Sister’s Extraordinary Sex Secret Ch. 02

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The story continues from Sue’s perspective.


I arrived home from my trip to Germany and surprisingly my sister Clair had left. I’d expected her to have stayed longer.

“Hi baby, I’ve missed you.” Said Paul.

“Hmmm, yeah I bet you have.”

“I have honestly, Clair went back home today, one of her kids isn’t well so she told me to apologise on her behalf to you and said she hopes to see you soon, she will phone you later.”

“Okay, I wondered why she had gone. Was everything okay with you two?”

“Yeah it was fine.”

“Did anything happen? I know I said I didn’t want to know the details but as I gave you permission then I won’t hold it against you or Clair, but I need to know.”

“Can we talk about it later please baby?”

“Yes, okay.”

During the time Paul and I have been married I have travelled abroad for my job many times, sometimes with colleagues and sometimes on my own. I have twice had affairs with colleagues while we were away and in a way I’m hoping that Paul and Clair did have sex because selfishly it would make me feel less guilty for cheating on Paul.

One of my affairs is with my work colleague Jane, and we still have sex with each other whenever we go away. I’m bisexual but Paul doesn’t know it. I’ve been tempted to tell him a few times but I’m worried how he would take it. I love eating pussy just as much as I love sucking cock.

We had avoided talking about Clair all day and we went to bed, “so, I want to know what happened between you and Clair, did you fuck her?”


“So you obviously discovered her secret about her pussy.”

“Yes, I certainly did. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

I laughed loudly, then said “tell me everything that happened, I don’t want there to be any secrets.”

Paul spent the next hour or so describing everything that they had done.

Instead of being upset, shocked or even angry I found myself to be horny as hell, my pussy was dripping and I needed it to be taken care of.

I put my hand inside my knickers and pushed two fingers between my pussy lips and scooped out a lot of my lady juices, “look how wet I am Paul, hearing how you and Clair fucked has done this to me.”

I showed my wet fingers to Paul and put them in my mouth and sucked off my juices, “Wow baby, I’ve never seen you do that before.”

“Yeah, I know. But I’m so horny and want to try new things, maybe some of the things that you just told me you done with Clair.”

“Do you like how your pussy tastes Sue?”

“Yes, I love it.”

“Does it taste as nice as Clair’s pussy?”

“What do you mean?”

“Clair told me she taught you how to kiss, and you two also used to eat each other’s pussy.”

I went bright red with embarrassment before saying “that was years ago when we were younger and lived at home. It was the first time I’d realised how different our pussy’s are. But I do remember I loved to taste her pussy.”

“Would you do it again now that you are older?”

“Are you suggesting a threesome with my sister?”

“Well think about it.”

“My pussy is definitely saying yes because it’s getting even wetter at the thought of it. But let me think about it.”

Paul leaned over me and kissed me, his fingers stroked down my body and slid inside my soaking knickers, he rubbed my throbbing clit and I came in seconds.

He then removed my panties got on top of me and fucked me just like he always does, just like he always has done. Except for a few times a year when I get on top this is how sex always is between us. It’s always satisfying and Paul always makes me cum, but I want more now and I intend to get it.

The following day I said to Paul “I’ve thought about what you said last night and the answer is yes, I’ll speak brazzers porno to Clair and if she’s in agreement then let’s do it.”

“Oh wow, that’s amazing, you should call her later and speak to her about it.”

“I’ll call her now, we might as well get things moving.”

I went to the bedroom and phoned Clair, I wanted to talk to her in private.

As we spoke we reminisced about how as youngsters we would experiment sexually with each other and how Clair taught me to masturbate. I became extremely horny and found my hand slipping inside my knickers, my pussy was soaking wet and I knew I would cum easily.

Clair said “I’m so fucking horny talking about this, I can still remember the first time I tasted your pussy years ago and can’t wait to taste it again.”

I laughed as I said “I remember it too and I’m about to cum right now because I’m fingering myself.”

“Well sis that’s a coincidence because I am too.”

We had an orgasm together just like we used to when we were younger. Clair agreed to come and stay with us the following weekend and I excitedly told Paul about the conversation I had with Clair and he was eager for Clair to come and stay with us.

The night before Clair was due to arrive Paul said “should we talk about boundaries?”

“Yes absolutely. As far as I’m concerned there are no boundaries and I’m sure Clair feels the same. Anybody can do anything to anybody, that way we can all have more fun.”

