Snowball’s Chance

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Author’s Note: This story contains straight and gay male sex. All participants in sexual activities are 18 or older.

“In the snowstorm you came close to wild animals and they were not afraid. They travelled across country not knowing where they were and the deer stood sometimes in the lee of the cabin. In a snowstorm you rode up to a moose and he mistook your horse for another moose and trotted forward to meet you. In a snowstorm it always seemed, for a time, as though there were no enemies. In a snowstorm the wind could blow a gale; but it blew a white cleanness and the air was full of a driving whiteness and all things were changed and when the wind stopped there would be the stillness. This was a big storm and he might as well enjoy it. It was ruining everything, but you might as well enjoy it.”

Ernest Hemingway, For Whom the Bell Tolls


Just like that, it was decided.

My dad was dead, killed in a hit-and-run on his way home from the Tavern, and I was leaving tomorrow to live with Aunt Sylvia in Ohio for a while so Momma could get back on her feet.

I hadn’t even adjusted to the fact that Dad was dead, and I was going to a new school in a new state? Aunt Syl had already made arrangements at my old school and at the new school, and I was starting on Thursday. Just like that.

Momma sat on the end of my bed, crying while she attempted to help me pack.

“Brian, I just need a couple of months to get settled. I can’t support us just waitressing. I’m gonna take some classes. Try to get a good job. I promise. You’ll be back home to start school in August,” she said tearfully.

“But Momma…” I tried to interrupt. I needed her to hear my side. I’d get a paper route. I’d eat less. I’d return those new sneakers she bought me.

“I’m sorry Bri,” she sobbed. “We just can’t… I just…”

I heard Aunt Syl calling my name from the bottom of the stairs.

“Momma. Don’t make me do this. Little League starts next week. Coach Phillips said I’d get to play a lot this year. Please don’t make me go with Aunt Syl. She smells like pickles,” I whined desperately.

Momma gave me a sad smile, and nodded.

“I know, Honey. It’s just for a little while, so I can get back on my feet. Your dad…,” she started as she broke down again.

She put her arms around me, and I put my head on her shoulder. I smelled the faint odor of pickles, and I felt Aunt Syl pulling me to my feet.

“It’s time, Brian,” she said softly.

And just like that, we left.


As I slid into my new desk in Mrs. Duffy’s sixth grade class at Grover Cleveland Elementary School, I looked around and saw nineteen faces staring at me, the New Freak from Texas, and instinctively dropped my eyes to the floor. My cheeks were burning as Mrs. Duffy introduced me to the class. “Boys and girls, I’d like you to meet our new student, Brian. He just moved here from Texas. I hope you’ll all make Brian feel welcome here in room 12.”

I could hear the comments under their breath already.

“Why is he coming here in the middle of the year?” asked one girl.

A boy with hair that stuck up all over said, “Does he have to sit next to me?”

“I bet his dad lost his job. That’s why he moved now,” said the tall boy with the alligator on his shirt.

Mrs. Duffy patted me on the shoulder, and said, “Don’t pay them any mind.” As she continued to the chalk board, she said loudly, “They don’t know that your father just passed.”

That was a reminder I didn’t need. Tears sprang to my eyes before I could even hide my face. The funeral had only been a week ago. I was trying to “take it like a man”, like my uncles told me to do, but I was still so sad.

It was my Aunt Sylvia who pushed Momma to send me to school right away. Aunt Syl was Momma’s older sister, but she acted more like her mother. Uncle Paul had died five years ago, so she thought she was the expert on what she liked to call “The Grief Process”. She thought I would get over it faster if I got back to “My Normal Routine”.

How, may I ask, does a normal routine include moving to a new state, changing schools in the middle of year, and leaving what few friends I had in my own school?

Now I was starting off in this stupid new school that smelled like dirty, chalk-covered sponges with a teacher that reminded me an awful lot of Aunt Syl (minus the pickles), and to top it off, I was already labeled a “cry baby”.

I picked up my pencil and started my board work, hoping that everyone would lose interest in me.


At the end of the day, I shuffled to the bus, hoping I would miss it. Even in my old school, the bus was a zoo, but at least I knew that my friend, Tommy, would save me a seat.

Suddenly Mrs. Duffy spotted me, clapped her hands to hurry me up, and started yelling, “C’mon, Brian. You’re going to miss the bus.”

