Son’s Nylon Love…His Mom

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The look of nylon on a woman has always been a fascination to me. I remember being attracted to it even before girls raised my attention. The problem now is that nylons and pantyhose are far less seen than in the past. I certainly pine for the days when a woman dressed like a woman.

My recent ex-girlfriend knew about my interest and would wear nylons to work and keep them on at home to tease me. A wide assortment of styles and colors filled her dresser. She loved to have her feet massaged and I could never say no to her when she placed her nylon covered feet in my lap. Massaging her feet became a huge turn on and instant excitement. All the foot massages soon led to me having a foot fetish which led to a bunch of more fun in the bedroom. Footjobs became a favorite activity and she knew that if she teased me with her feet, I’d get hard and she would get what she wanted.

My newly found fun was soon at an end two years into our relationship, when she was offered a job promotion halfway across the country. There were no plans of having me go with her, since I was in my first year of college. I ended up finding out a week before she was leaving. I was crushed at the news and when she left, I had to ask my mom if I was welcome back at home for a place to stay. I hadn’t been gone too long, since I had left after graduation. I did leave because my girlfriend wanted privacy. There had been a handful of times where I was massaging her feet or kissing and my mom had dropped in on us.

My mom was sympathetic about my new found situation and welcomed me back with open arms. She was also happy to have a man back in the house, since my father had left town four years earlier. My only stipulations were to help out around the house and give her space if she brought a man home. I agreed to the rules, but the part about another man was a little freaky. I realize that she’s a pretty woman with needs, but I’ll have to learn to come to grips with the fact that another man besides my dad was having sex with my mom. I didn’t ask about the new guy and she kept the details to herself which was fine with me. I just assumed that he was a co-worker from the new job she had started months earlier.

The new job she had landed turned out to be a bonus for me. Mom dressed up daily in pantyhose. At least I could get my nylon fix through my mom’s sexy legs. Those legs haven’t been seen in hose for years except in the rare occasions where she went out with my dad. I made a daily effort to chat with her when she came home and often joined her to watch tv at night. I looked forward to the days when she didn’t change her work clothes. This ended up happening a couple times a week. It was then that I got the treat of seeing her hose covered feet propped up on the coffee table while she watched the nightly shows. During these special nights, I couldn’t keep my eyes away. Watching her feet rub against each other and her little toes flexing in hose was intoxicating. Her legs are lean and her feet are a size six. I found this out one day when I decided to check out her shoe and pantyhose collection. I paid special attention to put things back properly and withheld the temptation to play with her hose. Besides pantyhose, there were assorted nylons, stockings and garters.

The first month went by with no issues. I kept to myself and looking was plenty of fun. Her friend stopped by several times with her and each time she texted me in advance. That was my cue to go to my room and give her space. One Friday night after she went for drinks after work, I decided to snoop and see what may happen.

I waited for her and Roger to situate themselves in the family room. I snuck nearby where I wouldn’t be seen. I could see they were talking while watching the tube and Roger was slowly massaging her shoulders. I couldn’t really tell what they were saying as their words were mixed with the tv. Mom was stretched out on the sofa and I could catch glimpses of her hose covered legs and feet. The massaging went on for several minutes until mom got up and made her way into the kitchen. I held motionless hoping that my position would not be spotted. She returned minutes later with two drinks and I settled back to watch. Mom then stretched out with her back to me and rested her feet in Roger’s lap. He took her cue and began massaging those sexy size sixes. Watching her feet get massaged got me hard instantly. I looked with jealous lust as he took one foot and brought it to his lips. He kissed and licked her whole foot before placing it back on his lap. The second foot then made its way to his mouth. Before kissing it, he reached up her legs and took hold of my mom’s nylons. He pulled his hand back to the heel, up the sole and off the toes in one sweep. The newly bare foot now made its way to his mouth. Roger licked once and then again from the heel up to those sexy toes. Then he began sucking her toes, which made her squirm with delite. While this was going on, the free leg was moving by his crotch. Mom was blocking my view, but her leg movements told me she was rubbing her foot on him. My thought was confirmed a few minutes later as she leaned forward unzipping his pants, giving me a clear view. The pants were instantly on the floor as he stood up, exposing his big cock for all stranded teens porno to see. He then moved in front of my mom and she grabbed his cock and began stroking it with her hand. I was shocked and aroused as she then took him into her mouth. It didn’t all fit in, but I could see that she had some really good skills at giving head. She sucked him for some time and did not miss an inch of his cock with her tongue. She even sucked his big balls before finally letting go and getting back to their previous positions on the sofa. He was sitting and she lay back down and placed her feet around his pole. The look was unique as one foot was bare and the other was covered in nylon. She pumped him again and again between her soles. My view came in and out and I certainly wished that was me. Her feet were doing all kinds of manipulations over his swollen cock. Minutes went by and then he finally spurted several ropes over her feet. I wished I was on the other side because after he erupted, she took each foot to her mouth and licked them clean. Watching my girlfriend do this drove me wild. I was rock hard and needed some relief soon. I just couldn’t back away as act number two was soon to get under way. Watching my mom ride his big member would be a permanent image for future self sessions. It was then that the night was about to come to an end. Roger’s cell phone rang and a minute later he was putting his pants back on and getting ready to leave. I couldn’t hear what was going on, but I could see that my mom wasn’t happy about it. He soon was going and I made my way back to the room and finish myself off.