“That sounds good to me.” Said Paul.

The following day Clair arrived, she dumped her case in the spare room and we all sat and had a hot drink and chatted.

“Before we have a threesome there’s something I want, firstly I want you two to have sex, secondly I want to have sex with Clair then I want the threesome. ” I said.

Clair replied “sounds good to me, that way we’ll know more about each other’s likes and dislikes.”

“Let’s get started then.” Said a rampant horny Paul.

Paul and Clair went upstairs to shower and get changed.

I followed soon after and went into the master bathroom where Paul was showering, “once you’re ready I’ll send Clair into our bedroom and I want you two to start having sex but leave the door slightly open.” I said.

I had a secret fantasy of watching my husband fucking my sister without them knowing I was watching them.

I heard Clair come out of the guest bathroom, once you’re ready Clair go into our bedroom and Paul will be waiting for you. “Ok sis.” She replied.

I went into the bathroom that Clair had used and I had a shower. My pussy was dripping with my juices, I put two fingers inside my cunt and using my thumb on my clit I rubbed furiously and I cum very quickly. I licked my fingers clean before finishing my shower.

I got out of the shower and dried myself then put on a clean pair of knickers and pyjama bottoms then wrapped a bath towel around myself.

As I opened the bathroom door I could hear sex noises coming from the bedroom. I walked from the bathroom and could see inside the bedroom.

My sister is lying on my bed, I can see her entire body. She is almost naked, apart from a pair of white lacy panties, she is fondling her own tits and between her legs I can just see the top of Paul’s head.

“That’s right Paul, suck my huge clit,” she says.

I watch as his head moves up and down, Paul is obviously licking her pussy from top to bottom whilst Clair plays with her own boobs.

I move to one side to get a better view and I can see that his lips are glistening with the wet juices from Clair’s pussy.

“God you taste, fantastic,” he says.

“Let me taste it babe,” she says.

Paul moves up and I watch as he starts to snog my sister, filling her mouth with her own sweet taste. As he does so, castingcouch-x porno he grabs one of her huge tits, mauling it as his tongues pushes deeper into her mouth.

As he moves up I can see his hard cock, his foreskin is stretched to its limit as his cock rubs against Clair’s leg.

Something within me says I should put a stop to this, but something else within me is massively excited. In fact I can feel a very wet patch growing in my knickers as my pussy starts to seep juice in excitement.

I watch as they continue to kiss, not able to see what Paul is doing with his hands, but I imagine he must be fingering Clair, as she is writhing around on the bed and moaning in pleasure.

I see her hand reach down and grab Paul’s cock. She starts to move it up and down his shaft, wanking him off gently. Again I feel a bit jealous, but also can’t take my eyes off my sister’s hand as she uses her thumb to spread his pre cum around the head of his cock.

Clair continues to play with my husbands cock, spending time gently caressing his bell end with her fingers, spreading his pre cum along the full length of his shaft then at times giving him long hard strokes from base to tip.

“How about I use my tongue?” Said Clair.

“Mmmm yes please.” Paul smiles and from outside of the bedroom I watch as my husband slips his cock into my sisters open mouth.

Clair’s lips close around his hard cock and she reaches for his balls, as she starts to give him a blowjob.

“Oh god that’s so fucking good.” Paul says. He reaches down and I can just see him fondling Clair’s huge right breast.

Her tits are huge compared to mine and he is obviously enjoying all that lovely heavy flesh. As my Husband continues to fuck my sisters mouth, I find that I have reached down and my hand is inside my pyjama bottoms. I run my hand over the silk of my panties and then down to my cunt. I ease the gusset of my panties to one-side and slip a finger into my very wet pussy. In fact I am wetter than I have been for ages and realise that watching my husband and sister have sex together is making me the most horny I have felt for a long time.

I continue to watch as Paul pulls his cock out of Clair’s mouth and I watch jealously as she runs her tongue up and down his cock.

“Fuck I’m going to cum,” he says.

Then his cock starts to jerk, his cum spurting out like a jet over Clair’s face and into her hair. She again takes him in her mouth and swallows like crazy as he continues to release his spunk.

As he finishes, Clair lets him go and my husband slides down the bed. He then starts to lick Clair’s face, licking his own cum off her and then sharing it as the two of them continue to snog. I’ve never seen Paul taste his own cum before and I’m surprised he’s doing it now with my sister.

