Sports Medicine Ch. 03

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So Julie and I are now bonded stronger than ever. We have had every intimate experience together that I can think of, except we haven’t licked each other’s assholes. Maybe that is next.

After my assistance in helping her to take all of John’s cock up her ass, she became more open to letting me watch another woman in a special session. My mind was spinning as I tried to think of who I would like to observe.

I finally suggested to Julie that she try to book the woman I call the Ice Princess. This woman is haughty, and acts so superior to everyone. And as they say, she wouldn’t say shit if she had a mouthful. She is a good tennis player, and although she is in her mid-thirties, she has the body of a teenage girl. She is slender and fit, only about five feet tall and probably one hundred pounds.

The combination of her attitude and her small stature made the image of her being impaled by John even more erotic. After my explanation, Julie agreed to try to arrange it. She would use the pitch that she has retained a specialist to help tennis players recover from injuries and fatigue. That should reel her in.

I bumped into Julie in the lobby the next day, and she whispered “It’s on! Tomorrow at 2:00PM.” I nodded that I understood.

Of course I was there on time the next day. I wouldn’t miss this for the world. Julie reminded me that I would have to stay in her office, no more of my interference. I reluctantly agreed, and went into the office, leaving the door as ajar as I dared.

Ice Princess came in from the locker room, wrapped in a towel. Julie assisted her in climbing up on the table, face down. John was in the corner, not saying a word. Ice Princess said, “OK is that the so-called expert? What University is his degree from?” Snotty bitch.

Julie calmly replied, “He is an expert at what he does. You will soon see that.” She began the massage, doing the normal and expected things. She worked on the neck and shoulders, and down to the upper back. She used the same ploy as she had used with me, she said “You are unusually tense and tight. I think we need to call in John right away.”

There was no objection. I guess she was curious as to what he was going to do. If only she knew!

John began his massage routine as he always does. And by the time he got to her legs she was relaxing and enjoying it. He really does have a good technique, and he worked up each leg expertly. Then he pulled his trick, he casually reached between her legs and stroked her clit.

“What the hell!” she exclaimed. Julie did her calm-down routine, and explained that it was an important part of the therapy. That seemed to work, until John made his next move and pushed the tip of his finger up her asshole.

I was watching from my vantage point as Ice Princess almost shouted “I came in here for a special massage of some kind. Not to be felt up!”

Again Julie smoothly talked her through it, telling her that it was exactly what she needed. There was a lot of truth to that! John relentlessly pushed his large finger up her asshole. She muttered about being abused, but she seemed to accept it.

Before he began the finger-fucking, he stripped off his uniform. His cock was already stiff and hard. erotik film izle As his finger slid in and out of her, the Ice Princess turned and caught sight of his enormous cock.

“My God!” came out of her mouth. She stared at it as if it was Godzilla. Maybe we should give it that nickname! She surprised me, though. I thought she would act offended, but she reached out and touched it, and then wrapped her tiny fingers around it.

Her hands are about the size of a small girl’s hand, and that made his penis look even larger. She surprised me again by stroking it expertly. She has obviously handled a few cocks in her lifetime.

She asked Julie, “Is this for me?”

Julie answered “Yes it is. All of it.”

Princess said “I am not on any birth control. He needs a condom!”

Julie answered that. “He hates condoms. And you don’t have to worry about that. You can’t get pregnant from this therapy.”

She was puzzled, but then the expression on her face changed as she realized what Julie meant.

John pulled his finger out of her, and mentioned to Julie that it was extra tight. Julie understood him, and put a coating of oil on his cock. She also dribbled some on the Ice Princesses anus, and worked some of it in with her fingers.

“So he is going to put it up my ass? I have never done that. Why doesn’t he just fuck me in the normal way?”

Julie responded in her fake professional way, “This is the special therapy you need.”

The Princess said “All right, I will try it. But I want to be in control. I am not going to be helpless as he splits me open. You, whatever your name is, go over and sit in that chair that Julie is about to get out of.”

Julie said “His name is John. And yes, John, please do as she says.”

John walked over to the chair by the wall and sat down. His cock stood straight up like a flagpole.

The Princess walked over to him and knelt in front of him, her eyes on his cock. She felt it from the head to the base, and stroked it lightly. She seemed to be worshiping it.

She stood up abruptly, and turned around. She gripped her butt tightly and spread it hard, trying to force her asshole open. She began to lower herself, and John adjusted his aim to line up with his target. When her asshole touched the head of his cock, she paused. Then she sat down on it, and the tip went in.

She gasped, and held still. After a moment, she continued sitting down. John’s stiff cock slowly disappeared into her. When she got to the halfway point, the place where everyone seemed to think that was all they could take, she stopped again.

She exhaled in short puffs, like a woman who was in labor and trying to control her cramps. She reached down and felt his cock, to judge how much more there was. She sighed in resignation, and just sat down the rest of the way.

I could barely believe my eyes, because she had the whole thing up her ass. My respect for her went up instantly. She had organized a scenario that was even more erotic than what we had planned. My pussy was so wet it felt like someone had left a faucet dripping inside of me.

She had both hands between her legs, and played with his balls with one hand while manipulating her film izle clit with the other. John reached around and fondled her perky breasts. He kissed her on the neck, and they whispered to each other. I thought they were falling in love!

