Sisters (They take the Step)

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Public Sex

SISTERS (They take the step) a 15-minute read

A week after I decided to look for another job, I was parked in a public lot. The car was locked, and the attendant was on the premises. When I finished my interview for a job and returned to my car, I saw a red rag of shiny material lying on the driver’s seat as I unlocked the car door. I opened the door and moved the cloth from the seat cushion to find a pair of my panties. My sister had last had them, as I recalled.

I was stunned. I sat for a few seconds, and then I jumped out of my car and looked intently in all directions. I didn’t see them, but I instinctively knew they were watching me. I leaned against the side of my car and noticed something in the back seat. A key and a small sticky note. Someone was fucking with my mind.

I retrieved the key, dropped the note, and the slight breeze blew the note under the car. I had on a pair of hose, so I didn’t want to kneel on the blacktop. I grabbed the panties and kneeled on them to reach under the car to get the piece of paper. I reached the note, managed to rise with the panties in one hand and the note in the other.

The parking lot attendant handed me the change for the twenty I had given her for the parking fee, and she also handed me a small box with a ribbon and a card. She looked alarmed at my gaze being so intent and quickly told me that a woman of the African persuasion had paid a one hundred dollar bill to get the car unlocked.

The attendant moved away to help someone else, and I got into the car again. I looked at the panties, stained in the crotch, torn lace on the front of the left leg opening, and a cut-off stub where a label used to be in the waistband. Yep, this is the same pair. I debated about opening the box. Instead, I opened the card that was with the box.

The card was no help with only a boilerplate message as part of the sentiment. There was no signature.

I removed the silver ribbon, then the silver wrapping paper. There was a gold stamp on the box from a Miami Pawnshop. When I untaped the box, inside was a note that said, ‘Kiss me once, kiss me twice, kiss me all over once again, and we will be together again, forever.”

The box contained a beautiful ring. It had a round-faceted diamond of about five carats mounted in a platinum setting. Plain, bold, brilliant, and heavy. The ring fit my finger perfectly, and once I slid it on, I could not bring myself to slide it off. Under the cotton in the box was a midget zip lock bag with twenty cloisonné on gold body piercings of flowery colors.

While I was admiring the ring, the passenger door opened, and a black woman in running clothes squirted in and sat in the front seat. I leaned forward, and we kissed tenderly and hesitantly. We both moved away a little bit, looked each other over, and leaned back in, and kissed again. This time it was passion, desire, lust, and love.

We kissed for too long because we were attempting to get naked when we stopped, and she said, “Drive. Drive South on Broadway. Get in the center lane for about two miles.”

A few seconds ticked by, and she said, “Now! What are you waiting for? Me to leave again?”

I was sitting in the car with my sister.

About a year ago, we had been together that one night. We were out at a club with two guys who were being assholes, so we went to ‘powder our noses’ and never returned to the table. We left and drove to my house, where we sat on the couch, drinking wine and talking. We got to sex on the first glass of wine, and by the end of the second bottle, we had agreed to watch a porn movie.

I went into the bedroom to put on something more comfortable to wear when she walked into the bedroom as I removed the red panties. I stepped into a pair of sweat shorts, popped a tank top over my head while she walked over to me, reached down with two fingers, and picked up the torn red lace panties.

She stared at me and then brought the panties to her nose and smelled the crotch for at least a minute.

I sat back down on the bed and started sipping my wine. Martha continued to smell the crotch as she came over to sit, touching my side and leg. She gently held my chin, and turning my face toward her; she slowly approached my lips with hers. She hesitated at about one-half-inch and said, “We have enjoyed each other since we were eleven and twelve, and without you, for this latest month’s time, I realized how much I love you.”

I was stunned, to say the least.


When we closed the last one-half inch distance, our hands and tongues tangled, adding to our arousal. Martha was pulling her blouse off as she whipped her tongue through my mouth and our tongues found each other.

The brassiere Martha was wearing had a front fastener, and I had it open, and a breast in my hand as her blouse cleared the way. The bra went flying across the bed to land at the foot of the floor to ceiling, wall to wall mirrored closet doors beside asyabahis yeni giriş Jessy’ ‘s bed.

