Sisters, an evil friend and pantyhose tf part 1.

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Anna, Monica and Claudia lived with their mother in a suburban home. Anna and Claudia got along better because they were of similar age.The oldest of the sisters Monica did not understand them a bit, sometimes she got nervous, they often argued, but they liked each other so much.
One day, Anna brought home a boy she had been dating for some time. The other sisters were surprised that she was the first to find a boyfriend. The boy’s name was Martn and he was 23 years old just like Anna.
Everyone ate dinner together, mother and sisters questioned how long they knew each other and what Martin was doing.
Martin, slightly embarrassed and shy, answered all the questions, and together with Anna went to her room.
The sisters began to discuss about Martin, that he is a handsome boy but very shy and taciturn. Mom said:
– the most important thing is that Anna is happy and that she likes her.
The sisters nodded and after further conversation they left to take care of their own affairs.
Claudia was waiting for her best friend, who was also friends with Anna.
She sat in her room on the bed reading a book.
Monica cleaned her room and listened to music.
After some time, the doorbell rang and Claudia ran to open, it was her friend. They kissed the greeting and Claudia invited her to the room. They started talking and during the conversation it turned out that Anna had a boyfriend.
Marlene, because that was her friend’s name, was surprised that Anna had not said anything before, she did not boast, but she noticed that Anna was seeing her less and less often and had weaker contact with her.
Marlene was very jealous of her friends, she would rather only meet her, with no one else.
After some time Anna and Martn left the room and headed to the exit door saying goodbye to everyone.
Then Marlene and Claudia left for goodbye.
– Hi! You did not boast that you have a boyfriend, Marlene said.
– Hey, there was no occasion, it’s Martin, my boyfriend and Marlene, my friend. Martin must go now. Anna said and walked Martin to the exit.
They kissed each other goodbye and Martin went to his home.

– Your new boy is pretty, do you know each other for a long time? Marlene asked
– less than two weeks.
– You look like lovers.
– I think it’s the one and I love him very much, Anna said
– Okay, let’s go to the room, we will not stay in the hall, Claudia said.
The girls went and talked for a while about Martin, about studying, about people.
But Marlene was somewhere else in her mind, she thought about Anna’s relationship all the time and how to get rid of Martin, to spend more time with her friends.
She remembered that her grandmother had been engaged in magic and that in the attic in the trunk, there were grandmother’s things in their home. Maybe I’ll find a solution there, she thought.
After a moment of reflection, she decided to go home and check it out, said goodbye to her friends and she went to leave.
Marlene was thinking all the way, how to get rid of a boy, how to destroy a friend’s relationship. At home, she searched the entire attic and finally found her grandma’s trunk.
There were a few strange items and an old book with spells. Marlene took the book to her room and began to look through the book.
She searched for a long time until she found a spell that would solve her problem. For the spell, you need a photo of the victim and looking at the photo you have to say the spell.
Marlene thought that it is now easier because the photo can be found on the internet on the social network and she smiled. In part she did not believe it, but she wanted to try it for fun.
She had her friend Anna in friends and began to browse in her friends. She did not have to look too long.
She watched exactly if he was the boy and chose the picture. Looking at the picture, she slowly began to speak the spell in a slightly trembling voice, as if she were afraid.
On the desk next to the book with spells lay her new, wrapped black tights. And they were the thing Marlene wanted to change the boy …

Martin was already asleep in his bed, but he suddenly woke up and felt like he was bound or paralyzed because he could not make any move. After a moment, he began to hear the voice slightly behind the fog, as if from a distance.
– Hello, are you here ?, Hello? I think it did not work. Fairytales for c***dren. Halooooo?
Martin tried to say something but unsuccessfully as if he was stoned. He was terrified.
And again the voice as if more clearly and began to see better and better.
– Hey Martn? You are here? Marlene asked, slightly resigned.
But she did not hear any answer. When she was about to let go and go to sleep, she heard the weak:
– Who you are?
– It’s me Marlene, Anna’s friend
– What are you doing at my house? Mom let you in? Why did you come?
– You are no longer in your home hihi. You are in my house now.
– How is it? It is impossible. What am I doing here?
– I do not want you to bother me and my friends, we had great relationships until Anna met you, but I decided to destroy your relationship. You can not be together. Now you belong to me!
– How do you destroy the relationship? How do I belong to you? Never! I love my Anna!
– Yes, you are mine, and more specifically you are my thing, Marlene said with satisfaction.
