Something is Going On

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Sunlight filtered through Jason Somner’s room awaking him. It was 9:00 am on his digital clock and realized he had a good, restful sleep. He swung out of the bed and padded into his black, mirrored high tech bathroom. This was the first day he won’t do any work. He stepped under the cold shower and felt good. His several weeks of toil must earn him a week or so of leisure.

Jason was an ex-gigolo. A sex machine on the scene as they say. He’d been around, done this and that. Sex gave material acquisitions but real happiness eluded him. In the end he had no one. He felt empty.

A celibate? He smiled. He couldn’t believe that his sexual motor had been idled for more than a year. He’d concentrated on his career as a motorcycle illustrator and sought all manly pursuits, except pussies.

He looked himself in the mirror and smiled. His body had transformed from Mick Jagger thin to Brad Pitt’s Adonis physique. He was a new man. No more dope, clean as a whistle. Only his hair had gotten way too long. Chopping off his trademark lock for a fashionably stylish cut would seem cool. It’s summer, and a shorter do would be a welcome change. So he thought.

He’s 32. “For crissakes settle down and have babies, before I die,” his widowed mother would say. Well, he’s been immersed in his career that marriage for him was remote as Tibet.

After this reflective bit, Jason threw on shirt and jeans and after breakfast headed off to Craig’s–the hair salon in Adolphus Cierra Mall.

Rita, the black receptionist girl at Craig’s recognized Jason instantly and greeted him endearingly.

“Mr. Jason Somner, Hi! Long time no see. How’d you been? “

“Fine. You still look lovely Rita,” he replied.

“Oh thanks Mr. Somner, and you look sexier,” she said appraising his body. “What’ll it be for today?”

“Just a haircut,” he said.

“Tired of the long hair, huh?”

He simply nodded.

” Karen is no longer here. Bridget can do it for you.”

“Then Bridget it is,” he said shrugging his shoulder. Karen used to cut his hair, give him massage and cock suck him wonderfully.

Jason flopped on the black couch and flipped through a Men’s Health Magazine.

Someone’s presence seated across him snagged his attention. Good Lord! A spectacular-looking chick had crossed her legs and dropped a magazine from her lap. He caught her sparkling blue eyes and the sweetest smile he’d ever seen when she bent and picked up the magazine.

Their gaze was broken only when the shampoo girl appeared and called her. Jason didn’t catch her name and when she stood, his discriminating eyes rated her immediately at ten. She must be at least 5’6″, creamy white complexion with a rosy glow and a marvelous figure hugged by a pale blue cardigan over off-white pajama pants and suede boots. Her brown sable hair was swept to a pony that looked undone at the back but looked fabulous. Was it her eyes, nose, mouth that grabbed him? Anyway she was astonishingly pretty and he liked her instantly. She glanced back to him and he breathed like a stallion.

An ex-gigolo that he was, he knew when a girl needed to get laid. God forbid! He was getting tempted and his predator instinct was getting revitalized. For the first time his enforced celibacy was put to a test.

Like a priest who entered a strip joint, he felt guilty and wanted to get out as fast as he could. Just when he was about to cancel his haircut Rico the shampoo person called him. Reluctantly, he let Rico led him in. Over Rico’s shoulders, he viewed her backside swaying a sexy strut.

Lying on the shampoo couch next to hers, Jason noticed there wasn’t a marriage ring in her finger.

Jason told Rico he was going to leave after the shampoo, as suddenly he no longer wanted a hair cut.

“Why? What’s the matter Mr. Somner? You seem to be quite uneasy. Tell you what, after this I’ll give you a good massage on the head and back and then you decide what to do with your hair, ok?”

Jason couldn’t do anything but surrender to Rico’s expert hands.

The girl heard their conversation but remained silent the whole time they were being shampooed.

Jason sat where he could see her face on his mirror and she could see him too. Often their eyes would connect and the only way to disconnect was by pretending to read magazines.

Bridget the hairdresser introduced herself to Jason. She’s partly black and looked like one of those girl bands. Jason pointed to her the Tom Cruise’s cut in the movie ‘Vanilla Sky’ which he came across from a page of Movieline magazine.

The hair trim for Jason was quick and after the blow dry he didn’t waste a second to leave. He set off immediately to the exit. But as he was about to exit the main room, he paused for a few seconds.

“Turn back, you handsome brute!” The thought yelled in the girl’s head. But he didn’t.

“Oh, dummy!”

“You know, that guy was cute, did you notice?” The girl talked to her hairdresser.

