Spa Initiation

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She is lying on the massage table; face down, under the sheet, as I had told her to do. Many of my female clients wear their bra and panties/thongs or a bikini for their treatment. Some choose to be nude – it’s their choice. I think some go nude to see if they can shock me – not likely. Regardless, I keep the thermostat well above room temperature, its tougher for me, but I want the clients to be warm, comfortable and as relaxed as possible.

She’d told me that she’s stiff and achy all over. I start by passing my hands over her body 3-4 inches above the sheet to locate are areas of greatest need. Then I begin with long slow strokes along her back using my forearms with the lightest of pressure. As she becomes acclimatized to my touch I fold back the sheet and tuck it securely under her hips.

I get out some of her fragranced oil, warm it in my hands then begin to work it into her soft and supple skin. As I find muscles knotted I apply deeper pressure to release the tension. I find a lot of tension in her lower back and buttocks. She asks me to be particularly firm as I work on her pelvic region. She mumbles how good it feels.

After a half hour or so, I begin on the back of her left leg then her right – all the while maintaining her privacy by discretely covering her sex as I had been trained to do. She continually spreads her legs so that I must re-tuck the sheet to keep her vulva covered.

After some fifty minutes she is noticeably relaxed. As I hold the sheet like a curtain between us, I ask her to roll over onto her back. I move to continue working on her legs. Moving above her left knee she spread her legs so that they’re almost falling off the table. I ask if she is all right.

“Just keep going” is her raspy reply.

I continue to work on her thigh ensuring that I don’t cross the sexual activity line about a hand width below the crease between the top of her leg and her torso. Then I move on to her right leg. When I reach near the top, she stammers “God is it ever hot in here!”

I ask if she would like some water. She concurs. I turn to go to the counter and open a bottle of water. As I turn around to hand it to her she’s sitting on the edge of the table – the sheet is in a rumpled heap on the floor. Her voluptuous body fully exposed for my viewing.

“Are you feeling ok?” I ask dumbfounded, handing her the water. She takes a large swallow. I bend to pick up the sheet.

“Leave it,” she commands.

“Shall I stop?” I inquire. “You still have more time on you appointment and I haven’t been notified that there’s anybody waiting for my services.”

“Not on your life!” she retorts. “That’s good I need more of your talents!”

“OK then, let me help you to lie down. You know its not good to sit up so quickly when you’re having a massage.” I advise.

I lift her legs and place the pillow back under her knees. As I let go she splays her legs giving me my first full view of her neatly trimmed pubic thatch with her puffy lips that glistened in the subtle candlelight of the room.

Again I bend down to pick up the sheet. “Don’t bother,” she commands.

“Professionally, I’m required to maintain the privacy and dignity during the masseuse/client session.” I replied.

“I’m the client, I’m too warm and if I want to lie stark naked in front of you that’s my prerogative – You can handle that can’t you?” she snorted cynically. “After all I AM the client!”

“By all means, I’m here to serve you – your wish is my command,” canlı bahis şirketaleri I note smugly.

“That’s right – I’m glad you understand.” She smirked.

So I kick the sheet under the table to avoid trip over it.

I moved to the head of the table and placed a small pillow under her head. I lifted her head with my left hand and with my right I kneaded the back of her neck from the base of her skull to the point of her shoulder. Then I switched hands and did the left side, then alternated back and forth. Her muscles feel like steel cables. This was going to take a lot of work. But that’s what I enjoyed so much about this work. With my skill I could transform this hyper tense body into a relaxed, warm, refreshed, glowing creature that will feel total elation –at least that was MY goal.

She had a pretty face, even from this upside down angle. Her eyes were closed, but there was a lot of rapid eye movement under her lids.

Many clients often drift off to a deep sleep during their massage. I can usually tell by the deep breathing, but hers was swallow and rapid.

I noticed that the skin of her neck and breasts had a definite rosy tint. Her breasts probably were of

‘C’ or ‘D’ cup proportion. But her nipples were no longer the tight crinkly shape they had been when I laid her down a few minutes ago they were soft, puffy and somewhat distended. And that rosy glow was continuing to extend down her body.

When I was sure that her neck and shoulders were relaxed, I went around to the left side and eased her left arm away from her side. She had tucked her hands under her buttocks. I gave the arm a gentle couple of shakes before I started to massage it. The motion carried right along her shoulder and across her chest like ripples on a pond. The undulating motion was hypnotic. I gave myself a shake to regain my ‘professional composure’, which was becoming an insurmountable challenge in its own right!

I worked for nearly ten minutes first on her slender fingers. Avoiding the rock and wide band on her fourth finger that could have cut me for stitches had I applied too much pressure while working on her hand or forearm, then the bicep and triceps. As I placed her arm back against her a slight moan escaped her throat as her upper arm was pressed against the side curve of her left breast.

I quickly transitioned to the right side to repeat the procedure. However, as I work on her right arm I noted that she had placed her left hand on her abdomen and was flexing her left upper arm and shoulder to press it against her left breast. As I lay her right arm back on the table beside her, she pulled the arm in tight against her body trapping my left hand between her arm and her right breast. I responded by gently wiggling my hand back and forth while trying to extricate it from its entrapment, the back of my hand pushing firmly against the undulating curve of her breast. There was no mistaking her intention or the fact that her breasts were enlarged and firmer than before. Her vocalization was more pronounced this time and her breathing was definitely ragged!

I returned to the head of the table to complete the massage with a head, scalp and facial treatment.

Cradling her head in my fingers I slowly and gently caress her temples, then her ears and sides of her scalp. I move around to the back and top of the scalp making several wavy combing actions from the base of her skull to her forehead.