So, quickly we were both naked and in a sixty-nine while her panties hung off of one of her ankles. Her bald black pussy opened and offered a bright pink interior that was oozing her essence and inviting me to lick, suck, kiss, and canoodle her from her waist to her tramp stamp tattoo.

She kept saying, “Jessy, do that thing with my clit with your chipped teeth.” When I didn’t respond, she said, “Please, Jessy, that is the most exquisite pain.”

“Please, Jessy. Chew my cunt, please.”

I acknowledged her request by taking her labia in my mouth so that the lip of her labia fit in the space where my teeth are broken, and then I bit her that way the length of each labia. A small amount of blood was seeping from the scratches when I raised my head; Martha reached down and swept her fingers through my vagina and then through her bloody labia and licked her fingers clean.

She said, “Your turn, little sister. What is your pleasure today?”

I said.” I want you to be that woman we saw in the grocery store. She had on skin-tight leggings and a mid-drift tank top, shiny black hair, and alabaster skin. You must have noticed her at about seven feet tall in her black patent, blinged, come-fuck-me heels. What I want is for you to drag your nipples through my pussy, and let me lick them clean, and then I want you to eat me until I push you away.”

“Umm, that is easily done. In exchange, I want to shave your pussy completely. I know shaving you will arouse me, and then I will meet you back here for more sixty-nine again.”

I saw that we needed to talk and decided to stop the sex and have the discussion.

I asked Martha, “I am going to get myself a drink, a V. O. and Seven, would you like one? I want to talk to you before we have more sex.”

“Oh, Jessy, Come on,” Martha whined. “We can talk later. I want to play more. I have missed you.”

“That is what I want to talk about, Martha.”

“Do you want a drink?”

“Yes, of course. Bring the fixings. Hell, Jessy, I’ll come help.”

We fixed two plates of cheese, crackers, and salami. We also had the six-pack of Seven and the bottle of V O. Then I went back for the ice bucket while Martha went back for napkins and the dope. Nestled together leaning against the headboard, propped up with bolsters and pillows, we lit the pipe, smoked the bowl, and then poured our drinks and fed each other the platter of food.

We didn’t say twenty words to each other, and the tension was growing rapidly. We had three drinks before we had finished the food, so we felt the pot and alcohol by the time we got around to talking.

It was a good thing we were relaxed because the conversation was not going to be easy to get through without a possibility of an angry fight, and the buzz might help hold down the hurt feelings.

Finally, Martha said, “Do you need to tell me what you want to talk about, or do I already know?”

“Oh, I am happy, you know. Why don’t you tell me about it?”

“Jessy, I will stipulate that we both know we love each other. I also would like to stipulate that I have been foolish, mean, and disrespectful of you. I want you to know that I regret what I have done and that I pledge to you that I will never hurt you again in such a crass and careless manner. “

“I will tell you the truth in as few words as I can, so let me rattle until I am finished, please. Are you okay with that?”

“Martha, stop all the bullshit. Get to this.”

“Okay, I saw the super-length of his cock, and I knew the cunt she was. Then I lost my mind in the lustiest minutes of my life. Suddenly, I didn’t seem to be able to think for myself. I couldn’t grasp what was happening, and when they wanted to look at my car, I didn’t see their motive at all. Somewhere along the night, she slipped me a ‘Mickey,’ and when it hit me, she was there and rushed me outside cleverly, saying to you we would be right back in.”

“I know now that they thought they would take me to their house, and we would make their porno film, be best friends forever, and live happily ever after. I am happy to tell you, the only thing good to come out of all of that experience was I now know more about eating pussy than I ever would have learned if I didn’t go to jail.”

“You have been in jail?”


“Yes, I was there for six months, and I still have more than two years probation.”

“What were you in jail for, Martha?”

“Assault and battery on a person.”

“Whoa, Martha. Fill in the details.”

“Fuck. In jail.” Jessy moaned quietly.

