Spring Break 1987 Ch. 03

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The following is a “true story of my imagination” and continues the tale of the eccentric (and fictional) Loring family – Beth, the Mom; Lynn, the daughter; Ted, the Son; as told by Leo, Lynn’s boyfriend, during his stay over the week of Spring Break, 1987.

In Chapter 1 (The Beginning), Leo and Lynn made the twelve-hour trip from their college in the northeast to Lynn’s childhood home in the south, where Mom and Lynn’s Brother still live. Chapter 1 also has Leo recounting Lynn’s admission to him of how she seduced and fucked her late Grandfather for a new car.

In Chapter 2 (Welcome Home!), they arrive and things quickly heat up. Mom makes a pass at Leo, and they end up fucking; while Ted pines for his Sister’s body and is rewarded when she blows him and subsequently fucks him.

In this chapter, Chapter 3, the sordid tale continues. Ted fucks his mom; Leo gets it on with Beth, his girlfriend’s mom; Lynn seeks out her brother again; and Beth ponders the idea of seducing her daughter.

As always, a resounding ‘thank you!’ to LadyCibelle for her assistance and editing!



Leo Saddler’s eyes fluttered open to find themselves staring at the alarm clock on the bedside table. It read 9:36 a.m. He rolled over and stared at Lynn. She was still out cold, snoring heavily.

“That’s what you get for drinking so much,” Leo whispered to himself; unaware that Lynn was up until nearly dawn fucking her brother, after Leo had fallen dead asleep.

Leo covered his face with his hands and rubbed it up and down, as he rose and realized he was still in last night’s clothes. He smelled his shirt and wrinkled his nose at the stale stench of smoke and sex. He suddenly recalled the hot action that had taken place earlier that morning, around one o’clock, in the parking lot of The Bone Yard. Lynn had given both, he and her brother, Ted, amazing blow jobs that ended with the two of them spraying her face with their cum – as Lynn cooed in pleasure and lapped up the milky-white fluid.

Leo rummaged through his suitcase and found a new set of clothes. Twenty minutes later, he emerged from the bathroom alive again, after a hot shower and a shave. He glanced into the bedroom and noticed Lynn hadn’t moved, sleeping soundly. Leo turned to make his way down the stairs, passing Ted’s bedroom. He couldn’t help glance inside the room, noticing that Ted wasn’t in his bed. “Wow, I’m impressed,” Leo thought to himself. “Ted drank like a fish last night. I thought for sure he’d sleep until Noon!”

Leo made his way down the stairs, heading for the kitchen. As he passed Beth’s bedroom door, he heard what sounded like a moan. Her door was shut, but Leo couldn’t help being tempted. He approached the door and heard another moan. Leo smiled to himself, wondering if he could get a repeat performance of the morning before, when Beth had let him fuck her in the shower! “If she’s playing with herself, she may be too horny to say ‘no’!” he rationalized to himself, thinking that this woman was insatiable! He reached for the door handle and turned it slowly. Ever so gently, he cracked open the door and peeked into the room.

Beth was not masturbating. Instead, her son was fucking her like there was no tomorrow. Mother and Son were too lost in mutual ecstasy to notice Leo, as he rubbed his cock through the jeans he had just put on. Beth was on all fours of her bed. Her son hovered over her as he moved his cock in and out of her.

“Oh, Teddy, fuck me,” Beth urged her son. “Fuck my ass, Son!”

“‘Fuck my ass’?” Leo repeated in his mind. “Holy shit!” He thought, “this family is un-fucking-believable!” He twisted his head to get a better look, and sure enough, he saw what he hadn’t seen the first time. Ted was fucking his mom in the ass, his cock driving in and out of her asshole as she played with her pussy.

“Mmmm,” Beth moaned, “you’re so good to me, son. You fuck your mommy’s ass so good,” she continued. “Fuck me…bust my ass, you motherfucker,” she said, her voice rising as her orgasm approached. She had one hand on her pussy and another pulling on a nipple, as her head rested on the pillow. Her ass high in the air, as her son’s immense cock moved slowly, but rhythmically, in and out of his mother’s oiled asshole.

“Oh, mom, I’m gonna cum,” Ted moaned.

