Sorority Initiation

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*** This story is a work of complete fiction and intended only for the erotic enjoyment of its author and readers. Any similarity with any actual persons or organizations, living or deceased, operational or not, is purely coincidental and unintentional. ***

If you’ve ever talked to a member or members of a fraternity or sorority, I’m sure you’ve heard some very interesting stories regarding their own initiation proceedings. But I’ll bet you’ve never heard one quite like mine.

I was nearly a month into my first semester of college when I met Jaclyn Kendall. It was in the campus library one afternoon and we spotted each other across the room. Jaclyn stood nearly 5’10” with a stunning maim of fire red hair that draped like wild flames over her sexy shoulders, dazzling emerald green eyes, pert and bountiful 38D breasts, stunning alabaster skin that appeared to be softer than silk, a sinfully sexy and statuesque figure, full and luscious ruby lips and an ass that was so magnificent it was a crime that she had to sit down on it.

It was lust at first sight. She knew it, and I knew it; and less than four hours later, Jaclyn and I were wrestling each other through the doorway of my single dorm room, pawing with salacious desperation at each other’s bodies and tearing each other’s clothes off as our mouths ravaged one another. It was a warm and muggy September night and the AC in my room was on the fritz. Needless to say the sex was hot, sweaty and wildly animalistic. But is there really a better kind of sex?

Oh, I guess you’ve probably figured out by now that I’m a lesbian, and that, among other things, is why I was ever so happy to finally go away to college. Coming from a small community in the Deep South with devout Southern Baptist parents and a church on every corner, it isn’t exactly what you’d call fertile ground for a young lesbian girl to flourish. But that’s a whole other story.

Not only was Jaclyn Kendall the best lover I’d had to date, she was also a sister in the Omega Pie Kappa Sorority. Being twenty-one years old and a full three years my senior, she was also the first “older” woman I’d ever been with. Jaclyn took me to the Omega Pie Kappa Sorority House quite often throughout my first semester at the renowned state university and she acquainted me to all of her sorority sisters. The Omega Pie Kappa sisters are some of the most beautiful, glamorous, and elegantly alluring young women on Earth, and Jaclyn Kendall is the cream of the crop. It wasn’t long before I began to feel very self-conscious. I was nowhere near the caliber that these girls were. Or at least, so I thought. I stand an even 5’6″ and consider myself an average girl with all natural 34D breasts, a flat and firm tummy, slim waist, curvaceous hips, a taut but rather small butt, athletically toned and shapely legs and arms, and my skin is a year round shade of light Carmel. Combining all that with my long and wavy coal black hair that just barely brushes the tops of my shoulders, my shady blue eyes and my narrow face with its high cheeks, many people often think me to be a gypsy; which isn’t far off base since my mother is half gypsy. Jaclyn simply calls me a very exotic beauty. And given how beautiful my Jaclyn is, who am I to argue?

It was a cool evening in early April when I and the twelve other pledges ready to begin our initiation into Omega Pie Kappa were blindfolded, loaded into the passenger van and driven away. My heart thundered wildly in my chest and I actually felt a tingling of fear deep in my belly. I had heard all the horror stories about fraternity and sorority hazing rituals, but I wasn’t really worried; I trusted Jaclyn completely.

At last the van came to a stop, the door was opened and the thirteen pledges were hustled into the Omega Pie House. The only instructions we received were regardless of anything said or done to us, we were forbidden to speak or to make any kind of sound at all. Once inside the house, I was stripped completely naked. I sensed two pairs of female hands removing my clothing, and since I had come to know Jaclyn’s touch so intimately, I knew that neither pair of hands belonged to her. I also sensed that the thirteen of us were no doubt surrounded by the Omega Pie sisters and they were inspecting us. And inspect us they did, for I soon felt the same two pairs of hands erotically caressing every nook and cranny of my body. My neck was suckled and nipped at, my breasts were cupped, fondled and massaged while my nipples were pinched and briefly sucked. My ass was spanked, my sphincter was fingered and my now aching and moist pussy was gently teased. I heard a few of my fellow pledges squeal and verbally protest at being touched so intimately, but for myself, I didn’t mind at all.

