Sons and Mother Return to Cabin

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Sunlight through the pine and oak trees as the Subaru wound its way up the mountain.

The excitement inside the Subaru was palpable.

“Oh my god, Mom, we’re almost there,” Chrissy said looking up from his phone in the backseat.

“Ermergerd ermergerd ermergerd,” said Jonny in the front seat, using his typical defense mechanism of pretending to make fun of something while secretly loving and celebrating it with an enthusiasm that could only be called boyish.

“Okay,” Mara said behind the wheel. “You guys wanted it, so I hope it’s worth it.”

“It’s already better than last time,” Jonny said.

“Yeah,” Chrissy agreed. “Yeah.”

In a tenth of a mile they were off pavement to the hard compacted dirt of the final road up the mountain. A quarter mile on the dirt road, which the Subie handled easily, then up a steep, paved driveway to the cabin.

“As promised,” Mara said, slowing the wagon to a stop in front of the house.

“Just like old times,” Jonny said, smiling, getting out of the car, fast.

“Wow,” Chrissy said, looking at the cabin up and down. “I remember this place.”

“Look,” Mara said, uncertain. “It’s been . . . years. We don’t have to, I mean, we could try a different, nicer cabin . . .”

Jonny looked at his mother with shock. “But—you promised.”

“Yeah, Mom,” Chrissy said. “You said we could have whatever trip we wanted before senior year at State, and we wanted this. We wanted this cabin.”

“Yeah, let’s,” and then Jonny stuttered a second, “d-do it right this time.”

“But, boys, even if you are college men now,” Mara protested. “It’s not, it’s not—I mean, won’t there be too many memories?”

“Of course there are memories, Mom,” Chrissy said. “This is how we get rid of them.”

“Like exorcising ghosts,” Jonny said.

Mara hesitated, but did not protest. “C’mon,” Jonny said, “let’s hug,” and he and Chrissy swooped in on their mother for a tight, group hug. The twins, fraternal with brunet Jon and blond Chris, had their mother’s tall, naturally slender frame, but at twenty-one, they now each had four inches over their mother’s six feet of height, and Mara felt herself comfortably snuggled in her sons’ embrace.

“Okay, boys,” Mara said after a long while. Her body and spirit was warmed by the heat of their strong bodies. “Let’s have a kiss and then go inside.”

Jon and Chris celebrated, and first Jon, then Chris, gave Mara a sweet, long kiss on her lips.

“Mom,” said Chris while Jon took charge and opened the Airbnb’s lockbox, “how come you’re in your forties but kiss like girls at college?”

Mara smiled. “Because I’m young at heart, sweetie.”

The cabin was eerily, and then enchantingly familiar. Partially built into the side of a steep hill, the multi-story luxury cabin still had the same pine-and-oak, faux-rustic decor from a decade ago.

“It’s like Brigadoon,” observed Chrissy. “The cabin exists in the same three-day weekend, outside of time and space, and we keep retuning to it.” He looked at some of the paperback books on the shelves. “I think I was reading these sci-fi books when we were here ten years ago.”

Jon laughed. “Amazing you could get any reading done ten years ago.”

“Oh, come on, boys,” Mara said. “It wasn’t that bad.”

Her sons scoffed.

“That boyfriend of yours didn’t want to spend much time with us,” Jon said, “but he sure spent a lot of time with you.”

“That’s no fair, he tried to get to know you—” Mara defended him.

“Yeah, but he tried to get to know our sister a lot better,” Chris sneered.

Mara flinched. “I thought we agreed this weekend was just for us, that we wouldn’t bring her up.”

“You know she’s already been here with him?” Jon said. “That it was her idea, to re-do the weekend in the cabin with him. That when we were all here, she was dreaming the whole samsun escort time that it was just him and her, even thought she was only a college freshman. That she brought him up here a year ago and they fucked all over the place—”

“Stop it! Stop it!” cried Mara.

“It’s just facts, Mom,” Chris said. “He’s telling the truth. Why do you think she always slept as close to your bedroom as she could when we all used to travel together? Why she would sleep on a tiny couch or ottoman like a cat outside your door rather than take one of the bedrooms in the house? I mean, come on,” Chris said, climbing up the wooden stairs to the cabin’s lofted top floor. “Look at it up here. This is just a glorified landing at the top of the stairs, here’s the master bedroom, the master bathroom, and our sister—your daughter—slept up here on this tiny wannabe daybed—Jesus it’s still here—rather than sleep in one of the bedrooms downstairs so she could be close to him. So she could hear you two fuck.”