“When they got me outside, Gale sat behind the steering wheel and asked for the key to turn the radio on. I was sleepy, and the next thing I can tell you is waking up on a thin sheet, naked and covered with come from head to toe. My cunt was raw and red, swollen and scratched and cut from being asyabahis giriş shaved roughly. My ass was bleeding, and my tits were so sore I couldn’t touch them without causing pain to them. And, I found piercings in my belly, nipples, tongue, six in each labia, two in my clit’s hood, and one through the end of my clitoris.”

When I realized what someone had done to me, I cried and wailed. Suddenly Gale was there standing over me, glaring and saying, “Do you want more? Keep up the noise, and I will have them do it all over again. Shut the fuck up. Bitch!”

“Something happened inside me when she called me a bitch. She released my adrenaline. I went berserk, rising off the floor and wrapping my hands around her neck, choking her. She fought for a minute or so, but it was futile, and eventually, we fell to the floor where she passed out. I beat her with my fists from her cunt to her asshole, then her breasts until they showed the lumps where they were swelling. Next, without any reservations, I placed a screwdriver against her front teeth and broke all four upper and lower teeth. I smacked her in the nose with a book, breaking the bookbinding and her nose. I shaved off all of her hair, carving slut across her forehead with a paring knife tip. Then I sat down on her face and pissed in her mouth.”

“I was sentenced to do a year for that assault but was paroled for good behavior, believe it or not. Then after I passed the anger management class and ate lots of pussy and sucked a lot of guards off, I had done six months and was released.”

“That night, I disappeared from the bar and you after eight o’clock, I know because the band starts at eight o’clock, and I had already danced with them a few times when they took me outside. I do not know what they gave me, and because they kept feeding it to me, I didn’t come out of the influence of the drug for over three weeks. By then, they had me in Rio de Janeiro, and I didn’t know where I was for another three weeks because I was held in a house as a hostage and watched constantly.”

“About once every ten days, they would set me up to go on another drug trip. I would wake bruised, used, and sore everywhere. I was always given a ration of alcohol, which I craved with the drug. When I eventually learned how to hide as though asleep while actually alert and awake, I started to escape. My plan was constantly interrupted with the drug dosing, and as I was there longer, they relaxed the security enough for me to be outside in the yard behind the house. I realized I was in Rio when I saw the statue above the city through the moonlight one night when they were using my mouth as a come dump at a Matanza.”

“When I realized that, I decided to escape on a Monday morning, after the latest drugging because that was when the guard and the butler had sex for a couple of hours. I was going to leave as they closed the door to the pantry, but I waited and filled a bag with food and drink for a few days. I had discovered where their money was kept and took all of it. I found a throw-away camera and used the rest of the unexposed film and took that also.”

“I couldn’t unlock the door. I found the bathroom window was low enough to the ground, so I slid out there. I asked a few people where the embassy was, and all I got were frightened faces turning their backs on me. I realized they were afraid of me, so I went into what I thought was a travel agency and asked for the next flight to America, and then when we had that information, I asked how to find the embassy. A cab drove me to the embassy, where after three hours, I was accepted as a fugitive on a parole violation. I was incarcerated for over three months while the embassy cleared me to leave the country, and I spent two more months in jail in Miami before my case was cleared for release again.”

My suitcase was returned to me with a new ID card and a passport. I found a job as a stripper in Miami to make some money, setting a cash stash goal of ten thousand dollars. I opened a legitimate bank account and stripped, blew, and fucked my way to a cash stash of just short of eighty-thousand dollars. When I finally stripped the last time, I was given fifteen airline tickets as an appreciation and going away gift from the strip club manager, which I pawned for a thousand dollars each, and a suitcase.”

“When the pawnbroker paid me and laid the suitcase on the counter, I laid my suitcase beside it. I asked if I could have them throw away my old one as soon as I transferred the contents, and of course, they agreed. The pawnbroker watched as I spun the dials on the old beat-up bag, and when I pulled out the contents and closed it, his chin hit his chest. He laughed and said he expected at least gold treasure. But, he added he was not disappointed and asked me to model the contents.”

“I said, ‘They are too small, and they are my sisters, and I am going to return them.'”


“He dipped his hand into the asyabahis güvenilirmi new suitcase as he said, “Can I?”

“And then, without waiting for an answer, he slowly lifted them to firmly push against his nose and slowly sniffed the crotch.”

