Son You Know We Shouldn’t Ch. 05

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Jennifer Cashmore sat at her desk in the small cubicle where she was temping as a secretary and stared vacantly at the computer screen. She was daydreaming; trying to resolve the conflicting emotions bought about by events that had taken place in her younger brother’s bedroom only a few hours earlier.

She was in no doubt that what they had done constituted incest; but was it wrong?

They had merely masturbated each other; was shared self-gratification really incest?

Deep down she knew it was. Deep down she was certain it was. Deep down she blamed her brother for blackmailing her. Deep down she knew that she liked it. Deep down she wanted to do it again.

A shiver of anticipation ran through her body and a smile lit up her pretty face. She ignored her work and sank deeper into her reverie; conjuring up elaborate fantasies. Her juices started to flow and reawakened the dull ache in her vagina and her swollen labia. Her brother David was to blame; the little bastard had finger-fucked her. And she had loved it!

The smile on her face broadened and she squirmed in her seat as her fantasies took full flight.

She sat at her desk smiling vacuously; her legs were crossed and she was swinging her foot unconsciously as she mused. The jacket of her teal coloured business suit hung over the back of her chair. Her ample breasts pushed against her salmon-pink satin camisole blouse; the scalloped neck nicely framed her cleavage. The hem of her skirt had ridden up exposing her legs; she had changed into flesh-toned sheer-to-the-waist pantyhose at lunchtime and her nylon-clad thighs glistened under the harsh fluorescent lighting.

Jennifer was a dangler. She had one leg crossed over other and one high-heel dangled from her foot as she swung her foot back and forth. Her pantyhose had reinforced sandal-toes; her soles and toes encased in darker but still sheer nylon. She absentmindedly reached down and scratched the sole of her foot; her bright-red fingernails whispered along the nylon, the hissing sound was nearly lost in the background din of the office.

Nearly lost that was. In the adjoining cubicle forty-five year old Harold Rheems could hear a woman’s nylons rustle over the length of a football field. He was a devoted nylon fetish and he was delighted to know that the woman in the adjoining cubicle was wearing his favourite garment.

Jennifer recalled the feel of her brother’s long thick cock; she licked her lips as she recalled stroking his throbbing member. She had encased it in her sheer pantyhose and the cock had pulsed in her fingers and then convulsed and shuddered when he ejaculated. She recollected the warmth of the semen as it spluttered on her fingers and wrist and the sticky texture as it soaked through her pantyhose warming the sensitive skin of her thigh.

She licked her lips, unaware that Harold was now ogling her legs under the desk. He had dropped down to his knees and was wantonly staring at Jennifer’s legs and feet. He had strategically placed a pen on the carpet so that if anyone came into his cubicle unannounced he could pretend he was on the floor picking it up.

Jennifer was getting hot now; she reached out and closed the door to her cubicle so that she had privacy. The little cubicles were really nothing more than one long desktop with imitation wood partitions that ran from the desks up to the false ceilings. The doors to the cubicles were fitted with opaque glass windows. The cubicles only gave the appearance of privacy as they were all open to each other underneath the desks. The management didn’t really want their staff behind closed doors but sometimes the secretaries worked on sensitive projects and it was prudent to keep their work from prying eyes.

Now that Jennifer had some semblance of privacy she opened the email her brother had sent her this morning and clicked open the attachments. The screenshots of her fucking herself with the vibrator were jpeg images and she opened the picture viewer program and activated the slideshow function. She looked at the images of herself plunging the vibrator in and out of her cunt. In the pictures she was lying on the bed fully clothed and had shucked down her underwear and lifted her skirt so that she could fuck herself with the dildo.

She was getting very randy now and she glanced over her shoulder to that no one was outside her cubicle. With the coast clear, she half-stood and hiked her skirt up around her bottom and sat back down again. She couldn’t believe she was doing this! Her brother had unearthed sexual perversions in her that she had long kept repressed and they were now running rampant. She giggled quietly to herself and ran her hands over her body.

She flicked her fingers over her erect nipples and squeezed them through the material of her blouse and brassiere. The cool satin camisole slid over the sleek lycra bra sending out little shivers of delight. She wanted desperately to take off her top and play with her breasts but she didn’t dare; what she was doing now was escort bayan şanlıurfa risky enough. If someone opened the door she could disguise the fact that she had pulled up her skirt but she couldn’t hide her naked breasts.