The next thing I knew, my blindfold was removed and I found that we were standing in the center of the candlelit, cavernous front parlor room of the Omega Pie House. There was a fire roaring in altyazılı porno the fireplace and we pledges were indeed surrounded by the sisters; they were all wearing flowing white gowns, had flowers in their hair and were each holding a large candle. I cautiously let my eyes scan about the room and found that I and my fellow pledges were lined up practically shoulder to shoulder and all the others had likewise been stripped naked. That’s when I noticed that there were only seven pledges in the room. As my eyes continued to scan the room, they soon fell upon Jaclyn, and I couldn’t help but smile. She looked so amazing in her white gown. Yet she did not return my smile. Instead, she slowly stepped forward with a rather menacing expression on her face.

“Pledges! We are the Omega Pies.” She hissed in a deep, sexy voice. “And we welcome you. As you can see, where once you were thirteen, now you are only seven. You were instructed in the beginning not to speak, nor to make any sound at all. The seven of you listened and obeyed. An Omega Pie is the embodiment of all things feminine. She is living and breathing sexuality and sensuality. Her very being is centered on giving and receiving the most intimate and exquisite of humanly pleasures. And her body is the most finely tuned of sexual instruments; and with it you play your most exquisite passions. It is what you give and how you receive. And the seven of you received; the others did not. And let me be the first to say congratulations, for those of you that remain have completed the first rite of passage to becoming an Omega Pie.”

Jaclyn paused and studied each of us carefully. I could literally feel her eyes caressing my flesh. It was really turning me on. Jaclyn slowly circled me, letting the tips of her fingers graze softly over me, gently caressing my skin.

“Beautiful. Very beautiful. So, you wish to become an Omega Pie?”

I nodded.

“Then I choose you. Alicia. I choose you to lead your fellows into their final rite of passage; you have already passed the first. Now here is the second.”

Jaclyn pressed her body firmly up against me and slid her left arm around my waist; her gown was pure silk and feeling her powerful, buxom body through the silk was nothing short of an oasis for carnal desire. I could literally feel her life force and her divine sexuality seeping into me; as well as her bountiful breasts and her erect nipples peeping through the silk of her gown into the misting flesh of my bare back. She moved her luscious lips to within centimeters of my ear:

“Tomorrow, you will go alone into the town and you will seek out a ripe and mature woman. By mature I mean that she must be no less than forty-five and no more than fifty-five. By ripe I mean that she must be attractive, sexual and sensual; and you will seduce her. You will light a fire of burning passion within her and then you will bring her back to our home and lead her into the room that we will prepare for you. There must be no apprehension within her whatsoever; she will come to this house willingly and very wantonly to have sex with you. She must be burning for the want of you. And you will let her have you. And once you have brought her to orgasm, your fellow pledges will come forward and they too, each one in turn, will bring her to orgasm. As one is at her center, the others will savor every nook and cranny of her. And this woman; this blessed woman! A woman whose identity we do not yet know. A woman who at this moment does not know herself the wondrous rite that has been bestowed upon her; she will experience physical love as she never has before. She will know the intimate and exquisite pleasure that only an Omega Pie can give.”

Jaclyn slid her right arm around my waist while her left hand slid slowly up the front of my body and cupped gently around my neck as she teased my ear with her tongue. I nearly came apart in her arms.

“Now, you will be returned to your room while your fellow pledges remain here with us.”

At that moment, each of the other six pledges was surrounded by five of the sisters, re-blindfolded and led away.

“Don’t worry, they will be safe. They will be kept blindfolded and naked. They will also experience sexual fulfillment as they never have before. The sisters will teach them what it means to be loved by an Omega Pie. You see, the Omega Pies do not humiliate others; we fulfill them. Even our pledges. As I am certain you already know.”

Jaclyn ran her tongue slowly up my neck and suckled my earlobe as her hands caressed and massaged all over the front of my body while she gently grated her body against me. The feel of her silk gown against my skin was one of the most intensely erotic sensations I’d ever experienced. I was losing myself in insatiable lust.

