Sometimes Plane Delays Can Be Good

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Note from the Authoress: This story doesn’t form part of the Julie Journals as it is a work of fiction. This story was inspired by a comment left about another story I wrote. The comment went, “Why do I only seem to get offers from fat businessmen when I travel?” I chatted to the maker of the comment and we discussed a few ideas and I have ended up writing this story. It’s a “what might happen” scenario so my advice to the comment leaver is ‘travel more, you never know’.

* * * * *

Julie sat watching the scenario at the distant table from her position in the corner of the dimly lit airport bar. Her flight was delayed by 12 hours and the check in gates weren’t even open yet so she had found herself a quiet corner to pass the time.

Although she couldn’t hear what was going on the body language was obvious, as the balding middle-aged businessman leered and pawed the arm of the young woman sitting there. Even though it was only 10 in the morning the man had started drinking and the woman was clearly uncomfortable and was trying politely to tell the man she wasn’t interested but he was persisting. Normally Julie wouldn’t become involved in things like this but something in the sweet innocence of the slightly flushed face of the late 20’s woman that touched a nerve inside Julie’s brain.

Laughing softly to herself Julie stood and put her book into her leather walk-on bag and smoothed out the imaginary creases in her knee-length skirt while running through her plan in her head. Satisfied it would work Julie took out her mobile phone and had a brief conversation before dropping it back in her bag. Then she walked purposefully and quietly across to the couple.

“Oh there you are Jane!” Julie said to the young woman in a voice that conveyed both concern yet love at the same time. Before she could speak Julie leant forward and kissed her firmly on the lips, pushing her tongue inside the woman’s mouth a little.

To Julie’s surprise instead of reluctance she expected the woman returned the kiss with passion, pushing her tongue back inside Julie’s mouth and running it across the inside of her teeth.

Breaking the kiss Julie turned to the man who was standing there open mouthed and placing her hands on her hips said in a stern voice, “are you bothering my girlfriend?”

The man was speechless for a second before blurting out, “You are lesbians?”

“Well congratulations Sherlock for working that one out,” Julie said with a laugh before sitting down next to the still silent girl and turning towards her and holding her hand.

Then Julie looked up at the man and this time her voice was slightly more cold as she said, “You still here? Can’t you see we are busy?”

The man walked away grumbling to himself as Julie turned back to the woman and took in her features. She had a pretty face, with bright green eyes that was framed with straight raven black hair that flowed past her shoulders. The dress she had on was smart and fitted her well but perhaps pulled a little around the hips.

“I might be by the way and also my name isn’t Jane,” said the young woman with a smile.

Chuckling softly Julie said “Well mine is Julie, and I can always call him back over if you want,” glancing over her shoulder in the direction of the man who was scouring the bar for his next target.

“Oh my god no,” said the woman, “and my name is Megan.”

“Well are you?” said Julie fixing the woman with a penetrating gaze from her bright blue eyes.

“Am I what?” said Megan a smile of amusement playing round her lips.

Julie didn’t need to ask again as Megan looked Julie over, her eyes feasting on Julie’s well defined body and admiring the condition she was in for a woman just over 40. Julie fluffed up her long wavy chestnut hair in an almost unconscious flirting movement and could feel her nipples harden and her pussy become warm and moist.

“I am,” said Megan as her smile turned into a leer, “the question is, are you?”

Laughing softly Julie patted Megan on the knee and said huskily, “that’s for me to know and you to find out isn’t it?”

“And how exactly will we find it out?” said Megan as she ran her tongue across her lips.

“That depends how much nerve you have,” Julie said, as she stood and collected her small suitcase on wheels.

Deciding to take a chance and see what developed Megan followed Julie across the airport and into the connecting hotel foyer. During the walk neither woman spoke although you could feel the tension building between them as they checked each other out and on the occasions when they brushed against each other it was like an electric shock jumped from skin to skin.

Walking into the hotel foyer Julie spotted a couple checking out. Turning to Megan she whispered, “wait here a second,” and walked to the reception desk next to them.

The young woman blonde woman behind the reception desk smiled at Julie and asked how she could help. Julie asked about the lunch facilities at the hotel and at the same time Eryaman Escort took in the name and room number of the couple checking out. Thanking the young woman for her time Julie turned away and in a movement that almost seemed clumsy she bumped lightly into the couple standing next to her.

