Social Networking Ch. 03

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As I sipped my second beer, I was torn between excitement, pride and guilt. I had just rubbed my finger the full length of my wife’s friend’s pussy but I had avoided any other sexual contact. I was proud that I avoided stripping Becca’s clothes completely off as I am sure it would have led to me cheating on my wife. I was rationalizing that she removed her pants on her own and she wanted to me to touch her pussy. At least she didn’t care that I looked at her beautiful blond pussy.

The last gulp of my beer was followed by the biggest smile as I thought about Becca’s leg draped over the side of the table and her pussy spread for my viewing pleasure. Just the thought of running my finger up the super wet valley between her legs made me want to pinch myself to see if I really experience it or was just fantasizing.

Well, it was after 11 now, I’m sure Heather is asleep by now. I didn’t want to talk to her until I read Facebook comments tomorrow. I drove home with a constant boner and slipped into bed without Heather stirring a bit.

At lunch time, I checked the site. Becca was gushing about how wonderful the massage was. She said.

“It was much more than a massage; it was a therapy session.”

“His gentle hands were only surpassed by his gentle spirit”

The girls were sending in comments encouraging Becca to move forward in her life, to trust men and to be happy with what she does have and not focus on what she is losing. Heathers comments were distinctly different in that they were designed to dig for details about the massage. She obviously wanted to know where I touched and how did it make her feel.

Becca was very stingy with details about the massage. She did share that I transformed her feet from sandpaper to softness. Much to my delight she omitted the details about her pussy being exposed and touched. Of course, I still worried about Heather talking to Becca on the phone as I was sure she would be pumping her for information. The talk on the site was only about Becca. I was anxiously trying to speculate who would be my next participant but there was no hint yet as to who would step forward.

When I walked in the house from work, Heather had just about finished cooking dinner and met me with a big kiss.

“How was your day?”

“Oh, about the same; Customers are pretty much assholes and I have to act like they aren’t. How about you?”

“We got out of work an hour early because there was a bomb scare in the building and by the time they would sweep the building it wouldn’t be worth going back in. It was on the news and everything. “

I looked in the oven and spied a roast, baked potatoes and fresh bread cooking. “Wow, a real meal; what’s got into you?”

“It’s amazing what an extra hour can do when you are preparing a meal. We wouldn’t be finished with dinner until 8 o’clock if I got home at the regular time.”

“Great, I want to watch the game that comes on at 6.”

I went upstairs and changed clothes. As I did, I thought about the fact that Heather had not mentioned the massage of Becca. Maybe she forgot and her fascination with this is coming to an end. I did not look forward to telling her the full truth. However, I loved my wife and really hated to lie to her. Of course, I am a guy and telling my wife anything that would get me in trouble was definitely a dilemma in my mind.

Dinner was great and I told her so. I helped with the dishes and after the kitchen was clean I moved into the living room and turned on the TV. Heather fiddled around downstairs for awhile and at halftime she told me she was going up for her bath. This seemed rather early for her to be headed to the bath but I didn’t think much of it.

The game was a blowout and when the scrubs came in I figured it was time to shut it off. I went upstairs, anxious to see what Heather was going to do.

Heather was already in bed but she was curled up on top of the bedspread. She had already had her bath and was wearing a light blue one piece night gown. It came down just slightly below her ass cheeks but the way she was laying now exposed about half of those ass cheeks to my view. I did not recognize this piece of lingerie. Immediately, I realized that I was in for some major questioning. It is not normal for my wife to be sporting a new short silky night gown on a work night. Something was up.

I quickly moved to the shower to clean up and get my story straight. As the water sprayed down I relived the entire evening with Becca. I kept telling myself to hold back information until I knew what Heather knew. As I toweled off, I realized that I forgot my sleep pants in my haste to get into the shower. As I walked out of the bathroom, Heather turned and watched me. I then heard a whistle from her as I walked to the chair that my sleep pants were draped over. I covered my crotch in embarrassment as I grabbed the pants.

“You don’t need those handsome.”

“Why don’t I need my pants?”

“I like an all natural man to talk to at night.”