“Yes…yes…I’m cumming too, Teddy. Cum in my ass, son. Fill mommy’s ass with your cum!!” Beth screamed. Leo wondered if her voice was loud enough to wake Lynn, as he watched Ted pull out and stroke his cock over his mother’s gaping asshole. Cum flew in ropes over and into her hole, filling it first before oozing past the tender spot between her ass and cunt; seeping into her pussy hole and dripping on the sheets. Beth wiped her son’s come over her pussy as she strummed her pussy through her orgasm. “Oh…fuck!!!” she groaned and quivered, as she felt her son’s come filling her ass. “Yes!!!!!” she wailed, as Leo instinctually looked behind him, worried that the sound would carry escort gaziantep suriyeli bayan upstairs.

“Ugh!” Ted moaned one last time, as he collapsed over his mother. Mother and son were exhausted, as they tumbled face first into the bed. Ted continued to lie on top of his mother’s back, as his shriveling cock nestled in her nether region. Leo was about to shut the door when he heard Beth speak.

“Mmmm…that was unexpected,” Beth said to her son, her breathing evening out. “What brought you down this early in the morning for a piece of your mommy’s ass?” she asked wryly.

“I got laid last night, and I was still horny this morning,” Ted replied. Leo couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“Honey that’s great!” Beth replied. “Mommy is always ready to get fucked by her baby boy, but it’s good that you get a piece elsewhere now and then,” she added. “Was she as good as mommy?” Beth continued, somewhat sarcastically.

“Actually,” Ted responded, “she fucked just like you, using her cunt muscles to milk my cock of its juices,” he added.

“Really?” Beth said, somewhat amused.

“Yup. Actually, she looked like you, too,” he said, grinning at the secret he was about to reveal.

“Honey, now you sound obsessed,” Beth started to say, but Ted cut her off.

“It was Lynn!”

There was a moment of silence as Beth stared at her son. “What?” she asked.

“It was Lynn, mom!” he repeated. “I fucked Lynn!” Leo’s mind paused for a second, recalling the previous night’s encounter and noting that Lynn hadn’t fucked her brother – only sucked his cock. Leo’s thought was interrupted by Beth’s voice.

“You fucked your sister?” Beth asked, her expression a mixture of slight concern and intrigue.

“Yeah, and it was fucking great,” Ted replied. His cock began to harden again, as it pressed against his mother’s nether region.

Beth felt her son’s cock pressing against the back of her pussy and couldn’t resist a moan, “Mmmm…honey, you are so wicked,” she said, closing her eyes and reveling in the image of her son and daughter fucking. “Where was Leo,” she asked, suddenly remembering her daughter’s boyfriend.

“He was asleep,” Ted replied. “She came into my bedroom after we got home and crashed. She sucked our cocks at the club and couldn’t get my cock out of her mind. Fuck, mom, she was…”

“Wait, hold on,” Beth interrupted. Now she was really curious. “She gave you guys head in the club?”

“Well, in the parking lot of the club, in the car, but Mom, I have to tell you something…”

“My sweet, little Lynn sucked her brother and her boyfriend’s cocks in the car?” Beth repeated in a surprised tone, half serious and half mockingly.

“Your sweet, little Lynn got a face and mouth full of cum and she fucking enjoyed it!” Ted replied, sarcastically.

“Oh!!!” Beth moaned, imagining her daughter’s face covered in cum, as Ted’s cock hardened slightly from the talk, pressing up against his mother’s pussy from behind.

Leo was temporarily shocked! Not by the fact that Lynn fucked her brother, so much, but by the fact that Lynn hadn’t thought twice about fucking someone else behind Leo’s back. Leo thought perhaps since the ice had been broken with the blowjobs, she assumed that Leo wouldn’t mind. He was still mulling the thought over when Ted spoke again.

“Mom, what we talked about happened! I fucked Lynn! I told you she’d fuck me!” Ted continued, “I knew once she saw my huge cock, she wouldn’t resist it! Just like you couldn’t resist it!”

Beth’s eyes widened! “She doesn’t know about you and me, does she?”

“Yeah, she does!” Ted answered, as the air seemed to go out of Beth’s body. “But, wait, Mom. Don’t worry! There’s more!”

“More? What ‘more’ can there be? How much more twisted can this get?”

