So Naughty Ch. 1

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I was a junior in high school excellent in academics and sports. I was also one of the last gentlemen around I believed in no sex until you’re married and nothing dirty like porno magazines and movies. I was the complete opposite of my twin younger sisters who were both sophomores – they were pure evil and beautiful in every way. And this is the story of how my morals were lost.

It all started on a spring day when I was sitting in my room working on some homework; by the way my name is Will. Well I was sitting in my room and I began to hear one of my sisters arguing with her boyfriend. I kept hearing her say, “get off me”. Finally I got mad enough and stormed into her room where she was sitting on the edge of her bed with her blouse hanging off exposing a lacy white bra. Her boyfriend Greg was kneeling on the floor in front of her. They were both scared at my entrance but Greg was a little more scared than Katie my sister. Greg and I usually got along great because we were both on varsity football so I decided to let him off easy. I grabbed him by the back of the neck and threw him out the window facing our backyard. Now that’s not as bad as it sounds you see the window goes right out onto an awning covering a patio so he rolled down there and then fell about 9 feet into the grass. I called out, “See ya tomorrow Greg.” As Greg got up, he looked up and waved and walked off.

This is where the problems start. I turned around to leave and Katie smacked me in the face. I was confused, I asked “What’s the matter with you?”

“Well, what the hell did you do that for you moron” she snapped back.

“Sorry I didn’t want you to get raped!” I answered back.

“I wasn’t going to get raped, idiot.”

“Then what the hell was with the get off me crap?” I asked trying to keep my voice low.

“I was gonna let him – I just wanted it to be rough,” she responded still angry.

“You know you’re sick really sick Kate.”

“Yeah well fuck you and don’t come in my room again without knocking!”

I hadn’t noticed it until she pointed at the door but she hadn’t even bothered buttoning her shirt up. “Whatever Kate.” I finished and exited the room. Katie spent the rest of her day in her room sulking about what I did. Samantha my other sister got home at about 12 o clock with a strange smell orbiting her. Samantha wasn’t as bad as Katie at least I could actually have a reasonable conversation with her without getting insulted every sentence. But not tonight she wasn’t in the mood for anything she wen up to join Katie in their room. Since I had nothing to do I went up to bed too and started reading a book. A little after one in the morning there was a small knock in the escort gaziantep özbek bayan door. “Who is it?”

“It’s Sam can I come in?” came from the other side of the door.

“Sure,” I accepted. The door opened and Samantha, but there was something odd. I usually had trouble figuring out which twin was which but it seemed more like Katie than Samantha.

“What’s up Sam?” I asked lying back down on the bed.

“On I was wondering If I could sleep with you tonight because Katie keeps bitching about something you did earlier like throwing Greg out the window,” she finished slightly with a giggle.

“Sure,” I responded just being a nice brother but still not sure if this was really Samantha.

“Thanks,” she said and then to my surprise she put her hands up her shirt and yanked down her underwear and tossed it aside on the floor.

“Uh, Sam, what are you doing?”

“Oh I never sleep with underwear on its annoying and uncomfortable,” she said and sat down on the floor right on top of the rough carpet.

“Sis you don’t have to sleep down there you can have my bed I’ll sleep down there,” I offered.

“It’s alright – it’s your room. You can have the bed,” she answered. Now this is what I mean – Samantha is a lot nicer than Katie.

“Hey I’ll move over we can both sleep in the bed,” I offered again.

“Ok,” she said sounding a bit enthusiastic. She climbed into bed and fell asleep almost as soon as she got in. It took me a bit longer to fall asleep but every few minutes she would seemingly move a bit closer to me until she was resting her head against my shoulder and that was when I feel asleep.

A powerful odor woke me up the room was dark and I couldn’t make anything out yet but I knew someone was on top of me. I tried moving my arms but my hands were tied behind me to the bedposts. “What the hell” I asked to no one.

“Quiet,” came from the voice on top of me.

“Who the, Katie?” I asked.

“Or Samantha you dumbass, I can’t believe you fell for that!” she teased.

“Get off of me Katie,” I ordered.

“No, no you listen to me I’ll teach you to fuck with my personal life you piece of shit, I’ll teach you and you damn morals a lesson or two about real fun,” she snapped. I knew Katie was far from a good girl but she was taking this really far. “One more thing, if you make one attempt to let someone know what’s going on up here I’m gonna bury this in your throat.”

I suddenly felt cold steel pressed against my throat I knew it was a knife. “Jesus Christ Kate, what’s wrong with you?”

“You’ll learn soon enough.” Then a tiny giggle came porno videolar from across the room, my desk lamp went on after my eyes adjusted to the light I saw who was there Samantha in a small nightgown meant to show off her legs.

“Ready Sam?” Katie asked.