I hesitantly walked to the bed güvenilir bahis and sat on the side. I gave her a quizzical look.

“What are you up to?”

Heather lay on her stomach with her head propped up on both hands. She was looking at me with those big brown eyes. Her cleavage was showing below the lace of the night gown.

“Um, I don’t know, I thought we might talk about your massage of Becca last night.”

“I’m beginning to worry about you and your fascination with these massages.”

“I’m just interested in my best friends. I want them to be happy.”

I crawled up next to Heather and said “Ok, what do you want to know?”

“Tell me the whole story from the time you walked in until you walked out.”

“Well, I walked in said hello, massaged her and then I left.”

“I was thinking there would be a lot more detail.”

She said with a bit of a smile.

“Ok, she didn’t seem too happy when I arrived. She was stressed out about the massage and about Stu’s business failing. I guess you knew about that?”

Heather was now running her hand up and down my thigh making it hard to concentrate on my story.

“I assured her that the massage would be relaxing but I would be glad to not do it if she was uncomfortable. I had always pictured her as such a prissy bitch that I didn’t really know what to think of her crying and being so upset. I found out she really wasn’t so stuck up as I talked with her. I really thought she and Stu were so successful but after talking with Becca I came to the conclusion that she really is so unhappy with her life. All that money can’t make you happy. I really felt good about our relationship while I was talking with her. She apparently can’t talk with her husband. We always talk and we enjoy each others company.”

Heather was now squeezing my balls and had moved her head next to my stomach and was putting her lips on my side. She looked up and said.

“Ted, our marriage is strong and we can talk about anything. There are no secrets in our relationship. I trust you and you trust me.”

“Well, she shared her feelings with me about being scared about the future and about how it was hard to trust men. I really started to see a different side to Becca. She was not as icy as I had pegged her. I thank you for telling me to look for the real Becca. She seemed so scared and we talked for a long time. I tried to reassure her that things were not so bad and that money did not bring happiness.”

Heather was now stoking my cock very softly and driving me crazy. Her lips had moved down a bit toward my cock but she was still kissing on my leg as she ran her finger with a feather touch on the underside of my cock. She was hitting the sensitive spot that really excited me. I was trying to concentrate on my story but was having an increasingly hard time actually speaking words.

“Well, she finally agreed to the massage and we went upstairs into the master bedroom. Her house is fabulous and the bedroom is easily twice the size of ours. I told her that her feet were a mess and I worked on them for at least 25 minutes trying to get them soft.”

Heather looked up from my crotch where her face currently was and said.

“She told me you did wonders for her feet”

Heather then looked down and started to lick the underside of my cock. Her soft touch was amazing. After a few strokes of her tongue, she said without looking up.

“Tell me about the massage.”

“I started on her feet to get the final step on the softening of them and she really seemed to love the attention to her feet.”

Heather now had my cock in her mouth and was ever so slowly moving her head up and down taking the full length of my rock hard dick in her mouth.

“She was wearing pink silk matching pants and camisole and I started rubbing up her legs. I was careful not to get the oil on her pants.”

I paused for a moment, partly because I didn’t know what to divulge but mostly because Heather was now circling my cock with her tongue and moving a little faster up and down with her head. She pulled my dick out of her mouth and said urgently.

“Don’t stop…didn’t you go any higher up her legs?”

Heather popped my dick back in her mouth and I couldn’t tell a lie to this beautiful creature that was giving me the best blow job I had ever received.

“Well, yeah she asked about why I didn’t go any higher and I told her that I didn’t want to mess up her expensive pants. You won’t believe what she did next.”

Heather looked up at me and was still licking my dick when I said.

“She just pulled them off. I didn’t ask her to. I was so surprised. I didn’t know what to do. I just started massaging her leg some more.”

“You saw her coochie?”

Heather was now squeezing the base of my cock and I very much understood that I was in a very compromising position at the very worst time of my story. Heather’s lower body had made its way on top of my leg and I noticed an up and down motion to her butt. She was rubbing her pussy on my leg.

“Yeah, türkçe bahis a little, I really didn’t look too much. I just couldn’t avoid it. I was massaging her legs and it was right there in between.”

