Son and Lover Pt. 02

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Read me first: Thanks for all the suggestions and encouragement. If you haven’t read my stories before they do tend to be slow sometimes. I like to give background info and sometimes wander off track, so be warned! One of the side paths touches on the taboo. If it isn’t to your taste just skip it.

The section highlighted by hash signs (###) is about thoughts in my (Chris’s) head, rather than a recollection of story events.


Mom’s head was in a spin. I had really turned her world upside down. Because the trance had ended abruptly, and I hadn’t had chance to mess with any memory of it, she remembered everything that had been said, as clear as at any time she could remember. Everything seemed to have been so focussed, so magnified.

“Wow, Chris, how the hell did you learn to do that?”

“I can’t control your mind. All I can do is make it easier for you to do what YOU want to do.”

“But it was so intense.”

“That’s the way you wanted it to be.”

‘Liar, liar, liar ‘ I thought. It’s the way I wanted it to be.’

“Chris, can I be real greedy? Can I have seconds please?’

“But mom, I’m not sure what you mean.”

“I found it much easier when you hypnotised me. Everything was so focussed, so clear in my mind. If I asked your dad for ‘seconds’ it meant I’d enjoyed so much that I wanted more.”

Seconds was dad’s cue that not only did mom want more, she wanted faster, stronger, harder; she wanted the fuck of her life, better than dad had ever fucked her before. Of course, a man has his limits, but he got the picture; seldom was mom disappointed.

I thought it over. “It will mean you giving total control to me.”

“Yes, Chris. I understand. I understand very well. You’ve taken me back all those years to when dad fucked me.”

There, she’d said it. Not in so many words, but I would surely do what she wanted so much. She wanted me to fuck her, just as my dad had done.

“You’re not ready for that, mom. It will take some while to treat your phobia.”

Mom thought some. Time, and patience, would probably heal that. But right now one cum wasn’t enough. She was horny, fucking horny and she just HAD to have more.

“You might be right Chris. If necessary I’ll wait till you think the time is right, but I wanted to repay you in some way. Perhaps we could start the treatment now.”

“Mom, I’m really not skilled enough. We can try the hypnosis again. I’m sure you can think of some reward, but as much as you want to I don’t think you will be able to overcome such a bad experience straight away”

‘Liar, liar, pants on fire.’ Of course I wanted to fuck. Who wouldn’t want to fuck mom? A MILF in her 40’s, gorgeous body, horny and desperate to quench the flames of passion raging inside her. I had to think carefully about what I said.’

I paused, waited until she’d understood what I’d told her.

” Sit back mom, relax. Just think of my voice making you feel so relaxed, so sleepy … ”

It was like singing a lullaby to a baby. Mom’s eyes flickered

“So sleepy, so relaxed.”

Her eyelids became so heavy.

“You will obey everything I tell you.”

Mom nodded. Every fibre of her knew she didn’t want to, couldn’t resist. As soon as her eyelids shut, I increased the tempo.

*Click* “Deeper.”

*Click* “Every touch.”

*Click* “Better, sexier, more aroused than you’ve ever been before.”

*Click* “Every time I say ‘You’re a sleepy mommy’, you’ll return to this state, sexy, aroused and very deeply hypnotised.”

Mom nodded. Her lips mouthed ‘yes’.

*Click* “You’ll be so aroused that you’ll remember what dad liked. You will insist on giving me pleasure.*

*Click* “Mom, I’d just love a wonderful sexy woman to suck me off. You will worship my cock, you will give me the most wonderful pleasure until I cum in your mouth.”

*Click*Mom nodded, mouthed agreement. I was sure she briefly smiled.”

*Click* “Just one more thing. If ever Angie has a bad headache, or bad stomach, you’ll convince her that I can hypnotise her to cure the problem. You will never tell her I hypnotised you to cum.”

Mom nodded and smiled again. Oh yes, she would spread the word.

Stacey, one of the HR girls, got heavy, painful bleeds. The other girls, the ones at the student bar, had preached the gospel of my hypno talent. I had hypnotised Stacey. It had helped her relax, helped her cramps, her pains. And, purely as a gesture of kindness, I had made her cum. The following day she had thanked me. Mom didn’t know that and I knew Angie suffered. Sometimes she suffered like hell.

*Click* Eyes open, wide awake.

I considered for a moment what I’d asked for. Why should I have to chat up girls, buy them drinks, make them feel special when I had pussy at home? Experienced pussy and, if all worked well, in time, home pussy that would beg to be fucked. I could wait.