She played with her tits for a while; building the sexual tension. She would have loved to be able to take her time but she didn’t know how long she would have privacy. Her cunt was moist and aching to be touched. She slid her hands slowly down her body delighting in the anticipation of what she was about to do. Her fingers slid over her skirt and rested on the top of her thighs.

Under the desk in the adjoining cubicle Harold could hardly believe his luck; he’d hoped to get a bit of a perv on the legs and feet of the woman; he’d never dreamed he would be rewarded with a sex show. He carefully reached out with his foot and kicked the door to his own cubicle closed. He ran his eyes up the woman’s long shapely legs; he could see all the way up to the tops of her legs now that she had hiked up her skirt. When her hands suddenly appeared under the desk and began to caress the tops of her thighs he thought he had gone to heaven. He slowly unzipped his flies.

Jennifer fondled her sex through layers of panty and pantyhose; her panties were moist and she desperately wanted relief. She traced the outline of her labia and then she impatiently yanked at the waistband of her panties. She couldn’t pull them down so she sild her hand under the waistband and slid her fingers inside her sopping cunt.

Jennifer pushed two fingers inside herself and thrummed her clitty with her thumb; the waistband bit into her wrist but she was beyond caring. She was too busy working on getting herself off.

Under the desk Harold was slowly stroking his cock and had moved his face closer to Jennifer’s foot; he could smell her foot-odour and her perfume. He desperately wanted to touch her feet; to lick her toes; to put his cock on her leg!

Jennifer was concentrating on her own pleasure when she slowly became aware that she was not alone. She could feel someone the breathing on her feet. She was well aware that whoever was on the floor in the adjoining cubicle was getting an eyeful of her playing with herself. If he had any objections to what she was doing he would surely have said something by now!

She smiled to herself and stroked her clitty a little harder. It was quite kinky knowing there was a complete stranger watching her masturbate. She kicked off one of her shoes and wriggled her toes.

Harold knew that he’d been discovered but was delighted by the woman’s response. She wanted to play!

He reached out and gently stroked the woman’s foot, tracing the outline of each of her toes through the reinforced nylon. Jennifer kicked off her other shoe and wriggled her toes appreciatively. Harold squirmed further under the desk and began to lap at Jennifer’s foot, slathering at her toes. She found this quite titillating and proceeded to finger her cunt vigorously.

Harold pawed at Jennifer’s legs and sucked on her toes; with his free hand he stroked his cock. He was close to coming but he wanted more! This dirty slut was getting a toe-sucking from him; he figured she could give him a footjob in return.

Jennifer was getting close to orgasm; her cunt was palpitating as she worked her fingers in and out and her clitty was engorged and radiating sexual energy. She moaned and bit down on her free hand to stifle the mewing sounds that could alert a passer-by. It was quite pleasurable having the stranger under her desk massage her legs and feet and suck her toes. It intensified the sensations and made the experience even more illicit.

She was a little disappointed when the man; she presumed it was a man anyway, stopped paying attention to her feet and then she broke into a smile when she felt the man’s penis against her foot. The dirty bugger wanted a footjob!

Jennifer lay back further in the chair and closed her feet around the rampant penis that was prodding at her feet. She trapped the hot flesh between the arches of her feet and began to slide them up and down the engorged member, wanking him with her feet. She scrunched her toes over his glans and was rewarded with the sensation of warm sticky fluid soaking into her stocking; the man was secreting pre-seminal fluid.

Harold was delighted when the woman began to masturbate him with her stocking feet; the feel of the woman’s warm, silken-clad toes and feet on the sensitive flesh of his manhood was exquisite. He began to fuck her feet in response, knowing that he couldn’t hold back his orgasm much longer.

In response to the man’s frenzied pumping Jennifer tightened her grip on his penis as it glided between her nylon-sheathed peds; a sudden flood of hot semen erupted between her toes triggered her orgasm. She shuddered with pleasure as the hot sticky fluid soaked her hose and splashed her ankles. She wanked the man’s ejaculating cock furiously with escort gaziantep sarışın bayan her feet as she thrummed her clitty; soaking her panties with her own secretions.

