Sleeping with my Sister Samantha

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While hoping for sex, incestuous sex, thinking nothing of it, Jeffrey not so innocently shared his bed with his fraternal, twin sister, Samantha. With her now homeless and having nowhere else to live, Samantha accepted her brother’s invitation to live with him. Yet, just like old times, what incestuously happened ten, long years ago, happened again.

On the surface, with nothing planned or anticipated, it all started so very innocently. Then, as one may imagine, what may happen between a horny man and a healthy woman who are sexually active and incestuously attracted to one another, one unexpected thing led to another unexpected thing. Therein lies the story and what this story is all about, an incestuous love story and a sexual affair between a brother and his sister.

Author’s Note:

This is a true story as it happened and as told to me by Jeffrey to write about his fraternal, twin sister, Samantha. Only the names have been changed to protect their real identities. Other than changing their names, all that happened was as it happened.

More of an erotic love story of forbidden love than it is a pornographic story of carnal sex, this story has graphic, incestuous sex between a brother and his sister. If incestuous sex between a brother and a sister bothers you, please read another story. On the other hand, if you find incestuous sex between a brother and sister titillating, then, you’re going to enjoy this story.

# # #

My fraternal twin sister, Samantha, broke up with her boyfriend when she caught him cheating on her with, of all people, her best friend, Anne. Now, in one fell swoop, a double whammy of shocked surprise, not only did my sister lose her boyfriend but also, she lost her best friend, too. The worst-case scenario of betrayal and misplaced trust, with her brokenhearted, she was so very upset.

Moreover, since the apartment’s lease is in her boyfriend’s name and with her best friend moving in with him, she had to find another place to live. Rents are sky high in the city and I was struggling to make the rent each month. Because we loved one another and were compatible and best friends, not thinking anything of it with us having lived together before when growing up together, I suggested that my sister move in with me.

A win/win for the both of us, hopefully, my sister would agree to live with me and share the rent and our other monthly expenses. A good idea at the time but, something that I didn’t consider, other than my broken sleeper sofa that no longer opened, I only had one bed, albeit a very luxuriously inviting, king-sized bed. The short and narrow couch, even when fully closed, barely comfortable for sitting, was too uncomfortable for sleeping.

Instead of going through the added and unnecessary expense of having to buy another bed, mattress, and bedding, I wondered if my sister would agree to sleep in the same bed with me. I wondered if I promised to stay on my side of the bed if that would allow her to share my bed. I wouldn’t mind sleeping in the same bed with my sister but, with us being brother and sister, she may have well-founded objections to that sort of sleeping arrangement.

Besides, I was a horny man who had a sexual past with his sister and she had blossomed into a morally, modest, young woman. It’s one thing to sleep in the same bed as children but it’s something else to sleep in the same bed as adults. If any of our friends knew that we were sharing my bed, no doubt, they’d figure that we were having sex, forbidden sex.

‘Yet, not caring what our friends thought, with my sister, tall, blonde, beautiful, and sexy, how hot would that be to sleep in the same bed with my sister,’ I thought? ‘Getting way ahead of myself, I imagined the both of us going to bed drunk and horny and having incestuous sex as we once did so very long ago. Only, now, been there and done that, even if I was the last man on earth, my sister would never have sex with me.’

Since I’m a horny guy first and a compassionate brother second, I found the idea of sleeping in the same bed with my sister sexually exciting. Yet, even with her having no other option, I knew she’d never agree to sleeping in the same bed with me, her horny brother. No secret there, in the way that I looked at her and was always so very lovingly attentive to her, she knew that I’ve always been and still am sexually attracted to her.

Yet, in my favor, with me ready to capitalize on a bad situation, with her not having much of a choice, either she slept in my bed, found somewhere else to live, or went homeless and slept on the street. Nonetheless, whether she said yes or no, while knowing that it was wrong to think that, but all that I could think about was sleeping with my sister. All I could think about is seeing my hot sister in her sexy nightgowns, in her bra and panties, topless, and even naked. All that I could think about was having forbidden sex with my sexy sister.

‘Even if she doesn’t agree to live with me, I’ll be masturbating over the thoughts of sleeping with my sister,’ I thought. teen porno ‘I’ll be masturbating over the forbidden thoughts of having incestuous sex with her.’

