Sorority Ch. 03

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Chapter 3

First Semester

Dawson hiked up her backpack as she strolled out of class and wandered down the campus lawn back to the dormitories. She pushed her way through the swarm of other residents in the hallway who had also just finished a long day of classes and made her way back to her room.

Dawson and Alison’s room was definitely starting to look more like a college dorm with texts books scattered all over the desks and floor, clothes and bras strewn about the room, over chairs and bedposts, and notes and posters pinned up against all four walls. Dawson threw her backpack onto the bed and hopped on herself.

Dawson leaned back against the headboard and grabbed the phone off of her night table, dialing up her boyfriend from back home.

“Hey baby,” she said as Chris answered on the other line.

“Hey, how’s my college girl?”

“Oh alright,” Dawson sighed, “Classes are sure starting to get tough. You should see the amount of homework I have this week!”

“How’s sorority life?” Chris asked her.

“Well, I’m through initiation but I think we’re still gonna be the bitches for a while. Each of us first years have a day of the week we have to cook for everyone else, and we have to take turns cooking on the weekends too.”

“That sucks,” Chris sympathized.

“Yeah well, that’s just the way it goes when you’re a freshie I guess.”

“Do you at least get to move into the house soon?”

“After Christmas,” she told him, “Then I get half of my resident fees back, so it’s a pretty good deal. Mind you that mostly goes into sorority fees, but oh well. At least I’ll have my own room.”

“What’s your roommate like, anyway?”

“Alison, she’s great! Honestly, I’m really glad she made it in with me. I would hate leaving her here alone! Anyways, I’ve got this tutorial/study thingy to go to in a bit, so I’ve gotta run. Talk to you later! Love you babe!”

“Love you too,” Chris said as Dawson put down the phone and took a deep breath before digging through her books.

* * *

Early the next morning, back at the sorority house, Raven was just waking up and rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. She wandered downstairs in her blue and white pajamas and searched the kitchen for her favorite box of cereal. As she poured herself a bowl, the tall, leggy Kate walked in wearing only her bra and panties, also giving off the impression that she had just woken up. Her usually silky brown hair was mussed and she was barely squinting as she made her way to the fridge.

“Morning,” she grumbled.

“Morning,” Raven said with a little more spring, “When did you get in last night?”

“One. Not as late as Brandi and Nikki.”

Just then both of the girls were surprised when a tall, well-built frat boy walked into the kitchen wearing only a t-shirt and boxer shorts, dragging his pants at his side. He looked surprised to see them as well, not expecting anyone to be up yet.

“Colin,” Raven said with surprise, “Um, hey.”

“Hey,” Colin answered as he shifted his eyes awkwardly.

“Nikki still sleeping?” Raven asked, assuming she knew why he was here.

“Um, yup,” he said as he pulled his jeans back on, “Listen I gotta run to class. I’ll see you all later, hey?”

“Alright, later Colin.”

“Later Colin,” Kate echoed.

Raven and Kate gave each other an inquiring look and a minute later Nikki came bustling down the stairs to join them in the kitchen wearing nothing but a baseball jersey that was slightly too big for her.

“So, you hooked up with Colin last night?” Kate asked her as Raven passed her the cereal.

“Yeah, well, he’s familiar I guess,” she shrugged, “And I just really wanted some last night.”

“You know, you gotta stop screwing him around Niks,” Raven lectured her as the three of them stood around the counter munching on breakfast, “He’s got a thing for you big time, and you just sleep with him whenever you want.”

“He knows what we are,” she disagreed, “Don’t worry about him.”

“Yeah, fuck what the guys want,” Kate agreed with Nikki bitterly, “They’re usually fucking us over. All they really want is sex, and that’s what Nikki’s giving him.”

“Alright,” Raven shook her head, “But you guys have been fucking on and off for two years now and eventually he’s going to want more from you and you’re going to have to hurt him.”

“Well, if he ever does something that stupid, I guess I’ll have to hurt him,” Nikki said in an unconvincingly cheerful voice as she took an apple from the basket, took a bit into it, and skipped away.

* * *

The morning was bustling with students on the campus lawn, co-eds scrambling to get to their classes in time. Among them was Alison who hustled along until she saw Lana walk lazily down one of the paths alone. Alison detoured from her course and went over to the bubbly, blonde Lana.

“Lana!” Alison called her. The curvatious beauty turned around and flashed Alison a huge, white-teethed smile.

“Hey Alison. What’s up?”

“Just going to class,” Alison answered shyly, “Listen, ataşehir escort I never got a chance to thank you. For pledge week I mean. Thanks for not telling them that story.”