The site of her pretty feet being kissed and giving a footjob was too much to handle. I quickly shot off and I was probably done before his car left the driveway. I stayed in my room the rest of the evening and around ten I heard mom go by my room and go to bed. I now was really wondering who this guy was. I guess the reason she never said anything about him was that he was probably married. That certainly would explain the quick exit after the cell call. I decided not to push the issue with her unless she feels like opening up and spilling the beans to me. After all, I didn’t want my guest visa to be rejected.

Saturday morning came and when I awoke, thoughts of the night before filled my brain. I had never really thought of my mom as a sexual being, but last night certainly opened things up. Being around her without a hard on will be a chore. At least today will go ok since its Saturday.

The smell of wafting bacon filled my nostrils. I guess last night’s disappointment didn’t stop my mom from getting up and making breakfast. I threw on my Saturday loungewear and made my way to the kitchen. My eyes got large as I glanced over to see my mom wearing nude pantyhose with a bathrobe and fuzzy slippers. She sensed my appearance, turned around and smiled.

“Good morning sweetheart, breakfast is almost ready.”

I sat down at the table and continued checking her out as she finished with the scrambled eggs. My sudden arousal got the best of me and without thinking,

I asked; “Pantyhose on a Saturday? You goin’ into work today?”

She answered while making the eggs; “No, just wanted to feel sexy this morning……last night’s date was a little disappointing.”

I sat there wondering why I just asked this out of the blue. Also, what was she thinking, since I obviously took notice of the fact that she was wearing pantyhose with her bathrobe. Mom scooped the eggs onto two plates, placed them at the table and stood next to me. She ran one hand through my hair and the other took hold of the robe, opening it up to my view.

She spoke seductively, “For your information, I’m not wearing pantyhose…..see?”

My eyes widened for the second time as the view soaked into my brain. She was wearing stockings, a garter and a red teddy.

She giggled with delight at the naughty display between her and her son and the redness that instantly covered my face.

“So, do you think this is sexy?” she asked.

I didn’t answer as I looked back down at my bacon and eggs. My face was red and my dick was rock hard. My shower after breakfast will be a stroke-a-thon to the new visions imbedded in my brain. Sexy nude stockings held up with a garter and a red teddy that hugged the parts I could see.

We both started eating our breakfast without a word. Mom was dangling a slipper off one her feet because I could hear the soft slap of her heel mingled with the utensils. The slipper then hit the floor with a thud, falling from her dangling toes. Instead of just finding it with her foot, mom bent over looking under the table and slid her foot back into the slipper. Her head seemed to linger a little too long before returning to a sitting position. I then glanced towards her and she had a smile on her face. Did she glance towards my crotch? Well, if she did, there was no mistaking the fact that my cock was hard.

The question in my mind was answered as I finished my breakfast. A stocking covered foot landed halfway up my thigh. I froze, not knowing what to think of the new situation at hand. I glanced towards mom as her foot moved up my thigh an inch at a time. She had student sex parties porno a sinister grin on her face. Her toes crept up until they glanced up against my hard cock.

She once again asked, “You didn’t answer my question sweetie. Do you think my outfit is sexy?”