# # #

“I’m sorry about your boyfriend being such a shit and your best friend being such a whore, Samantha,” I said as my inept way of consoling my sister. “I hope they both contract the Novel Coronavirus and die,” I said while not knowing what else to say and knowing that she felt the same way about them. ‘I hope her pussy dries up and his cock falls off,” I said.

Temporarily making her stop crying to laugh at my comment, she was sobbing uncontrollably on the phone. I knew she was having problems with her boyfriend but I didn’t know that it was this bad. I needed to do something. I needed to say something. I needed to help my sister.

Other than my mother, of course, I cared more about my sister than I cared about any other woman in my life. She was everything to me. My soulmate and my best friend, no doubt, because we were fraternal twins, we were so very close.

A shame that we lived so far away, yet we always kept in contact with one another with weekly phone calls and regular e-mails. Always on the same page, and scary sometimes, somehow knowing what the other was thinking, we routinely verbalized one another’s thoughts or finished the other’s sentences. Now, at a loss for words, I didn’t know what to say. I was helpless to do anything but to console her.

“Come live with me,” I said surprising myself when I suddenly blurted what I was thinking.

Hoping to cheer her up by giving him an alternative option for housing, even if only temporary.

“Live with you,” she said with a laugh? “No, I can’t do that.”

Now that I said it, the idea sounded good to me.

“We’d have to share my bed, of course, but I promise to stay on my side and not to grope you while you’re sleeping,” I said with a dirty laugh while hoping that she’d say that it was okay if I groped her. “Since I only have one bathroom, we’d have to share the bathroom, too,” I said while imagining spying on my naked sister taking a shower or a bath.

‘Samantha,’ I imagined to saying when entering the bathroom while she showered or bathed. ‘I need to pee,’ I imagined saying while hoping to see my sister naked in the shower and/or in the bathtub.

I imagined her responding in kind.

‘Okay. You can come in but close your eyes and don’t look, and don’t flush the toilet,’ I imagined her saying.

# # #

Not saying yes to my invitation of us living together right away but not saying no either, she took a thoughtful pause and blew her nose. I held my breath while imagining my sister living with me. We could watch movies together while drinking wine and cuddling in bed. We could play cards and board games. With the both of us working from home, we could even get a puppy and take turns walking the dog. If my sister lived with me, no longer going on meaningless dates, suddenly my life would change for the better.

“Okay,” she said with a laugh. “Actually, maybe not groping me but I wouldn’t mind if you spooned me and cuddled me as we slept. After sleeping with my boyfriend for years, unaccustomed to sleeping alone, I’d have a difficult time falling asleep without that kind of loving affection and physical contact,” she said. “It’s comforting to feel the warm body of someone sleeping next to me.”

‘What did my sister just say,’ I thought? ‘She won’t mind if I spoon her? She won’t mind if I cuddle her? She has a difficult time falling asleep without that kind of loving affection and physical contact? Wait. What kind of physical contact? Does she mean that I can feel and fondle her tits, squeeze her ass, and/or finger her pussy while she fondles and strokes my cock? If I got her drunk enough would she blow me and, maybe, even make love to me?’

Already going overboard with my incestuous thoughts, I was stunned. Nothing more than s sexual fantasy, no doubt, I was imagining more than she’d willingly do. My sister may agree to sleep in the same bed with me and allow me to spoon her and cuddle her but she’d never allow me to feel and fondle her breasts, squeeze her ass, and finger her pussy. With those sexual exploration days long gone and our sexual attraction is over, that would never happen.

Nothing more than fodder to masturbate myself, my sister would never, under any circumstances, stroke my cock, suck my cock, and/or fuck my prick. What’s wrong with me to even think that? How dare I think those incestuous thoughts about my sister? Yet, with her stirring up old, incestuous feelings, even if nothing came of it, I was already sexually excited about sleeping in the same bed with my sister while spooning her and cuddling her.

‘It’s okay to spoon her and cuddle her, I thought. ‘I can’t believe she said that. Are you kidding me? Next, she’ll be saying that it’s okay if we have sex, incestuous sex with her,’ I thought.

With my mind reeling with sexually inappropriate thoughts of having incestuous sex with my sister, travesti pornp I imagined all sorts of forbidden, sexual scenarios.