Harold whimpered and moaned, suppressing his cries of ecstasy as his cock shuddered and convulsed between the mysterious stranger’s feet. He gripped her ankles tightly and fucked her feet until the last of his semen spurted from his cock. He could see ropes of semen clinging to her calves and running down her ankles; pools of hot come soaked her toes darkening the nylon as it soaked into her stockings.

Jennifer felt the man gently ease her feet off his member as her orgasm began to subside; her toes and feet were soaked with hot seed and she could feel rivulets of the viscous fluid running down her calves. The magnitude of his ejaculation was a sure sign that he hadn’t had sex or masturbated for quite a while.

She regained her composure; she could hear the sounds of the man in the adjoining cubicle extracting himself from under the desk. She giggled to herself and reached for her handbag. She removed her handkerchief and wiped up as much of the sticky semen from her legs and feet as could. She looked down and saw that her pantyhose were considerably darker where the man’s juices had soaked into them. She slid her squishy toes back into her high-heels and stood up and adjusted her panties and the gusset of her hose. As she smoothed out her skirt she could feel her own juices soaking the crotch of her panties.

Harold was back at his desk basking in the glow of post-coital bliss his cock safely stuffed away in his flies. He wondered who the naughty woman was but also he kind of liked the idea of anonymity. She might be some ugly hag but she might also be some young hot vixen! He decided that it would be more fun and exciting to keep their identities a secret. He smiled to himself and got back to work.

An hour later an envelope was mysteriously shoved under his door. He opened it and found a pair of flesh-toned sheer-to-the-waist sandal-toe pantyhose. The feet part of the hosiery was soaked. There was a note:

‘That was fun; if you’re a good boy I might let you do it again,’ it read.

Harold bought the silky garment to his face and inhaled the woman’s perfume and the scent of her cunt and feet. He stuffed them back into the envelope and put the envelope in his briefcase.

He would be a good boy!


Jennifer lit a cigarette as she climbed into her car; she was grinning. She hoped the mysterious stranger liked the little present she had stuffed under the door of his cubicle. She would deal with him later. Or not……she hadn’t made up her mind yet but she thought it might be nice to have a little thing going on at the office. She was only temping so it wouldn’t be for long anyway.

She was surprised at how quickly she had transformed from a meek housewife into a shameless sexual harridan. After years of neglect and ‘wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am’ unfulfilling sex with her husband, she had suddenly become a slattern; willing to engage in the most illicit sexual conduct with the slightest provocation.

But Jennifer was still not sated. She’d already had two orgasms today but there was still one element missing. She needed a hard cock inside her! And she knew where there was a nice big one.

She glanced down at her bare legs; the purveyor of said hard cock would want her wearing nylons; but that was easy enough remedied. She started the car intent on driving to her favourite lingerie salon and then home.

Jennifer stopped at the lingerie shop and purchased a pair of expensive, high quality, hold-up stockings. She went to the ladies room, washed her feet and stepped into the stockings. The stockings were fully-fashioned with back-seams, reinforced heels and toes, and dark elasticised welts at the top. They were dark brown, with black reinforcements, welts and seams. They felt very luxurious and she knew that David would be appreciative. She hopped back into her car and drove home.

“David; are you home?” Jennifer called as she closed and locked the front door behind her.

“Upstairs; in my room,” David called back.

Jennifer smiled to herself; she lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties and dropped them into her purse. She prayed herself liberally with perfume, checked her makeup and then climbed the stairs. She knew that her mother was at a parent teacher meeting and would not be home for quite a while. She should have plenty of time to execute her cunning plan.

Jennifer opened the door to her brother’s bedroom. She was not surprised to find him sitting at the computer watching streaming video. He was naked and was slowly stroking his erect penis. He had spliced together the video of Jennifer masturbating on her mother’s bed with the vibrator, the video of her masturbating escort şehitkamil him in his bedroom with some footage of him fucking their mother. It played in an endless loop on the computer screen.

Jennifer made no comment as she stepped into the room and closed the door behind her.

“Mom’s at the parent teacher meeting,” David said offhandedly.