“Yeah, that’s fine,” Lana smiled, “Just don’t tell anyone, cause I can seriously get kicked from the sorority. Pledge week is taken pretty seriously, especially by Brandi.”

“Of course I won’t” Alison smiled back awkwardly, “Well, I should get going to class. I’ll see you around!”

“See you,” Lana said as she watched longingly as the bouncy, gorgeous blonde run off.

“Gawd, another assignment??” Dawson complained to Anne as they walked out of Geography class, “This is crazy! How do people handle this work load?”

“Especially with all the sorority stuff we have to do,” Anne agreed, “And its my night to make supper tonight. I don’t know when I’m going to get to do this.”

“Well, this is college I guess,” Dawson shrugged.

As they came out into the hallway, the busty Nikki waved them down.

“Hey babes. Just letting you know it’s the pre-midterm party at the Young Leaf tomorrow night and we’re all going. You two’ll both be there, yeah?”

“Yeah of course,” the both agreed and then looked at each other in groaning looks, knowing they had no time to hang out at a pub.

* * *

At the pre-midterm party, Dawson and Alison walked into the bar dressed up in their Sigma outfits, with their tight-fitting sweaters and plaid mini-skirts. Dawson and just barely finished her assignment before hand, and then scrambled to get ready for the mid-week party.

They met the other girls at their regular table and joined them for a drink. The pub was not quite as busy as Prima Nocta, but still bustling pretty well. Most of the girls in the place were dressed rather skimpily, on the prowl. The guys are also looking as though getting some was first and foremost on their minds.

Drink up girls!” Faith suddenly exclaimed, holding her long island iced tea in the air, “Pretty soon schools going to get nuts. So party now! Woo!”

Dawson sunk a little inside herself when she heard the drunken Faith say this, knowing that she was already reaching her stress limits. But then she shook it off and decided to just have fun.

* * *

Halfway through the night, most of the girls had spread out and were mingling with other people, when a first year frat named Mark came over to Dawson trying to pick her up.

“So, you here with anyone?” he asked loud enough over the music and noise.

“Just my girls,” she answered him politely.

“Well,” he said as he lifted an eyebrow, “I guess what I really want to know is, are you leaving with anyone?”

Dawson simply smiled and shook her head. “Sorry. Got a boyfriend.”

“Oh,” he changed his tone, staring past her, “Alright, yeah. No problem then.”

“Sorry,” she said again as he walked off.

Not far from Dawson, Anne was standing at the bar waiting in line for a drink when a short, nerdy-looking guy approached her, also obviously looking to pick up. He had black, mangy hair and a long nose, dressed simply in a t-shirt and jeans.


Anne flashed him one of her trademark smiles. “Hey.”

“I’m Darren,” he said, coughing to clear his throat, “Listen, um, I, well. Hmm. Okay, I’m in your English class.”

“Oh cool,” Anne said as she waved down a bartender who got her another screwdriver.

“Yeah, well,” Darren said as his personality suddenly made a turn, shifting from geekiness to creepiness, “And I heard that you’re into anal. So you know, if that’s what you want I can give it to you.”

“Ew!” she exclaimed as she grabbed her drink from the bar and turned to storm off, “That isn’t gonna happen. Creep.”

Darren’s spectacled face grimaced into a dark scowl as he watched her walk away.

The night went on and Dawson watched the older girls of the sorority play the field of eager guys like pros, making them all hang on just enough to wait for them as they moved on to the next victim, testing them out to see which would be best to be brought home that night.

Dawson also noticed that Mark, the guy who hit on her, was talking up Alison for most of the night. Alison however seemed much more receiving of his company than Dawson had been. Dawson watched her blonde roommate as she flirted and realized that she really missed being chased. For a split second she wished she were single so that she could partake in the ritual of “picking up” that almost all the other girls were doing.

Nikki was being especially flirty with one of the frat boys from the Alpha fraternity, and always seemed to be in close proximity with Colin, who looked very disheartened as he watched her.

Brandi always seemed to be followed by guys wherever she moved in the pub. She was not necessarily the best looking of the sorority. Her boobs were smaller than most girls and her teeth were slightly crooked. But she had a reputation to make any guy choose her over the bombshells like Kate and Raven.

Eileen avcılar escort spent most of the night with her boyfriend Jeff, a stocky guy with short, curly black hair. Faith and Lana were talking to a group of guys most of the night who were constantly buying them drinks.