The bus was just as bad as I had feared. Kids were throwing balls of paper, and yelling and screaming. I found an empty seat with a little gaziantep rus escort kid that looked terrified, and I sat down before anyone else could claim it.

I looked around toward the back of the bus, immediately wishing I hadn’t. I recognized one of the boys from my class. It was the big one, who assumed that my dad had lost his job.

“Hey, Tex. What are you looking at, Douchebag?” he yelled.

I turned back quickly, hoping he could ignore me. He was a lot bigger than I was, and it was obvious that he was in charge on this bus.

“I asked you what you’re looking at, Shithead,” he huffed.

I turned slowly, and saw him get out of his seat. My heart started pounding, my stomach started cramping, and the tears came again.

“Eric, stop it,” I heard a girl say. I turned my head once again to see who had spoken. She was the most perfectly beautiful girl I had ever seen in my 12 short years. Blonde braids, blue eyes, and on her face was something I hadn’t seen much that day- kindness.

He was approaching me, but I couldn’t take my eyes off his friend. That pissed him off even more, I’m sure, and when he reached my seat, he surprised me with a punch in the nose. I saw stars, then everything went black.


For the rest of the school year, I struggled to get through each day. I still missed my dad, and everyone treated me like an outcast. I had missed Little League sign-ups in Ohio, so I didn’t get to join the team. Heidi was the only friendly face in the sea of sixth grade assholes, and I spent as much time with her as possible. Eric was not crazy about this arrangement at all.

He had been suspended from school for five days for hitting me on the bus. Apparently the punishment was less severe if you hit someone from another state or something because everyone thought he should have been out for 2 weeks. Those five days gave me some precious time to get acquainted with Heidi on the bus though. Even when he came back to school, I would sit in the seat across from them. He got off at the third stop, so Heidi and I had the rest of the ride to sit together and get to know each other. She was very interested in Texas, as if she thought it was a different planet.

I asked her a lot of questions about the weather in the north. I had never seen the leaves change in the fall because it was so hot and dry where I lived. Most of all I wanted to know about the snow. I had never seen snow, except on T.V. Heidi tried to explain snow days, the different kinds of snow, what it tasted like, what it smelled like, but I just wanted to experience it. Unfortunately, I had arrived in Ohio at the end of April, after the last snowfall of the season.

As Eric put it when he heard me talk about it, “You don’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell of seeing snow, Tex.”


During the summer most of the kids from Grover Cleveland attended day camps. Aunt Syl didn’t give me a choice, and signed me up for YMCA camp. I arrived the first day, wearing my geeky YMCA t-shirt and grumbling that I couldn’t just stay home and read a book. I sat on the bleachers in the gym, waiting to hear my name called. It was taking forever to put the crowd of rowdy kids into groups, and everyone was getting antsy. Suddenly, I heard a name I recognized- Heidi Perkins. As she made her way to the counselor that called her name, my heart sank. Eric was with her. I didn’t hear his name called, but apparently he would be in her group.

“And last, but not least, for the 11-13 age group, Brian Evans,” I finally heard. I was happy to see that I would be with Heidi, but I figured it would be just like being in Mrs. Duffy’s class. Eric and Heidi would be together, and I’d get to hang out with her if Eric wasn’t around.

I was only partially right. Eric was still mean and nasty to me, but Heidi must have set him straight because the three of us were together all summer. We swam, did arts and crafts, played Red Rover, and went on field trips together. Eric and I developed an understanding- I hated him. He hated me. Heidi liked us both. We both liked Heidi. Eventually the hostility between us became less palpable, and I actually had a good time that summer.

The problem was that I fell in love with Heidi.

You can say that at 12 years old, that it was only “puppy love”, but that’s not what it was to me. I jumped out of bed every morning, anxious to get to camp to see her. I liked the things she liked. I did the things she did. When Eric complained that an activity was stupid, I did it anyway. It made her happy, and that made me happy.

I suspected that Eric was also in love with Heidi, but when haven’t even hit puberty yet, it’s not like you have to make a permanent choice of mate. All three of us accepted the situation as it was, and enjoyed the summer for what it was worth.