I thought she was going to squeeze my dick to death until she said.

“Did you touch it?”

Heather returned my cock to her mouth and was bobbing her head up and down awaiting my response.

“I did put some massage oil near her pussy and had to rub it in a little. I just touched the outside. I never put a finger inside. I just rubbed the oil in that was running down her inner leg. “

I hesitated a second to see her response. Heather was really sucking my dick with a vengeance now. All o f a sudden she pulled my dick out of her mouth and got up on top of me. She slammed my cock into her sopping wet pussy and pinned my arms down. Her face was directly over my face and she had this crazed look in her eye. I was scared to death as she said.

“You have been a very bad boy and you must be punished. I am going to fuck your brains out mister.”

Heather dug her head into my neck and started kissing and biting my neck. At the same time she started pumping up and down on my dick. I started to reach my hand out to grab her and she forced my arm back down.

“You shouldn’t be touching other girl’s pussies.”

I had never heard my wife say pussy. I didn’t even know she knew the word. Heather was a changed woman and currently a crazy woman fucking me like never before.

With that she thrust several times on my dick and collapsed on top of me. She lay there for just a few seconds to catch her breath and then she pushed me with both hands on the shoulders and rolled over on her back.

She was obviously pissed but she was very excited.

“Heather” I said as I rolled on my side

“Leave me alone!”

“I’m sorry; she surprised me by pulling off her pants. I wasn’t prepared for that. I lost control for just a few seconds and then I stopped. I swear I didn’t do anything else. I even told her to leave her top on when she tried to remove it.”

“She tried to show you her tits too…what a slut!”

“No, she is not a slut. I think she was very vulnerable last night. Her whole world was crashing down on her. I think she felt that I was like every other guy in her past that was going to take advantage of her. I did get a little carried away in her mid section but I was completely professional otherwise. Do you forgive me?”

“I don’t know what I am feeling anymore. I’m pissed at Becca. I’m pissed at you. I am excited more than I ever remember. I am so confused.”

“I will stop. I will only give you massages. That is all I ever wanted to do. I love you and I don’t want to you to be mad at me.”

“You’re just like any guy. If you see something you have to touch it.”

“Don’t be mad at Becca. I think she was used to professional massages where you seldom wear clothes. She is rich. I’m sure she has had plenty of massages at the spa. She really seemed so sad with her situation I think she needs a friend now more than ever.”

“You are so sensitive. It is hard to be mad at you for long. What did you do to her feet? She would not shut up about the miracles you performed on her feet?”

“I just do what you do. Ped Egg, sugar scrub and the acid wash.”

There was a moment of silence and then I broke it by saying

“Why do you think you get so excited hearing about my massages?”

Heather jumped out of bed and headed towards the bathroom. She muttered as she went away.

“I don’t know. I really don’t know.”

The next day was pretty normal, in fact, a couple of weeks went by and there was no talk of massages. I figured my little lie had played itself out. The gig was up. I guessed I had gone too far and freaked Heather out. She didn’t seem angry with me but she never mentioned it again after that night. As a guy, being in a constant state of confusion about your wife is not unusual.

Talk about the massages had also died down on the Facebook site. It was mainly filled with the boring stuff. I had just about figured my career as a masseuse was over when Heather brought it up over dinner.

“I might have another candidate for your massage services.”

“Let me guess; some fat guy with back hair?”

“Ew, that’s gross. No, my girlfriend Beth.”

“Who? I never heard of her. Where do you know her from?”

“I work with her. You remember she was playing volleyball at the company picnic. She was on our team.”

“Nope, doesn’t ring a bell.”

“She is petite, very quiet and wears those dark glasses.”

“Oh, the one who kept jumping out of the way when the ball came close to her? She cost us the game.”

“Really, Ted, it was just a friendly game.”

“Did you see the prize for the winning team? They won these huge coolers. I needed one that size.”

“Boys are so competitive.”

“What does she do at your work?”

“She is in charge of the library for the law office. Some times she does research for güvenilir bahis siteleri one of the partners.”

“Why does she need a massage?”

