Sisters Under Covers Ch. 01

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It was a Friday night, and I didn’t have any plans. I’m not dating anybody right now, I’m far too busy with school, and so is my older sister, Corey. She’s a freshman in university and I’m trying to finish out high school. We’re very close to each other and as sisters we share a large closet together, trading outfits and shirts often. We’re very similarly sized, which is wonderful (it’s like having twice as many clothes). We’re both petite, slim girls with gentle curves and skin. Corey has slightly larger breasts than I do, but I don’t mind so much. I’m a 32B and she’s a 32C, and we’re both about 5’2″.

“Taylor! Hurry up, the movie is starting.”

Oh! I almost forgot. What was I doing up here again? Oh, that’s right, I was putting my PJ’s on for the movie.

“Be right there!”

I unzipped my jeans and removed my shirt, taking a quick glance at myself in the mirror. I quickly located my PJ’s and slipped them on and ran to the basement. It was dark, lit only by the TV.

“Sorry, I was putting on my pajamas,” I said.

“Well, the movie is about to start,” my Mother said.

“Oh, man, what kind of garbage do we have lined up tonight?” I asked.

My Dad had his arm around my Mom on one side of the L shaped couch. “It’s called ‘Stay Alive’, and it features that ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ kid,” he said. We have a Friday night tradition of watching stupid horror movies together. I look forward to it all week.

“Sounds like a winner!” I said, and crawled to the other side of the couch with Corey. “Yeah?”

“Oh yeah,” Corey said. “Can’t wait. They play this video game together, and get sucked into it, or something. And if you die in the video game – you die in real life!”

We all laughed. “Well, let’s get this show started,” my Dad said as he pressed play.

“Here, it’s cold, get under the blanket with me,” Corey said, handing me a corner.

I nodded and pulled the blanket over me, nestling close to Corey. I glanced over at her and smiled. Good lord, she is gorgeous. She was in her pajamas, too, wearing the kind of top that buttons up – just like I am. She’s adorable.

“Thanks,” I said. She took my hand and gave it a little squeeze. I squeezed back and put my head on her shoulder.

I’ve dated my fair share of guys and I don’t consider myself a homosexual, but I have to admit it’s something that crosses my mind often enough. I mean, c’mon, guys are gross. Girls are pretty. We can all agree on that, right?

Corey has darker skin than I do, which makes sense to me since she’s more outgoing than I am. I guess I spend a bit more time indoors than she does. We were still holding hands, and I put my other hand on top of hers. She laughed, and put her other hand on top. Naturally, this produced a quick tickle fight that lasted until my Mom told us to quiet down and pay attention to the movie. We laughed, and were both breathing heavy. Corey gave me a big hug and snuggled in to me, both of her arms still around me.

The movie was moving along, silly as expected, and that ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ kid was as mediocre as ever. Corey and I were laughing together with most of the dialogue. Corey adjusted and rested her hand on my stomach, slowly tickling my skin. I gasped a little bit. She nestled her head into my shoulder more, and continued lightly brushing her fingertips on my stomach.

Oh boy. What is she doing? This feels far too nice. Her hand slowly, slowly made larger circles, pushing my pajama top aside where needed, to completely expose my navel. I pulled the blanket higher up, and whispered to Corey, “What are you doing?”

She smiled and whispered back, “You have really nice skin, Tay Tay.”

Her fingertips rose, going up my stomach, my ribs, nearly touching my bra and then back down. I gasped, again. Yeah, this feels far too nice. She’s my sister. And I’ve never done anything like this with a girl. Maybe it’s innocent, I thought, and there’s nothing sexual about it.

She flattened her hand and used her entire palm to slowly explore my skin. She went from the hem of the bottom of my pajama pants to the wire of my bra, over and over. It was divine. The slow sensuality of it all was something I’ve never felt. The guys I’ve been with were quick, rough, and clumsy. She removed her hand, and I felt a yearning for it to return, until I felt the bottom button of my pajama top being unbuttoned. I drew in a quick breath. antalya escort She continued to the next button. My right arm was over her back, resting on her thigh, and I tightened my grip. She giggled and slowly removed the rest of the buttons, then carefully pushed the shirt apart.

