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She lay asleep and unresponsive, her naked ass poised in the air, ready to be reamed by her husband’s raging cock as he stood over her. He loved seeing his wife’s ass, especially bare and waiting to be fucked. He took off his shirt and shorts, throwing them in a pile by the dresser. His penis was rock hard already, and pushed against his boxer briefs as the head peeked out over the top, as if trying to get a look at the naked pussy waiting on the bed. His beater was still on, but left nothing to the imagination, as his pects and abs were clearly visible behind the thin, black cloth.

He stood for a moment longer, gently stroking his hard-on as he grinned at his naked wife before him. His muscular arms and legs were tense, his ass tight, his heart pounding as he wondered whether or not she would wake up when he slid himself into her. His balls tightened as he thought of it, and his cock jumped a little. Yes, he was ready.

He slid off his underwear and kicked them over by the rest of his clothes. His strong, firm ass and swollen member reveled in their newfound freedom from their cotton prison, and he could feel blood rushing to his balls as he kneeled down behind his peacefully prostrate partner. His hands instinctively began to caress her legs, starting at her ankles and moving slowly up her beautiful calves, past her knees to her inviting thighs and ass. Every inch of her skin made him wild with passion, and he could now hear his heartbeat pounding its steady double-time in his ears.

He slowed suddenly when he heard her take a deep breath, but continued when he heard her let it out in a long, slow sigh of pleasure. His hands dwelled on her thighs, right where they met her ass, and he relished the sensation of all is blood trying to rush into the smooth, purple head of his cock all at once. He gently grabbed her ass, and let out a long, pleasurable sigh of his own. He felt the fire of desire burning in his chest as a flood of blood and hormones concentrated their attack on his cock and balls.

His hands moved closer to his wife’s slit and he ran his thumbs along her pussy lips, feeling the heat and a bit of wetness coming off of them. His hips jerked forward a little in anticipation, then froze, leaving his muscular ass tensed, holding up his quivering cock. He gazed at his wife’s vagina and ass longingly, and as his eyes drifted up to her strong, tanned back his dick inadvertently jumped four or five times. It was all it could do to be more sexually aroused, seeing as it was already as engorged as it had ever been, and would be a tight fit as it was.

He licked his lips and felt a hunger for her pussy juices, and his tongue longed to taste her again. He bent his head down to her ass and rested his chin on the pillow she was laying on. Then, moving in one smooth motion, he held her thighs just above her knees and slid his tongue into her pussy. He felt her tense a little and shift in her sleep, pendik escort and heard a soft moan escaped her lips belying her obvious enjoyment. He was ecstatic.

He began eating her out in earnest, pushing his face into her pussy and ass as hard as he could, kissing her dripping lips long and passionately, sucking on the tantalizingly delicious skin that he longed to ravage with his cock. Minutes slipped by unnoticed as he massaged her clit with his lips, and licked her womanhood inside and out with his eager tongue, covering her pussy and ass with passionate and intense yet gentle kisses.

Now his tongue had had its fill, and he sat back, breathing hard and slowly stroking his cock as he licked his lips, tasting the last of his wife’s pussy on himself. He saw her tense up a little, then relax and lick her lips. He could hear her breathing hard, but her beautiful face and eyes still wore the unresponsive mask of repose, and he knew she dreamed on. “Good,” he thought, “If she didn’t wake up from that, she shouldn’t wake up when I fuck her.”

His dick had calmed down a little while he was eating out his wife; not from lack of sex drive, but because it had been pressed hard against the bed and some of the blood had begun to drain. Walking around her on his knees, he came up beside her and ran his left hand over her smooth, naked back while his right hand caressed her thigh. His cock jumped and began to swell again, as if it knew its time was nearing. Moving his right hand up to her pussy, he began to slide his fingers in and out of her as he rubbed her clit.

Now she was moving a bit more, and his cock was fully engorged once again. He knew she would wake up if he continued this aggressively, so he slid his right hand from her pussy to her ass, and let his left hand slide down to mirror it, gently massaging her ass as before. He had moved behind her again, and his penis was so anxious that it was beginning to become impatient and he knew he would have to satisfy it soon. But first he wanted to tease it, and her.

Moving his hips forward, he pressed his thighs against his wife’s and laid his dick on her ass. The feel of her thighs alone drove his dick wild, and it bounced another four of five times against her ass in excitement. Slowly, he pulled his hips back and his swollen cock head dropped behind his sleeping wife. He lined it up with his left hand, and slowly, slowly, ever so slowly, pressed forward with his strong, tight ass until the head came to rest directly in the center of her pussy lips.

Then, grabbing her ass again with both hands, he slowly, slowly applied pressure and felt her pussy slide, one millimeter at a time, out, out, out to the ring around his head, and finally close around his swollen purple knob as his cock head disappeared inside her gaping, dripping slit. He heard her moan softly again and smile an absent, sleepy smile as she mumbled something inaudible to herself maltepe escort and subsided once more. He waited a moment, enjoying the pleasure washing over him, then slowly, slowly, began to slide his dick into her. Millimeter by millimeter, he felt her engulf him, her pussy hungrily consuming as much of his dick as he gave it, dripping and gripping on his cock as if desperately asking for more.