“She wants you,” Ted whispered in his mother’s ear.

Beth turned her head as far back as she could to stare into her son’s eyes. Ted thought his mom was turning and slid off of her. A leg and arm still hovered over her as Beth hooked her arm around her son’s arm. Their faces were inches apart, as Beth spoke, her voice, now, a faint whisper.

“What? What did you say?”

“She wants you, mom,” Ted whispered back. Leo was having a hard time hearing the mother and son, and had to open the door just slightly some more, to crane his neck. “She admitted to me that she’s dreamed of eating your pussy and rimming your asshole!”

“Mmmm,” Beth moaned, closing her eyes and imagining what it would feel like to have her daughter run her tongue around her asshole. Ted was now caressing her breast and softly pinching her nipple, elevating her arousal.

“Your dream can come true, Mom,” Ted added, referring to Beth’s admission to her son in previous encounters that she’d love to taste her daughter.

“Did you tell her…I…”

“No,” Ted interjected. “I’ll let you do that or let that play itself out. I just told her you sometimes talk about escort gaziantep türbanlı bayan her after we’ve had sex. So, what do you think?”

Beth stared at her son momentarily before kissing him hotly. When the kiss broke, she whispered, “The thought of eating your sister’s pussy has me horny again. Fuck me again, Teddy!” she said, pulling on him to climb above her.

Ted wasted no time moving over his mother and sliding his now hard cock slowly into her pussy, missionary style. Beth raised her legs and locked them around her son’s back as Mother and Son began to fuck again, with earnest. Thoughts of Lynn filled both their minds, as they fast approached orgasm.

Leo backed away from the bedroom door, thanking the heavens that the house was relatively new and had no squeaky floors. His cock was hard as a rock from what he had just heard, as he made his way back to Lynn’s bedroom. He quickly undressed and slid the bed sheets off of his girlfriend’s body, understanding now why Lynn was completely naked. With thoughts of his girlfriend together with her mom and with his tongue on Lynn’s pussy, Leo roused his girlfriend from a deep slumber. Lynn was all too happy to wake to someone eating her pussy, and she was eager to fuck, not caring if they were discovered by her brother and mother. After fucking her brother earlier and the idea of getting a shot at her mother, Lynn was now ready to throw caution to the wind, locking her legs around her boyfriend and matching her thrusts with her mother, who was doing the same with her son, one floor below. Incestuous images filled everyone’s mind as they finally exploded in near simultaneous orgasms!

Leo and Lynn had just separated from their sexual encounter, when they heard Ted bounce upstairs and into his room, shutting the door. Leo figured he was probably still very tired and wanted to crash again. Lynn jumped in the shower, as Leo cleaned himself up and headed downstairs. In the kitchen, he made some coffee and found the morning paper. After a few minutes, Beth emerged from her bedroom, showered and dressed.

“Good morning,” she said in a sing-song tone.

“Good morning,” Leo replied, exchanging a smile, as Beth poured herself a cup of coffee.

“Lynn still asleep?” Beth asked.

“No, she’s in the shower. Ted’s still asleep, I think,” Leo added, as if he had never witnessed Beth and her son together an hour earlier. He turned back to the paper, thinking the greeting was over.

“Lynn just started her shower?”

Leo turned and stared at Beth for a long second before answering. “Yeah, why?”

Beth sauntered over to him and set her coffee on the table. She leaned forward and kissed her daughter’s boyfriend lovingly, before moving her mouth to his ear and whispering sexily, “Because I love to give morning blowjobs, especially when the cock is fresh and clean from the shower,” she added, brushing Leo’s still damp hair with her fingers.

As her hand unzipped the fly of his jeans, Leo decided to tempt fate a bit and said, “I’m not sure you want my cock in your mouth right now?”

“Oh? Why not?” Beth asked, reaching in to caress his cock through his briefs. She found the opening of his briefs and fished his cock and balls out of the snug opening. Leo winced momentarily as his balls scraped his zipper, while Beth knelt between his legs and looked up at him wickedly.

“Because after my shower, I fucked your daughter, and her juices are still fresh on my cock probably.” There! He had said it!

Beth smile widened as she said nothing and simply leaned down and licked his cock and scrotum lovingly. “Mmmm,” she moaned in pleasure, “Yum!” She added, and winked up at him, as his cock filled her cheek.