I didn’t answer for the second time as I was too embarrassed. How does a son tell his mom that he thinks she’s sexy? This time she didn’t wait for an answer. She pushed her foot forward and it rested over my swollen cock. It pulsed as it was held beneath her arch. I pursed my lips as her foot slowly ran over my length.

She purred a soft “mmmmm”, then said; “I guess the answer is a resounding yes.”

Her toes then danced up and down my shaft several more times before taking off. Mom then stood up taking her plate and kissed me on the top of my head. She dropped the dishes into the sink and stopped next to me on her way out, kissing my ear while whispering,

“You just made my day, sweetheart.”

With that said, she left the room. I just sat at the table trying to understand what had just happened. First, I had gotten a sweet view of her stocking covered leg with a garter and a slight glimpse of a sexy red teddy. Secondly, her foot had made its way onto my hard cock and she seemed to enjoy touching it again and again. When I finally had settled down, I got up and made my way back to my room. I hung out there for most of the day, embarrassed to show myself in front of my mom. At dinner time, a buddy called and we decided to go out for awhile.

A week went by with no mention of the hot Saturday morning breakfast. I didn’t join her each evening, but I did notice two things. Each night as she watched tv, she had on a pair of pantyhose. Secondly, she would stretch out on the sofa. I needed to feed my growing interest in her and her sexy feet so I devised a plan. I would join her on the sofa and sit or lay in a spot where I’d be close to her hosed feet when she decides to stretch out and relax. The first time I laid down with my hand propping up my head, she stretched out but stopped short of my view. It did work like a charm each time I sat up, as she stopped her feet right next to my leg. The views were nice, but I needed something more to satisfy me.

Mom went to bed before I did on most nights. Since our Saturday event, I noticed that she would drop her daily pantyhose down the clothes shoot instead of leaving them in her room. I would then wait a bit for her to fall asleep and sneak down to smell the scented hose. The cotton panel was delicious, but the light vinegar scent of her feet encased in heels was heavenly. I would sniff and lick the scented cotton panel and on occasion, I would suck the section of her hose where the delicious feet resided.

Three Saturdays had passed without too much teasing and another Saturday night was here. Neither of us was going out, so we made plans to watch some movies together. We agreed to an eight-o-clock movie on Cinemax. After a late dinner, we were minutes away from movie time.

“I’m gonna go freshen up for bed. I’ll be back by the time the movie starts.” She said as she left the room.

I took my strategic place on the couch. I made sure that I was already stretched out before she came in. If she didn’t have me sit up, she’d be in a spot where any stretching out would have her feet ending up in my view. Mom arrived right on time as the movie started. My eyes were glued to her as she walked by. She was wearing a black silk gown that clung to her sexy body. The lacy front plunged low, showcasing her ample c-cup breasts and the bottom ended halfway between the knees and those sexy slipper covered feet. The nite gown had the desired effect on me as she twirled around giving me a 360 degree look. The bulging eyes and open mouth was a give away, but she asked the question anyway.

“You approve?” I smiled in response as I thought of something clever to say this time.

For weeks now, I’ve been thinking about what I’d do if another encounter would happen. A thought instantly popped into my mind, “What, no nylons?” I said sarcastically.

Mom then stuck out her tongue and then replied seductively, “The nylons go with other nite time outfits”

With that said she settled down on the sofa and placed her fuzzy slippered feet onto the coffee table. The movie started and I spent my time glancing at her legs and the light popping of the slipper against her heel. It took about a half hour before the slippers came off and she scrunched up on the sofa. I cursed silently beneath my breath now that my views were gone. I was also glad that she didn’t ask me to scoot down. In her current position, her feet and legs were about a foot away from my arm. If she stretched out, I’d get a great closeup view of her legs and feet. I went back to the movie and luckily for me the wait wasn’t too long.

A half hour went by and she stretched out without a word. Her feet gently landed past my head. One foot was on top of the other, giving me a close look of her wrinkled soles. I trailed my eyes from her toes up to the bare legs inches away from my face. I glanced upwards to see that the gown had risen just above her knees. My mind was submissive cuckolds porno racing and the blood flow to my crotch caused an instant hardon. The subtle smell of body lotion filled my nostrils and increased my desire. I so wanted to reach forward and run my hand up and down the silky leg. I withheld for the moment, enjoying the closest view to date of those pretty legs and feet.