I bought you the ring in the box, and I made the piercings thinking of decorating myself when you could eat me again. I hope this explanation answers most of the pain and curiosity. I am sorry, Jessy. I was a victim, as were you.”

Well, I had been crying, hurting, and smiling appropriately as she related this to me. Her pain and loss thoroughly absorbed me. In realizing that she had been through such an ordeal, I forgot to be upset with what I had imagined was an act against us as siblings.

I offered her a hug.

Martha said, “Thank you, Jessy; I love you.”

I smiled and kissed her for a few minutes.

“What did we say we were going to do after we talked? Jessy?”

Jessy realized she was in charge when Martha indirectly asked to have sex. She was still crying from Martha’s story of her traumatic experience, and when she kissed Martha, she was so tender and caring that Martha started crying, also.

Martha said, “Jessy, will you marry me?

Jessy was stunned and began to cry more.

Not anticipating that as an answer, Martha became concerned about other possible answers. After all, they hadn’t seen each other for about a year. That was as a missing person, and the person left behind time, a time of their lives apart. They were very much estranged and less familiar with each other now than they had ever been since Martha’s birth.

Jessy had definitely not been expecting that question from Martha. When being honest with herself, she had pined for Martha and the sex the most in all her grief. When masturbating, Jessy nearly always had seen Martha in her mind, and that bothered her. She should have thought about it, at least. And, she had not.

They embraced each other, and as the tears abated, they began to hug in earnest and affection. They were kissing in a few minutes, and that erupted into another shared crying spell for Jessy.

Pushing herself away, Jessy said, “Do you think you are all right in the head after all of that, Martha?”

“Well, Jessy, it has been a hell of a sexual experience from which I didn’t die, so I guess I am fine. It was not until I beat Gale and gained the satisfaction of what I did to her. When I think about those months, I actually go right to the memory of how bad I had to pee by the time I did pee is all that I think about Rio. I have gotten over the mystery of what the porno movies are, and I do not know what, who, where, or how many, and it no longer matters, as it is the past.”

I danced and stripped in anger, hate, and lust and through my sexual awakenings while I was in Miami. Those Rio experiences we could have forever if I knew what they were. I haven’t had flashbacks, doubts about myself, or any suicidal ideas. I think I am a better person now. That’s the bottom line for me.

“And, Jessy. I know what I want, and that is you.”

There was silence for a pregnant time, and then Jessy said, “Know.”

A stunned Martha heard the sound of ‘No,’ and the author spelled it as ‘know.” That is important.

When Martha could breathe at all, she inhaled sharply, saying, “Oh, Jessy. I have hurt you too deeply, haven’t I? Oh, My. I am so, so sorry.”

Jessy was silent and sitting with her head up and looking steadily at Martha. Nothing was said, neither moved, and both were struggling to breathe steadily and normally. Each of them was failing to be unmoved, and the tension rose rapidly.

Finally, Jessy said, “No, Martha, not like that. What I meant is that I don’ know.”

Continuing, Jessy said, “I hadn’t considered it since we pledged ourselves when we were little. To consider it now is new news to me. I have to consider it, and the incest part could be dangerous, along with being lesbians in our conservative workplaces might cause the businesses some problems.”

“We would need to move someplace and reinvent how we appear outward as a couple. I have to consider a lot.”

“How did you find my car, and why didn’t you come to where I live?”

I have been following you for five days and nights. You thankfully still live in the same place. I want you, but I was not going to disrupt any relationships or disturb your life if possible. I would not have told you I was here and moved on to someplace else if you were involved.

The parking lot was perfect for the drop. I paid the attendant one hundred crisp new bills, and we slipped the door lock with the key she had. Then she positioned me in an RV that was going to be there until after dark. The point was perfect for watching for your arrival. She had also volunteered to stall you if I was slow in arriving.

We made a dry run to make sure I could see the car easily when we discovered that she needed to unlock all of the car doors for me to get in when you did.

“Why did you wait to contact me? It has been possible for months.”

“I was making sure my head was on straight, Jessy.”

Jessy asked, “Can you live with my answer?”

“If that is your answer, I can live with it.”

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