Spick , Span Nude Cleaners Pt. 02

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I wrote in the last chapter how Ricardo, besotted with the passion of Melissa, forgot he had another client to service the following morning.

Like Melissa, she was a new client and he did not want to put her off. Although the title of his business made it seem there was not just him, he simply wanted to impress, but his aim was to take on another employee to assist him, but it was still early days and anyway, he wanted to make quite sure the successful applicant would have all the know how about satisfying his clientele, in a way they would want to keep coming back.

With Melissa being so demanding he realised he could not do with employing another operator but somehow he had to work a way to fir both women in.

He decided to phone Melissa and gingerly ask if he could make it in the afternoon instead of morning.

“I don’t know about that,” she said. “I don’t know if I could hold on that long after yesterday. It will be okay if you make it as early as you can Ricardo. I will be wearing something very special I know you will like.”

“Thanks Melissa, you are a gem.”

“I know that – so you had better make sure you turn up and finish off what we started yesterday.”

“Of course Melissa, I will be there as soon as ever after lunch.”

“No before lunch, I will cook something very special and evocative for your liking.”

Ricardo took a deep breath and made for Pauline’s place. She was the wife of a famer but had no qualms about enquiring after his ‘exclusive’; service asking if he could come round at nine, after the hubby had left for market. She certainly put her cards on the table but, not wanting to get into a problem, he was primarily reluctant to take her on

“No worries there Ricardo, we have an open marriage, Just get your ass around here and you will be well rewarded.”

Well that sounded promising, he’d seen a picture of Pauline which she sent on email and it was apparent she wasn’t of a shy disposition. She looked good for her age and no doubt about it, openly admitting she was in her very early fifties, but she looked least ten years younger, or was it just an old picture? She was no oil painting but what the hell, given the impetus, which usually mean some sexy response from a client, Ricardo was right there with his cough drops as they say.

Well his business was ain its early days and he was keen to promote it. He’d studied just how many women used the dating sites and there was a genuine need for so many lonely women out there to want a casual relationship. He had the qualifications, his attitude and his way with women had scored many times and so he figured why not put his charms to good use and bring in the dollars. And besides, what more could you wish for than to do something you really enjoy and get paid for it.

Ricardo enjoyed women and no doubt about that. He was interested in Women of all ages, as long as they had the zest for fun and a good time basically. They didn’t necessarily need to be great on the eye or have the perfect figure, he’d had some unsatisfactory sex with women güvenilir bahis you might think had it all, going by their figure and the like, but then Ricardo knew that women didn’t not have to be perfect by any means and he had enjoyed some darned good sex with women one wouldn’t look twice at in the street.

Drawing up at the country farmstead Pauline stood on the doorstep welcoming him with a very warm hug and he was in no doubt what he was there for, and it wasn’t just for the nude cleaning, the way she looked at him said everything and she was obviously impressed.

“Well there is plenty wants cleaning here,” she said with that look in her eye showing him the large kitchen area and it seemed everything was smothered with grease.

“I just haven’t got around to Spring Cleaning this year, I am thinking quite frankly fuck it, because Jack, he is my other half, who I guess is fucking his mistress right now. But then on seeing your advert I thought again, and boy! You seem just right for the job in hand.”

There she was, that look again, glancing downwards as she said that.

“Well that’s it Ricardo, do you want the job or not? It’s yours for £50 a morning or whatever, and an awful lot of ‘goodwill’ from yours truly,” she said, placing her hand on his shoulder in a very provocative way, allowing her finger tips to tease the side of his neck.

“Right, I shall get to it, just let me know where the cleaning materials are and I will waste no time.”

“And you do it nude, is that really correct, as your advert suggests?”

“Of course, I feel much more comfortable working, but of course if you would like me to wear just something down under I will, gladly do so.”

“Maybe just a loin cloth would be exiting Ricardo, I would really like that. I have this thing about sweet guys like you wearing loin cloths, and I love the idea of something being left to the imagination, don’t you?”

Ricardo smiled wistfully. He had already sussed her. She was a woman who liked to indulge into some titillation and he liked that.

“That’ll be fine; it is just that I don’t own a loin cloth sorry.”

“That is absolutely no problem at all, I just happen to have one upstairs, would you like to come up and try it on?”

Into her lush bedroom she showed him the gear. He’d give it a try of course he would, if that is what his client wanted then it was his job to please. Come to think of it he’d never worn one before, should he keep his undies on or what was the question.

No, he would go commando. See how it went.

“Okay I will leave you to change and expect to see a very delectable young man in the lounge in about five,” she said deliciously.

“It won’t take me that long!” Ricardo said.

“Well we girls need to do something to make you guys ready for the kill” She whispered. I need to go into the bathroom and see what I can do to boggle the male domain.”

“Sounds interesting,” I said.

It was. Very interesting when changed and, returning to the large lounge downstairs Ricardo took one look at Pauline, who looked quite türkçe bahis different in her very sexy black and red lingerie, from the old jeans and scruffy over shirty she had worn before. Mind you she did look sexy in those but what she wore now, suspenders and all really set his tackle going

“You look absolutely divine, Ricardo. Come and do the trick for me.”