“Oh I am sorry,” said Julie before carrying on across the foyer to Megan. What no-one had seen was that in her stumble Julie had palmed the electronic key card from the reception desk.

Walking towards the lift Julie turned to Megan slightly and whispered, “Room 419, the card will be good until 12.00 if you are game for it.”

As they entered the lift Megan looked at Julie, all innocence gone from her eyes now, and said in a husky lust filled voice, “and I thought you were going to pick up that blonde so I could fuck you both.”

Julie felt a tremor go through her, as she knew that this was no sweet little innocent here that she would have to coax but a lust filled tiger that she was about to spend a couple of very enjoyable hours with.

“And how would you have fucked us both I wonder?” Julie said lightly.

“I have a strapon in my suitcase,” said Megan with a leer, “which you at least will ride till you can’t stand. Then I might go back for the blonde and fuck her as well.”

“Oh I doubt you will have time for that,” said Julie laughing softly.

“And why that?” Megan enquired.

“Because after you have fucked me I will show you how to really use a strapon.” Julie said as she threw open the door to the room.

It was a nice enough room and the bed was still in disarray from the previous occupants but neither woman cared. After placing the do not disturb sign on the door Julie shut the door and turned to face Megan. Pure lust raged in Megan’s eyes as she moved across the room to stand in front of Julie. Locking their gaze Megan began to slowly unbutton Julie’s blouse revealing her lacy bra straining to hold her 40C breasts. Running her fingers across the material Megan leant forward and kissed Julie open mouthed forcing her tongue into Julie’s mouth. The two women kissed with mounting passion as Megan reached behind an unclasped Julie’s bra allowing her breasts to fall free.

Megan felt her pussy twitch as she heard Julie’s low moan of pleasure and she could not resist breaking their kiss to stare at Julie’s breasts, delighting in how her nipples were hard and almost quivering to her touch. Megan bent her head and gently sucked a nipple in, suckling on it as she grazed her teeth across it. At the same time she rolled the other nipple between her fingers and thumb pinching it occasionally.

Julie enjoyed the pleasure of Megan’s touch and leant her head back and relaxed as she felt Megan’s hands moved swiftly over her body unzipping her skirt and letting it fall to the floor.

Megan stepped back and looked at Julie clad just a brief thong and whispered in a low voice, “I want you.”

Julie’s eyes were on fire as she slipped her thumbs into the top of her thong and pulled it down to her ankles revealing her shaved pussy.

“Oooooo,” said Megan with a slight giggle, “I do love a shaved pussy. Now on that bed and show me how much you want me.”

Julie lay back on the bed and in a display on wanton lust opened her legs wide and began to rub her clit and every so often dip a finger into her soaking pussy. “I want you,” Julie moaned.

“What do you want?” Megan said, her eyes locking with Julie and she quickly divested herself of her own clothing.

“I want you to lick me then fuck me hard,” Julie replied in a croaky voice forcing 2 fingers into her open pussy.

Megan unzipped her case and pulled out a large black strapon that she could hardly fit her fingers round its girth, “With this?” Megan said in a lust filled voice.

“Oh yes,” moaned Julie as she felt her pussy clamp on her fingers and twitch as she imagined the monster stretching her good.

Megan fastened the harness and allowed Julie to feast her eyes on the cock jutting out from her groin as she watched Julie pumping her fingers into herself and pushing her hips upwards from the bed.

Megan knelt between Julie’s legs and could feel the heat and smell the wonderful aroma of Julie’s arousal. Leaning forward Megan licked at Julie’s fingers as they plunged in and out and then as Julie removed her fingers rasped her tongue along Julie’s pussy lips collecting the juices.

“Fuck yes,” Julie moaned loudly and grabbed Megan’s hair and pulled her in to her aching pussy. Megan felt her face pressed hard against Julie’s pussy and began to lap like a crazed woman at her clit. Megan felt Julie’s fingers tighten in her hair and her body tense as Julie started to cum flooding onto Megan’s chin. Shifting her head down slightly Megan managed to clamp her mouth over Julie’s pussy and suck in the juices that flowed freely.

“Now I will fuck you,” said Megan as she pulled back and grasped the hilt of the dildo and placed Sincan Escort it against Julie’s swollen pussy lips.

Julie wrapped her strong legs round Megan’s hips and pulled the strapon into herself moaning as it slipped deeper and deeper. The two women were pressed close together and Megan looked into Julie’s eyes as she started to move her hips slowly in and out. Megan could feel the base rub against her own clit as she drove in and out and felt Julie push up to meet her thrusts.

