Sisters, an evil friend and pantyhose tf part 3

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The next day, Claudia got up and put on black leggings and slippers on her tights. She was excited by the idea that tights belonged to Marlene, which was the object of her desire. She wondered many times to tell her about her feelings, but she was afraid of her reaction.
Claudia was talking to her sisters and her mother at breakfast when the telephone rang unexpectedly that Marlene wanted to come. Claudia was glad and slightly embarrassed thinking what she was doing with her tights for two nights in a row. Her pussy swelled and it got slightly damp when she thought she would have her tights under her leggings at a meeting with her friend. Martin felt the girl’s excitement and he loved it, he enjoyed every moment on the girl’s body. When he found out that her friend was to visit Claudia, he was a little worried. He was afraid that Marlene might hear him by accident. But now he kissed Klaudia’s pussy, her ass and smelling feet.
Claudia opened the door to her friend and they went to the room together. Following Marlene all the time she looked at her ass in a tight skirt and she noticed that her friend had a thong under her … They talked long about their friendship and about a new film in the cinema where they wanted to go. Suddenly Marlene asked:
– Is it too hot in these leggings and tights? It’s hot today.
– I got dressed this morning, put on whatever, Claudia said, laughing, and her pussy gently pulsed. She put her hand between her thighs and pressed to her pussy.
– I understand, I put on this dress today, I like it very much.
– It’s very pretty, you look beautiful in it. Claudia moved her hand gently, it was almost unnoticeable. She was very excited.
Martin felt Claudia press him to her pussy and massage gently. He absorbed her juice, but the juice penetrated through him and on to the leggins. He was even more excited when Marlene, who also had him on her body, sat next to him.
-Thanks to one of my favorites. Take off those leggings !, because I see you hot, you have all your sweaty pussy, she noticed the spot between Claudia’s legs, not knowing it was her juice.
– Hihi, you’re right, I’m wearing my skirt.
Martin could barely restrain himself from groans of pleasure, he was very careful. He knew that Marlene would hear him and he did not want to. When he was alone with Claudia, he screamed in pleasure, but she did not hear him anyway.
– Nice tights, similar to those I once had, Marlene remarked when her friend finally pulled off her leggings and put on a short skirt.
– Hihi, stupid thing, you know, I have to admit to you.
– What is going on? Tell. Marlene smiled.
– You know, I have liked you for a long time, I’m glad when you are with me. You turn me on. And Claudia told a story about how her sister Anna hid her tights to make Monica angry, let her underwear smell, and then how she stole her tights to use them for fun thinking about her friend.
– I am not angry. Hihi, I noticed you looking at me, but I did not expect you to like me that much. Thank you for telling me that. Maybe we could try? Marlene already knew that the tights that Claudia was wearing were not ordinary pantyhose and she was excited by the fact that Martin was worn by 3 girls.
– You think so ? We could?
And Claudia moved closer to her friend.
– Sure, I’ve never been with a girl in that sense.
Where from this hole in tights?
– Hihi, when I was having fun thinking about you, I pierced the tights with a finger so I could put it in deeper. Martin could not stand it and groaned in pleasure.
– Mmm sweet, do you like fun in my tights? True, they are very nice to touch?
– It’s so nice. I am very excited when I wear them.
– I’m glad you like them too, and Marlene kissed her friend passionately, her hand went to her wet pussy, and Claudia’s hand up to her friend’s skirt.
– Do you like it? Marlene asked, massaging her friend’s pussy gently.
– You’re so wonderful.
– Mmm you too, I did not know that we can make such a pleasure. Marlene also heard Martin shouting with pleasure, but she did not pay any attention to him.
-Oh yeah, harder! mmmm, Claudia said
– Hihi, I will try your pussy, she giggled, she leaned down, pulled Claudia’s skirt up and opened her legs a little wider. She began kissing her pussy through pantyhose. She whispered softly:
– You wanted to run away from me?
– No, I was just afraid that …
he could not say when Marlene put her tongue in the hole and began to move it excitedly.
– Oh, Marlene, deeper and deeper, Claudia moaned in pleasure.
– I need to enlarge the hole !, gently nails Marlene tore the tights more so that the pussy was more accessible.
Martin cried out in pain, he felt the sharp nails of the girls tear him …
He begged her not to do it. That it hurts him. But the girl did not do anything about it. She was putting a tongue into her friend’s pussy. Martin was moist with Claudia’s pussy and Marlena’s saliva.
– You are so wonderful, I do not want to be just your tights, and Marlene started putting her fingers in her friend’s pussy.
Claudia’s body writhed with pleasure.
The girls were playing for some time until Claudia got a powerful orgasm and lots of juice floated on the tights.
– Thank you, Marlene, I will repay you tomorrow, she said, and pulled off her tights and wiped her pussy with them.
– Mmm absolutely, I can not wait. I liked it very much. I wonder how you play with my pussy and Marlene took her friends’ tights and lifted them to her face. Mmm, so sweetly scented, she said to her friend and in a whisper to Martin:
– you’re worn out now, and she laughed slightly. She handed Claudia’s tights back and asked:
– Then you will be playing with these tights? hihi
– Probably not, now I have you, so these tights are no longer needed for me, and besides, they are already a little damaged and are not suitable for anything. I do not want to look ugly for you in torn tights.
– mmm I’m glad that you confessed all this to me. So you will throw away these tights? There were such exceptional hihi
– I am also glad that I finally said it, but I was terribly afraid. I love you. And these tights will throw away hihi.
– I love you too.