‘It’s okay if you make love to me, as long as you don’t kiss me, French kiss me, Jeffrey,’ I imagined her saying. ‘I’d be willing to masturbate you as long as you return the sexual favor and masturbate me, too. I wouldn’t mind blowing you as long as you don’t cum in my mouth,’ I imagined her saying. ‘As long as you don’t cum in my pussy, you can fuck me, too.’

I was already getting an erection just thinking all of the forbidden, sexual things that I imagined her saying and all of the forbidden, sexual things that I imagined her doing. Having not even gone to bed yet and slept together, setting myself up for disappointment, I was already sexually excited about having sex with my sister. I wondered if she was as sexually aroused by the prospect of having sex with as I was sexually excited.

‘Stop it! I need to stop thinking incestuous thoughts about my sister,’ I rebuked myself. ‘It’s never going to happen. Samantha is not an incestuous whore in the way that I’m a sexual pervert.’

# # #

Now, with my mind reeling with the thought of sleeping with my sister, settling for that, I imagined spooning her. I imagined cuddling her. While wondering if she wore panties to bed and hoping that she didn’t, I imagined pressing my erection against my sister’s nightgown clad ass as she slept. Then, as soon as she fell asleep, I imagined stealthily and ever so slowly lifting the back of her nightgown and having my wicked, sexual way with her naked ass and the back of her naked pussy.

Then, not stopping there, especially if we had been drinking and went to bed a little drunk, I imagined reaching over her to feel and fondle my sister’s big tits through her nightgown. I imagined stealthily sticking my horny hand down my sister’s low-cut, nightgown top and feeling her naked breasts while fingering her erect nipples. Not stopping there, I imagined fingering her pussy and making her wet as she slept.

Then, taking my incestuous lust to an extreme, especially if she had a little too much to drink and was soundly sleeping, I imagined climbing out of bed to stand beside her. I imagined slowly and purposely sliding my erect cock across her sleeping lips. When she didn’t stir, I imagined gently parting her lips open with my prick and sticking the head of my cock in her sleeping mouth. While hoping that she didn’t bite down on my prick in her sleep, I imagined my sister giving me a sleeping blowjob.

I imagined forcing my cock a little deeper in her mouth, while hoping not to awaken her. I imagined gently humping her mouth while continuing to force my cock in deeper. Then, removing my cock from her mouth, I imagined masturbating all over my sister’s face, in her sleeping mouth, and giving her a cum bath while she slept. Only, how would I explain my dried cum all over her face and dripping from her lips?

# # #

“How long do you think it will take to drive from LA to New York,” I asked?

She took a breath and paused while clearly checking the time and distance on her phone.

“About four days, three days if I pushed it but I’d rather take my time,” she said.

“Call me when you arrive and I’ll come downstairs to help you carry up your things,” I said.

As if it was all too much, Samantha sighed. Preferring that everything be familiar, she always hated going to new places and doing new thing. She always hated moving, and to be forced to move in this fashion was clearly devastatingly embarrassing. She thought that this guy was the one. With him just waiting for the right opportunity, she thought that he was going to ask her to marry him but instead he was having sex with her best friend.

“I don’t have much, just two suitcases of clothes and a few boxes of personal items,” she said. “Thank you,” she said. “You’re a lifesaver. I’ll see you soon. Bye Jeffrey.”

I felt sad hanging up the phone.

“Bye Samantha.”

I wondered if this was a hazard being a twin but, seemingly, unable to really get close to anyone, we always had just one another. Whenever I wasn’t helping her through life, she was helping me. Whenever I had a problem, she had the solution. Whenever she had a question, I had the answer. It was gratifying having that level of unquestioned support from another person.

# # #

As I had never spooned and/or cuddled with a woman before, an erotic experience much different than touching her, feeling her, and groping her, I was hung up on the thoughts of spooning and cuddling my sister. Always hating to go to bed alone before, now I couldn’t wait to go to bed. An understatement, my sister not only shocked me by agreeing to sleep in the same bed with me but also, she shocked me by telling me that it’s okay to spoon her and cuddle her as we slept.

‘I can’t wait to spoon and cuddle my sister,’ I thought. ‘While hoping that she’s a sound sleeper and doesn’t wake up, I can’t wait to inappropriately, sexually touch tricky masseur and feel her while she’s sleeping.