Just loudly enough for me to hear, she asked him if he wanted to go back to the table. He mumbled yes, and she lifted herself up off the fence post that was in her. They walked arm in arm to the massage table, and he helped her up.

John climbed up on the table. As you know by now, he is a tall, strong young man, probably over two hundred pounds. He towered over her, and she looked like an underage girl, although she certainly wasn’t. He put his perfect cock-head up against her anus and waited as usual.

This time he didn’t really have to push and shove, because her anus was relaxed and stretched by the previous insertion. Several inches slid in all at once. She made a noise like a frightened animal, but didn’t try to stop him.

Slowly but surely John’s cock disappeared up her tiny asshole. I understood why Julie always masturbated when she watched me, and I put my hand down my pants. I was getting very hot.

John was fucking her with short, gentle strokes. He was always so considerate, and careful not to hurt anyone or cause any discomfort if he could avoid it. The Ice Princess was definitely melting. Her eyes were fixed in a blank, glassy stare, and her mouth was open with a little drool running down her cheek. She was in a different world, the one called ecstasy.

I caught John’s eye and tried to signal him. I made a circle out of my thumb and forefinger, and with the other hand I pushed my middle finger though it. I hoped he would understand that I was telling him to shove it all the way in. I couldn’t use my tried and true words to turn him on, because I was not supposed to even be there.

He got the message, and he held her down firmly while he slid his cock in all the way up to his balls.

Surprisingly, she did not die. In fact she was in complete surrender, totally submissive. Her hands had slipped off of her butt and were at her side. She either thought he didn’t need help any more, or she felt weak. John’s cock was now disappearing into the crack of her girlish butt, and her asshole was no longer in view.

Every time John thrusted in, there was a slapping sound as he hit her smooth, firm butt cheeks. It forced the air out of her lungs, and she exhaled with a grunting sound with each slap. She continued to stare into space, as if in a trance.

I tried to imagine where all of his cock was going in her petite body. My perverted sense of humor took over, and I visualized the head bumping up against her rib cage. That gave me a chuckle. The thought was driving me crazy, and I was wishing I could take her place.

John continued fucking her, now with his entire cock. I was fondling and rubbing my wet pussy and close to coming. Not as close as John. Her asshole was so tight that he could not hold back, even though he wanted to make it last for all of us.

Julie came into my view, with an impish smile on her face. She winked at me, and took a page out of my book. She pushed her middle finger up John’s asshole. He was seks filmi izle not surprised by it this time, he knew what to expect. Julie, John, and I knew what the effect would be, but Ice Princess didn’t. Not yet, but very soon she would.

He mumbled “I think I am going to come.” She whispered “Me, too. Go ahead. You first.” She closed her eyes and whispered “Put it way up inside of me”.

Her words were just as effective as mine had been. John fucked her feverishly.

He collapsed on top of her, and she was totally covered up by his body as he bellowed like a bull and shot his load into her. Her eyes had been closed, but they snapped open with a startled look as she felt the warm semen flood into her stomach. She had never had anal sex, so she had never felt this happen before. You can feel the cum squirt into you much more in your asshole than you can in your cunt.

I had my orgasm at the same time, and no surprise, so did Julie. The only one who didn’t come was the Princess, and I knew that Julie would take care of that. Julie withdrew her finger from John’s butt.

Princess said “God, I am full of cum!” I knew what she meant.

John pulled out and left for his shower. I hope none of the gay guys try to suck him off this time, because there is nothing left.

Julie did as I expected, and orally brought her customer off as she frequently does. The Princess lost her composure as Julie licked her clit, and she squealed and flailed about as she came.

She stayed on the table trying to calm down. Julie talked to her about what had happened. “This is a life changing experience. You will never be the same.”

“My asshole will never be the same, that’s for sure!”

Julie asked if she was married, which she is. “How is your sex life?”

“Not so hot” was the reply. Julie said “I recommend that you ask your husband if he would like to fuck you in the ass. Many men will not bring it up, but believe me they all want it. It would probably revitalize your marriage.”

Her reply was “At least now it would be easy for him to get it in me. He is not hung like the expert you brought in for my therapy. I would have to put on an act that he was hurting me a little.”

“Also, then I could stay off the birth control pills, and he could stop using condoms. I know that would make him happy.”

Julie said “It would also make you happy to receive his semen in you instead of it being trapped in a rubber. There is a lot of satisfaction in knowing that everything his testicles produce winds up inside of you. Give it a try.”

The former Ice Princess stood up; all thawed out, wrapped her towel around her, and left for the ladies’ locker room. She did thank Julie and tell her that she was putting a large tip on her bill, and she also asked if she could book another session. How about that? She has been turned into a nice person just by getting thoroughly fucked. And she wants to get fucked again the same way. God, I hope I get to watch again.

I asked Julie how soon she could book me in. My club bill is going to bankrupt me, but I don’t care. I have a craving for John’s penis and his semen. Julie said “OK, you ass-whore, I will get you in tomorrow, as long as I can supervise.” Supervise, all right. She gets off watching him ream me.

Julie and I spent the rest of the afternoon together in the massage room, talking about all of the things we have done and experienced. Today was one of the best!

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