Mom felt relaxed, alive and horny. Blinking a little till she fully woke from her short slumber she female agent porno knew she HAD to do something about it. Hell she’d not felt so horny since, since … since the evening before dad died. Her memory could completely recall that evening in detail. Dad was between deliveries, a night at home.

“Can’t you take a single day off?”

“No, we’re struggling to cope.”

“You need a little love.”

“But I’m knackered.”

“So you need a relaxing treat.”

As if from nowhere the idea popped into mom’s head, she would offer the same treat as she’d offered my dad all those years ago:

“Chris, I need you.”


“I’m still horny. I want to please you.”

“Mom, I told you. It can’t be rushed.”

Tears started to well up in her eyes.

“Chris. Please help me. I’m really horny after you made me cum.”

She took hold of my arm. Dragged me through the door, up the stairs, into the bedroom.

“Chris. I’m absolutely sure what I need to do. Please Chris I beg you. Lay down.”

Unusual, I thought. She could have just knelt before me and sucked me off just like the women did in the porn movies. Oh no, not mom.

“Shut your eyes.”

Who the fuck was giving the orders now? I did as she asked. Then I realised, this was how dad preferred it.

I felt my zipper go, my pants and my boxers come down, off my legs, my feet and dumped onto the floor.

I’ve never been one to brag about my size. OK there have been times when I’ve been sucked off or wanked, and I’m no longer a virgin. No girl has ever given my equipment a thumbs down and that’s all that matters.

I felt mom’s lips close around the tip of my cock. Her warm wet lips barely moved, easing my foreskin slowly back and forth. I felt my cock immediately swell as the multitude of pleasure nerves sent urgent signals to my brain.

Leaving my foreskin retracted, mom planted little kisses on the ultra sensitive tip of my cock. The touch of her fingers there would have been uncomfortable, slightly painful even, such was the sensitivity of my young cock-head.

I could feel mom’s tongue now licking the area over and around my pee hole, her finger and thumb lightly squeezing the opening to let the very tip of her tongue lick the open hole.

She blew the wetness, causing it to cool slightly. Girls had given me a blow job but none was ever like this.

The coolness of her perfectly targeted breath heightened my pleasure even more.

Mom kept this up for a few minutes, licking my pee hole more, then blowing, lick, blow. Wow! That was different. I felt a shiver run up my spine, along my shoulders then down my arm. I felt myself sink into the mattress. Every muscle relaxed from the sexual pleasure I was experiencing. I could have laid there all day.

Mom’s head was full of memories. The last time she’d done this was the night before the crash. It was instilled into her very soul. She hadn’t been able to give this pleasure for a long, long time. She was determined to make me feel exactly how she had felt a short while ago – utter, unconditional pleasure.

Mom moved her focus of attention to my balls. Maybe she wondered why they were kept smooth. It was more comfortable that way, especially in summer.

Gently sucking first one of my balls, then the other into her mouth, she teased them with her tongue and lips.

Having satisfied herself that the preliminaries were to her satisfaction, mom began the job in hand, or rather in mouth. She slowly took my cock head in the warmth and wetness, sliding one inch, then back, then two inches and back … until the full eight inches was inside her mouth.

How she managed without gagging was magic to me. Forget making a dove disappear in a paper bag, mom could make an eight inch iron rod disappear, reappear, disappear, reappear at will, until the owner of the rod was satisfied. And here’s the buzz, she could do the same trick with two, and if the mood was right, three parts of her body. Magic indeed!

Mom was in no rush whatsoever. She seemed to know exactly what speed and what suction was needed to keep me on the edge. Time and time again, she went faster, then slowed until she was satisfied I had enjoyed equal pleasure as her.

I’d lost my will to resist. Just how much cum I’d spurted into her mouth I really didn’t know. It was a lot and she didn’t drip or drool a single drop.

“Oh my god, mom, that was fantastic.”

Mom laughed.”Your dad used to say I was an expert. I guess he gave me plenty of practice.”

“Well, mom, any time you want to give me a treat you needn’t spend a penny.”

Mom smiled. “OK, then. We have a deal. You use your hypno magic on me and I’ll use my mom magic on you. Unless of course you want something different?”

“How about me getting my seconds?’

“Ah! No. I asked first.”

“You could …”

I butted in, “You’re a sleepy mommy.”

Immediately every muscle relaxed. She fell forward from her kneeling position, female fake taxi porno against the bed.