As Julie’s orgasm began to mount she leant forward and took Megan’s hard nipple between her teeth and clamped down. Megan moaned in pleasure and felt her pussy flood with juices. Suddenly Julie let go of the nipple and her head thrashed from side to side as she bucked wildly under Megan’s thrusts. Julie grabbed Megan’s head and kissed her deeply forcing her tongue into Megan’s mouth. This was enough to push Megan over the top and her own orgasm burst, urged on by the writhing of Julie under her rubbing the base against her swollen clit.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” murmured Julie as she law in Megan’s arms as they both recovered their breath, “that was lovely, but now it’s your turn so I hope you bought some gel.”

“Why would I need gel?” Megan laughed, “My pussy is soaked enough already.”

With a deft movement of her hips Julie flicked Megan off and onto her back and then kissing her Julie removed the harness of the strapon that was glistening with her juices.

Julie reached out and ran a nail across Megan’s erect nipple watching the way Megan writhed to the touch. Taking the nipple between her finger and thumb Julie squeezed gently. “Ohhh yes” Megan moaned softly arching her back off the bed.

Julie traced her nail down Megan’s body watching her intently all the time. Megan’s eyes were closed and her tongue slightly out of her mouth as her breath came in ragged pants. Julie could see Megan’s clit poking out engorged and red. Reaching out she ran a nail across the top causing Megan to moan and squirm with pleasure.

“Would you like to cum again?” Julie enquired with a slight trace of mocking humour in her voice as she continued to tease Megan’s clit.

“Yes,” moaned Megan softly and then gasped as she felt Julie’s finger slide just inside her aching pussy.

Julie probed just inside tickling Megan’s swollen pussy lips with her finger collecting juices on her finger tip. Then Julie began to circle Megan’s clit gently torturing Megan closer and closer to an orgasm. Every time Megan was close to cumming Julie would pause her movements letting Megan relax.

Bending her head Julie took Megan’s clit between her lips and sucked on it like it was a small penis. Megan words were just a meaningless string of ‘ooo’s’ and ‘aaaa’s’ as she felt herself being drawn closer and closer to an orgasm.

Every so often Julie would nip Megan’s clit with her teeth causing a louder moan to escape Megan’s mouth. Then Julie would tug and tease Megan’s pussy lips with her teeth causing sighs and groans. Each time stopping before Megan passed the point of no return.

As Julie licked and teased she lightly raked her nails down Megan’s sides causing her to squirm in delight. Soon Megan was drenched in sweat and she thought her body would explode with the tension that had built up inside her. “Oh please, please, please, Julie let me cum,” Megan groaned as Julie pulled back yet again just as Megan was sure she would cum.

Julie moved to her feet and started to buckle the harness on as she said throatily, “On your hands and knees my girl.”

Megan loved being fucked doggy style and moved eagerly to the position, shuffling towards the edge of the bed so Julie could gain access while still standing. Parting her knees Megan pressed her breasts against the bed, thrusting her ass into the air, waiting for the dildo to enter her throbbing pussy. From somewhere Julie had produced two strips of cloth and Megan felt a wrist being tied to just behind her knee on both sides ensuring that she stayed in that position.

“You didn’t have to tie me up,” Megan giggled, “though it isn’t the first time and I am sure it won’t be the last time.”

Julie laughed softly as she placed a finger against Megan’s anal star, watching how it twitched. “I am guessing you aren’t an anal virgin.” Julie said softly

“I am with anything that big.” Megan moaned softly as she felt Julie’s tongue probe gently at her anal star. “Ohhhh,” sighed Megan with pleasure, “no one has ever done that before.” Then she squealed as she actually felt Julie’s tongue slip inside. Julie rolled her tongue and pushed her tongue deeper into Megan’s ass and at the same time reached under and taking her clit between her finger and thumb pinched it gently as she probed. Megan was sure she was finally about to cum when she felt Julie move and then she shivered as she felt the cold touch of gel as her ass was probed.

“Then you had better relax,” Julie said as she worked two fingers deep Etlik Escort into Megan’s ass that were liberally coated with the gel she had spotted in the top of Megan’s open suitcase.

Soon Julie’s fingers were moving freely in Megan’s ass and then she groaned loudly as she felt Julie work a third in. “Had better make sure you are ready for this baby.” Julie said with a laugh.

