Sleepless Night

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I was awakened from a nice slumber… a dream.. a noise maybe? Whatever it was it was I don’t remember. Your arm wraps around me, pulling me closer. I love it when you hold me while asleep. I closed my eyes in hopes of falling back into dreamland.

I lean back into you, trying to get comfortable, I feel your cock pressing into my ass. Hmmm I wonder what you are dreaming about. There was no way I am going to fall back to sleep, the longer I lay there awake feeling your hardness pressed against me the more wet I became. Only one way I was going to get back to sleep.

I roll onto my other side, your arm still around me. I place my hand on your chest, finger tips gently exploring. As my fingers brush over your nipple I notice your breathe caught for a moment. Not in a deep sleep it seems.. so I do it again. This time a sleepy moan escapes your lips. I lean in and kiss you softly, whispering against your lips “wake up luv”.

My hand now moving down your chest, over your stomach…searching. Ahh there…my hand caresses your cock…still hard. I kiss you again, while continuing to stroke you. You moan against my lips, your hand moving to my bare hip, squeezing gently. I let out a quiet giggle, “you awake luv?”, this time I get a response…You kiss me back,moaning a “mhm” against my lips.

I stop stroking your cock and move my hand back up to your chest, I press gently indicating I want you to roll onto your back… you comply. I slide a thigh across your stomach, moving to straddle you. I whisper “I have a job for you.” Then I kiss you again, you part your lips to my probing tongue…I could kiss you for days. My breasts pressed against your chest, your cock trapped between us. Your hands move to my hips, holding on.

“And what job is that” you gasp as I slide further up, pressing my breasts against your face. You let out a moan, and flick your tongue out against my nipple, teeth holding onto it, lips pulling it into your mouth. My hips, already moving in circles against your chest as you suckle my breast… I let out a moan of my own.

“It is a little repetitious” I reply in a teasing tone as I move further up, placing a knee on your pillow and güvenilir bahis then the other.. straddling your face. I hear you swallow and let out a groan, feeling the heat of your breath against my skin. I give a little whimper… waiting. You are killing me anticipation, “please” I whisper, reaching a hand down to part my lips.

You let out a low animal growl, grabbing hold of my hips.. pulling me in. Your mouth covering my pussy, tongue delving into me. I let out a squeal of surprise, hands reach out to grab the headboard.

You attack my flesh violently with your tongue, licking, sucking my my pussy. Lapping at my slit..moving your way to my clit. You stay there, sucking it between your lips, then lashing it back and forth with your tongue. I feel my thighs tremble, my hips wanting to buck, but stay still by your hands holding me in place against your face.

I arch my back, reaching behind to find your hard cock, wanting to feel it. As I wrap my hand around it, a begin to stroke you as you continue to eat my pussy…you let out a low moan, the sensation vibrating against my clit. Your breath coming almost as fast as mine. You make this growl from deep in your chest as your tongue dips into me again…that sound puts me over the edge…”god baby, I am gonna cum” I warned. You focus on my clit again, making my body shudder… you let go of my hips letting me writhe. So you could slide two fingers deep into my pussy. My pussy clamps down immediately and I begin to ride your fingers as well as your mouth. I let out a scream as my orgasm hits.. cumming all over your fingers.

I didn’t have time to think…you grab me and roll me onto the bed. Kissing your way up my body till your reach my mouth. Letting me taste myself on your lips, tongue. You part my thighs with yours, forcing them to open wide. Reaching for your cock, I grab hold..aiming and guiding you.. wanting to feel you inside me. You pause.. my god you are going to have me beg for it. “Fuck me baby, please” I whimper.

You know what you are doing to me.. and let out a light chuckle. Sliding a hand behind your neck and pulling your mouth back down to mine…losing myself in your kiss. I feel türkçe bahis your body give slightly as I drew your tongue in deeper, moving my hips up, attempting to bridge the gap. The tip of your cock teasing my clit, sliding up and down my wet slit…but not in.

You let out a moan to go with mine as I pull at your cock, tugging, rubbing you furiously against my sensitive clit. I wrap my legs around your waist as you begin to ease up, holding you against me, rocking your hard cock between us. I am not letting you get away…it is not a want.. I need to feel you in me before I lose my mind. You were not giving in to me easy. I let out a frustrated moan…you want to play it like that fine.

I push you off playfully, furstrated but amused. We roll together on the bed, kissing, I end up on my back again, you slide down between my thighs, tongue working against my pussy again. God I love it when you do that, but it wasn’t enough this time. I reach for you, begging.. finally you gave in and moved onto your back. Letting me crawl over your body, as I head towards your cock, stopping me when my pussy reached your hungry mouth and probing tongue.

Taking you into my mouth, feeling your soft skin as I suck on you. Your hips move with my motion, but your attention from my pussy never wavered. Flicking steadily over my clit as your fingers explore me, sliding two deep into me. I let out a gasp and suck on your harder,as add a third finger, fucking me hard with your fingers, stretching me. Not letting go of your cock, moving you in and out of my mouth faster as I feel my climax begin. Rubbing the tip over my outstretched tongue, feeling you throb against my lips. I grip you harder as my climax takes over.

“Easy baby” you tell me… I relax my had a little. Licking the pre cum that has formed now on the head of your cock. You shudder and moan as I do this. “Please, luv.. fuck me…” I plead as I look over at you. I see a slight smile on your lips…

I let out a yelp as you grab at me, pinning me face down on the bed. Spreading my legs wide with your thighs. Your hands moving up my back, as you lean into me. Now kissing and nibbling at my shoulder, moving to my güvenilir bahis siteleri neck. You gently bite me as you thrust your cock hard and deep into my wet pussy. I let out a cry, digging my nails into your arm that is now wrapped around my shoulder and neck.

You thrust harder into me again…deeper this time.. almost to the point of pain. But the sensations was pure pleasure. How I wanted this..I love feeling you inside me…your cock buried deep. “Oh god, yes.. harder” I shout out.. urging you on.

You pull out, I back into your trying to prevent it, almost whimpering as you you moved off me…. grabbing my shoulders you flip me over. Before I knew it you were back back inside me …fucking me harder. Bringing my hands from around your neck..pinning then above my head. “You want it harder Kitten?” you suductively whisper in my ear. Moving down to nuzzle my neck, I am unable to speak, the pleasure I am getting from you is to intense to even form words. I try to say yes, but it sounded more like a garbled moan. You chuckle against my neck as you kiss me. “Leave your hands where they are” You tell me as you lift up, bringing my legs up over your shoulders.

Thrusting deeper still into my pussy. Using all my willpower not to reach up and touch you… you have me screaming with pleasure. I can’t take it anymore…you are gonna have me cumming again. I tell you I am about to, to push me over the edge you reach down and play with my clit as I watch you fuck me.. How I wish this would never end. I buck my hips up to each thrust…you are getting close too. I can feel you throbbing inside me. “I’m cumming” I shout out… as I cum you rub my clit harder and thrust deep into me. Can anything feel any better?

“I am going to cum soon baby…where do you want me to cum?” you say in a gasp. I want to taste you, but I don’t want you to pull out of me. “Don’t stop luv, cum deep inside me, don’t stop fucking me.” I plead. My climax has been reached but it feels to good to stop. You lean down to me…my legs still up on your shoulders…you bite at my lips then kiss me as you give your final thrusts and cum in my pussy.

You lift off me a little, I let my legs back down onto the bed… pulling you back to me. I love feeling your weight on me after… as you stay inside me still. Both catching our breathes…

Now laying against you, arms wrapped around me…maybe I will find sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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