The teasing then took another turn or at least what I considered teasing. Mom took one foot and started to run it back and forth over the other leg. In a slow and tantalizing manner, it slid up and down ten times. This I had seen many times before, but never up close and personal. When this ended, she scooted up resting on her stomach. Her feet were now resting soles up right in front of my face. I glanced over to see that she was looking at me.

“Are my feet bothering you sweetie?” she asked. “No, not all” I replied quietly. “That’s good….because they don’t bite” That response seemed to hang in the air. It sounded like an open invitation but I was a little scared to jump right in and touch them. For the moment I just stared at them. My eyes traced over the heels and over the wrinkled soles. Soon the toes started to flex and my lust grew. My mind went back to the Friday night where Roger licked her feet and sucked her toes. I pondered the situation and decided I was going to throw all caution to the wind. I slowly leaned in for a close sniff of her soles. I moved my nose from the heel and went up to the toes. She must’ve sensed this and when I reached the toes they flexed and my nose contacted her toes.

I pulled back and she giggled lightly and said, “Go ahead sweetie….they love to be pampered.”

I smiled with delight at her response. I just got the go ahead to play with her feet. With all barriers gone, I leaned in again and sniffed up and down her feet, relishing the light fragrance. I then took index finger and traced little circles over her soles and toyed with each sexy toe. I took my sweet time, making sure this moment was put in my memory bank. She now was the one being teased and she wanted more than just touching.

Mom then whispered lightly, “Kiss them”.

I scooted down a bit and rolled over onto my stomach. Those sexy size sixes were now right below my wanting mouth. I leaned in and licked from her toes up to the heel. A soft moan escaped from her lips. I then licked and nibbled the semi rough heel. The sole came next. I planted kisses and licked the high arch. Her feet were so soft and tasted heavenly, I couldn’t get enough. I finally made my way to the main treasure, those sexy toes. My tongue trailed across each toe and darted in between. Another longer moan escaped her lips. Mom then raised a foot slightly, inviting me to suck those toes. I took the invite taking the big toe into my hot mouth.

“Oh sweetie, ohhhhh” see cooed.

I swirled my tongue over the toe and then made my way down the line, taking my sweet time with each one. I certainly didn’t want this to end and when I finally finished; I switched to the other foot and repeated the same. When I was done, the movie had ended but neither of us seemed to care.

“That was beautiful sweetie. I know that you had a thing for my feet, but I had no idea how talented you were at taking sweet care of them.”

I was a little shocked at first that she knew about my foot fetish. But then I recalled that she had stopped in several times as I was massaging my girlfriend’s feet. Mom then scooted towards me and stopped just short of her sexy ass hitting me head. I wasn’t sure what she was up to, but I enjoyed the view. Her gown had hiked up halfway to her thighs in the process. Without a word, her legs stretched out and her feet made contact with my raging hardon. I couldn’t believe what was going to happen next. Those feet covered my cock and began pushing lightly against it. The feeling was incredible. I also knew in my current state, I wouldn’t be able to take too much of this without releasing a hot load. “Stop teasing my feet sweetie. Lower those pants and let my toes feel how hard they made your cock.” I obliged in an instant, pushing them down as my cock sprung free. “Oh my……I see the apple hasn’t fallen too far from the tree.” She replied with delight. Her feet ran over my freed cock and her toes danced lightly over the swollen head. I then jumped at the opportunity to touch those legs. I ran my hand over her knee and up to the bottom of the gown. They were cleanly shaved and silky smooth. Dare I go more and see how far I could take it? I tilted my head and kissed her ass. The touch of the silky gown was exquisite. I also caught a light whiff of a familiar scent. My mind recalled the times I had taken in the beauty of those absorbent cotton panels from her pantyhose. I smiled as I had made my mom wet from the foot worship. Pre cum had escaped from her manipulations and mom knew I was getting close to an eruption. I slowly moved my hand up her gown throwing caution to the wind. Before I made it to my destination, she moved her body and left the sofa. Mom was on her knees in an instant and went towards my cock. Without a word she bent down and took me into her mouth. I couldn’t believe it, my sexy mom was sucking my cock and she was sucking it with fever. Both of us moaned with delight. Seconds later, she looked at me with a lust I had never seen before and asked, “Would you like to cum in mommy’s mouth?” I exhaled, “God yes” Mom sucked all of me into her mouth and swirled her tongue over my head. I couldn’t take it anymore and exploded rope after rope of hot cum down her throat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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