“Wha- what are you doing, Corey?” I whispered.

“Aw, c’mon sis…” she replied.

I glanced over to see my Mom and Dad still snuggled together in the dark watching the movie intently. Corey returned to using her fingertips to brush my stomach.

I turned to the TV, attempting to pay attention to the movie. One of the characters said something ridiculous, followed by one of them being trampled by a horse drawn carriage. We all laughed together, and while we were laughing Corey moved her hand and rested it on my left breast, over my bra. I literally yelped which made my Mom look over, still laughing, and then back to the screen.

Corey’s hand is on my breast. What is she doing?! I pulled the blanket higher, up to my neck. Her hand was still – not moving.


She slowly put pressure on my breast with her fingers, forcing an almost audible moan from my throat. Slowly, painfully slowly, she massaged and caressed my breast.

“So soft…” Corey whispered.

I pulled her tighter, not realizing it. She pulled her hand back, and began to lightly brush the top of my breast with her fingertips, following the bra-line. I was breathing heavy now. She was delicately tracing my exposed breasts. I closed my eyes, feeling my face blush.

I think this is something I have secretly always wanted. Every day I catch myself staring at my sister, admiring her beauty and curves. More than once I touched myself to the thought of her lips, her body, and her eyes. But it was just a fantasy, something that could never come true. But here she was, her delicate fingertips teasing my breasts.

Every minute or so she would bring her hand down and again massage my whole breast, brushing her thumb over my nipple. It was heavenly. I have incredibly sensitive breasts, but no one has touched them like Corey is doing right now, and my bra is still on.

She removed her hand, her fingertips going up my neck, to my chin, and her finger resting on my lips. I closed my eyes, and brought her finger into my mouth. I couldn’t help it! I lightly sucked her finger for a second or so, before she took it out and brought her hand back to my breasts. She used the wet fingertip to again trace the outline of the bra on my exposed breasts. I moaned. Realizing I had just moaned, I opened my eyes and looked over to my parents. They didn’t seem to notice. Corey giggled, giving my breast a quick squeeze. Oh, this was so wrong. What am I doing?

Corey brought her hand between my breasts to the clasp on front. I gasped, realizing I had worn a front closure bra today. I drew a breath as Corey expertly unfastened my bra. I hugged her tighter, and she raised her hand and swept aside both cups of the bra to expose my breasts. I drew the blanket to my chin even more, glancing at my Mom and Dad to make sure they didn’t hear anything.

Corey let out a deep breath and rest her fingertips on my stomach again. She “walked” her fingers devastatingly slowly towards my left breast. Each “step” her fingers took killed me. The anticipation left me breathless – literally. She stopped her fingertips just shy of my breast, and adjusted herself and ran her fingers lightly underneath my breast. I took a huge, loud breath. My Dad looked over, with a puzzled face.

“You enjoying this movie that much, huh?” He said.

“Ah, haha,” I managed. “One of my favorites, for sure.”

Corey raised her head, “Absolutely.” Her hand continued to sweetly caress the bottom of my breasts. “We should buy this one.”

I saw Dad smile and turn to the movie again. I turned my head to meet Corey’s in the dark. Her green eyes were sparkling. She gave me the sexiest smile I think I have ever seen, and with our eyes locked she moved the palm of her hand over my entire breast. I took in a large breath, quietly, and maintained eye contact. She leaned towards me, brushing her lips across mine, fluttering her eyelashes, and whispered, “Shhh….” She returned her head to my shoulder, and I sank further into the couch. Good lord.

Her hand massaged my breast gently. I closed my eyes, relishing in this moment. kemer escort She grazed her fingertips over my nipple, forcing me to shudder in pleasure. My nipples were slightly erect, and her small circles around them were more than I could take.

