Soft as a Virgin

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Laying on his bed and watching TV he started placing a few kisses on my neck, down to where the shoulder on my shirt had slipped down. I smiled and wiggled appreciatively, letting him pull the fabric over my bra strap away and plant a smooch there. He tugged again, I sat up and took off my shirt, snuggling back up again.

“You smell so good.”

I squirmed back against him, feeling his breath, hot and wet against my skin. He moved the strap off my shoulder, leaning up to kiss down my upper arm as well. I felt his fingers in my hair, brushing it out of the way yet lingering on it. I turned back towards him, so I was lying on my back with him half over me.

The first kiss was soft, sucking on my upper lip. I closed my eyes after looking up into his, feeling his hand slide up over my stomach. The second kiss was all tongue, his working against mine and then exploring my mouth. My bra was clasped in the front, I felt it come apart in the third kiss. I bit down into his bottom lip and he moaned with pleasure into my mouth.

He turned his attention away from my mouth, licking and kissing down to my nipples. Little bites back and forth, then sucking. I parted my legs for his wandering hand, he found just the right spot through my jeans. I was blushing when he looked up again and smiled, then went back to what he was doing while slowly unbuttoning and unzipping my pants.

His fingertips found the elastic of my panties, I jumped as he moved lower over the fabric. Goosebumps broke out over my skin, sending a shiver down my spine. His mouth moved down over my ribs, leaving a trail of soft bites and tiny smooches. I froze when he reached my belly button, just above my unbuttoned pants.

I lifted my ass up as he pulled the pants down to my knees; I kicked them off. He came back up for another kiss, holding me tight. I rubbed my knee against his waist, trying to find a hundred different little ways to let him know I wanted it. He slid his hand down from my knee to my ass, giving it a squeeze as he sucked on my tongue.

“You feel so soft.”

I kissed his neck, giving him a bite mark there to remember me by. He moved down to my nipples again, already hard before his tongue reached them. His hand found its way between my legs again, to the wet spot on my panties. I gasped, pressing myself down against his hand. He pulled the fabric aside and buried his fingers in me, sending Zonguldak Escort my head back into the pillow with pleasure.

Then the fingers were in my mouth, and I could taste how much I was enjoying it. He watched, I sucked them clean and undulated my tongue against them to hint at what was coming later. He dragged the moisture from my mouth down over my nipple and back to where they came from. His mouth was on mine, tasting me as I tasted myself.

My panties were slowly worked down; I bent my knees up and then they were resting on my ankles. He pulled away from me and kneeled, leaning over to take the panties and bunch them together, smelling them. I giggled or some silly girlish thing, he folded them inside out and pushed them into my mouth as his fingers urged me to comply.

And I sucked on the silky lace, as he knelt down between my legs. Kisses and love bites started at the inside of my left knee; I lifted myself up to him but he took his time. I ran my hands over my breasts, pinching my own nipples. I cupped my breasts just like he does, fondling the areola with my thumb.

He breathed out against me, kissing, and then letting his teeth brush against my clit. My knees came together, lifting myself up to his mouth. Pleasure blossomed from my hands, his mouth, and the cold air brushing against all my bare skin. He kept going until I was bucking, almost there, then his was back on my nipples.

“MMmmm… Keep going?”

“It’s better like this, cool down.”

Kissing, biting my bottom lip before I bit his. Tongues curling together, my panties resting fragrantly by my neck. He kissed my belly button, placed love bites on each rib back up to my nipple. When my eyes closed it all blurred together, the wetness of his lips cooling my skin down. I jerked back into reality when his tongue licked up between my lips to my clit, making my back arch and a cry escape my throat.

His nails dragged down my back and over my ass. The scratched burned like fire and he did it again. I pulled at my nipples, licking my lips and squeezing my eyes shut. A finger found it’s way up between my cheeks, pushing up inside of me as I came. I shuddered, fucking his face and almost blacking out with pleasure.

He was breathing heavily, head against my chest when I opened my eyes again. He’d taken his shirt off; I pulled at one of his nipples as he rolled onto his Zonguldak Escort Bayan back. I kissed his lips, kissed his chin, then kissed down to suck on his nips until I got his pants unzipped. He didn’t waste time to help me, and get his boxers down.