Martin was on the floor now, all wet with juices and saliva.
His body was still in ecstasy. It took him a moment to get the words: I will throw away tights … Unnecessary because I have you …
He was terrified, he started shouting to Marlene. Please, save me, tell her that I’m not just ordinary tights. Please, do something, she’ll throw me out. I will do anything you want.
But Marlene only looked at him from above and smiled. She kissed Claudia and said she must return home.

Claudia escorted the girl and after a while she came back, picked up the tights from the floor and said:
– so my dream came true, these tights brought me happiness hihi and she put them to her pussy for a moment, sighing softly.
– Please, do not get rid of me in this way, I want to be back on you, on your beautiful body, I can still be put under your trousers or leggins, Martin shouted.
The girl came into the kitchen.
She asked Mom what for dinner? And she opened a large cupboard in which there was a sliding basket with a black garbage bag. The basket was almost empty, only small papers in it.
Claudia squeezed the tights in her hand and tossed them into the trash.
– I’m begging you, nooooo, Martin shouted.
The girl closed the drawer and darkness came …
He knew that his fate was sealed, that he would not get out of the trash. He could hear laughter and talk as if in the mist. He began to long for a normal life.
Suddenly, the drawer slid out and saw the mother of the girls, spilled some leftovers on him and left.
– Oh no, no one will save me, I’ll end up just like normal junk …

The next day he was awakened by noise. The shuffling of the chair and the sound of water, after a moment the conversation of the girls.
Someone opened the drawer and threw away the paper. She was the mother of the girls. She left the basket open. Martin now heard more clearly that all the sisters are in the kitchen. They talked to each other about minor matters, not knowing that he is now at the bottom of the bin. He heard the sound of cutting something and the whistle of the kettle. After some time, the mother of the girls came to the basket and threw away the tea bags. They were wet but it was not that bad. They were talking further, laughed after a moment and Monica dropped the rest of some salad from the plate, Martin sensed that they were tomatoes with onions.
And the other sisters took the same leftovers and threw them on him and finally their mom came over and poured a tip of coffee. The drawer closed again.
Martin sat for several hours in complete darkness. He thought about how wonderful it was on the girls’ feet and pussy. Now he was nothing significant garbage.

