Sometimes Things Just Happen Ch. 02

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I had been seeing Jim for about 6 weeks as my sometimes personal trainer and oftentimes lover for about 6 weeks. My wife was beginning to notice the difference in me, more energy and higher sex drive but she attributed it to the “exercises” I was doing with Jim. She had even mentioned once or twice that she should start working out a little to. I always agreed but did not push the issue because I wanted Jim all to myself for a while yet.

Jim called one morning that I was to meet him in the afternoon to tell me that he had an old friend in town visiting but it would be okay for me to come over if I was okay with that. I was a little apprehensive but quickly adjusted my thinking that if Jim was inviting me it must be okay. I said sure that I would be there at the regular time and he said to come a little early because they had “plans”. I instantly got a twinge in my pants and agreed to come early.

I rang Jim’s doorbell an hour early and he let me in whispering in my ear that I was really going to like this workout and giving me a big shoulder squeeze. He led me into the kitchen where sat an attractive blonde sipping her coffee. Jim introduced her as Randi and said that they had known each other since high school. I reached out to shake Randi’s hand but she stood and grabbed my hand and put it around her waist, almost on her ass and gave me a big strong hug. Her grapefruit sized tits pressed into my chest and she made a point of pressing her crotch against mine. I slowly broke her hold and stepped back to look at her. Her 6 inch heels made her just a little shorter than me but she had some very shapely muscular legs that just looked like they wanted to be wrapped around someone. Her legs disappeared into a pretty short skirt that just showed her stocking tops. Her low cut silky blouse showed some very promising lace lined cleavage peeking out Randi had soft blonde hair that stopped right at her shoulders and one of the most interesting faces I had ever been this close to on a woman. She was attractive in a not real pretty way, almost like there was something hiding in her face, although I quickly decided that the rest of the package would make up for whatever flaw that was.

Jim poured me a cup of coffee and we sat at the table visiting. Randi asked about me and soon had my whole story including how Jim and I got together. As that story was being told, I felt her stocking covered foot rub against my leg. When I started asking about their relationship I felt like I was getting some evasive answers. Finally, Jim got up and came around the table to stand between Randi and me. Let’s go get comfortable was all he said and grabbed our hands and led us toward his bedroom.. I wasn’t about to resist this adventure, I mean I like being with guys, but Randi’s big tits really had my attention too.

In the bedroom, Jim and Randi sat on the görükle escort bed and started undressing me first. Their hands worked in quick unison to undo all my clothing and when it came to my shorts they both lingered a long time stroking my ass and slowly lowering them to reveal my already rigid cock. Randi cooed as she placed a loving kiss on the head and gave my balls a little squeeze. Jim stood and set me down in his place on the bed and Randi and I started the undressing process on him. When we got to Jim down to his undies we turned him around to play with his great ass. Randi told me that Jim’s ass is what she had always found to be the best part of his body. I agreed, but Jim turned on us and said that this was the part that needed more attention right now, showing us his big thick cock. Randi planted a kiss on him just like she had me then stood and sat Jim on the bed next to me.

Randi knelt in front of the two of us and began stroking our cocks and cooing about how fun this was going to be. Her writhing worked her already short skirt even higher and I was catching glimpses of her panties but getting a great view down the front of her blouse that seemed to be magically unbuttoning itself. Randi stood, pulling Jim and me together for a hug and kiss, then stepped back just a bit to start a very slow, sensual striptease. She slowly rotated, gyrating her hips in slow circles. As her pretty round ass came around to us her skirt lifted just enough to see her the soft globes of her ass separated by the thin material of her thong. Turning again to face us her blouse fell from her shoulders exposing her lacy bra the barely contained her full breasts. You could now tell that Randi had a close relationship with a plastic surgeon but as the bra opened it revealed a nearly perfect pair of tits with small dark nipples. Randi moved in and guided Jim and mine face to her luscious mounds. Her little nipples reacted quickly to being sucked and stood out like they wanted more. Randi pulled away and began sliding her small skirt down her hips. Turning so that her round inviting ass was again facing us, her skirt lowered to reveal her thin black thong and then enough that we could see he mound between her legs. Working her hips in slow circles, Randi started backing toward us again, working her hands over her ass cheeks.

When Randi slid her hands into the waist band of her thong and began working it down her shapely hips, Jim said to me that Randi was the best kicker that their high school ever had and had never missed a field goal in 4 years. I just said really as he waited for what he had said to sink in to my otherwise preoccupied brain. When it hit me, I turned to Jim to see a big grin on his face. I turned to Randi just as she turned to face us again and drop her thong to the floor. Her dick stood out proudly I front of her bursa escort bayan and she also just grinned at me. I did the first thing that came to mind, and grabbed her hips and pulled that pretty little cock to my mouth.