– What I do not believe! But Martin’s mind was slowly coming back, but he still could not move. He saw that something was actually wrong, because instead of lying in bed, he was now lying on the desk near the monitor, seeing everything around, literally around, seeing, hearing and smelling every part of himself at the same time. And he realized that his body was different and that the room did not belong to him. And he shouted in horror:
– What did you do to me? Where am I?
– I told you that you are in my room and I did not do anything to you, you are now just a pair of my new tights hihi.
– What? What are you saying, what tights? Is it possible? I think I’m still sleeping.
– You heard it well, it’s not a dream. That’s magic, she said with a smile.
– They’ll look for me. And you will have problems!
– Haha no one will find you, they will recognize that you have run away from home or you have gone missing. Only I can hear your voice, no one else will hear you. Only I know you’re a pair of ordinary tights. Nobody will help you.
– Oh, no, how could you, you’re terrible!
– Shut up because I want to go to sleep! She said and grabbed the tights from her desk and put them in a drawer where she kept other pantyhose and underwear. Satisfied that she succeeded, she went to bed.

The next day Marlene stood up like every day at 6 am. She always ran for an hour, then breakfast and studies.
– Hmmm let’s check my new tights, she thought. She looked into the drawer and pulled out her tights. She came across her tights and could not believe it.
– wow what material, you changed over night. Very good, soft, delicate to the touch.
She stretched her tights a few times in her hands and shook.
– Well, you’ll probably be my favorite pantyhose, delicate and yet durable. You will serve me for a long time unless I think of something else.
Martin fell asleep in a dark drawer rather quickly. He woke up when Marlene pulled him out of the drawer. And then he realized that it was not a dream. It was a strange feeling for him. His entire body was now in one girl’s hand. He felt her touch all over his body. She was huge to him. He realized that he was actually a pair of tights and he was sad. He felt a slight pain as the girl began to stretch him.
– Please, stop it hurts.
– Now you are my pantyhose and we will see how you look at me.
– Oh no! You’re joking right?
– No why? I’ve never had such tights and this material mmm.
Marlene curled up the left side of her tights and slowly began to slide her foot.
– Do not do this ! Martin shouted.
Marlene was not touched by his screams, she continued. She put on one foot, then the other, and slowly pulled on her tights.
– Please, it hurts when you stretch me like that! I do not want to feel it!
– Now that’s all you have to do. You should be glad that you can touch my beautiful body, my lovely feet and legs and smell my pussy.
– Oh no! I have my Anna. I do not want this. I feel your feet in me, but it’s a strange feeling. I can smell them. Oh no.
I can not stand this.
– You endure, I’m sure hihi. You probably have not done it with Anna yet? You know sex? Did you see her pussy? Haha, definitely not …
– Please, nooooooooo.
Marlene tugged on her tights, underneath she had red lace panties in which she was sleeping.
I like you very much as tights, she said.
– I do not want to be just a pair of pantyhose.
– You’ll get used to it. We’re going to run a little now.
– Oh no….
Marlene dressed her bra, t-shirt, blouse, tights and her black sneakers for running.
Martin knew he could do nothing. He was in a poor situation. Once he was on Marlene’s body he felt every part of her body with all his senses. He felt her legs, feet, ass and her hands as she stroked him.
When she put on her pants he was a little frightened, because he saw less and less, but when she put on her shoes, he could barely see anything. Only glimpses of the outside world.
– Oh, your shoes stink a lot, I do not want to.
– I’ve been running in these shoes for 2 years and are very comfortable. If you do not like it, I can tear you at any moment!
– No please, do not do it. I’m sorry.
– I thought you would be polite, and now be quiet, do not upset me.
– I’m sorry, Martin said, and he could feel every movement of the girl and every smell, but the smell of her 2-year-old sweaty sneakers bothered him the most.
After a short warm-up, Marlene began running. The boy was stunned, he felt her every step, he was crushed on one side by her feet and on the other side pressed against her shoes. It hurt a bit, but somehow he could stand it. He felt girls’ feet become wet and this moisture gets into him. He felt that he was slowly gently starting to smell like her shoes around the feet, and he could feel the moisture in the pussy and smell.
After completing the race, Marlene returned home and began to make breakfast. In the meantime, changing clothes, she pulled off running clothes and shoes.
– Thank you for taking me off.
– no, I’m just changing to college, but I’m leaving you on. I’ll take a quick shower after running and you come back to my feet. Just do not go anywhere, hihi, and Marlene put her pantyhose on the bed, pulled off her panties, so that Martin saw her naked the first time. Pretty, he whispered.