After a while, Dawson got tired and decided to pack it in for the night. She looked around for one of the girls who didn’t have a guy attached to her and saw Anne who looked just as bored as herself.

“Hey Anne, I think I’m gonna go and get some sleep.”

“Yeah, me too. Wait up.”

So Dawson and Anne walked back to the dorms in the crisp fall evening. Dawson got back to her room and flopped down on her bed exhausted. She pulled off her clothes and slipped her nightie on, crawling under the covers and falling asleep almost immediately.

A couple hours later, Dawson woke up to the sound of a bed knocking and short grunting. She opened her eyelids and slowly turned around in her bed, only to see Alison with that guy Mark from the pub going at it on the other side of the room.

The guy was on top with Alison underneath, her smooth legs wide pen and wrapped around his hips. Her firm, luscious breasts bounced as he thrust inside her. Dawson watched his ass go up and down as his shaft penetrated her fresh, pink pussy. Alison was moaning quietly with her eyes closed and her silky yellow hair strewn about her pillow.

Dawson found herself getting very aroused as she watched her roommate fuck only a few meters away. They were obviously trying to be quiet enough not to wake her, but the headboard hitting the wall and Alison’s small moans were still pretty loud. He increased his thrusting, ramming into her box harder and harder. Alison brought her knees up, opening her pussy wider to allow him to get in deeper. She kept her eyes closed and threw her head back as he continued his pattern.

Dawson turned back the other way and smiled, slipping her hand under her nightie to feel her clit as she listened to the sounds of sex behind her.

* * *

The next morning Dawson woke up to find Alison returning from the showers with her towel wrapped around her clean, wet body.

“Have fun last night?” Dawson asked knowingly.

Alison simply shrugged. “Did we wake you?” she grimaced in concern.

“Just for a bit yeah.”

“Sorry,” she said sympathetically.

“Well…” Dawson imposed, “How was it?”

“Eh,” she shrugged again as she sat down on her bed brushing her straight, golden hair, “He was nothing special, that’s for sure. Pretty much did the same thing all night. But whatever, sometimes it’s just good to get laid.”

“Yeah, I hear you,” Dawson said as her mind drifted, thinking that it had been well over a month since she last did it with Chris.

* * *

That evening Dawson cooked a spaghetti dinner for the girls in the kitchen of the sorority house. She had a few different pots going on the stoves and had her dishes scattered all over the counters, scrambling to get everything done in time. As it came closer to dinner time the other girls all began to get hungry and filtered into the kitchen.

“How’s dinner coming babe?” Brandi asked as she led the others in.

“Good, good, almost done.”

“So Dawson?” Raven said as she sauntered over to Dawson’s counter, “You pick up at all last night?”

“No. I have a boyfriend, remember?”

“Ah yes, but still. That doesn’t necessarily mean you didn’t. Eileen has Jeff, but I’ve seen a couple different guys coming out of her room every once in a while.”

Eileen simply shrugged to this and grabbed an apple off the counter.

“Boyfriends are bad news,” Brandi shook her head in disapproval, “They just hold you back. Listen to me Dawson.”

“She’s right,” Nikki agreed, “Don’t get tied down. It’s much less fun.”

“Yeah, but I love him, so what can I do?”

“Pssh,” Kate said annoyingly, “High school girls always think they’re in love.”

Brandi rolled her eyes and said, “Well, to put that in a less bitchier way than Kate, he is your high school boyfriend. So yes, you have certain feelings for him. But trust me; it’s much better when you’re no longer attached to him.”

“What about Alison?” Raven inquired, “How’d she do last night?”

“Yeah, she brought a guy back last night,” Dawson told them.

“That a girl,” Brandi congratulated Alison in her absence.

“Was he hot?” Raven asked.

“He was alright. Didn’t sound like he was much in bed though.”

“Yeah well, he’s a guy right?” Raven snickered which got the rest of the girls laughing as well.

And so autumn carried on and Dawson’s workload grew in size and difficulty. Midterms came in October and stress levels were high all around campus. Dawson knew she was struggling with her marks, and the fact that it seemed like everyone around her was having sex while she couldn’t was frustrating her all the more.

Most weeknights were spent with Alison in their dorm studying. Weekends were spent in the library studying. avrupa yakası escort Yet still Dawson seemed to do rather poorly in her tests and assignments. She worried that maybe she wasn’t cut out for college.

The older girls seemed to be handling the stress rather well. Though for the most part they handled it by finding some random guy and getting laid. Alison and Anne seemed to be in the same boat however, and the second years, Lana, Faith and Eileen, were very busy with their schoolwork as well.