“You bet Kate, I’ve been waiting for this to damn long.”

“Waiting for what? What’s going on?” I pleaded but it just seemed funny to them. Katie put the knife down on the nightstand and pulled my shorts down exposing my dick to them. Katie looked at it then placed her small hand around it and gently pulled.

“I hope it’s not dead,” she said laughing at her own joke. And yet slowly but surely my dick began to see what it was missing all these years as Katie’s hand began running along the length of it. Soon I was hard as hell. “Oh my God Will you’re huge this thing must be nine inches.” Katie exclaimed upon her discovery.

Samantha, the real one climbed up on top of my bed and placed her hand on my dick too. They both started playing with my cock and balls. I did everything – thought about sports and fat women and the realization that these were my sisters and I was being raped but my dick was giving me the cold shoulder for all the years of rejection I had shown it.

“So Will, what do you think of your morals now?” She finished by leaning over and shoving my cock into her mouth. I had never felt anything like this it was extraordinary and I felt a slight eruption from within my cock. Katie perked her head up a moment later with a small stream of white running from her closed lips. To my surprise Samantha leaned in and licked the white fluid from Katie’s chin. I reasoned the fluid was my sperm, I had heard this stuff from school before. I was unhappy to admit my sisters were behind most of these stories though. “Did you like that Will? ‘Cause we got a lot more were that came from.”

I was completely silent I didn’t know what to say, half of me wanted to say yes to everything they did, but the other half wanted to break lose from my bonds and toss them out.

“I think he needs more persuasion – Sam, why don’t you take him?” Katie dictated. A smile crept across Sam’s face. She pulled her nightgown up around her waist exposing her bald pussy. “Sam has a wonderful cunt, Will – you’ll love eating it for her.”

Samantha placed her pussy over my face. “Now Will, just run your tongue along it that’s all you have to do for now,” she instructed. I slowly began to lap my tongue along her inflamed lips she began to moan a bit. “Stick your tongue in me, Will, lick me,” she groaned. I pushed my tongue into her cunt and moved it around a bit after a minute rus escort bayan gaziantep or so she groaned loudly and flooded my face with her juices. I gagged on them a bit. Samantha and Katie both laughed at my expense.

Samantha leaned over me and untied the ropes that held my arms in place. “Here, Will, give me your hand.” Samantha asked instead of ordered. I gave her my hand and she placed it against her pussy, she rubbed my hand along her slit. “Put a finger in me, Will.”

I placed a finger into her wet opening and shifted it around just like my tongue, shortly it began to have the same effects as my tongue. This time she let her juices on my hand. She grasped my hand again and began licking it clean. I was starting to like this I had to admit it and I was hard again. “Katie, it was your idea so you can go first,” Samantha offered.

“Thanks, Sam,” Katie acknowledged. “Now, Will, we will see if you can use this thing,” she said. She lifted herself onto my cock and slowly sank down onto it and my hard cock became engulfed in her. Her pussy gripped my cock as she began to rock back and forth with a show of pleasure across her face. “Oh god Will you’re so huge.”

I was really starting to like this. Katie began rocking faster and faster. Samantha pulled her nightgown off revealing her perky tits. “Suck on them,” she ordered. A nipple fell into my mouth and I closed my mouth around it. I felt fucking great. Fuck the morals – I was having a damn good time, with my sisters at that. I grabbed Katie’s hips and pulled her down and started ramming her harder. “Oh Will, fuck me hard, yes, yes! Will, fuck me!” She exploded on me and so did I leaving our juices up her cunt and running down her legs. I fell back onto the bed and Katie climbed off me.

“So Will did you learn your lesson?” Katie asked.

“Yes and a whole lot more,” I responded calmly. Both of them curled up under my shoulders for a quick rest.

“Will there is something we should tell you now,” Samantha said.

“What you aren’t going to get pregnant are you Kate?”

“No I’m on the pill so is Sam but it’s about Janet. Janet is my best friend, my only friend and a very pretty girl at that.”

“What about her?” I asked.

“Well she’s kinda been using you all these years.”

“Hmm? Why?” I asked a bit worried.

“For popularity, and she really truthfully wants you. What she does is record all those conversations you have and she lets all the girls listen to them cause sometimes you can say pretty stupid stuff bro.”

“Yeah,” I said a bit pissed off.

“Well we just wanted to let you know now that you’ve grown up and we think you should show her a lesson just like we did you – trust me, she wants you, hon.”

“Alright I will.” So I thought my best friend is a fraud – she betrayed my trust and the rest of my feelings she sold my dignity, I’ll give it to her good. Later that night I screwed Samantha and Katie several times in the pussy and the ass before we finally all passed out in a naked heap of bodies.

To Be Continued…

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