“Mom, when you wake you will crave my tongue on your pussy. You will plead with me to make you cum. Every touch, every lick will be a thousand times better than ever before. When you cum, you will cum quickly.”

Hey guys, give me a break. I could have prolonged her arousal and cum, but for one thing I was getting hungry, and also Angie would be back soon. Unless I did something quick, mom would still be still on a horny rampage at bedtime.

“Wide awake.”

“Chris, you promised me seconds.”

“Did I? Angie will soon be back.”

“Chris, please. I’m so horny.”

“I need a beer.”

“Chris, I’m begging you, just quickly. I need you to make me cum.”

“No, mom. We’ve both had enough for one day.”

“Chris, please, please. What do I have to say?” Tears started. “I’m so fucking horny I’m desperate. Please.”

This was one more test I’d passed. Mom was begging me. I gave in.

She lifted her skirt, pulled her panties down, kicked them off.

“What do you want me to do. I can’t fuck you yet it’s too soon.”

“I want you to lick me out. I want your tongue on my cunt. I want you to lick out every bit of my cunt juice. I want you to suck and lick my clit until I cum.”

She sat back on the wicker chair, pulled up her skirt more, opened her legs until they were at their widest.

“PLEASE Chris.”

I knelt. I had to admit her pussy smelled good, real good. To be honest, my mouth was watering in anticipation. My tongue reached out to mom’s pussy lips.

“No, Chris, no. Not there. No.”

Mom’s legs closed, trapping my head between. I eased back.

“Please, Chris. Leave me a while. Go downstairs and have a beer. Leave me please.”


Hypnotherapy, like many other therapies, takes time. It was maybe 10, 15 minutes before mom came down.

“You were right Chris. I’m sorry. We’ll leave it a bit longer.”

Holy week, followed by Easter weekend came and went. The weather, for late March, was good. We went out to the annual funfair, for a family meal at the local Carvery and Tuesday we went out for a walk, some fresh air in our lungs and much needed exercise.

The following weekend I went back to my HR accommodation. I had work to catch up with and revision to do. Just a few days in and I was missing mom. She’d reverted to how she’d always been, except that I’d set her a series of exercises. The hugs and kisses before I’d caught the bus were genuine.

Two weeks into the semester and I just knew what my chosen career would be. After talking through my ideas with career support they suggested that I used the present year’s facilities as a foundation course.

I very much wanted to train as a hypnotherapist, specialising in sex therapy. It was suggested I tweaked my current studies to include psychology and hypnosis for the following academic year and review 12 months later. OK this was a fuck up from original plans but it was nothing new to the staff there. They were really helpful

I had just 3 months to cram new studies before the summer break. It was hard work but there was still time to have fun. As a bonus, I was going to get good practical experience.

By May I was really missing mom. Laid awake in bed, unable to sleep, I had to finally admit I was in love with her. From what I’d seen when the bathroom door was left open, from what I’d smelled of her offered pussy and from what she’d done, her expert blow job, I built up a fantasy in my mind.

### In the darkness, the solitude of my room I just couldn’t relax, even with the relaxation exercises I’d learned. I was desperately missing mom. What I could do though was picture her doing one of the exercises I’d implanted in her subconscious.

She was there, in the shower, sponge liberally soaped with perfumed shower gel, her favourite. Letting the warm water soothe and relax her she began to soap her breasts, gently, in circles, noting carefully which areas of skin felt the best.

Then she allowed the soapy sponge to circle around and over her nipples, feeling them stiffen, not rushing, circling more and more. A picture came into her mind. She shut her eyes closed and imagined I was stood there, watching her, and that very thought aroused her even more. Pleased that she was getting very pleasing tingles she re-soaped the sponge and moved down to her pussy lips.

The liberal coating of lather made it so easy to let her fingers open her lips, to clean inside. As she did so, she was aware of her clit, engorged with blood, swollen as it always did when she was so aroused.

Finally, she dropped the sponge and let two fingers move inside her, letting the slippery foam make it so easy to finger fuck herself.

But not so fast, for she knew I was watching, my cock swelling. She watched me unleash it from its prison, letting it spring free, watching me until I splashed out gallons of cum.

Then, and glory hole secrets porno only then, could she speed her fingers and allow herself to cum. ###

Of course, by now I had my rod in hand. Aided by the vision I was now ready to cum, in reality, in my room.

Moments later, a few wipes from a tissue and sleep overcame me.