– I know, she heard and took a towel and went to the shower.
Martin lying on the bed thinking about what happened and that he is a pair of tights, on the one side he did not like it, he felt very strange, but on the other side it began to excite him. He could feel the woman’s naked body all the time, he thought that even to smell her feet he could get used to it. At the thought of touching Marlene’s body and feeling her scent, his body was overwhelmed by a strong orgasm.
After a while, the girl came back and immediately began to wear tights without panties.
– Are you putting me on a naked body?
– I often do this with tights, I like to feel them on my body. You will feel and see my pussy and ass up close.
– I do not know if I can withstand so many smells at the same time and such excitement.
– Excitement? Strange.
– Yes, I noticed that I can have an orgasm while being on You.
– Not bad haha, you surprised me. Tights that feel pleasure haha.
Marlene dressed her tights, knee-length dress, bra and blouse. In the hall she dressed black ballerinas and left the house.
Martin, excited about the whole situation, felt the pussy and buttocks of the girl rubbing against him.
On the way to universities he had several orgasms. At school, Marlene did not pay much attention to pantyhose. She talked to her friends and listened to lectures. Sometimes she touched her legs gently with her hands.
Martin felt her wet pussy and slightly moist ass, he felt her wet feet more and more, but it did not bother him so much. He could lick her whole body and she did not know about it, he relished her body and was amazed that he could have an orgasm so often. He has never experienced anything like it before. He began to like being tights for a pretty girl. After finishing the lesson, Martin wanted to speak and tell the girl that he liked it, being tights for her and would like to thank her for such an experience, but he could not say anything because the girl got a call from Claudia.
The girl was slightly surprised and upset. After a short conversation, she went to her friends.
– haha Claudia called, that Anna’s boyfriend did not call and does not reply to her text messages. What a pity. We know that it is different haha.
– oh poor Anna, she probably thinks I do not want to know her, that I do not give a sign of life.
– Now you are only mine and your life is in my hands. I will decide how long you will be my tights.
– I really wanted to say that I liked being tights for you, I know that now I belong to you and I can do nothing. I would like to thank you for this change, but I still miss Anna
– Do not worry, you’ll see your girlfriend soon …

Marlena rang her friend’s bell. Their mother opened them.
– Come in, Marlene
– Good morning thank you.
– Good morning
Marlene went to Claudia’s room first but she was not there, so she went to Anna.
– Hi, what’s up? The girls kissed and hugged the greeting
– I think the boy threw me because he does not write, he does not call, said Anna, slightly saddened and in a tearful voice.
– Hey Anna, I’m here! Martin said loudly, but only Marlene heard him and lightly dug her nails on her thigh, giving a sign that he would not do it.
– what an asshole, just yesterday seemed to be ok, said Claudia.
– It’s very strange, he seemed happy yesterday. Maybe he was pretending, said Marlene.
– I do not want any guy anymore, said Anna, and she cried. The girls began to comfort her and hug her.
Martin was helpless, he was sad that he could not say anything to his girlfriend, that she does not hear him and that he is on another girl, he is her thing, her property. He felt Marlene’s pussy, which had a more intense smell and taste, probably because the girl was excited about the situation …
Martin felt at times Anna and Claudia, how they touch and cuddle with Marlene. He could not count on anything more than just accidentally touching one of the girls.
Marlene was slightly nervous and sweated very much, all the sweat soaked in pantyhose. She also moved her feet, causing light pain, but it was even pleasant. Tights after a long day were very smelly.
– Feel your feet very much and pussy haha, Claudia said to Marlene.
– I know, I’m sorry, but I came straight after school and I was running around in the morning. At home I will have to wash my tights and take a shower. I’d like to throw myself on the bed now.
– If you want, you can stay with us for the night, I will be more happy, we will talk, mother will make us supper. If you want you can take a shower here, we’ll sleep together, Anna proposed.
– I could really? Will not it be a problem?
– no, we’ll give you a towel and some of our clothes to sleep and we’ll sit and talk.
– Ok great, Marlene agreed.
And she went towards the wardrobe to undress for bathing.
There was a common wardrobe in the house, one room with large sliding wardrobes with mirrors so that every girl had her wardrobe and drawers. The whole room was for this purpose.
Marlene undressed, left things next to Monica’s wardrobe, but she did not know. She said to Martin:
– Haha, I said that they will not hear you, you’re all mine, do not go anywhere. I will hide you later and tomorrow I will have to wash you, I do not know if you will survive in the washing machine with other clothes 😉
Martin, disturbed by the words of the girl, begged her not to put him in the washing machine. He did not know what would happen. Would his present body endure it.