Megan couldn’t make her mind up whether to ask Julie to stop as she had never taken a dildo that big in her ass of just enjoy the pleasure she was feeling as she was skilfully being prepared. The decision was made for her as she felt the head of the dildo being pressed against her anal star and Julie pushing gently with her hips.

“Fucking helllllllll,” Megan moaned as the head slid in causing white lights to pop in her brain as she felt her ass burn with the initial pain as she was penetrated.

“Want me to stop?” Julie cooed as she stroked Megan’s ass cheeks then traced down her spine with a finger nail causing goose bumps to appear all over Megan’s flesh.

Megan wasn’t even sure Julie would stop even if she begged her and as the pain subsided Megan made a decision that she wanted to feel it in the depths of her bowels. Gritting her teeth Megan whispered hoarsely, “Fuck me, and bury that monster deep in my ass.”

“Sorry what did you say?” Julie said with a low wicked laugh “I don’t think I heard you.”

“FUCK MY ASS,” Megan shouted pushing back towards Julie in a desperate attempt to impale herself on the dildo.

Julie smiled and ensuring the dildo was well coated with gel pushed it slowly but steadily deeper and deeper into Megan’s ass.

“Arghhhhhhh,” Megan moaned as she felt the burning in her ass as the dildo drove deeper opening her more and more. Megan had another strapon in her bag that was 6 inches long and more moderately sized in thickness and had been ass fucked with that many times but taking the thick 9 inch long dildo was a whole new experience for her.

Megan was moaning and groaning as she felt her ass being stretched and her clit ached to be touched but tied as she was she couldn’t reach. Her breath was coming in pants as she felt Julie’s hips touch her ass meaning the whole 9 inches of the dildo were buried deep in her.

Slowly Julie pulled back about half way then slid the dildo back home. Julie began to move a little faster as Megan relaxed and her ass became used to the monster inside her. “Please for the love of god Julie let me cum now.” Megan moaned almost with tears of desperation. Reaching under Julie found Megan’s swollen clit again and started rubbing and tweaking harder making Megan groan with pleasure.

Megan gripped the bed clothes with her teeth as finally her orgasm broke and she flooded onto Julie’s hand as she came over and over. Megan’s ass was fully relaxed and Julie could see the dildo slide in and out in easy fluid motions. Julie didn’t stop but continued to fuck Megan’s ass with hard determined strokes while she manipulated Megan’s clit until one orgasm flowed into another.

Finally Julie slowed her thrusts and then releasing Megan’s wrists allowed her to slump onto the bed face down. Lying next to her Julie gently pulled a strand of damp hair from Megan’s face before kissing her softly. “You ok?” she asked with hope and concern and her voice.

“My ass will be sore for a few days but it was out of this world,” Megan said dreamily as she returned Julie’s kiss.

“Oh ……. My………,” said a startled voice from the doorway and both women rolled over to see the young girl from reception standing there, her face flushed a deep red.

“Well are you reporting us or joining us?…….Kimberly,” Julie said with a laugh as she read the name tag on the blonde’s smart uniform.

The girl said nothing as she stepped into the room and kicked it shut with her foot. “You know I should have you both arrested for breaking and entering.”

“Oh dear,” Julie giggled knowing that the young girl was clearly turned on by the scene before her. “How ever can we make you change your mind?”

“Do you have another one of those?” Kimberly said nodding towards the dildo that was still jutting from Julie’s hips. Megan smiled as she nodded waiting for the girl to continue. Kimberly’s face was flushed as she fought an internal battle to verbalise what was rushing through her brain. Finally she blurted out in a timid voice, “Well if you both fuck me then I might let you off.”

Julie rolled to her feet grabbing a small minature of gin from the mini-bar then as she headed to the bathroom said, “Will leave you two to get acquainted while I clean this off.”

“So you want to be double fucked do you?” said Megan with a leer as she eyed Kimberly’s body under her uniform.

“Yes,” stammered Kimberly still looking down like she was ashamed of her carnal desires.

“WELL STRIP SLUT,” Megan barked in a hard voice and then watched as Kimberly shed her jacket before fumbling with the buttons on her blouse. Within a few minutes Kimberly was naked and Megan walked slowly round her appraising the young girl’s body as she stood head down waiting in expectation.

In a swift movement Megan fastened a scarf around Kimberly’s eyes plunging the girl into darkness. Kimberly didn’t protest but continued to stand in the centre of the bedroom waiting.

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