“So he could come out of the bedroom after fucking you and fuck her, give her a turn,” Jon said. “She was a nineteen year-old-virgin, she was going crazy and he was fucking your brains out all the time. It’s almost like you can’t blame her.”

“I— I—,” stammered Mara. “I don’t know what to say.”

“Don’t say anything,” Jon said. “But it’s all out in the open—so let’s banish those ghosts. Replace all those tough memories with new, better, loving ones.”

“And then we don’t have to come back here again,” Chris said, “unless you want to?” Chris smiled in a jokey way, putting as much playful energy atop his sincerity as he could to protect himself.

They saw their mother tense, and consider, and deliberate, and then, relax, her shoulders visibly softening.

“Okay, boys,” Mara said, standing in the foyer at the foot of the stairs to the lofted top level. “If you said they fucked everywhere, then we’ve got a lot of cabin to cover, and only a few days to do it.” She smiled and her blue eyes lit up with joyful mischief.

She extended a hand to each of them. “Come, come,” Mara said, opening and closing her hands, summoning her sons to her.

And to her they came.

They took her hands, Chris to her left, Jon to her right, and sucked her fingers slowly and long. Teasing, and teething on her long, elegant digits. Pure pulses of pleasure ran from her sons’ warm mouths, up through her fingers—her most active secondary erogenous zone and a direct line to her clitoris and g-spot.

Whatever society would say, Mara thought, it was unambiguous how strongly her body approved.

Feelings of peace and goodness and pleasure radiated out across Mara from her very center.

When Mara was overcome by that pleasure, she pulled her sons towards her, holding them tight at the roots of the hair on the backs of their adorable heads, part-pulling, part-guiding their mouths to hers in turn for kisses now that were open-mouthed and wet and French.

Breathing was becoming a more strenuous activity for all three.

“Come, boys,” Mara said, letting her sons kiss her earlobes while she struggled to regain breath. “Let’s take my bag upstairs and then we’ll have some fun.”

“No, no,” protested Jon. “You can’t sleep in the upstairs master bedroom. That’s where he slept with you when we went here.”

“Yeah,” Chris agreed. “That’s where he fucked you over and over when he was here as our step-daddy and you made us be a family. You can’t sleep in that room, Mom. You need to sleep with me.”

“She needs to sleep with me, Blondie,” Jon asserted to his blond brother.

“No, me,” Chris said. “I’m older, so I get to sleep with Mom in the bedroom I had here last time like it should have been.”

“No, I’m younger,” Jon argued, “and as the youngest I deserve Mom most because you’ve had her longer.”

“Boys,” escort samsun Mara said, stopping the argument by kissing each sweetly in turn. “We’re here for three nights, I’ll take turns or we can all sleep together, but we have to do something first.”

“What’s that, Mom?”

“You said you don’t want to use the upstairs bedroom because of how much I got fucked there last time? Like, every night?”

“Yeah, it made the house shake,” Chris said, “I could barely read my book in my bedroom downstairs.”

“Well,” Mara continued, “he fucked me there every night but we fucked me everywhere else in the cabin. He fucked me in the hottub out back when y’all wouldn’t join us in there. He fucked me in the kitchen one morning before you woke up. He made me suck his cock on the porch over coffee when y’all were too busy inside on your phones . . . and of course, we fucked in the living room when y’all were supposed to be asleep from watching that ol’ Bill Murray comedy on the house’s DVD collection. So,” she said, pausing, monitoring the young men’s faces, seeing their conflict around how their mother had been loved and pleasured by their erstwhile, almost-stepdaddy who ultimately ran off with their sister, “if you want to cleanse this house, you’ve got a lot of love to make,” she told them.

“C’mon now,” she continued. “Let’s go upstairs. Might as well start by taking back the master bedroom with a nice spit-roast!”

Jon and Chris let their mother lead them up the steep, wooden steps to the bedroom they never dared set foot in years ago when their mother was enthralled and could not contain her passion and excitement. Though they might try to stifle their noise while playing under a blanket in a darkened living room, at night Jon and Chris listened achingly but without grave difficulty to hear the sounds their almost-step-father brought from their mother. Sounds of passion and pleasure and joy and climax, sounds of love the likes of which their father, their mother’s second and then most recent ex-husband, never aroused or elicited from Mara, despite him being their father and she his then-wife and bearer of his children.