Jim’s head went to my lap and he began licking my excited cock while I feasted on Randi’s proud little cock and balls. When I had her good and hard her dick was only about 4 inches long and not very thick at all. She also had small little balls about the size of acorns and I was able to take all of her into my mouth at once and work my tongue over all of her. I was able to reach over Jim and make sure that his hard throbbing cock was not left out. He was huge with anticipation and I knew just where I wanted him to end up with his release. Randi’s knees started getting week and she laid her chest over my head to support herself. Feeling her big boobs on my head reminded me that I had not had the chance to really check them out yet. I let her cock slide from my mouth and kissed my way up to her nice handful of tits, taking them in both hands and licking from one nipple to the other. Her tiny little nipples instantly responded and got hard as rocks as I sucked and nibbled on them. I told Randi that I wanted to cover her tits with cum so we could all clean them off together. She just laughed and said that she thought we could make that happen.

We all stopped for a moment to get arranged on the bed. Randi settled in with my cock in her hungry mouth while Jim started sucking on her and I got to have my way with Jim’s huge cock. I had noticed that the more time we spent together Jim seemed to get larger and larger. I had not had the chance to measure him but he appeared to be about 8 inches long and I could barely get my hand around him sometimes. Randi had worked her way across my balls and was now licking at my eager asshole. I was opened enough that she could easily slide a couple of fingers in. I told Jim that I was ready for him.

Randi laid on her back and I got on top of her. While I sucked on her hot little dick and licked her balls and tight puckered hole, she give my hard rod a good soaking and let me rub it in between her soft tits. I felt Jim climb up behind me and get In the lucky man position. Randi eagerly sucked on his huge dick, covering it with her slick saliva, while Jim lubed up my tight ass and started working a couple of fingers up into my butt. Jim aimed his spit covered cock right for my waiting asshole and slowly crammed his whole 8 inches into my eager butt. Randi was squirming under watching Jim’s big dick fill my hole. I could feel her playing with his balls as she sucked on mine. When I could begin to relax and enjoy the fucking I was getting, I returned my attention to Randi’s hot little cock. Working my hands under her cute ass I started fingering her ass as I suck bursa escort up and down on her. She was alternating my dick between her mouth and those nice tits of hers while Jim was thrusting away between my spread cheeks.

I felt Randi stiffen under me and she sucked my cock deep in her throat, holding me tight, as she began jerking wildly into my mouth. I watched her hard little balls draw up tight as her hot cum stared spewing into my waiting mouth. Jim even stopped his thrusting to watch Randi ride out her orgasm. She held me tight with both her arms and her mouth until the waves subsided and she took in a deep breath around my throbbing cock still lodged deep in her throat. When she let me lift my dick from her mouth she gave a big shiver and said “God, that was good.”

Jim pulled back out of me and we let her have her moment, and a moment was all she needed. She rolled me over on my back and climbed right up on top of me. Without any effort, she grabbed my rigid cock and worked it into her waiting ass. She was quickly riding my cock, bouncing her ass against my legs, letting me watch her big tittles bounce with her. She told Jim to finish filling her up so he move in behind her and pushed her down on top of me. I reached around her ass and spread her wide open as Jim lined his big stiff dick up with mine and began pressing it into her ready ass. She wiggled and squirmed as Jim worked that huge cock into her ass along with mine. When he was about half way in, he began thrusting in and out and I started stroking just the opposite. Besides the tight hot ass I was working my dick into I got to enjoy feeling Jim’s massive rod slide in and out against mine. Randi managed to push her big tits toward my mouth and begged me to suck on them. I was able to get her nipple in my mouth and begin licking and biting on it. Again, Randi stiffened and I felt her hot sperm squirt onto my belly and spread into our stomachs. I knew that my own climax was very close and a look at Jim’s face told me that he was holding off as long as he could.

When I announced that I was ready to come and that set us all into motion. Jim pulled out of Randi’s ass and helped her up on her knees. I managed to climb out from under her and Jim and I both aimed our big hard dicks at Randi’s tits that she held up at the ready. Her mouth went back and forth between us until we both shot off all over her tits, covering them with hot jets of sperm. When we both had emptied onto her we all joined in the cum feast on her tits, licking her clean before collapsing on the bed in a heap.

Randi was the first to be able to stir and fetched us all something to drink before we continued our playing. The three of us spent the afternoon getting to know each other very well and I was very glad to hear that Randi was planning on moving back into the area within the year, so our fun could always continue. Jim was very glad to hear that news and even offered to let Randi move in with him for a while. I had a feeling that if Randi went through with her surgery and everything worked out it would be for more than just a while, but that is more story for later.

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