I have 3 fingers inside myself now and desperately want to cum but I don’t want to miss any of the action, so I hold back as I watch my husband move down to suck my sister’s tits.

He moves from one to the other telling her how lovely and big they are and I find myself drawn to them, wanting to join him in sucking my own sister’s tits. The thought of that is too much for me and my cum starts to flow, drenching my knickers as I continue to watch them have sex.

My husband then climbs on top of Clair and I watch as he eases himself into her big gaping cunt and starts to fuck her. He does that for a while and then Clair insists on having it from behind. She kneels up on the bed and I get to see her arse still encased in her lacy white knickers . Paul gets behind her, moves the knickers to one side with his fingers and starts to ram his cock into her doggy style.

“Oh that is fucking great,” Clair screams, “Fuck me harder.”

My husband is moving in and clips4sale porno out of Clair really quickly and as he does so her whole arse is wobbling and her tits are bouncing backwards and forwards as they hang down beneath her.

He moves his hand up and brings it down with a hard smack onto her bum.

“Oh yes fuck, that’s good,” Clair says.

He smacks her again as he pounds her pussy with his cock.

“Don’t stop,” Clair says, “Hit me again.”

Suddenly Clair lets out a massive yell and screams “Baby I’m cumming now.”

Paul continues fucking her as Clair’s juices flow from her body in orgasm, soaking his cock and our bed. I’m amazed at how much juice is flowing from her. He manages a few more strokes until he too lets out a great big sigh and cums again.

Meanwhile in the hall, I am rubbing my tits with one hand and finger fucking myself with the other hand and as my sister and husband reach orgasm, so do I.

As Paul pulls his cock from Clair’s soaking pussy there’s only one thought in my mind, I want to taste that cock, it’s dripping with my sisters cunt juices and my husbands cum and I need it.

I push the door open and walk in. “Did you enjoy the show?” Said Clair.

“Yes, it was amazing but now I need some of you both.”

As I walk to the bed I take off my remaining clothes and kick them across the floor, Paul is now standing up with his semi erect cock hanging from him I drop to my knees and lift his cock up to my mouth, I lick the full length of his cock, it is unbelievably wet and the mix of their cum tastes amazing. I then wipe his cock all over my face and lean over Clair who is now laying down on the bed and kiss her full on the mouth. She licks the cum from my face. “Mmmm that tastes beautiful sis.” Said Clair.

“I know it does.” I replied as I stroked her tits and squeezed her huge hard nipples.

I then moved down and took each of her nipples in my mouth sucking them to their fullest length, they were much bigger than I remembered but they felt wonderful in my mouth. As I sucked kissed and licked her tits I reached down towards her fanny, she was smooth, there wasn’t a hair anywhere between her legs and her massive clit looked enormous.

I masturbated Clair’s clit as if it was a cock, and just like a cock it grew harder and longer, “I want this inside me.” I said.

“Mmmm Yes, go for it.” She replied.

“I’ve wondered for years how big it is now and fantasised many times about sucking it.”

“Well just do it sis, do anything you want with it.”

Firstly I want her clit in my mouth as I’m going to give her a blow job then I’m going to put it in my fanny and fuck it.

I shuffled down the bed and put my face between Clair’s thighs, I looked at her cunt and massive clit with a hint of jealousy and much admiration.

Without any further hesitation I sucked her clit into my mouth and put my tongue deep inside her open gaping fanny.

I moved my head up and down exactly the same way I do when sucking Paul’s cock but I left my tongue out and it disappeared into Clair’s fanny every time I went down.

“Oh fuck, suck me that’s right mmmmm yes.” Screamed Clair as she came with a gush all over my face, my mouth was full of her beautiful sweet juices and I swallowed it all.

Now came my ultimate fantasy, being fucked by my sisters clit.

Clair’s clit is much thinner than a cock but my fanny is still pretty tight unlike Clair’s huge gaping hole. I stroked her clit and it was very hard still, I positioned myself over her and held her clit until I felt it enter my fanny, I rode her very slowly and rubbed my clit at the same time. I could surprisingly feel her clit inside me.

“That’s amazing sis, I’ve never felt anything like this in my life.” Said Clair.

“You’re right, that’s why I’m about to cum all over your clit.” I replied as I reached an amazing orgasm.

I fell forward onto the bed next to Clair and we hugged, we looked each other in the eye and simultaneously burst out laughing, “that was fucking crazy.” Said Clair.

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