“I’m not a magician,” he teased. “I can’t perform magic!”

“You certainly can and do for me Ricardo. Now shut up and park your ass next to me. I reckon we need to be having some fun.”

“What about the cleaning,” he asked. “You said you wanted the kitchen cleaned up?”

“That was before and now it is after,” she gleamed tinkering with the seam of his loin cloth and edging it up his thigh, sexily crossing her legs revealing a wonderful display of white thigh between stocking tops and sheer silk red and black laced panties which looked perfect for her.

Then he felt her warm lips find his and he knew he was a goner. This woman knew exactly what she wanted and she was going to get it. He knew it was just a question of time when he would be feeling her fuck. Hands behind his neck and fingers gently scratching, he responded, teasing his tongue against hers and really setting to with the complete French thing.

Pauline was hot, very hot and in the flash of a pan her hand was there. It was divine and soon, loin cloth thrown aside her mouth was readily working his pride like a hungry tigress as she cupped and squeezed his balls systematically with each deep suck.

She took a breather. She was gushing that it was so nice to enjoy cock again and hoped he didn’t mind about her wasting no time.

He whispered for her just to enjoy, that is what he wanted, for her to be happy and perfectly gratified. He had the cock for her to enjoy and display with to her hearts content. There was something so very fulfilling about watching older women enjoying something that she had obviously been without for so long, and it showed in her deep passion. Pauline was making uo for lost time and she was going to have her fill no matter what. Ricardo was a willing horse and she simply enjoyed touching and enjoying his body all over. She told him in no uncertain terms that she will want him all ways.

Ricardo, knowing he needed to keep himself spruced up for his afternoon session with Melissa, made sure the cock ring was in place to hold him back. Usually he could cope easily with two women in a day, but with Pauline being highly sexed he needed to retain some of his energy. But at the same time he did not want to ration his services to Pauline who was having the time of her life so he needed to reach a happy medium.

But with Pauline, in between times, complimenting him for his ‘magnificence’ and looking delightfully sexy as she occasionally paused to gather her senses, her eyes half open and her cheeks flushed pink with beads of perspiration running down them. All the time she sensually massaged his cock and balls.

“You feel so very good. You have no idea whatsoever what a tonic you are güvenilir bahis siteleri to me, Ricardo. We just have to make this a once a week thing. Please? I would like that… I am besotted by you. You feel so wonderful and you taste heavenly. Let’s fuck nice and slow honey. I want the feeling to last ad last. It has been so very long.”

She seemed to be almost in tears and Ricardo found himself hugging her warmly and showing her that besides being sexy he could also share her emotion.

He was discovering more and more about how it was for women. Not necessarily just the sex but also the need to be wanted as a person by her lover. Then she would give of her best.

As they caressed and explored every inch of each other, and Pauline was so good at that, he felt a certain amount empathy for her, she had suffered a rough deal with one or two of her partners. But she confessed that it was but a learning curve of life. That she would enjoy herself without the aim of always wanting a committed relationship. And that is why she wanted to try the ‘toy boy’ thing.

“And that is where you come in Ricardo my very nude and sexy cleaner. What a beautiful cover that is. And I adore you for your ingenuity. My need for sex is wholesome and I have yearned for someone like you that I can freely share my desires and passion to the fore. So no holds barred Ricardo, It is just between us want you want to do, I want to contract you for a year if I may?”

Of course Pauline’s offer came with a good reward, she was a very rich woman and apart from the money, he really felt he wanted to make those sad and lonely rich women happy.

He had the body and the passion to accomplice that and when she arranged herself so that she was perched over him, her beautifully formed thighs so sexy in those stockings and suspenders she was a real turn on and as she brought his cock up to the full, she murmured he language of lovers in deep need and gradually guided its head into her warm and succulent welcoming pussy, with a slow sigh and a gratifying murmur as she thrust herself upon it and he felt the need for her desire, firmly massaging her beautiful hanging boobs as they began to build the motion of sex in to a wonderfully sensual frenzy. He realised then her need for it and helped her by thrust upwards, deeper and deeper into her until she yelled with desire and matched his thrusting movements until, she realised that orgasm she had longed for, no more vibrators from now on, now she could enjoy the real thing, the young vibrant cock of Ricardo her Italian prince,

When they were done she was utterly exhausted but asked if he could stay for lunch and they could indulge more afterwards.

But he had a date with Melissa who needed to be quenched and serviced and reluctantly told Pauline that he could not stay, but perhaps next week?

She went along with that on the premise that she could enjoy him orally just once more, so that she could retain his flavour for as long as possible.

So cock ring in place she did the business and it would not have taken much for Ricardo to fuck her all over again, but this time up the ass. He fancied that, she had that sort of very tempting hind. But she said there were no holds barred so he figured he would give her a good measure in her hind next time.

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