“Your search for the chosen woman will begin at noon tomorrow, and you must bring her to us no later than midnight. And you must choose carefully. Remember zenci porno that this woman holds the future of not only yourself, but your fellows in her hand; or rather, in her orgasm. And if you should fail in finding her, rest assured that your punishment will be severe.”

My mind was swimming in desperate want and lust for Jaclyn as I felt her hand slide around me and her finger burrowed into the crack of my ass and buried the tip of her finger into my puckered rosebud. By now my heart was raging, my stomach was spasming and I could hardly breathe. Jaclyn took me by the chin and crushed her mouth to mine. As I reveled in the silk and heat of Jaclyn’s delicious mouth, I was violently pulled out of our kiss and a black sack was pulled over my head, returning me to utter darkness.

I awoke in my bed in my dorm room to find that I was still naked and that my clothes had been neatly folded and laid out carefully over the back of my desk chair. There was sunlight filtering through the mini-blinds and glancing at the clock on my bedside table, I found that it was ten in the morning on the dot.

I stared up at the ceiling again and thought of my fellow pledges; wondering what they were going through right at this moment. My mind began to fill with erotic images of each of them spread out on a soft bed with their beautiful naked bodies quivering with passion and glistening in perspiration as they were being sexually and sensually savored by the sisters of Omega Pie. Before I even truly realized it, I was ablaze with lust and was rubbing furiously on my now throbbing clit; my hips bucking and my back arching as I pleasured myself. That’s when I heard Jaclyn’s sexy voice whispering in the back of my mind the instructions of my mission. And as that thought passed through my mind, I was instantly flooded with doubt and the beginnings of sheer panic. My body suddenly went ice cold and I could feel my heart pounding and my stomach tying itself in knots as my clit retreated like the Yankees at Bull Run. Glancing at the clock once again, I realized that I now had less than two hours before I was to begin my search. I slipped out of bed and into the shower, dousing myself with cold water hoping to clear my mind.

How in the world was I going to do this? How was a young and naïve eighteen year old college girl like me going to possibly be able to attract and seduce a beautiful, mature, sensual and sophisticated modern woman? A woman who was old enough to be my mother! Actually, she would be older than my mother for my Mom is only forty-one and this woman had to be a minimum of forty-five. And just how the fuck was I supposed to determine her age? Ask for her ID? True, I loved having sex with girls and had lots of experience at it, but they were all just that: girls. But this was going to be a woman; a mature woman. Not that the idea didn’t arouse me immensely though. I had always had fantasies about seducing a much older woman; what young man or gay young woman doesn’t? But that was as far as it went. And as far as my seduction skills go, I was a complete novice. All of my previous sexual encounters had just sort of happened for they were all with girls that I knew well or there was this instantaneous animal attraction that consumed us both like when I and Jaclyn met. I had never in my life gone “on the prowl”. That’s when it hit me. If sudden and spontaneous animal attraction could happen between me and Jaclyn, why couldn’t it happen between me and this woman?

Just before noon, I stood in front of my full length mirror wearing the shortest and tightest denim skirt I owned that fell nearly four inches above my knees. My legs were freshly shaved, doused with vanilla-scented lotion, and they, along with my ass, were accentuated erotically by a pair of white, three inch spiked heels on my feet. Thanks to a push-up bra and a low cut, tight pink tank top, my cleavage was so eye-popping that my own eyes nearly fell out of their sockets. I plastered my lips with a dark cranberry gloss, my eyes with thick mascara and my finger and toenails were covered with cherry red polish. Fluffing out my hair, I then slipped on a white leather jacket and I couldn’t help but think about the woman I was going to find. And for the first time, I felt tremendous excitement and intense arousal. I even wished for a moment that I was her.

Somewhere out there right now is an ordinary, middle-aged woman going about her daily routine and possibly thinking that the best years of her life are behind her. That she is passed her prime and no longer desirable. More than likely she has children that are fully grown and no longer in need of her, so she feels very empty and lonely. I can almost see her now; maybe she’s sitting in her office, or in her cubicle, staring at her computer monitor and wondering what movie she is going to watch tonight. Or maybe she is reminding herself that she needs to pick up more cat food and aldatma porno litter on the way home. Maybe she is just now getting a call from a man she’s supposed to go out with tonight and he is cancelling on her. She understands but can feel her heart cracking. Oh, you poor thing. If only you knew that in just a few hours you are going to have seven young vixens making love to you in ways you’ve never dreamed of, or even imagined. That you are going to experience physical love and sexual fulfillment unlike anything you’ve ever known. And when you wake in the morning, you will be completely reborn.