He heard a movement, someone turned on the radio and bustled about the kitchen.
The drawer slipped out again. Martin saw the girls’ mother, hummed a song that was just on the radio and did something on the counter, heard something cutting, I think it was dinner. He was not mistaken, she stood over him and began to peel potatoes straight at him, he saw her face exactly, she was smiling, humming a song.
– I’m begging you, I do not want to be buried here, please stop! shouting
But the mother of the girls did not stop peeling, there were other vegetables after the potatoes. When she finished, Martin was barely visible from above, covered with peeling. However, he could still see between the clutches. One of the girls came into the kitchen and started to help her mother.
When she passed the basket near Martin saw Anna, his girlfriend. He heard the grinder.
– I’m making a cocktail, Mom
– Well, daughter, if you drink it, you’ll help me a little bit more.
– Okay mom.
But after a moment Anna stood next to the basket saying: oh, not good, and began to pour the contents of the glass.
The wet liquid quickly caked the tights, it burst into every crevice.
Anna and her mother kept making dinner, throwing something into the basket every now and then, but Martin could not see what it was. It was covered up slowly and the last rays of light reached it through small holes between garbage …
He heard: dinner ready, it was the mother of the girls who called them to the kitchen. After a while, the kitchen got loud and after lunch the basket opened again and their mother said:
– Ah, you are not hungry? and Martin felt something sticky and wet pouring on him and twice, it was probably some soup or sauce. And the mother of the girls threw away some other leftovers but Martin was already in complete darkness under the rubbish …
After a few hours, one of the girls threw something out again, he heard the conversation and suddenly silence, the drawer slid out
– Are you still here? Oh, what a stench.
Martin recognized Marlene’s voice and was glad, he thought, maybe he would disenchant him and say:
– I’m here, unfortunately, Claudia threw me out, please help me, get me out of here, Marlene.
– Hihi, unnecessary tights end like that. I did not come here to save you, just to check if you were definitely thrown out.
– oh no, you’re cruel. I am begging you for help.
– You did not think that I would dig in the stinking garbage haha.
– I do not want to be pantyhose anymore, I will do what you want.
– Too late, the spells can not be undone. I see that you will soon be in the dustbin.
– Oh no!
– What were you saying? Claudia came into the kitchen.
– Nothing, I just think loud and close the drawer. Later someone added something to the garbage and there was peace all night long.
The next day, breakfast again, someone pulled out the basket, again leftovers fell. Martin could feel the weight of the wet trash, he could not smell the beautiful girls anymore, he was soaked in the smell of rubbish …
– uh, this garbage is stinking, which one of you goes to throw away the trash? Mother asked.
– I can go and so I have nothing to do, Anna said.
Their mother tied a sack and put it next to a drawer. Martin could see through the sack what was happening, but he could only see the legs of the girls through the trash above him.
– Please do not do this, it can not be the truth, he said.
Anna approached and lifted the sack, he saw her jeans and her slippers.
– I’m going to throw away this trash and I’ll be right back, I’ll help you wash mommy.
On the way to the exit, Anna put a garbage bag in the hall for a moment, took off her slippers and changed to black ballerinas.
Martin was sad that he would never touch any girl again, he admired Anna, inside the plastic bag, he dreamed of being on her now.
Anna grabbed the sack and went outside. After a few meters she stopped, opened the trash flap near the house and dropped the sack. Martin was all alone now, he could not hear the girls anymore, only the sound of a passing car.
After a few days, again someone threw another bag on him, overwhelming him even more. He felt warm and unbearable stench. The rubbish began to rot and was more and more unbearable. They gnawed at his body. After a few days, someone threw another bag and the same day only a little later someone opened the flap and it was Marlene.
– Are you still here? I saw that Claudia bought new tights and I heard that tomorrow Monica is going to put a trash can on the street, because they are supposed to collect rubbish
– Nooooooo, Martin shouted.
– Well, no one knows you’re here hihi, and Marlene quietly closed the garbage can.
The next day Martin felt a shock and movement. Now he knew that it was Monica who was taking the trash can to the street.
– Monica, stop it! , do not do this!
But the girl put out a trash can and went to work.
After some time Martin heard the truck
– Oh no, it’s a garbage truck, he thought
As the car was getting closer, he heard the next bins of rubbish empty and every now and then the sound of crushing.
When the garbage truck was close, Martin got scared, he felt the movement and the machine spilled the contents of the bin into the garbage truck. A moment later, Martin heard the sound of crushing things.
Through the sack, he saw that this garbage truck was not only kneading things, it was earlier shredding them into pieces and only in this form kneaded. He saw the garbage bags burst and even bigger things are eaten by the machine.
– No, it can not end like this! He shouted, but he could do nothing.
Finally, the machine pushed the garbage bag with pantyhose straight into the blades and only shreds came out on the other side.

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