Sister’s Virginity

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

Please note that all characters are over eighteen in all stories.


Sister’s Virginity

“Do you want this?”

Tyrone smirked, the wolf nuzzling up between his virgin sister’s thighs as she whimpered and ground up to his muzzle, her body openly answering the question for him. All that trembled on Tanya’s lips was a moan and another moan following that, the wolfess’ lust rising more and more as she tried her best to get even more of his sweet tongue into her naked pussy.

Naked…but virgin. Tanya cried out as he snaked his tongue over her clit once again, panting lightly, reaching for him, his fingers lacing through hers as she lay back on her bed. He was heading off to university soon while she was working a gap year, saving money working from home in the meantime, but he had been even more handsome than she’d remembered after returning home from his first semester there. He’d held her paw and hugged her tight and she’d blushed to remember just how squirmy inside and weak at the knees he’d made her feel.


She breathed out the word, just the one word, but it was a word that meant everything to him, made all the difference in something that would czech streets porno change the course of their relationship forever. No longer just brother and sister, Tyrone moved over her, the studly, male wolf smirking lightly as if he had known all along that she would fall to his whims, her need rising too swiftly to even be accounted for as anything other than true passion. She’d never been with another male, never knowing quite what to do, but her brother made her feel so safe and warm that nothing could have changed things for the better in any other way than him taking her in his arms did.


He knew what she needed and his lips connected with hers, tongue dominating her muzzle, as he pushed over her, body covering hers. It was a feeling of safety and something that she’d craved, lusting for her first time, yet Tyrone’s hard body still somehow managed to be soft as he spread her thighs with his knees, presenting the very tip of his wolfish cock to her pussy. The lips were flushed and tingling with blood, the mere brush of his shaft enough to make her moan and arch her back, wanting it even then, regardless of how she didn’t quite feel that she knew what to do.

It didn’t matter when she had him to show her the way. Tyrone kissed her deeply, as passionately as he’d ever kissed anyone he loved, and pushed into her at the same time, taking her virginity with the gentleness and sweetness that she’d craved all along. It was all she’d needed and her heart czech taxi porno lifted even as her pussy was so very tenderly stretched, strained open for the first time by something other than a toy or her fingers.

Tanya moaned into his mouth but he didn’t let her talk, groaning back with her, ears slanting back, pushing in. His hips worked and thrust, finding a rhythm, need rising, the hump of his body something that, even in the midst of passion, simply could not be controlled. He wanted it all, thrusting and working his hips, though Tyrone, ever the gentlewolf, was more than cautious of his sister’s inexperience, her virginity – well, that was gone now. And what better way for it to go than soft and warm, their fur pressing together as her breasts rose up against him?

She didn’t know what to think but it was just as well for her that raw passion and sensation overruled all else in the heat of the moment, head spinning as she let her big brother fuck her, hips trying to buck back against him. The wolfess could not quite match his rhythm, however, left to whimper and whine, breaking the kiss as a moan flowed from her lips as if it had merely been waiting to break free.

“Oh… Oh, Tyrone…”

Yet he had her lips claimed with his again in but a moment, leaning into the moment, need throbbing up thick and full, powering into her. Her body opened up around him like a precious flower and he took her sweetly, not needing anything rough or harsh to rise to a fever-pitch digitalplayground porno of desire. Tyrone thrust, finding a rhythm, paw slipping down between their bodies to tease her clit too, for he was not all that lost in himself to think that his cock was the be all and end all of sex. No, a sweetheart like Tanya needed something softer, a greater drop of pleasure still, desire coursing through her as she whimpered into his mouth.

Her pleasure rose and curled through her, tipping sweetly over the edge of orgasm as he thrust, finding the right notes inside her, what made her squirm in climax. Tanya’s pussy squeezed around him, muscles and body responding when her mind was lost in ecstasy, rippling and pulsing, regardless of how erratic it all was.

He couldn’t help but respond to it, his wolfish knot swelling inside her as he tenderly allowed it to lock them together, needing nothing so coarse to show his need. He grunted through climax, pressing his nose into her neck as he broke the kiss, the sweet flow of his seed rising forth, pouring into her slit unprotected but neither of them caring.

That was a problem for them to worry about later, not then. Right then, all that mattered to the two of them was each other and that was all that had to matter.


She breathed out softly, eyes locking with his in the aftermath of orgasm, though the glowing ripples still tingled through her softly. Tyrone kissed her lips tenderly, fingers folding around her muzzle, although he was barely with himself in the moment, spending his load, balls aching and churning to seed his release in the best way possible.

For both of them, that was. Tanya shivered, the very tip of her tongue brushing his nose.

“Thank you.”

Anything for his sister.

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