“Corey…” I said.

She adjusted her hand and focused her attention on my right breast. I should hire her, I thought, to do this to me every night. I am in heaven. Her finger went up my neck and to my lips, again, and I drew it in quickly. Rolling my tongue around her finger, I savored the taste of it. She withdrew it, and brought her hand back under the blanket. I gasped with anticipation and moaned when her wet finger made contact with my nipple. Again, I glanced over to see if Mom or Dad heard, and when I confirmed that they hadn’t, I took my left hand and put it over Corey’s hand and pushed it into my breast. She gasped, and began to roughly knead my breast. Oh, God, her massaging the softness of my full breasts felt so incredible. I removed my hand and rest it on my stomach.

Was this happening? I couldn’t believe I was doing this – with my sister. But I had never been so turned on in my life, I couldn’t deny it. I was melting in her arms. She slowed her kneading down and made small circles around my nipples again. My right hand on her thigh started moving, rubbing. My left hand drifted, almost without me knowing, down and between my legs. My pussy was wet with desire. I turned my head and buried it in my sister’s hair. Her brunette hair smelled amazing, and I lightly kissed it. My left hand was gliding across my pussy from over my pajamas. Corey lightly pinched my nipple, and I squirmed, my hand putting more pressure between my legs. I moaned. God, this felt incredible. I can’t stop my fingers. I can’t stop them.

I heard movement to my left, and I jumped and looked to see my Mom and Dad stretching. Corey did not remove her hand from my breast.

“Well, that was a pretty good one!” My Dad said. “I’ll have to add that to the list.”

“Mmm,” my Mother added. “Well, I’m beat. We’re gonna head up to bed girls.”

I tried to act normal, as if my sister wasn’t feeling me up. As if I had paid attention to the movie. Corey toyed with my nipple playfully. My eyes fluttered with pleasure.

“Okay, Mom,” Corey said. “We’re probably going to stay down here a little longer and watch some TV.”

My heart jumped. Corey slid her hand to my stomach and rubbed me softly.

“Alright, sweetie,” My Dad said. “I’ll switch it to TV. Comedy Central, I’m guessing?”

“Yup,” Corey said. “Probably watch some re-runs of South Park.”

Dad laughed. “Naturally. Well, don’t stay up too late girls.”

And with that he was off. We were alone. I didn’t move. Corey was still softly moving her hand across my navel.

After a minute, she adjusted how she was sitting and stretched out across the sofa, with her arms open for me to lie with her. I watched her for a second. Her sweet smile was so inviting and her flawless breasts rose and fell beautifully with her breathing. I leaned forward and lay back with her, keeping the blanket over us both. We lay there in each other’s arms for a minute or so. Her hand was stroking my head and my hair. I could feel her heartbeat, and the whole length of her body pressing against mine.

She adjusted me so that I was lying on my back and she climbed on top, straddling me. She looked me in the eye, her emerald eyes sending a jolt of pleasure through my body.

“Taylor,” She whispered. I looked in her eyes. I gave a quick smile. I was nervous. I was aroused. I wanted nothing more than to continue where we had left off. But I was hesitant. We shouldn’t. We really shouldn’t.

She raised both of her hands, brushing them up my stomach to my breasts. With our eyes still locked, I drew in a large breath as she placed both of her hands on my breasts, lightly squeezing their softness.

I closed my eyes and moaned.

“Corey,” I let out. “…More…”

Her hands tenderly kneaded my sensitive breasts, expertly manipulating them. She moved her head to my neck; her breath was warm on my skin. I felt her breasts pressing on my own. My left hand wandered, again, to lie between my legs. I could feel the warmth of my arousal. My fingers began to stroke my pussy.