Finally Dawson’s last midterm, Geography, came and went. Dawson and Anne walked out of the class to find Alison in the hallway waiting for them.

“Last one?”

“Yep. Thank God.”

“Hey girls!” they heard and looked over to see the dark-skinned Raven coming over to them, “Midterms are over so we’re taking you all out tonight. We’re going into the city to a night club downtown called Bikinis.”

“Downtown?” Dawson inquired, “But we’re not gonna get in. We’re not old enough.”

“Oh don’t worry about that. We’ve given blowjobs to pretty much every bouncer there. It’ll be fine.”

“Alright, awesome,” Alison piped in as Raven ran off again.

* * *

Dawson fretted going to the club that night as she was back in her dorm by herself. She knew everyone would be picking up again and she would still have to go with out sex. Suddenly she had a desire to call Chris.

“Hey babe,” Chris answered as she made herself comfortable on her bed.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

“Not much.”

“You in your bedroom?”

“Yes. Why?” he asked.

“Oh, just wondering…..” she trailed off, “What are you wearing?”

Chris started laughing nervously. “What are you up to?”

“I just, you know,” she sighed, “Listen, we haven’t had sex in two months. All the other girls are doing it and I just, sigh, I just need something. So can we try this?”

“Alright, alright,” Chris said, “So how do we start this?”

“Well, first of all, I’m taking off my shirt,” Dawson said as she actually did take off her shirt, leaving her only with her jeans and black bra.

“Alright, well, now I’m, um, taking off your bra,” he said clumsily, “And squeezing your tits.”

“Okay,” Dawson said with a smile as she reached around and undid her bra, letting it slip off to her waist to reveal her soft, luscious boobs.

“Now I’m taking off your pants,” she said to him in a whispered sexy voice, “What do you have for me in there?”

“Well, why don’t you take it out and see?”

“Mmm, what a nice, big cock you have,” she licked her lips as she spoke into the phone, “Can I taste it?”

“Yeah, of course you can,” Chris said as he looked down to the bugle forming in his pants, thinking he may as well take it out and enjoy this. He opened his fly and let his semi-hard dick flop out.

“I’m moving my tongue around your cock,” Dawson crooned lustily, “circling around it. Now I’m taking it all inside my mouth.”

“Oh yeah…” Chris moaned as he started to rub his cock.

Dawson stroked her pussy over her jeans as she continued. “I’m sucking your hard dick baby, bobbing my head up and down…”

“Keep going baby, I’m so hard.”

Dawson undid her fly and kicked off her pants and panties at the same time, tossing them away onto the floor with her right foot. She started petting her pussy which was already getting very wet.

“Are you gong o do anything to me?” she asked, hoping that Chris would involve himself in the conversation a little more.

“Oh yes baby. I’m running my hand up your thigh, reaching your moist pussy.

“Stick your fingers in me baby.”

“I’m sticking them inside you, rubbing your G-spot, caressing your sweet pussy.”

“Mmm,” she moaned as she was doing to herself what he was describing.

“You’re getting my fingers all wet baby.”

“That’s not all I want to get wet,” she said in a naughty voice, “Put your dick in me baby.”

“Alright,” Chris submitted as he stroked him dick with one hand, holding the phone with the other, “I’m climbing on top of you, sliding my dick inside your wet pussy.”

“Now, fuck me baby!” she called out as she felt a quick ripple of pleasure run through her while she rubbed her clit.

“I’m pumping you hard baby, so hard!”

“Do it! Harder Chris! Harder!”

“I’m thrusting deep!” Chris called as he almost dropped the pone he was stroking his dick so fast.

On the other end, Dawson had her eyes closed and her head leaned back, resting on her headboard, with her right hand rapidly circling her clit. She felt herself building almost to the point of cumming.

“Oh fuck me baby, fuck me!”

“I’m fucking you!” he answered lamely, but Dawson didn’t care. She was almost there.

“I’m so close baby! Come on!”

“I’m ramming my rod inside you! I’m going to pump you full of cum!”

“Do it!” she gasped as she hit her peak, “I’m cumming baby! I’m cumming!”

Dawson gasped and gave a shrill scream as she climaxed, barely listening to Chris on the other line telling her how he was also cumming. Her whole body slumped on the bed as she smiled.

“Thank you so much baby,” she said in a small, tired voice, “I needed that.”

“Anytime,” Chris answered, “Any time.”

Dawson hung up satisfied. Hopefully now she could go out and enjoy herself, instead of spending the whole night wanting sex.

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