Slave to Lusting

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Layla London

A sweltering sun beat down on those toiling in the fields. Under the canopy near the stream though it was cool and crisp, the breeze passing through the branches whispering like lovers to each other.

Jimmy marched towards her, his master’s oldest daughter. Her back was to him. She was naked, her pink skin flawless. Her hair, long and red like fire, hung in the middle of her back, plaited into a tight ponytail. It looked like rope; he wanted to take it his hand and pull. He licked his lips, hardly able to contain himself at the sight of her nakedness, her vulnerability and her apparent purity.

Kathleen could hear him coming. Though his steps were soft in the grass she could still hear them above the wind. She closed her eyes, goose pimples rippling across her flesh as the thought of his strong hands on her slender body filled her mind. Her nipples were hard and her pussy was tingling with anticipation at what was between the man’s legs.

A bird fluttering above started to sing, Kathleen smiled wrapping her arms around her body.

Jimmy should have known better but the temptation that stood before him was too much to turn down. He stopped inches from behind her and flicked her ponytail over her shoulder. Leaning, he took a whiff of her perfumed skin.

Kathleen shuddered feeling his hot breath on her neck. It teased the fine hairs there enticing her to moan softly and sending a flood of blood to her pussy.

Jimmy kissed her neck, his large hands on her shoulders. Her skin was so soft, it was soft as the silk she wore the first day he saw her. It was nothing like the flesh he’d felt on other slaves, the female slaves around the plantation. Their skin was coarse like the bark of a tree; their aroma was of aged sweat and their hair like wild rope tied together haphazardly. Kathleen was the total opposite with soft skin Güzelyalı Escort and a sweet fragrance to her and hair that reminded him of a spider’s web it was so delicate.

His dick, hard since he entered the area with her touched her butt, probing between the crack.

“Ahhhh!” Kathleen moaned melting in his hands. She wanted it. She wanted it bad. It felt so big, so hard and strong. She couldn’t wait to feel it in her. Would it hurt? She wondered. Would she cry when he put it in, further than she’d ever felt a dick inside her before? Kathleen couldn’t wait to find out.

She turned and kissed his lips, her eyes closed.

His hands moved across her body as she kissed him, squeezing her breasts as they made their way down her stomach to the soft web of pubic hair to the warm supple flesh of her pussy, teasing her clit slightly before they snaked back up to her breasts and squeezed them.

Forsaking her lips his head was lowered to the pink mounds of flesh on her chest. Taking one in his mouth, making circles on the aureoles so pink and tender, circles gradually getting smaller and smaller he pulled back before his tongue could touch the nipple.

Kathleen felt it deep, the temptation and then the rejection. She wanted it. She wanted it bad. Her hands in his un-kept hair she closed them around tuffs of his hair, hurting him with her fingernails in the flesh yet he ignored it as he moved to the next breast.

Would he tease her again? She asked herself. Would he? “Suck pleasee…” she whispered as his tongue closed in on the upright nipple, standing out like a soldier at inspection.

His mouth was around the flesh pulling it gently with his teeth teasing what he caught with his tongue.

Kathleen could not retrain herself.

The sounds that came from her lips drew Güzelyalı Escort Bayan Jimmy deeper into the act. Hearing her whimpering like a dog, at his mercy increased his desire to have her.

Pulling her down into the grass with him, his hands moving about her body, guiding her in the position he wanted she was on him when he was done, her legs spread over his, her back to him.

He lay back while she sat upright on his shaft. His hands were on her hips ready to pull her down onto it. For some reason she was only on the head.

Kathleen perched on the head of his dick, moving slightly, feeling it tickle her, sending chills through her body, hoping it teased him, teased him enough to make him pull her down on it.

Her heart racing, sweat beading on her brow she wondered what would happen. The answer wasn’t long in coming.

Jimmy digging his hands into her hips pulled her roughly down onto his dick.

She gasped, her mouth remaining open as he began to pull her back against his chest, against the hard pectoral muscles of his chest, his nipples in her back, while his hands were on hers, continuing to tease them as he pushed himself inside her, going deeper each time, bring louder cries from her.

The desire to go faster and hard was Kathleen’s and she took it. Sitting up on his shaft she began to slowly bounce. Moving up and down gently enjoying the feeling of his dick as it caressed the inside of her pussy.

Hot inside her pussy, Jimmy savored the feeling of the silky fire that was her pussy. It was soft, the flesh tender, it was hot, hotter than the sweltering sun above and it was wet, the wetness so much he could almost feel it rolling down his shaft, maybe that was something else.

She started to go faster.

His hands were on her hips pulling her down Escort Güzelyalı each time her pussy enveloped his dick, sucking it into the chasm of creation.

Kathleen put her hands on his shin for leverage, leverage for her wild ride. She squeezed the flesh around the shinbone feeling the quake in her pussy begin.

Watching her ass as it rose up and down, glistening with sweat; Jimmy took one hand off the hip and slapped a cheek.

“AHHH!” She cried out.

He smiled and slapped again, each time she came down on him.


The sting of his hand on her motivated speed and ferocity. Her insides were boiling, almost ready to explode but she wouldn’t slow down. Faster and faster she went coming down harder and harder on his dick, venturing to break it if she could. Her butt slapped against his pelvis almost as hard as his hand against her butt.

Jimmy could feel himself cumming.

He closed his eyes, laying back, his hand on her butt, not slapping but squeezing hard now, squeezing hard just as her pussy, encompassing his hard shaft was squeezing, squeezing as the moment of her climax approached.

“AHHH God!” She cried.

Jimmy pushed up into her as his cum exploded in her.

“God! God! AHHH! UHHH!”

He pursed his lips and pushed with what strength he had left; now his body was relaxing.

Her breathing was hard. Laying back on him she closed her eyes.

The quake of her body still continued. It rose and fell periodically, causing her to contort her face at times then to relax it as the moment passed only to do so again, until finally like the peal of a bell it faded and her orgasm was ended.

His left hand across her chest, tickling the right breast and his left hand between her legs orbiting her clitoris, slowly.

She was moving her head from side to side slowly, still moaning and even though she was on top of him, her flesh pressed against his, hot in the after math of the passionate ride and still around his dick, imprisoning it he felt like no prisoner, no slave to be dominated.

With her body limp on his, he was the one who dominated he was the master now.

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