Looking like a cross between an exotic dancer and a street-walking hooker, I snapped up my purse, slipped on my sunglasses and slid out my door with an unbelievably arousing resolve. This was no longer just about me becoming an Omega Pie. I had a life to save; or at least, a sex life.

It’s nearly a fifteen mile drive from the university campus into town. The day was sunny but cool, so I parked my silver 2010 Mustang GT in a public lot near the small park in the center of town and proceeded to “work the streets”. I exchanged my leather jacket for a windbreaker I had in my backseat. Being that it was the middle of a workday, I didn’t really anticipate “finding her” until evening and I certainly didn’t want to draw too much attention to myself considering I looked like a street-walking hooker. After all, there were children out in the daytime. So I figured I would just get a layout of the town. I had only been to town a couple of times since I’d started school, so I wasn’t too familiar with it.

I stopped into a small Soup, Salad and Sandwich shop around one and had a garden salad and a glass of tea. Immediately I spotted several likely candidates sitting together at a table across the small dining room from me. They were obviously an office group on their lunch hour and there was not an unattractive one in the bunch. But I sensed a high level of snobbishness and disapproval from them; I also heard a few snide remarks about my slutty outfit. Then there was the herd factor to be considered. It’s very difficult for a hunter or predator to single out a kill when her prey is moving in large numbers.

After lunch, I moved on and found myself entering a used bookstore. I purchased a couple of books then continued my exploration, prowling through a couple of boutiques and antique shops. The town seemed to be overflowing with them. Again, I really didn’t expect much this early in the day, but I figured that places like these are where middle-aged women tend to spend their time. And I did come across several women, but none of which came even remotely close to making the quota. Most of the women were young mothers, early twenties to mid thirties, or old grandmothers, sixty years plus. There were a few women that I estimated to be in the proper age range, but they fell horrendously short in the other required criteria.

It was just a few minutes before three when I spotted a Starbucks just across the street from the park and had the sudden urge for a white chocolate mocha; and maybe a cookie. I cut through the park, crossed the street and entered the Starbucks, which was on the first floor of a building that was more than likely over a hundred years old. I drifted up to the counter where there was a young man about my age wearing the green cap and apron of the Starbucks uniform. From the mischievous smirk that came across his lips and the devious twinkle that filled his eyes when he saw me, I knew that his mind was flooding with images of me naked and I had no doubt that his cock was turning to blue steel. Oh well. Boys will be boys. I ordered my mocha, paid in cash and dumped the change in the tip box. I turned away from the register and was heading around toward the pick-up counter when all of the sudden, there “she” was.

Striding elegantly on two of the most alluring and shapely female legs in a pair of snug fitting blue jeans, the woman exited the ladies room and returned to a table in the corner by the window. I was completely mesmerized and my eyes were locked on those gorgeous legs, those glamorously round and fertile hips, that sexily slim waist and that scrumptiously taut, bubble ass. She wore a long sleeve, lightweight purple turtle neck that clung tightly to her incredibly lean, slender torso and so beautifully accentuated her scrumptiously pert and ample breasts it should have been illegal; not to mention that amazingly firm and flat stomach. The woman was easily six feet tall, but that was probably exaggerated by the high heeled, black leather boots that zipped up over her exquisitely defined calves. Her hair was thick, a fading shade of walnut brown and laced moderately with very sexy whisks of gray; it was styled similar to mine only it was not quite as wavy and it was a little shorter, curving up stylishly at the base of her neck just above her sexy shoulders. She also had a couple of long bangs that hung down to her near perfect chin and luminously framed her lovely face. Then there was that sleek and sexy neck, those long and sensual fingers, the full and luscious lips covered with a dark crimson gloss and light olive skin. Oh God, how soft and silky it must be.

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