I had slept soundly. The next I knew was my alarm clock bugging me to wake up. The day went well. Very well.

That evening I rang mom.

“Hi mom, how are things?”

“Just great, but I’m missing you.”

“Me too. I guess I just realised how much I love you.”

“You don’t need to tell me. I just know. I love you too.”

“Did you do the exercises, mom?”

“Yes, several times. I’m fact I know this might sound odd, but last night I couldn’t get to sleep, so I got up, decided a nice hot shower might relax me.”

“Really? Late at night?”

“Yes I know. Odd, but it did the trick.”

“Do tell me mom, how did it?”

“I don’t know why but I had this vision of you watching me. It was weird.”

“Then what?”

“Well I was soaping my breasts and it was like really turning me on. And then I thought ‘If Chris is watching I’ll give him a real treat’. But I knew you were many miles away.”

“So did you stop there, knowing I couldn’t be watching you?”

“No. I just couldn’t. I was really horny. I started to rub myself off. I was so soapy down there it was real easy.”

“Wow! Do go on. Tell me how you felt, dirty thoughts, don’t spare the language.”

“Hehe, are you getting a stiffie?’

“Yes mom, I am. You can be my personal dirty phone call.”

“I could feel my clit real big and hard. I was rubbing my cunt real hard and finger fucking myself. I was ramming two then three fingers right inside me. I wished you were fucking me Chris, so I shut my eyes and thought of your big fat cock inside me. And then …”

“Then what?”

“Then I could feel your cum shooting way up inside me. I exploded too, the best I’ve ever done with my own fingers.”

“Mom, before I saw you at Easter, when was the last time you finger fucked yourself?”

“Oh ages ago. Every time I’ve tried it’s hurt me or made me feel sick. It seems you’ve cured me of that.”

“Mom, that’s fantastic. Just keep that up and who knows what might happen next time I come home.”

We finished the call. I was buzzing. It was working to plan.

I went in the bathroom and shot my load all over the tiles.

Coincidence? Telepathy? I neither knew nor cared.

The similarity between what I’d fantasised in bed and what had happened in mom’s bathroom was weird, unexplainable. I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I’d set the exercises up for mom to become comfortable with masturbation on her own, not hypnotised. How, tell me how, had we synchronised our thoughts? Weird.

I had a call from Stacey just a month following our last session to ease her menstruation problems. She’d just started and was confident I could help her again. I’d told her the last time that I’d try to think up a self-help routine.

“Hi Chris. Thanks for coming round.”

“I must admit it’s something a bit taboo for me. I know my sister has problems, which is why I said I’d help. All this is very personal and intimate. Are you sure you want me to help again.”

“Look, Chris. We’re all students together here. My monthly really fucks me up. If men had them they might do something about it.”

“OK Stacey but I want to try something different which you can learn to do yourself. It means me touching your bare midriff. Are you OK with it?”

She laughed. “Chris if you only knew how desperate I am to ease this fucking thing. I trust you.”

She paused as if wondering whether to ask. “Oh, and if you could manage that hands-free cum trick again … Please?”

“You sure?”

“How about an enhanced one?”

Stacey smiled. “And just what are you suggesting?”

“Hell, I can’t tell you that! If you want it, your subconscious will cooperate. If you don’t then I’ll just go for the standard version.”

She wrinkled her nose, “Hmmm, we’ll see.”

I was fishing around, experimenting. If it worked with Stacey it might work with sis.

“Clasp your hands. Concentrate on my voice … ”

OK, we’ve been through all of that.

Stacey is every hypnotist’s dream, easily placed in a very deep trance.

“Stacey, I want to touch your tummy and your abdomen. Nod if that’s OK.” She slowly nodded.

“Please pull up your top for me.”

I really needed to learn how to be more specific. Stacey pulled her top up OK, right up to her chin. A petite young lady, she also had petite, braless breasts. Beautiful.

“When I touch your tummy you will feel a gentle warmth. The lighter I touch, the less warm. When I press harder, it will get warmer. Nod if you understand.” She nodded.

“As I move my hands downwards, the warmth will gain pleasure tickles, the most sexy, pleasurable tickles you’ve ever felt. OK?” Stacey nodded again, smiling more as my hands moved.

I wasn’t going to go low, I was going to let Stacey do that. Now we needed a little pain relief.

“Now Stacey, put your hands underneath mine. I’m going to transfer the heat and the pleasure tingles.” Moving our hands in a circle, I added some very potent local anaesthetic.

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