I moaned louder as I felt Corey’s lips on the skin of my neck. Soft, konyaaltı escort light kisses paraded my neck. I pressed harder against my pussy and turned my head, moaning in pleasure. Using her tongue she deeply kissed the small of my neck. Corey’s kisses began to lower, crossing my collarbone to the tops of my breasts. I drew a deep breath of anticipation of her lips on my breasts, but Corey was a master of teasing. Her tongue and lips took a path directly between my breasts. I could feel her cheeks brush against my breast and I squirmed. Corey’s fingers lingered on my nipples, as she raised her head and kissed the underside of my left breast. Oh. My. God. Her tongue traced the bottom of my breast. I jumped. I was writhing. This felt so amazing. How did she know I adored to be touched there? I took my right hand and placed it on the back of Corey’s head.

Her tongue continued to tease the bottom of my breasts. My small pink nipples were aching to feel the wetness of her lips. My left hand found its way under my pajama bottom and I began to masturbate over my panties. Oh God, I have never felt this incredible. A deep, erotic feeling began to build in me.

Corey’s tongue began to make large circles around my nipple, slowly drawing closer to the center, forcing a loud moan from my lips. When her tongue reached my erect nipple, I pressed her head into my breast with my right hand. She took my nipple in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. I almost fainted. I moaned, louder, and my left hand was furiously masturbating my pussy. My hips were rotating, grinding into my fingers.

Corey went from sucking, to licking, to kissing, to blowing on my nipples. It was divine; moving from one to the other, her hand always fondling the other breast. I closed my eyes.


She raised her head. “What is it my love…”

“Corey… I’m going to come…” I moaned. I’m so embarrassed.

I heard her giggle. “Let it out, Taylor. Come for me.”

Hearing that put me over the top. She returned her head to my breasts, licking and sucking on them. I could feel her hair on my skin, tantalizing me. I bit my lip, feeling Corey swirl her tongue around my areola. My fingers were going up and down my vulva, my palm putting pressure on my clitoris. Corey flattened her stomach against my hand and pelvis. My orgasm was coming.

“Corey… No…”

Corey responded by swirling her tongue rapidly around my nipple and drawing it in to suck on. The swell of my orgasm rose inside of me. My hips grinding into my hand – Corey’s mouth on my breasts – the smell of Corey – the… wrongness of it all – it all rose to an extreme.

“Corey, I’m coming!” I said, as quietly as I could muster.

I began to tremble, pressing as hard as I could into my pussy. An intense, overwhelming feeling washed over me and I moaned. I wanted to scream. Wave after wave of pleasure hit me; this ecstasy was more than anything I had ever felt. My toes curled and my knees shook.

“Oh, Corey….” I let out, still shaking and trembling as more waves hit. Corey did not let up and continued to suckle on my breasts. My right hand pressed her mouth hard into my breast. My mind was blank, completely engulfed in my orgasm.

Slowly, I came down. My breathing was heavy, my chest heaving up and down. Corey slowly licked my nipple for a couple seconds and then released my breast and brought her lips up to mine. I met her lips with enthusiasm, ready for an intense kiss, but she was soft and light. It was a kiss full of love and respect. I realized immediately that this was our first kiss. My breathing slowed, and our lips and tongues danced carefully in the darkness of the basement. I brought my arms around her and brought her petite frame as close to mine as I could get, once again feeling her perky breasts upon my own. I released from the kiss, and lightly traced her lips with the tip of my tongue. She giggled.

“Corey… I…”

She stopped me, looking in my eyes. “Taylor, that was… beautiful.”

I blushed, looking away.

“Corey,” I said. “That was the most intense… well… Uhm…”

She buried her head in my neck, hugging me dearly. I pulled the blanket up further to cover us. I stroked her brunette hair softly.

“I love you, sis.” She said.

I smiled. “And I’m in love with you, sis.”

We fell asleep in the dark, cuddled together, lit only by the warm glow of the TV.

[Hope you enjoyed this. My editor bailed on me so this is pretty rough, but I think it turned out okay. Please leave a comment or response as that will help me determine whether or not I should continue this story or not. Thank you!]

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