On the weekends the three of us would walk through the woods to Eric’s family’s cabin in the woods. It was a long walk, but we’d pack lunches and pretend we were on a great adventure. We were pirates one day, archeologists the next. I think we were all a little surprised that our parents let us do it, but I think they thought that the three of us together would be safe. It was really the last summer that we were children too. I think in another year they would have been more worried about what we might do with each other when we were all alone, but I was in back in Texas by then anyway.


On the last day of camp, my heart was heavy. I was happy to be going home to Texas, but I knew things wouldn’t be the same there either. My dad was gone, we had a new, smaller apartment, and Momma had gotten two jobs while I was gone. I couldn’t even imagine what my friends were doing without me. Most of all, I knew I would miss Heidi.

At the end-of-summer picnic, I said goodbye to Heidi. She was crying. I didn’t want to be the cry baby she met back in April, so I stayed tough. The counselors had given each of us some pictures that they had taken over the summer, and they gave each of us a copy of a photo of Eric, Heidi and me sitting on the bleachers together. I still have that photo in a frame on my dresser. Heidi was wearing blue ribbons in her braids that day, which brought out the color of her eyes.

When it was time to go, Eric came over to us. He put his hand out for me to shake, and said, “No hard feelings, right, Tex?”

“Sure, Eric. No hard feelings,” I replied.

Heidi went to kiss me on the cheek, but I turned at the last second, and her kiss landed right on my lips. It was a little embarrassing for both of us (and it pissed Eric right off), but we laughed and said goodbye. I saw Aunt Syl’s car, so I walked away.


I returned to Texas with two things I didn’t have before- a picture of the most beautiful girl in the world and my first kiss from a girl under my belt.

It wasn’t long before things were mostly back to normal. I went to school, sat with Tommy on the bus and played soccer in the evenings. The only real difference was that Dad was gone and Momma was never home. She was always running from her job at the nursing home to her job at the Tavern on the corner. I tried not to mind too much, but I was lonely.

I missed Heidi.


Angela and I were in the darkest corner of the gym French kissing when the DJ, my friend, Tommy, announced the last dance, “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin. That was our deal. I’d take Angie to the Valentine’s Sweetheart Dance at school if he’d play Led Zeppelin for the last song. We were probably the only seniors at the dance (and definitely the only 18 year olds), so Tommy really had to make it worth our while. Most of the other slow songs he played were country songs, the soundtrack of life in Texas.

We walked out on the dance floor, and I pulled Angie in close with my arms around her waist and her arms around my neck. She tipped her face up to smile at me, and I leaned in to resume our make-out session. My dick was getting hard just thinking about our plans for the rest of the night, and I rubbed it against her belly, just to make her giggle.

Usually after a dance we’d head out to get something to eat then go park at the industrial park and have sex in my old Blazer, but tonight was special. We were going to hit the McDonald’s Drive-Thru then head to my house for a special Valentine’s Day sleep-over.

“Brian, are you sure your mother isn’t going to know?” she asked for the hundredth time.

“Ang, we’ve been through this. Mom works until midnight on Fridays. She’ll stay at the Tavern and have drinks with some guy she meets. She’ll bring him home and pretend I don’t know there’s a strange man in our apartment. They’ll have sex, usually pretty loudly.”

“What? You didn’t mention that part before,” she accused.

“Well, from what I’ve heard through the wall, my mother is quite the talented cocksucker,” I explained, barely maintaining my straight face.

“Brian! You’re terrible!” she said, horrified.

“Um, I guess I should warn you about this too.”

I paused for dramatic effect.

“She takes it in the ass, especially when she’s drunk. I’m pretty sure everyone on the street knows that. As I said, she’s loud,” I added.

Before she could say anything, I asked, “And what about your father? What did you end up telling him?”

“It’s payday. I didn’t have to tell him much. He was already drunk when you picked me up for the dance,” she explained, reaching over and rubbing my cock through my pants. “I guess Operation Valentine’s Slumber Party is a go.”

I parked my car in the driveway and ran around to open the Blazer door for Angela. We slipped into the house quickly, but I wasn’t too concerned about the neighbors. We headed straight to my room, which I had decorated with red and pink carnations from the school’s flower sale and some candles I had swiped from the kitchen. I lit the candles and we sat down on my bed to eat our burgers.

It was well before midnight, so we snuck across the hall to the bathroom to brush our teeth and freshen up. We slipped back into my room, and Angie took a good look around. She took in my Little League trophies, baseball posters, and the flowers I had put there for her. She found my black cowboy hat on the chair in the corner and placed it on my head. When she got to the table next to my bed, she laughed out loud.

