Sports Bar Pickup Ch. 03

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PART 3, you know the drill, if sex between consenting women for some reason offends you or is illegal, please stop reading now.

If you have any comments, feel free to contact me through the link below.

Thanks and enjoy.

“Hmmm, Sleeping beauty awakes.” came Alexis’ soft voice from the couch.

I looked over to her. She was sprawled on the couch, he legs spread and her thighs damp. It sure looked like she enjoyed the show.

I turned my head and looked to the sweet face of Kim lying beside me. Our noses were just inches apart, I could smell myself on her face. Her eyes were deep and inviting, she looked perfect at this moment. I reached my arm around to the back of her head and pulled her face into mine, we kissed for a couple of minutes, slow, nice, kisses with lots of licking and lip sucking.

Finally, between kisses she murmured,

“That was so nice.”

“You fucked the hell out of my face and made me cum so HARD”

She emphasized the word HARD by biting gently and my lip and pulling it.

She was turning me on again, excitement started to warm my entire body.

From behind me I heard Alexis chime in her agreement.

“Yes Tara, that was really HOT! You were filled with such pure sexual energy. I don’t think I have ever seen anything like it. That was just pure erotic pleasure you unleashed on my little Kimmy.”

“Thanks Alexis” I replied, feeling confident and self congratulatory,

“I told you I would show you how this was done” I said with a teasing laugh.

While Alexis and I were talking, Kim had rolled over on top of me and was nuzzling my neck. She took a break for a second to say. “Hmmm, sounds like I hear a challenge”, then she chuckled a softly, it faded into my neck as she resumed licking and sucking it, from the bottoms of my earlobes down to the tops of my breasts.

I lifted my hands to her head and cupped it like a basketball as I ran my fingers through her soft hair. Her hair was damp in some places from my earlier assault on her head, and I curled those damp bits with my fingers when I came across them.

From the couch, Alexis stood,

“Is that right Tara? Are you challenging me?” A wicked grin spreading from her lips as she said this. I once again got lost in her beauty and my excitement level bumped up another noticeable notch.

“Mayyybeee” was my response.

Alexis, now standing, walked around the coffee table and stood by our feet, her legs spread a bit and her hands went to her hips. She was talking. I literally couldn’t hear a word she was saying. I was marveling at the sight before me. She was just unreal. A rock hard, tall lithe figure with perfect legs that came together at her perfectly manicured pussy. I could just barely make out the muscles of a six pack on her firm stomach and that long blonde flowing hair framing a PERFECT face. She was stunning. I awoke from my reverie in time to hear her say,

“I will be right back to show YOU how this is done.”

I slid my hands down from the top of Kim’s head to her ears and lifted her face from my left nipple so she was facing me.

“I didn’t Çankaya Escort hear a word she said” I told her, “where is she going?”

Kim giggled, “That happens to me sometimes too, she is a ravishing beauty isn’t she?”

I nodded my head in agreement and pulled Kim’s face in to mine and we kissed again.

She broke apart our kiss and pulled her face back just an inch or so, we were staring into each others eyes from a very close distance, our bodies lined up against each other perfectly, nipple to nipple, and her hairy bush tickling my own.

“She said she accepts your challenge and is going to show you how she fucks me, so YOU can see how it is done properly.” I don’t know if it was her lying on top of me, or what she just said, maybe a combination of the two, but my pussy was leaking again. I pulled her into me again for another, more passionate kiss.

“You see, I have been living with Kim for a couple of years. I know how to push her buttons.” Came Alexis’ voice from by our feet.

I stopped kissing Kim and looked over her shoulder to see Alexis standing by our feet with a shoe box. Kim had immediately started gnawing on my neck again, this time using her teeth a little more. It felt nice.

“Would you like me to sit on the couch while you show me how to fuck your roommate?” I said teasingly.

“OH NO, you stay right where you are, I want you to have a front row seat to this show. If we were at sea world you would be in the blue seats if you know what I mean” She said with another stunningly wicked grin as she kneeled between our legs, spreading all four of them a bit wider as she did. She then placed the shoe box on the coffee table, but from my angle I still couldn’t see what was in it.

Kim went to work harder on my neck and shoulder and started to grind into me with her crotch. Between her body feeling so good against me and this conversation with Alexis, I was really getting turned on. REALLY getting turned on.

“Well let’s see what you have got then Alexis, play this little minx for all she is worth.” I said with a smile.

Kim groaned into my shoulder, she loved this. Alexis just said “My pleasure.” as she reached into the shoe box and pulled out a rubbery object I had never seen before. It had a rounded pointy end that expanded as it went down to be about 2 inches in diameter, then rapidly closed in again to about a half inch for a section before it had what looked like just a round flat dish at the end of it that you could stand it on. I later found out it was called a butt plug, but when I first laid eyes on it I had no idea what it was or what it was supposed to be used for.

Alexis put the object somewhere on he ground between our legs and looked me in the eye and said “I am going to get right to business here.” With that she pulled apart Kim’s lovely ass cheeks and buried her face right in there. I put my head back on the pillow and couldn’t see what Alexis was doing to Kim, but from Kim’s animated reactions and intensified grindings, I had a feeling Alexis was giving her rear end a good tonguing.