“Yeah I did. Absolutely! Did you just say something like dummy?” Melissa, the hairdresser was surprised she’d spoken to her about a guy. güvenilir bahis She knew that this girl was reputed to be so reserved and never really opened her mouth if it wasn’t necessary.

“Yeah, guys I like don’t come to me. Only guys I don’t like. When am I gonna have the man I like come to me? Do I terrifying them?”

“Not at all. Just give them a chance.”

“I don’t know how to flirt with guys. I guess I’m afraid.”

“Afraid of what? In fact you’re one of the most beautiful girls I’ve come across here. If I have the face and figure like yours I’ll take the President and Monica Lewinsky wouldn’t have had her chance.”

“Wow! You got a nerve of a three-day aching tooth. Naw, I just have difficult time with guys — socially.”

“Like you’re unattached at present?”

“Like a vicious cycle, yes,”

“Oh poor girl, you’ll get your man one way or the other and if you’ll believe my hunch, you’re going to have him.”

“Him? He already left and not a word to me.”

“He’s probably shy,” the hairdresser said as she started putting hot oil wax on her hair.

“I don’t even know how to read guys thoughts but he kept looking at me,” she chuckled.

“See? That shows he’s interested. I told you he’d come back for you. Read Cosmo magazine, you’ll find tips there on how to hook up with guys.” She saw a copy on the mirror ledge and took it.

“Yeah, yeah, ohhh that feels good, I needed that…” The girl was lost in the relaxing massage. Melissa was happy they’ve gotten into some conversation.

Jason couldn’t get the girl out of his mind. Suddenly he looked like he was besieged with a math problem. Finally, he decided to drop by Page One Bookstore and then Tower Records.

At Tower Records Jason listened to John Mayer’s “You’re Body Is A Wonderland,” through the earphones. Then he saw her. Oh God, there she is again! Casual sex—I’ve given it up. It doesn’t mean nothing shit. Lord have mercy, hope she’s the right one.

Jason eyed her like a sniper. Shades of supermodel Paulina Porishkova and country singer Shania Twain was in this girl’s face and body. Her hair now was sexily down and loose. She didn’t see him as she browsed about on the jazz music shelf.

Jason was fond of jazz and he wondered what could she be looking for. Finally she picked one and asked the attendant sales clerk for a sample to listen to. Then the inevitable happened. Their eyes met and the connection was hot. She smiled and her eyes twinkled.

Jason was running a gamut of feelings inside him.

“I gotta have her!” Jason finally decided.

“Good Lord, I saw the handsome brute again. Melissa was right that I’d see him again. He smiled at me.” She melted inside like snow sliding from a high pitched roof. For the first time she was excited and hoped the guy would speak to her.

Jason stood a few feet away, more handsome with her shorter raven black hair, and the snug-fitting clothes that outlined his muscled physique. Suddenly she felt a primitive need she hadn’t known existed before as he glanced back to her. She felt something warm rippled through her female center. And what a perky cheeky thing the feeling was! Something a girl just couldn’t tell her mom. Talk about chemistry!

Her face appeared puzzled when she wore the headphone. She wasn’t hearing anything. She thrashed her face left and right looking for the clerk. Suddenly Jason was the one who approached her instead.

“It wasn’t on.” Jason spoke to her.

She took off the headphone. “I beg your pardon?”

“Your player wasn’t on.”

“Oh, how stupid of me,” she said coyly.

Jason flashed his mega-watt smile and said, “Hi! I’m Jason Somner. I saw you there at the salon.” His voice came on as thick and sweet as syrup on a hotcake.

“I know. I’m Donna Folger,” she said feeling jelloed knees as they shook hands.

“I have a confession to make. I’m quite insecure with dating ‘cos I fear rejection.” He began and then a pause. “But you are so beautiful I can’t seem to let this day pass without trying to get to know you. Can I invite you for a tea or coffee right after you’re through with this store?” He was surprised at how automatically he said those words.

Donna thought, “Wow a guy who’s hot and humble…how could I say no to him?”

Less than 30 minutes, they were seated at a table for two at a snack deli, conversing about jazz music as they sipped their lattes and munched raisin oatmeal cookies. Finally Jason revealed himself.

“I’m an illustrator and photographer of motorcycles and race cars. I live just a few blocks away at Derek’s Avenue on top of an old building called Compton’s. I’ve been so crazy busy with my career and I just finished a hell of a job and I’m giving myself a rest for just a week to catch on with my other interests, like watching baseball games, going out…just a bit of relaxing and leisure.

He paused, sipped his coffee then he asked, “What do you do Donna?” He lowered his blinkers to her amazingly lacquered nails and wished, he could touch them at once. But he looked back at her in anticipation to her answer.