Slowly, slowly his acquiesced, and his hands trembled slightly on her ass as a sea of pleasure coursed through his body. Finally, his balls touched something soft, and after a little more push, his hips touched her smooth, waiting ass. He pressed himself in as far as he could go, and felt the head of his cock pushing against his wife’s innermost womanhood. At this, she let out a soft gasp, and began groaning quietly, nearly inaudibly, and his cock felt her pussy get even wetter and relax a bit, as it stretched to accommodate this overengorged invading member.

His balls wanted to shoot their load right then and there, so sexy was this voluptuous beauty before them. But he had other plans. Holding back his cum, he let out a deep, long sigh of pleasure and enjoyment and ran his hands over her silky buttocks. He swelled inside her and she gave another soft cry, a gasp of pleasure escaping out through her sleeping throat. Slowly, gently, he eased his hips away from hers, and started to pull out. His balls tingled as he felt them leave her clit, and the base of his shaft thrilled with pleasure as it left her warm, soft pussy.

Carefully and methodically he pulled his cock out the same way he put it in, and each millimeter he felt waves of pleasure rushing through him like a wind. He paused when his head just started to ease out of her, and waited for what seemed like an eternity, basking in the calm waves of blood that rushed around his body like a mad swarm. Still holding and groping her ass he pushed himself into her again, a little faster this time, and pulled out as soon as his balls could press no harder against her soaked clit.

The third time he plunged in, he slammed into her right at the end to make sure he stretched her vagina to its max. At this, he saw her head jerk back and she let out a stifled moaning gasp. He knew she must be awake now. He kept his hips pressed hard, hard into her as his dick swelled and throbbed inside her, wanting to spurt cum all over the walls of her tender womanhood. But he held back. He had one last thing he wanted to do before he came.

Pulling out, he grabbed her leg and flipped her over onto her back, leaving her front open to his ravishing intent. He saw her eyes half opened and a smile on her lips; he knew she was enjoying him enjoying her. Putting her ankles under his arms, he grabbed her hips and started caressing her thighs as he gazed over her body. She held her arms back behind her head, and was cooing softly at his touch.

Her breasts kartal escort were uncovered and he smiled to see them. Her chest rose and fell with her breathing. Not sure of how long his eyes were transfixed on this beautiful sight, he finally broke away to gazed on his wife’s beautiful legs, smooth, held back and out of the way, ankles almost on level with her ass. She was poised perfectly for him to fuck her; she seemed to know it, and he definitely knew it. Seeing her legs so gorgeously framing her gaping pussy, almost asking him to fuck it with his raging cock, made him crazy with desire and he knew he couldn’t keep from cumming much longer, whether he was in her or not.

Grabbing her hips, he lined up his cock and thrust it into her, bottoming out in a single stroke. He saw her convulse with pleasure and arch her back in reflex. The sight of her tits pushing up into the air and poising perfectly, hovering in upthrust beauty a mere twelve inches from his face was too much for him. They were so round and tantalizing, nipples hard and erect, supported by her heaving chest, framed by her shoulders, collar bone, and ribcage, he felt a rush of blood to his loins and knew this was it.

Grabbing her ribs and furiously thrusting himself into her over and over again, he pounded his rock hard cock into his wife’s pussy mercilessly until finally, in a surge of heavenly hormones, he came. He pulled her down on his cock and held her there so hard it almost hurt as his balls started pumping and he felt his dick swell to its fullest. Time seemed to stop, and he could sense everything at once in a stupor of ultimate pleasure and bliss.

He saw his wife’s face, contorted in intense pleasure, her arms pulled back, fists clenched. He saw her breasts, proudly standing above the rest of her body, on display for his eyes to fondle and lust over, nipples hard and straining. He felt her ankles on his back where his ass met his spine, her calves on his ribs, her thighs on his chest. He felt his hands on her ribcage, pulling her onto him and him into her. Everything about her was so beautiful, so sexy, so mind-blowingly sensual, and it seemed to him that he was fucking all of her, not just her pussy.

His cock jumped once, twice, three times, then held, strained, and released spurts of cum into his wife’s begging, grasping vagina. He felt the surge drain from him, out through his cock and into his wife. He thrust suddenly, about a dozen times, coaxing all of his cum out of his balls and prolonging his waning wave of pleasure. Finally, with his cock still in her, he collapsed on his wife. She wrapped her arms around him, and they kissed passionately for a long time, holding each other and enjoying touching and being touched by a lover.

When the kiss finally ended, he smiled at her. “Were you awake the whole time?” he asked. She smiled shyly and looked up at him and nodded. He smiled, glad that she was able to enjoy him as he enjoyed her. They kissed again, before he excused himself to go wash off. When he finally came back, he stood in the doorway and felt his wife’s eyes on his naked body. “Do you want me to do you?” he asked with a grin, and lay down beside her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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