I did the same he did, starting at his knee and working up his thigh. He was already hard, but I drew it out kissing and biting my way up. I stroked his cock, precum wetting my hand. I started licking at the head, getting into it, I undulated my tongue against the underside creating suction by making my tongue into a bowl.

“Oh God yes, do that again.”

After that it was just moans and mumbling. I did the trick again, then massaged in circles with the tip of my tongue. Then I moved down to his balls, cupping them and licking. Working slowly back to his dick, stroking it as I took as much as I could into my mouth. Sucking, licking, stroking, then starting over again.

He said something and I didn’t hear him, then he started to roll over on his side. I let him, then continued stroking. I knew what he wanted, it was his favorite thing. I started by kissing his ass, giving him a little bite before going between his cheeks. It started with one long lick, from his scrotum almost to his back. Then I worked my tongue back down to his hole.

“Do it.”

I stroked him, feeling him shudder with pleasure as I licked around his asshole. He scooted back a little, and I penetrated him with my tongue. Working it in, working it around. Curling it and then just wiggling. Stopping to give a second lick, a third, and smaller ones like I was cleaning him. I felt his hand on the back of my head, reaching back to push me forward.

I inhaled deeply and exhaled so that he’d feel it. I pushed my tongue in, he told me it was enough. He rolled back and I started sucking again. Licking the taste out of my mouth and the pungent taste of his cock back in. He was breathing heavily, almost like he was pained.

“Do that thing with your tongue again.”

I sucked so that the suction would be stronger, then did it again. I gave him a little scrape with my teeth and he came. His cum filling my mouth and I moved back, the rest landing on my face and in my hair. He was gasping like he’d just run a marathon; I swallowed what was in my mouth.

“Come here baby.”

He took two fingers and wiped off my face, Escort Zonguldak bringing it to my lips. His cock wasn’t even completely soft, he was working towards a second wind. I gave in and licked his fingers, sucking them, letting him gather more to let me suck off. Then I laid there with my head on his chest, fondling him while he pulled at my nipples.

Every once in while he slipped a hand down my back, or along my waist. He couldn’t reach the wet and matted pubic hair, but he teased me. I threw a leg over one of his, my wet hair fell over his shoulder. The moment lasted and drew out; he got harder. I turned onto my back and he went back to my nipples, sucking and fingering my pussy.

He turned away and reached off the bed, opening the drawer and getting out a condom.

“Put it on me?”

I smiled and took it. Unwrapping it, holding his cock and slowly putting it on. He watched, loving it. I crawled back up to him and kissed him; he turned me over onto my back. I settled in, wiggling, he knelt by my feet. Holding the underside of one of my knees and bending it up to my chest as he kissed his way up to my mouth.

He held himself, positioning, pressing in slowly. When his hand could be freed he put it under the other knee, until both my ankles were at his shoulders. I gasped, he moaned, working in and out slowly but only penetrating about an inch. He stopped when I let out a cry.

“What is it?”

“I’m a virgin.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I’m afraid you wouldn’t want to… You know…”

He kissed me so I wouldn’t have to finish. I whimpered as he started again, even slower. Deeper, deeper, harder. I held onto him, scratching my nails across his shoulders until he bled. He curled down to my nipple and bit, I scream, he pushed all the way in.

Then he was still, all the way into me. Tears ran out of the corners of my eyes, then he kissed me. Letting me adjust, letting me relax, then he started again. Slow strokes, such a slow pace. Kissing my neck, biting my ear, taking my virginity.

Every time I whimpered he would slow down, then work back up to a comfortable pace again. I reached up to run my fingers over his head, down his neck. Fondling his nipples before he went back down to my neck. Licking and sucking, hand under one of the cheeks of my ass. Every once in awhile he’d slide between them. Tempting me, what was next.

Then he came, slowly building up to it. Exhaling against my ear with such a soft moan he could’ve been dying. I kissed his ear, lifting myself up through the discomfort. He came, hard, blushing with the effort. Then he was beside me, snuggling. I was wiggling back against him, closer, aching.

“Thank you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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