From the center of her canlı kaçak iddaa forehead I repeatedly lightly stroke her brow. The circular motions around her eyes, cheeks, nose, lips and chin. My concentration is disturbed as I note that both of her hands are now making circular motions over her pubic mound. Her arms are squeezing her breast together to form delectable cleavage between them. I fight to find some level of professional detachment. But this vision is proving more than I’m prepared to handle.

In an instant, she reaches up and seizes my wrists pulling them onto the voluptuous globes of heated flesh on her chest. Her nipples tighten up as she continues to work my hands to massage her tits. “Will you do this or do I have to keep showing you what I really need right now!”

“Okay – I’ll do whatever you want” I stammer huskily.

She returns her hands to her lower abdomen. I continue the circular motion over the wanton flesh. Only now I’m deliberately avoiding the perky brown centers. As I caress her tits I press ever so firmer. As I do, she begins to moan and vocalize her increasing pleasure. Each breast seems to be a living entity on its own responding to my hands feeling fuller with each pass. I vary the circle first going as wide as her arms will allow then growing ever so smaller until I simply circle the areola and watch it crinkle and the button distends. Finally I seize those two erect buds between my thumb and forefinger as my hands cup the bottom and sides the mammary mounds. I rub, twist and stretch the rubbery flesh in a gentle but persistent manner to the groans to “Ohhhhhh Gawwwwwd,

Harrrrderrrr, more, yesssss, oh myyyy!”

“EAT ME” She demands.

I slowly move to the foot of the table. She raises he ass and maneuvers the pillow under it. I complete tucking the pillow under her butt cheeks then I reach around her thighs and nudge her down just enough to be comfortable for me to lean forward to fulfill her ‘request’. She raises her legs over my shoulders, pulls my hands back to her tits then reaches down to open her lower, bare, engorged, hot pink, slippery lips. Her heady aroma drowns out the soft fragrance from the vanilla candles that are faintly glowing on the counter.

Before diving in I carefully survey the intriguing landscape. Desperately trying to memorize the details. My hands keep orchestrating their own symphony on her chest, stomach, abdomen, with particular attention to those insistent nubs standing high atop her proud breasts.

She thrust her pelvis toward my face, and then her right hand grabs the back of my head and drives my face to her target. I pull back just a bit to catch a breath then start to stroke her with my tongue up and down her hot and inviting slit. I make sure to come close to her clit but avoid direct contact for now. I continue this upper and lower erotic dance for what seemed like hours – in reality maybe fifteen to twenty minutes.

When I finally, made contact with her clit, I suck it into my mouth then swirl my tongue around it. In a matter of seconds she nearly bucked us both onto the floor with the first of her several orgasms. While I focused my vibrating tongue on her clit, my left fingers seek that spongy spot on the anterior wall of her vagina and I stroked it with ever increasing pressure. I move my right middle finger to make it dance around the delicate rim of her anus. She shudders, then nearly suffocates me as her body goes totally rigid when this mind-blowing canlı kaçak bahis orgasm wracks her being, squeezing my head in a vice like grip I nearly bit her clit.

My groin is pressed against the end of the table and my cock was doing its damndest to pull a Houdini and escape from my pants. But that would have taking this very personal service way, way over the line.

Her thighs block my ears, so I’m not sure if she had screamed the roof down or stifled her passion out of consideration of her location. I hoped that it had been the latter but I’d know soon enough.

As she relaxed her grip on me, I slowly straightened up. Her whole body was crimson and covered in a glistening sheen of perspiration.

“I thought that you came here to be more relaxed not supper tense!” I quipped.

“Sometimes you need and extraordinary workout in order to achieve that true state of relaxation.” She stated quietly.

“You must understand that what you asked for, and hopefully received, transgresses the code of conduct and shouldn’t be part of you normal massage regime.” I interjected.

“I am fully aware of what you are supposed to do and what I need. I have no complaints what-so-ever.” She retorted. “In fact I am extremely satisfied and would highly recommend you services – all your services – maybe even something more.”

“That would be impossible on these premises” I replied.

“That’s ok – arrangements can be made as necessary.” She stated as she stared at me in a challenging manner.

“We’ll see” I contemplated.

I turned and started to open the door to leave the room. “Rest for a few minutes and get up slowly. I’ll see you …”

“Are your just going to leave like that?” she interrupted.

“…the front desk. I think that we’ve run overtime and I had better see if there are clients awaiting service. Sorry about having to rub and run on you. I’m sure that we can square this up on you next appointment.” I whispered as I left the treatment room.

“You bet we will.” She uttered as I closed the door.

I headed straight for the washroom to calm myself down. Splashed cold water on my face for several minutes – what I really needed an ice cold shower to really do the job!

I arrived at the front desk just moments before my client arrived. The receptionist looked at her and looked at me with a knowing smile on her face.

“You ran overtime you know” chimed the receptionist to me.

“That was all my fault.” My client stated in a matter of fact manner. “Is there an additional charge?”

The receptionist looked at me for direction. I quietly shock my head in the negative.

“If you think that you will need extra time you should let me know ahead of time so that I can make the arrangements.” The receptionist retorted.

“That’s quite all right” I interjected “We’re here to satisfy our clients – aren’t we” Pointing to the clubs motto.

My client turned to me and winked holding out her hand to shake mine. I took hers and realized that she was also passing something to me.

“Thanks for the thoroughly satisfying session.” She said, glancing back at the receptionist.

“Come again soon” I replied smiling at her.

As she left the building, the receptionist piped up “You must have given her some workout. She’s red as a beet and you look like you’ve gone through a ringer backwards!”

I didn’t give her the satisfaction or a reply – but I had the definite suspicion that she knew more than she was letting on.

As I walk back to clean up my treatment room I looked at what the client had handed me.

The note began ‘Meet me at…’ and inside the folded paper was enough cash for at least three sessions.

Gawd how I love to satisfy my customers!

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