“Nothing. canlı bahis I just cook cookies like this one,” she said after tasting quite a bit of the cookie. “Only better,” she added.


“Yup.” She nodded and laughed crinkling her nose. Naw, I …um…work for my dad… I’m his secretary. He’s a skin specialist. I also attend classes to learn blowing glasses, as I have this dream of entering into a business designing glasses for décor. My dad is in Europe right now attending some medical convention and he’d be out of town for a week along with my mom,” she said lowering her thick eyelashes for that kind of demure look and hinting that she’s obtainable.

“I’m glad you didn’t come along with your dad. Otherwise I wouldn’t have met you.”

“Well, my classes next week are crucial. So I cannot leave.”

“Tomorrow’s Saturday, you think you’ll have time to come with me to Morey’s Pier? I heard they have a new high-tech rollercoaster there and I haven’t gone seeing that place for a long time,” he said putting the cup of coffee to his lips and sipped .

Donna’s eyes widened. “That’ll be great but steer me out of those loops. I’m just too scared to ride rollercoasters.”

“C’mon live outrageously once in a while. You’ve got to fire something in yourself to really live. Don’t worry you’ll be safe with me like a bug in a rug.”

“You certainly have a way with words,” she smiled, teeth gleaming white, knuckles under her chin. She thought he also have a way of making her pulse raced excitedly as her eyes wandered over his eye-popping biceps in his T-shirt sleeves with every move he made. She liked men with muscles but not too muscular like Schwarzenegger’s. Jason’s were perfect. And he could be protective. She imagined slipping into those arms like she belongs to him. It was happening.

“Okay. What time and where do we meet?”

“Morning at 8:00. I’ll pick you up in my Harley just tell me your address.”

“Alright, 117 Brighton St., in Maplewood Village,” she said bright-eyed and optimistic.

“Got it! I know the place!” Jason exclaimed.

She was speechless. Something’s going on. Something’s just got to happen.

“Bring on some swimsuit. I got a beach house over there.”

Donna was so excited that when they parted she couldn’t wait to shop for some very nice outfit plus the sexy swimsuit. She called Janey her friend that night and told her that she finally met a six-foot hunk that made her drool.

“Describe him to me,” Janey said.

“Oh God, my senses easily tangled with his mane, very long, eyes smoldering, lips very angelic like Kurt Cobain’s that you’d like to touch and kiss, brawn muscles that stretch his shirt and that faint aftershave, hmmm. He’s bringing me to Morey’s Pier tomorrow. I couldn’t wait!” Donna squealed.

“If he’s got a big dick, pass him on to me, will ya girl?”

“Lend a fucking dick my ass. You’ve got more men than Madonna.”

“Yeah, but they’ve got pencil dicks.”

“Why are you, Sophia and Lilibeth are so after big dicks?”

“Big whopper is ‘it’, amiga!”

“Size is not important to me, you know?”

“Size matters, Donna you must remember that.”

“Then get a black guy with a Godzillian dick.”

Janey hooted a laugh. “Funny you should say that. Anyhow, I wish you luck kiddo, ring me back for your juicy story, ok? I’m glad you’ve come out from that freaky attitude of yours of not going out with a guy.”

“Maybe this is the time but I don’t know, hope this is.”

At 7:30 in the morning Donna was already set. She hadn’t dated anyone for three months and especially of this kind. The last guy she dated was older and made her drunk to make a pass on her. He was like the rest of the guys she had dated before. They’re always hot to get into her pants without the benefit of getting her turned on first. So she had been a reluctant date since. She had put an invisible shield around herself and quickly earned the moniker of the ‘Ice Ice Lady.’ But Jason was different. He broke the ice shield.

That afternoon Jason was invited by his married friend Bill to his house for some cook out in their yard. They drank beers, smoked some Cuban cigars and ate jumbo hot dogs, pasta carbonara and tiramisu served by Bill’s wife. He told Bill that he’s lucky to have a terrific wife and three beautiful children. Married life hit him and he thought of Donna as the likely candidate. Bill read his thoughts and suggested marriage to him since he’s not getting younger. With Donna in mind such idea was no longer remote to him.

At five before 8, Donna heard a motorbike throbbed along the curb of the driveway. She quickly opened the door and Jason pulled up his macho machine in front of the house. He cut the motor and peeled off his helmet.

“Morning sugar cake!” he said squinting and flashing his now familiar smile. Oh Jesus, how heartbreakingly cute he is. She thought.

“Hi, Jason!” she said and jauntily walked up to him. They buzzed cheeks. His after-shave was great. “Wow what a bike!” She exclaimed as her eyes swept over it and then to his thighs that bahis siteleri straddled the machine. “I’ll just get my back pack,” she said.