Jonny and Chrissy back then would lay awake in the shame that their father had never fucked their mother like this boyfriend was fucking her now, above their heads, in their luxury vacation cabin. Their mother who they loved and trusted and who protected them could not shield them from the simple facts of their father’s inadequacy sexuality and their mother’s needs sexually and this charming, destructive New Boyfriend and Almost-Step-Father who so clearly had what it took to fill their mother’s soul and exhaust her body with release and rejuvenation, to take their mother’s focus away from them her children and addict their mother to his commanding presence and his even-more-commanding cock.

Mara brought her sons into the room where she had lain all those years ago, making the bed and floor shake for hours. Her sons recalled the delicious agony of hearing their mother call out “Daddy, Daddy” over and over again to this man who was not their daddy, making them constantly aware of the sexual power he had over their needing, sexually-hungry mother.

But now Mara’s sexual hunger was to be satisfied by this most illicit of ways.

She knelt for them in the bedroom now, on the same rustic wooden floor, like she knelt for him then. They knew Mara sometimes had to recite the names and stories from the cabin’s guest book, entertaining their would-be-step-father not only with her warm cocksucking mouth but also with her uninhibited, licentious imagination, the more debauched the better. Conjuring images of the pairings and couples and thruples and more of travelers from the city who came to this fancy mountain cabin with its hottub and many rooms; coming to samsun escort bayan the cabin for humanity’s most natural activities, here in the distilled essence of luxurious nature.

For her sons, Mara had no words or fantasies only this transgressive reality. Their cocks were near-indistinguishable from each other’s, but each was very much like Mara’s memory of their father’s penis. Their father had also been tall and sub-averagely hung, always appearing even smaller due to the discrepancy of his modest cock with his six-foot-three frame.

Stripping her sons and kneeling before them, Mara could see those genes had definitely been passed on to Jonny and Chrissy, but they warmed and grew under her touches and kisses, and their modest size made it easy for Mara to suck both into her mouth at the same time.

The twins had to steady each other with an arm around the other, with each’s remaining arm resting on Mara’s head, gently, for balance. It felt so warm and close like this, to be together with the people in the world that each loved and cherished the most, and to be sharing intimacy and pleasure equal to the love and security binding all three together like an invisible golden braid.

Mara felt the heads of Jon and Chris’s cocks rubbing together in her mouth, felt their cocks pressed together, pressed into her mouth, fucking against each other into her mouth as they took ultimate refuge in their sexy, milfy mom’s mouth. Mara held onto her boys’ butts for her own balance, one hand squeezing Jonny’s outside cheek and the other squeezing Chrissy’s.

Within these interlocking rings of love and pleasure and intimacy and peace, Jon’s balls unloaded into his mother’s mouth, and Mara kept sucking, slowing as much as she could to be able to suck down her son’s salty semen. Chris felt Jon holding on even tighter to his brother as he came and fed their mother his love. Chris tightened his own one-arm embrace of Jon, holding his brother while he could feel his brother’s cock spurting cum inside their mother’s loving mouth, catching all of it, keeping both of them warm and safe while they searched for and found nirvana.

Chris could feel spurts of warmth in waves, warmth hotter than Mara’s mouth and he knew that he was feeling his brother’s semen spurting. Mara swallowed. And swallowed. Jon’s hips were spasming to fuck Mara’s mouth and face and Chris held his brother close and felt his mother squeeze his ass harder and pull them both in deeper and closer into her and just as Mara was relaxing for having swallowed Jon’s ejaculation, Chris began to finish. Mara kept her mouth around her boys, giving her eldest son as much of a chance for pleasure and release as she had just afforded her youngest.

With love and moans, Mara tasted her eldest’s cum, her jaw beginning to tire from the face-fucking these handsome young men were giving to her in the throes of their orgasm. Mara marveled at how similar her eldest’s cum tasted to that of his brother’s.

Her sons needed a refractory period of thirty minutes afterwards before they were ready to go again. They cuddled and touched in a pile on the bed, catching their breath and talking about how hot it was, unburdening themselves of old secrets and burning off the last inhibitions of fear.

They decided to spend the rest of the afternoon spit-roasting Mara in the master-bedroom before they were satisfied the ghosts of their slutty mom’s libidinous past had been acceptably quieted.

As eldest, Chrissy fucked Mara first, while Mara blew Jonny, all in doggystyle. The first few times, the brothers kept switching positions on the edge of the bed, jogging around the outside of the bed as they physically switched places; swapping between their mother’s mouth and pussy. But then, they relealized it was easier to have Mara spin herself one-hundred-eighty degrees on the bed each time they wanted a change of orifice.

The boys each came twice more that afternoon, and each time they came inside their forty-something mommy milf’s hot cunt, like the good boys there were.

It wasn’t until dark that they even bothered to get the last of the bags out of the Subaru.

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