Then, once she was living with me, not done shocking me, as if I was dreaming this or sexually fantasizing this, she surprised me by walking around the apartment in her sheer and sexy nightgowns. Seemingly, sheer and sexy nightgowns was all that she had. When she wasn’t sashaying around me in her virtually transparent nightgowns without having the modesty to wear a robe over them or panties beneath them, I could clearly see the shape and the size of her big, naked breasts. I could see her ass crack and her patch of blonde, trimmed pubic hair.

‘My sexy sister is giving me quite the naked show. I wonder if she’s flashing me unintentionally or deliberately. With me her brother and her my sister, having seen one another naked before, maybe she’s not shy or modest now.

As if it wasn’t enough seeing my sexy sister in her short, low-cut, sheer, and sexy nightgowns, she walked around me in just her bra and panties. The first time seeing my sister in her white, bikini panties, and her sexy, low-cut, white brassiere, I’d thought I’d have a heart attack. I couldn’t wait to masturbate over all that I was suddenly seeing of my shapely sister.

‘Wow, she has an incredible body,’ I thought.

With her body reminding me of seeing Katy Perry in her tiny bikini, Samantha had such a sexy and shapely body. With her big tits, her toned stomach, and her shapely ass, she had an even better body than I had imagined. Now, I really couldn’t wait to spoon her and cuddle her. I couldn’t wait for her to fall asleep so that I could touch, feel, fondle, and grope her in all the places that a brother should never touch, feel, fondle, and grope his sister.

‘My sister is in her bra and panties. This is unbelievable. I can’t believe what I’m seeing. I love seeing my sister in her panties and bra,’ I thought. ‘There’s something seriously wrong for her boyfriend to dump her over flat as a board, shapeless, and sexless, Anne. Maybe he’s gay.’

Then, shocking me again, the first time that I saw her topless, the first time seeing her naked tits in more than a decade, my eyes nearly fell out of my head.

‘My sister is topless. I can’t believe she’s topless,’ I thought while shocked as much as I was sexually excited. ‘I can’t believe she’s flashing me her naked tits. Act normal. Don’t stare. Wait until she looks the other way before staring at her naked breasts.’

She looks so sexy. I love seeing my sister topless. I love seeing her big, shapely, naked tits, and her big, erect nipples,’ I thought. ‘I can’t wait to touch them and feel them when she’s sleeping.’

Not done sexually surprising me, if it wasn’t enough that she walked around in front of me in her bra and panties and topless, she walked around me when she was naked, too.

‘My sister is naked. I can’t believe she’s naked,’ I thought while trying not to stare and leer. ‘She’s driving me crazy. I love seeing my sister naked. All that I thought that I’d never see, I was seeing now. I love seeing her naked ass, her naked pussy, and her naked tits. She has such an unbelievable body.’

# # #

As if I was the pizza delivery man and she was the customer opening the front door, after taking a shower, she wrapped her naked body in a loose towel while drying her hair. With her arms poised over her head while drying her hair, I stood in the bathroom doorway watching her and talking to her. Then, as if on cue, her towel always slid down to her waist to expose her naked breasts. Not done flashing me, as soon as she walked around me wearing just her loose towel, her towel always fell to her feet to expose her naked body.

Still wondering if she was deliberately flashing me, but giving her the benefit of the doubt, I gave up counting how many times I saw my sister topless and/or naked. If I didn’t know my sister better, I’d think that she was intentionally flashing me. Yet, knowing her as I do, with her never shy about nudity and remembering all the times we went skinny dipping and to a nude beach together, she’s always been immorally immodest. Nudity was no big deal to her in the way that it was a big deal to me.

The Yin to my Yang, she’s always been an exhibitionist where I’ve always been a voyeur. No doubt, even though it’s been years since I saw her naked, with me having seen her topless and/or naked plenty of times before, she must think that it’s okay for me to see her naked again now. Yet, knowing full well that it wouldn’t be okay with her, I only wished that I could touch, feel, fondle, and grope her naked body. A sexual fantasy come true, in the way that I wished my sister would masturbate me, I’d love to masturbate my sister.

Only, afraid to stare, I didn’t want to unduly embarrass her or to make her think that I was an incestuous pervert, which I was. Nonetheless, I felt like such a pervert seeing and masturbating over my sister’s underwear clad, topless, and/or naked body. I lost count how many times I masturbated over seeing my sister’s naked ass, naked pussy, and naked tits. Making me so horny, she was driving me sexually crazy. Deciding to make my stand when she walked in the kitchen totally naked to get something to eat, I engaged her in conversation.

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