He stopped playing with himself and spun around in the swivel chair opening his legs slightly to show his sister his rampant penis.

Jennifer played it cool.

“I know,” she replied.

“You’ve changed your stockings,” David said, motioning to her legs with his chin.

Jennifer smiled; she knew the fully-fashioned stockings would grab his attention.

“I had a little accident in my pantyhose.”

“Some perv at work came all over my feet this afternoon so I decided he could keep them and I bought these on the way home.”

David was excited by the thought of his older sister giving another man a footjob but he also felt a pang of jealousy.

“Was he big?” David grinned.

“He felt big but I didn’t actually see it or touch it with my hands,” Jennifer grinned back and lifted a foot and rubbed her ankles together simulating the motion of a footjob.

Her nylons hissed when they rubbed together and Jennifer was pleased to she David’s cock twitch slightly.

“He was big enough to make me cream my knickers though. See?”

Jennifer extracted her satin panties from her purse and draped them over David’s erection.

“I’ll just hang them there to dry shall I?” she teased.

She lightly ran a fingertip along the length of his penis before she let them go.

“You seem to be a little more assertive than you were at lunch time; is there something that you want?” David grinned.

He was enjoying this game of cat and mouse.

“Have you got rid of that link like I asked?” she replied.

“Yes Sis; I don’t really need it any more do I?”

He pointed at the computer screen. Jennifer has guessed that he had filmed her wanking him earlier in the day; it did not come as a surprise.

“I like that footage better,” Jennifer pointed to the screen.

The footage had changed and now showed David vigorously fucking his mother on her bed.

Jennifer sidled up the desk and sat on it; she put her purse down beside her. Her feet swung inches from the floor and David followed his sister’s legs down from the hem of her skirt to her feet. He tentatively reached out and stroked her leg; she held it out straight so that he could caress it from her thigh all the way down to her ankle.

“I though t you might like these stockings,” she grinned.

“Now what are we going to do about this?”

She reached down and pulled on David’s panty-covered erection; she pulled him out of his seat and guided him between her legs and then crossed her ankles behind him. Her cunt was sopping wet with anticipation. She slowly sild the satin panties up and down her brother’s cock as he stroked her legs.

“I wouldn’t mind a footjob if you’re giving them away?” David smiled; he kissed her quickly on the lips and then leaned back.

“Oh I’ve no times for footjobs now David; you need to learn to look after your sister’s needs for once.”

Jennifer let go of his cock and dropped the panties on the desk; she grabbed the hem of her skirt and wriggled her arse as she pulled her dress up to expose her moist cunt. David inhaled his sister’s perfume and the musky smell of her sex.

Jennifer smiled; she locked her legs behind his back and pulled her brother closer. His penis lined up nicely with her slit.

“Put it in,” David begged as his glans nudged his sister’s puffy cunt lips.

Jennifer reached down and grasped her brother’s shaft and pressed his cock against her cunt enfolding his glans with her labia. She was hot and wet and they both groaned. She slid her legs along his flanks exciting him further.

He put his hands on his sister’s hips and leaned forward and his cock slid into her buttery cunt. She held him tightly with her stockinged legs as their lips met and their tongues intertwined. Jennifer wriggled her cunt until she felt his pubic mound press against her clitty and then she slowly began to milk her brother. She eased him back and forth inside of her, controlling the tempo with her strong legs.

She could tell that David wanted to speed up the tempo and fuck her quickly but she controlled the pace. She made him fuck her with long slow strokes, letting his penis come nearly all the way out before she pulled him back inside her; grinding their pubis’ together. She continually slid her stocking-clad legs along his flanks and his buttocks knowing that the teasing would build up a colossal orgasm.

She wrapped her arms around him and dragged her nails along his back and raked his flanks with her high-heels, raising red welts on his pale skin. Their tongues intertwined and she lazily explored his mouth and he explored hers. Jennifer was in control now and she loved it.

David could feel his orgasm building and he desperately wanted to plow his cock in and out of his sister and fuck her ferociously hard; but she wouldn’t let him. The slow fucking, the feel of her silken legs against his body, the scratching of her fingernails and high-heels were excruciatingly arousing but also unbearably frustrating. He wanted to come!

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