Marlene did not say anything, just smiled and went only in the towel on her naked body under shower.
The boy was now alone. Unfortunately, the girl threw him on a slightly open drawer of Monica. Her other clothes were lying on the floor …
Martin heard footsteps after a while, he thought that the girl was coming back from the bath, but when the wardrobe door opened, Claudia and Anna appeared to his eyes.
– We need to find something for Marlene to sleep, said Claudia.
– I had a shirt somewhere, maybe a dress, Anna answered
– I will look in my clothes and You in yours and see which ones will appeal to her more.
– Ok super . Anna’s eyes saw the tights of her friend thrown on the drawer of her eldest sister. See Claudia haha, I think those are Marlena’s tights?
– Possible and what?
– I have a stupid idea and Anna went to the drawer, took the tights in her hand and put them in her nose. Uhhhh, it’s definitely hers. They stink! I throw these tights into Monica’s drawer, her underwear will stink haha.
– Haha nice idea, Claudia smiled. Quickly hide those tights in the drawer, and I’ll look for similar pantyhose for Marlene.
– We’ll make our sister angry hihi.
Martin was shocked at what they were plotting. He saw two girls looking for clothes for a friend. He did not suspect his girlfriend of such ideas. A moment ago she cried after him, and now she is joyful. When she took him in his hand, he could feel the warmth of her hand. When she brought him close to her face, he would kiss her, but she quickly pushed it away and crushed it and put it in a dark drawer with other pantyhose and underwear.
He tried to talk, but the girls did not hear him.
He heard girls talking to each other about clothes, and finally they found something for a friend.
– I have such a dress or a blouse and pants said Anna.
– I have two such dresses. Haha and I found similar pantyhose to those, Klaudia replied and put the tights on the pile of her friend’s clothes.
Martin heard them laughing and suddenly the room door closed and there was silence. He was lonely all night. Nobody came into the room anymore.
Early in the morning, someone came into the room. Martin heard someone walking around the room, heard someone opening one of the wardrobes, thinking about who it could be, which one of the sisters, or maybe their mother.
Suddenly he heard the noise next to him, someone put something up and the sound of rustling clothes.
– what a messy, I always have to clean up after her.
Martin realized that it was the mother of the girls. But he did not know what was going on. The noises stopped and the room door closed again. A few hours he was lonely again. Suddenly two girls entered the room.
– Where’s my clothes? Marlene asked
– they were here yesterday, I saw with Claudia as we were looking for clothes for you. I’ll ask mom, maybe she knows something about it.
And Anna left the room.
– Hey, Martin, are you here? Speak up … Marlene said when she was alone in the room. She called him several times, but she did not hear the answer.
Martin did not speak. He was afraid that the girl could throw him in the washing machine and he could not survive it. He preferred to wait.
After a short while Anna returned with her mother.
– I’m sorry, Marlene, I’m stupid but I thought it was Monica’s clothes, sometimes she leaves them like that. I did the laundry in the morning and took these things from the floor.
– Well, it’s okay. Thank you for washing. At least I will not have to do it at home hihi laughed Marlene.
– You see the clothes are found, Anna added.
– I set a quick drying so that you could have ready-made clothes, as I found out that they belong to you, mother said
– Thank you very much
– But I have to upset you, because when I pulled your pantyhose out of the washing machine, it caught on something and got torn.
– Oh no, they were very torn?
– Unfortunately, yes, but surely Anna or Claudia will give you some of their tights instead. I’m sorry I did not notice that something caught on.
– Do not worry, I’ll look for something, Anna said and began to look in her drawer.
– Those tights were my favorite, special ones. It’s hard, thank you for doing your laundry. said Marlene.
– And these are my special ones. see they can be? And Anna gave her friend her tights.
– Thanks for sure they can be.
Martin was in shock. He could not believe that by accident and the little malice of the girls, he avoided destruction. He sat quietly in the drawer. For a moment he thought that his girlfriend would tell her friend about the joke she had done to her older sister. But she did not admit it.
Marlene was slightly sad that her tights were destroyed. She knew that they were not ordinary tights. But she could not tell anyone. In her mind she was glad that her friend’s mother had annihilated Martin. Before leaving, she went to the kitchen for a moment, like throwing out a paper, she opened the cupboard where the trash was, and in fact, tights were at the very top. She called quietly a few times: Martin? But she did not hear any answer. She made sure that Martin was gone and smiling she went home.

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