“She is so in her own shell. She is afraid to really live life. I have gotten to know her recently and I feel sorry for her. You are so sensitive. I think you can give her some confidence and some positive energy toward men.”

“Isn’t that what husbands are for?”

“Her husband is an over the road trucker and a jerk. He keeps complete control of her. He has to know everything she does and who she talks to. She is afraid to do anything out of fear of him. I think she ought to leave him before they have children and are stuck with each other. “

“Why are you meddling? She’s a big girl. She can figure it out.”

“Ted, you don’t understand. She thinks all men are jerks. She is afraid of talking to men at work. She will never leave this jerk until she can trust a man. She has no hope.”

“Sounds like she needs a therapist, not a massage.”

“Her husband controls all the money and keeps tabs on her every move. A therapist would not do what you can do. You are a sensitive man, a trust worthy man, someone who she could see as an example of a good man that is out there for her. She lacks any confidence. She feels she is plain and not very talkative. She has trouble in conversation. I think that she would come out of her shell if she had some excitement in her life. If she felt desirable to the opposite sex and felt confident to connect with men in her life she would soon realize what there is out there for her. She really is a pretty girl but when I tell her that she doesn’t believe me. If you gave her a massage and told her how beautiful she is, she may start to believe it.”

“It sounds pretty dangerous to me. I don’t want to run into a crazed trucker.”

“Ted, she cries every day when we talk. She needs to get out of this marriage and she needs confidence to move forward. Besides, I have a plan to get her out of the house and be completely safe from her husband for a night. “

“Are you sure you are ready for this? You were pretty upset with me when I told you the story about Becca’s massage.”

“I really thought that through over the last couple of weeks. I feel like I have really come to terms with my feelings about this. I was uncomfortable with myself at first but I really feel like that I have accepted who I am. I am not embarrassed about my needs and desires anymore.”

“You know I love you and will do whatever you are comfortable with. OK, tell me about this little plan.”

“Beth’s husband is on the road until the weekend. Wednesday is Beth’s Bunco night. It is the only time she is allowed out of the house by her husband. I am going to sub for her at Bunco and she will come here for her massage and confidence boosting session. “

“Here? Where will I set up here? I don’t want any other woman in our bed.”

“I’ve got it all figured out. You can move the treadmill out of the guest room and there will be room in there after we move the bed against the wall. “

The guest room is small but I bet my massage table could fit if we moved the bed. The room just has a twin bed, a night stand, a small dresser and a corner shelf with some knick-knacks on it. I guess it will work. I don’t know if I am ready for this therapy session. I have only met Beth that one time and can barely remember what she looks like. It’s not like my wife’s friends who I have known for many years. Beth is practically a stranger and she will not post on Facebook. I will never know what she thinks of the night unless she shares with Heather. As I have seen, what a woman thinks and what she shares with her friends is completely different.

When I arrived home on Wednesday, Heather had already prepared the guest room. The bed was moved against the wall and my massage table was set up on the right side of the room. Heather had dimmed the lights and lit two candles to cover the musty smell in this room that we never use. She had also turned on a portable heater in the corner of the room to warm up the room. I have to say she did a wonderful job. The over head light was dimmed only slightly but the table lamp had been covered with a red cloth that gave the whole room an inviting glow. Heather had started a CD on a portable player on the bed. It was relaxing nature sounds with birds chirping and water running. I’m sure it would be relaxing to listen to. The room looked sexy. I hoped Beth would be comfortable.

“Didn’t I do a great job setting up the room? I think it looks just perfect.” Heather said as we met in the hall.

“I don’t know, I think it may be a little too bright for her to totally relax.”

“Ted, do not change a thing. Trust me, it’s perfect.”

I was changing my clothes when I heard the door bell. I immediately started getting anxious. My hand was shaking. I thought I had this down pat but it was so different with a stranger. I was nervous but I decided that she must be more nervous. I must come across as in control and confident. I walked downstairs as Heather was getting directions to the Bunco party from Beth. I stood for a short time at the bottom of the stairs as they exchanged information. Finally, Heather noticed me standing there and said to Beth.

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