“K-Y and condoms. You’re well prepared.”

“Of course,” I said with a smile. “I’m getting lucky tonight.”

She looked at the pictures on my table. Our prom picture was there. Angela was wearing a beautiful pink, puffy dress. I was wearing a dorky white tux. She picked up the picture of Eric, Heidi and me.

“Who’s this?” she asked.

“Kids I met in Ohio the year my father died. The guy’s a total dick. I was a little in love with her though,” I said. I didn’t think it was a good idea to tell Angela that I was still in love with Heidi, especially considering the fact that I was hoping to have my cock in Angie’s mouth in the next fifteen minutes.

“Are you a little in love with me now?” she asked coyly.

“I’m a lot in love with you now, my sweet Valentine,” I replied as I started to unbutton her shirt.

She reached out to unbuckle my belt, but had some trouble. I took care of it for her, and pulled my jeans and boxers right off while I was at it.

“You might as well keep going. You’re doing a pretty efficient job of getting naked,” she said.

Pants and socks hit the floor, but when I went to take off the hat, she stopped me.

“No! Leave the hat on. You look all cute with your big hat and your big boner,” she informed me.

“Care to dance, ma’am?” I asked, tipping my hat.

“Nope. I care to give you a blowjob,” she replied, dropping to her knees in front of me. She put her hands on my ass, stuck her tongue out, and licked the length of my erection. I moaned, and she stuck it right into her mouth. I felt her begin to suck gently on my cock. I put my hands in her hair and moaned again.

“Oh, baby. That’s so nice. You feel so wet and warm.”

She didn’t reply, but she looked up at me and finished unbuttoning her shirt. She continued to suck my cock as she carefully stripped off the rest of her clothes.

I felt her tongue running along the bottom of my cock, then teasing the head. She sucked me all the way into her mouth then pulled her head back, sliding my cock along her tongue. I could feel her rubbing her lips on my cock for her own pleasure.

“You like that, don’t you, baby?” I moaned, not expecting any response.

She nodded and I could feel her teeth gently scrape against both sides of my dick. That made me moan incoherently. Her tongue moved up and down the length of my shaft, stopping only to swirl around my head. I had been so horned up all night, it wasn’t taking long to get off. I felt myself getting close to cumming in her mouth, so I let her know.

“I’m gonna cum, baby. Do you want it in your mouth or do you want a facial tonight? Unngghhh. I’m getting close. Better make up your miiii-iind,” I announced, a little too late.

She continued sucking until every drop of cum was in her mouth. She swallowed then stood up. She put her hands on the sides of my face, and pulled me down to kiss her. She stuck her tongue into my mouth as far as it would go, and I could taste my cum there.

I placed my hands on her bare tits and gave them a little squeeze. I led her to the bed and laid her back, spreading her legs with my hands. I squatted at the edge of the bed, removed my hat, and put my head between her legs. I ran my nose and tongue along the inside of her thighs and worked my way up between her pussy lips. I licked gently, searching for the spot that would drive her wild. When I hit it, I was rewarded with her hands on my head, holding me right there. I swirled my tongue around and around, and I felt her hips starting to rock in time with me.

Angie was starting to make some noise, so I licked a little bit harder and a little bit faster. She was starting to pull my hair as she bucked her hips and thrashed her head back and forth. When she came, she squeezed my head between her thighs and yelled right out loud, “Brian, you fucker! Lick my cunt! I’m cuuuuummmmming, baby!”

I licked her right through her orgasm, and finally came up for air when her legs relaxed, freeing my head. I climbed up on my bed next to her and kissed her, returning the favor of the cum-kiss by sticking my tongue into her mouth so she could taste her pussy on my mouth.

“Mmm…That was awesome,” she murmured.

As I settled in next to her, I heard my mother and the man she was sneaking in come in the front door.

“Shhh. Momma’s home,” I whispered.

We laid next to each other, quietly kissing and whispering to each other. We could hear my mother’s heels clicking down the hall while she shushed her “friend”.

It didn’t take them long to get going, and pretty soon Mom was singing her Friday night special. Angie and I giggled under the covers while we listened.

“Don’t you think this is creepy? We’re listening to your mother having sex, for crying out loud,” she whispered.

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