her sister, face to face. Crystal shot him a confused look, her eyes clouded with lust, as he pulled latina fuck tour porno them to the edge of the couch.

“Just kiss,” Immediately the girls turned their mouths to each other, and Tyler stood behind them, rubbing his dick against their pussies, one and then the other.

He brushed against Crystal, and pushed into her, her gasp caught by Jessie’s lips as he stretched her open. He fucked her for a few moments, allowing her to adjust to the feel, before turning to her sister’s cunt and slipping back inside.

And so he went, between their cunts, taking turns with each of them fast and hard, watching them run their hands over each other’s back, their mouths on each other’s skin.Their tits pressed together as he rocked them both back and forth on his hard cock, and they began to cry out.Jessie shook against him as he pounded into her, gasping and crying out against him until he pulled out, and stepped backwards.


Shakily, the sisters separated and dropped in front of him, their hands wrapping around the base of his thick cock, cupping his balls as they licked him clean, getting their wet juices off of his dick. He stood closer to them and stroked his cock, twisting it slightly as he squeezed, watching them watch him with their mouths open and their chests falling and rising quickly. With a groan, cum began to spill from his dick, and Jessie moved closer to catch it with her tongue. She wrapped her lips around his cock, moving her mouth slowly up and down it until it lay in her mouth drained.

Then she turned to Crystal, and kissed her, pushing the cum into her mouth. Crystal drank from her sister’s mouth, swallowing all of the cum on her tongue. She stood beside her sister, who looked at Tyler with a smile.

“Did I mention it was nice to meet you Jessie?” He returned her look with a smirk of his own, as he eyed up the two girls in front of him.

He had all night, but how much could a guy take?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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