“How are you Donna?”


“Who’s in the house?”

“My brother Brett still asleep with his girlfriend. I left him a note.”

He nodded and let her go back to the house to fetch her backpack.

Donna was wearing a cord jacket and low riding jeans. Her hair was fixed in that same style of pony-tail he saw in the parlor and her face just had the right amount of make-up to create that more natural look. A beautiful girl always made Jason’s heart sing.

“Ever driven or rode a bike before?” Jason asked as she piggybacked on the bike.

“This kind never. My dad would never allow me.”

Jason wore a Harley jacket over multicolored striped striped-shirt, faded Levi’s and bike boots. Donna immediately felt the exhilaration of adventure as she put on her helmet and felt Jason’s rippled muscles under her palms. Jason soon fired the motor and roared off.

“So this is your first ride.”

“Not exactly but for a lengthy trip and with you, yeah it is and I’m thrilled!” She said, seeing her breath as the morning was still refreshingly cool.

“Good, hang on and we’ll fly.” Jason’s raspberry and black chrome bike took speed, eating miles like a thoroughbred machine that it was. It’s one of his pride acquisitions—a Harley Royal Master Cruise bike – 22 grand. It’s a lady-killer.

“Wow, man you’re a road warrior!” Donna said getting so into the adventure feeling. The crispness of the spruce-scented spring air augured well with her happy feeling.

After passing through the Victorian neighborhood and out, cruising the city was easy and there was not much traffic and so they flew through the clover leafs and onto the expressway.

Soon Jacob was zipping Wildwoods, the avenue parallel to the pounding surf of the Atlantic Ocean. Morey’s Pier was a few distances away. Summer heat was on and Donna could feel it in the insides of her legs.

But before they reached Morey’s Pier Jason made a pit stop at his modest house atop a hill overlooking Morey’s Pier and the beach. “I bought this house years ago but remodeled it recently,” Jason said as he toured her around.

“Wow! It’s been my dream to have a house near the beach,” she breathed as she viewed the blue ocean from the deck and the Morey’s Pier not far away

Jason also showed his paintings and most of all his collection of motorcycles, two vintage sports cars and a heavy duty SUV in the basement garage. He also introduced her to his Japanese gardener and housekeeper named Tako.

“Wanna drive one of the scooters?” asked Jason. “Oh I love that red one,” she pointed. “Good choice. That’s a beauty and it’s right for you,” he grinned. “This time I’ll hitched on you.”

Jason led her to his guestroom and as he stared at her, he thought of throwing her down the bed and make passionate love to her but he held back. She’s too special to be rushed. Donna read his thoughts and wondered if she could refuse him. When he didn’t do a thing her desire grew even stronger. He said he’ll change in his room and left her. Her panties had soaked from her hot desire and she had to change for a fresh one.

When Jason emerged from his room he was wearing an open weave sweater on Levi’s, and bowling style sneakers. He was handsome as he stood leaning on the doorway, giving a whistle of admiration to Donna. She looked like a living doll in a cropped red-orange top baring a sliver of tummy skin and low, dark olive skimpy shorts with an army belt. A light olive newsboy cap, Armani shades and wedged sandals completed her ravishing look.

At the Morey’s Pier they made a lovely couple and were like kids let loose in wonderland. Husbands ogling at her was either glared by dagger looks by their wives or bopped on their heads with the park’s map.

They started touring the Waterpark first and had great fun in the raging river. That drop of the log boat over the edge of the waterfall and the crashing below thrilled them enormously that they took a repeat ride. They bought the pictures of them showing their contorted faces as they took the drop. She found herself relaxed with Jason and he was like a real friend missed for so long.

Lunching at a chic seafood resto, Jason was a romantic, drawing envy from discreet stares of lonely women. He flattered her constantly, looked only into her eyes adoringly. Most tenderly moment was when Jason fed her mouth with grilled shrimps, lobster with his hands while making her laugh. Donna was never as happy at that moment with a guy.

Donna survived the high-tech roller coaster only because she was with Jason. “Have no fear when Jason is near,” he would say. They took other rides and the more hours she spent with Jason, the more she desired him and almost like she didn’t want to let him go. He became her teddy bear come to life.

In the evening they watched the fireworks display on the terrace of his house. Their hands linked while dining on steaks and salads prepared by Tako. Jason constantly whispered sweet nothings. He caressed the fingers under the palm of her hands sending shivers all around her body. It was here when Jason kissed her hand and lips. His kiss melted her body like marshmallow under a flame.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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