Kim Keçiören Escort was sucking on my ear at this point, so again I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face into mine for some more kissing. I could tell she was really excited, aside from grinding her pussy very hard into my own. She was aggressively attacking my mouth with her tongue, fucking it much like she had been doing to my pussy just a short while earlier. Her own hands left my tits and found the sides of my head. We were both pulling each others faces into each other and the passion and pressure of our kissing was getting heated. Again I found myself soaking with excitement and inwardly marveled at my good fortune.

Alexis’ voice pulled me from my thoughts and Kim’s kisses slid down my chin back to my neck.

“You want the play by play Tara?”

“Please Alexis; tell me everything you do to our little Kimmy in great detail”

Kim groaned into my neck, she really enjoyed this.

Alexis crawled up over our bodies, and looked at me from above Kim,

“I just lubricated this slut’s ass with a good sucking, now why don’t you lubricate this?” she said as she lifted the butt plug into my view.

“Gladly.” I just barely finished saying that when Alexis somewhat forcely pushed it into my mouth. Hard enough to push my head back onto the pillow. The latex object tasted a bit like hospital gloves, but this was turning me on even more.

Alexis slowly worked it around my mouth until it was soaked with my saliva and started her trip back down between our legs.

I slid my arms down Kim’s back and pulled her ass cheeks apart.

“You going to put that here?” I asked Alexis with a grin of my own.

“You know it” was her reply.

I felt Kim’s body tense a bit. I struggled to look over her shoulder and down her back to see the action.

Alexis just had the tip against Kim’s anus and was barely applying any pressure. She was spinning it and slowly applying more pressure in smooth very small strokes. The tip of it was now starting to pull apart Kim’s asshole a little bit more.

Kim’s body was tensing more and she was definitely getting excited, grinding into me harder as her roommate worked that plastic thing into her rear. I was a puddle, so excited now I could feel the beginning of another orgasm building in me. My nipples were rock hard and constantly getting rubbed by Kim’s as she ground her whole body into me. I started to worry that I might be cumming way to soon.

I glanced down her back again and was surprised to see the plug nearly all the way up to it widest part. Alexis was looking down, concentrating on her work, but that sight will forever be burned into my memory, this gorgeous woman driving that dildo into Kim’s ass as she lay atop me.

With one last stroke out then in the butt plug slid beyond the widest part and it was consumed by Kim’s ass with a plop. Kim went wild; she practically screamed into my neck and then started attacking my face again with her tongue, almost clawing at the sides of my head with her hands. I slid my own hands Etimesgut Escort back up from her ass to her nipples, reached between us and gave them a really good squeeze. This drove her into more of a frenzy and the two of us continued our attack of each other.

From below I could hear Alexis’s voice, self congratulatory, saying

“Kim really loves that thing in her ass. Now I am going to show you how crazy she goes when I hit her G-spot.”

With Kim and I doing our best to eat each other’s faces, I could not see what Alexis was doing down there between our legs, but I felt her reposition herself and I could tell she was doing something to Kim’s pussy. Not just because I felt her fingers moving around on that pussy that was getting ground into my own so desperately, but because Kim went even wilder, like an animal she grinding into my body and I could feel her clit now, as hard a little rock caught between us.

I was not going to last long. I would be cumming momentarily.

Kim reached her arms under my shoulders and pulled herself into me with all of her might, her face slid along my own until her face was buried in the pillow I was laying on. She was moaning now, consistently growing, building, and nearly screaming into the pillow. Whatever Alexis was doing, it was working.

I looked down to her. She was on all fours between our legs, one hand reaching up into Kim’s pussy. All I could see was the top of her head, her hair hanging down over Kim’s ass.

She looked up and saw me eyeing her, our eyes met and a smile came over the two of us. We were both in heaven having our way with Kim.

“I am rubbing her G-spot with my two fingers” She told me.

“This might be a record. The quickest I have ever gotten her to cum this way was ten minutes. But I can feel her now, she is ready to blow and it hasn’t even been two minutes yet.” She said incredulously.

Kim was hearing none of this, she was rocking now, back and forth to the beat of Alexis’ ministrations and moaning, almost babbling into the pillow beside my head.

Alexis was right, Kim was cumming, every muscle in her body was tensing, she was as hard as stone and then the spasms came, rough earthquake like tremors that shook her entire body .

It was then that I felt it, it felt like she was peeing on me, warm fluid pouring over my crotch. I looked down to Alexis and she was positioning her face right up to Kim’s crotch, showering in the spray that was coming out in spasmodic spurts, soaking that beautiful face. I had heard about women that squirt when they cum, but I had never seen it. Now it was too much. Already Kim’s rock hard clit was driving me crazy as it pounded me with each of her convulsions, but this was too much, my orgasm grabbed hold of me, lightning bolts filled my body, my head jerked back into the pillow and again I heard my screams from miles away.

Coming to, I felt Kim’s lifeless body atop me. Every cell of her body drained of energy. My entire body awash in a warm comforting energy radiating from my sated pussy. I turned my head to the side to see Alexis sitting indian style right next to me. She was staring at me, a small smile on her lips, her hair matted to the sides of her face as a result of her orgasmic shower.

“that looked nice” she said.

I just stared at her. Remarkably, I was not through. At that moment, I really wanted to fuck her. I told her so.

“No” She said

“I will definitely be FUCKING YOU.”

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