Six ‘Til Nine

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Fuck, I need it so bad right now.

I want to wake up beside you some morning. I want to be lying there on a lazy summer morning with the fan blowing over us and without even opening my eyes yet feel your body near me in the bed. I want to lie there, still not opening my eyes yet, and just think about you … like saving dessert for last, I want to delay seeing you, touching you a little bit. Just let me lie there, no covers on, only wearing my boxers, and think about you — about the generous curves of your body so near, about the shading of your skin from where the sun touches it to the places that only I see, of your hair and your eyes and those lips that drive me mad. And it’s thinking of your lips when my cock begins to swell.

I can feel the air against it when I begin to escape the front flap of my shorts. Air circulated from the fan swirling around the lengthening shaft, the sensitive head, air adding to the sensuality of the moment. I imagine that the air is coming from your lips, that you are blowing playfully across my body. I stretch, arching my back, pointing my cock directly at the ceiling though I have not yet looked. I feel myself lengthen even further, I feel my skin quivering with excitement. And the air changes subtly, becomes warmer, more intermittent. I can’t help but look now and …

You are sitting up in the bed beside me, bent down toward my cock, your lips pursed and blowing across the head. When you notice my eyes are open, yours sparkle with glee. You lie back in the bed so you can kiss me, but as you do, your hand closes firmly around me. “Mine,” is the first word from your mouth.

The last one for a while, too, as we kiss slowly at first, but the speed and passion builds as you raise the stakes each time. When I open my mouth to you, you plunge your tongue in against pendik escort mine; when I move mine against it, you suck it into your mouth and take most of my breath with it; and when I pull back, gasping and crazy to dive right back toward those lips I dream of, you grin and start to ripple the fingers of that hand holding me, lifting one after another and letting it fall, like playing arpeggios against my cock. Involuntarily, I moan and raise my hips, and you close your fingers again, allowing me to fuck your hand, but holding it loose enough that it’s mostly teasing.

You lean back in toward me, and I’m ready to kiss you again, but you start turning yourself around so that your lips reach me below my chin, and you are kissing me downward from that point. Your lips are slightly open and you use your tongue, wiggling it against my neck, my chest as you kiss down … twirling it in my hair as you move toward my nipples, kissing each one and flicking it as your hand slowly slides up and down me, closing a bit tighter but controlling the pace. God, you are driving me so fucking crazy, and I reach out, trying to touch any part of you I can, trying to let you feel what you are doing to me, and without my noticing you have completely turned yourself around, and my hand falls squarely between your spread, naked thighs.

And I’d like to say that I was calm and cool at that moment, that I seduced you into coming closer by stroking your pussy with a finger, and then the back of my hand — but by that point you had progressed significantly down my stomach, and were pumping my cock steadily with your fist, and I was so worked up that I found the center of your wetness, slid two fingers directly inside you, and hooked my other arm around your ass to pull you right up against my face. And just as I began maltepe escort to feel your breath again, so close to my cock, to the head that kept appearing from the circle of your fingers … just then, I clamped my lips around your clit and began buzzing my tongue against it while my fingers took you fast and furiously. I felt like the minute you put your mouth over me I was going to come, and I didn’t want you to be very far behind.

You were the one who had to take things back a step, probably feeling how close I was getting (not to mention the fact that I was already leaking all over your hand). Instead of plunging your mouth down on me as I expected, you started licking in circles around the head, swirling me across your tastebuds … and this worked itself through my body and I started treating you similarly, sliding my fingers in and out in longer, more caressing strokes, slowing my tongue down a little bit … but at the same time, wetting a third finger in your pussy and after a few strokes sliding it up and into your ass.

Up. I love how the directions are reversed when we do this. My tongue is digging down under your clit. My fingers are fucking their way down into you, then back up, defying gravity. And when you do finally take me into your mouth, to the back of your thro — ooooaa– god, yes —

And all at once you take me into your mouth, you slide your head down until my cock is buried as far as it will go, into your mouth, into your throat, and I can feel the muscles there working at it … oh fuck, you are good at this. I try to spiral my fingers inside you, barely keeping up, but I can feel the vibration of you moaning so I must be doing okay. Oh, I hope I am giving back to you a tenth of what you are doing as you slide back up my cock.

Inch by glistening kartal escort inch, you let it out of your mouth, teasing me with your tongue until the head is almost past your lips, which you purse again as if to kiss the tip … but then all at once you take me in again, and jesus, I think I’m gonna come right then. But then the feeling subsides, just a bit, at least enough for me to notice that I am taking you closer and closer from my end, that your hips are starting to buck against my forehead and you are starting to clamp down on my fingers in both places.

It’s a struggle for control at that moment — you wanting to go slow at your end, to prolong things, and yet feeling inside you an orgasm coming that will not be held back — and me rocking my hips, wanting to go faster so I come with you. Slow and fast, fast and faster, our bodies respond to impulses we don’t even know about until they’re taking us over, until we both lose ourselves in them and forget any control and you have your fist again at the base of my cock and your mouth plunging down to it again and again and again across the head, and I am clutching at your ass with both hands while I work my tongue into your cunt and wiggle it there, my chin bumping against your clit as my jaw moves … until at that final moment, when we are both racing toward orgasms that don’t even seem individual, but part of one rhythmic ripple working its way through both bodies, until I feel like we are one body consumed in that act, one unbroken circle of pleasure, and then you come and I feel it quake through my body, and I come and feel like I’m shooting around the circle deep into my own body, and I am shouting into your pussy and you are crying out around my cock and we move faster and faster, still convulsing still racing past the finish line, unable to stop until all at once it’s as if a switch were cut and we both collapse, each hugging the other’s legs, each gently kissing where we had been going wild a moment ago … and then you look up at me and my first thought is,

Are my lips as red as that?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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