“Mmmph!” She gurgled, spitting his cock out and gasping! “I’m so horny this morning!” She didn’t add that she was horny from thinking about her daughter’s pussy, but instead added, “blowjobs always give me mini orgasms to take the edge off.”

Leo was beyond listening and instead used his hand to guide his girlfriend’s mom’s mouth over his cock again. Beth took most of his cock into her mouth and began to suck, playing with his sac while licking the bulbous head. Leo was amazed to find Beth give almost an exact type of blowjob, an incredible blowjob, as her daughter gave!

Sounds of the shower running upstairs told them they still had time, as sounds of sucking and slurping echoed off of the sun-drenched tile of the kitchen floor. After a few minutes, Leo warned Beth of his impending orgasm, and she sped up her ministrations. Within a minute of that, Leo exploded into his girlfriend’s mother’s mouth, while she swallowed his fluid expertly, not losing a single drop. When it was over, she glanced up at her daughter’s boyfriend and licked her lips, smiling.

“Yum,” she said again. Leo brushed her hair from her eyes and kissed her, tasting his lingering juices on her tongue. Just then, the shower turned off, escort gaziantep ücreti elden alan bayan so Beth rose and adjusted herself, as Leo zipped up.

Thirty minutes later, Beth, Leo and Lynn sat at the kitchen table eating a hearty breakfast of eggs and bacon. Lynn and her mom made small talk, while Leo imagined his cum swirling around in his girlfriend’s mom’s mouth and what Lynn would think of it? He imagined Lynn standing and going over to her mom to kiss her, in order to share his cum with her mom. His cock hardened at the thought as he lowered his head and bit into his toast.

When breakfast was over, and they sat drinking more coffee and chatting, Ted got up and shuffled into the kitchen. It was now almost one in the afternoon, as Beth spoke.

“Well, good afternoon, young man! Or should I say ‘creature of the night’?” She mused.

Ted said nothing as he made his way to the table, looking for food.

“It’s all gone, dipshit,” Lynn teased.

“Figure’s you’d eat it all,” he teased back.

“That’s what you get for sleeping past Noon. You shouldn’t have drunk so much last night,” she quipped, a smirk across her face.

Ted turned to his sister and gave her a long stare of annoyance, sending a clear, unspoken message that it was the fact that he was up until dawn with his cock in her pussy as to the reason he was bushed. Nevertheless, he felt the need to be a dickhead to his sister, as brothers often are. “Shut up!” Ted said, emphasizing the word ‘up’. “My head’s fuckin’ pounding already from your voice,” he whined.

“I’ll make you some more breakfast, dear,” Beth said. “Anyone else like more?”

“Nope,” Lynn replied, still gazing intently at her brother, who was reading the paper. A wicked grin still spread across her face.

“No thanks,” Leo answered shifting his gaze from Ted to Beth’s ass at the counter. Her jeans were a bit snug this morning and it showed off her plump, heart-shaped, ass nicely. Leo imagined sliding his cock into Beth’s asshole and what it would feel like. “Fuck,” he thought, “her son knows.”

“Hey mom, Leo has never been two-stepping!” Lynn said. “Can you believe that?”

“Really?” Beth replied, glancing at Leo.

“It’s true,” Leo answered, “I am horribly lacking in southern culture!”

“Is that place still open that we used to go to?” Lynn asked her mom.

“Which one?”

“The rough looking place?” Lynn clarified.

“Oh yeah. It’s changed names so many times, I can’t even remember what it’s called now,” Beth said. “But it’s always the same. Still there,” she added, bringing Ted’s eggs to his plate.

“Spokes,” Ted interjected with the name of the club, his attention never leaving the paper.

“Spokes? What a goofy name!” Lynn said. “We should take Leo there and teach him how to two-step,” she added.

“Sounds good to me,” Beth replied. “Leo, are you up for it?”

“Depends,” Leo answered Beth, but gazed at Lynn, “exactly how ‘rough’ is this place?”

“Oh you’ll be fine,” Lynn said, rolling her eyes and turning her attention from Leo to her mom, who was about to say something.

“You’ll be fine, Leo. No one bothers you as long as you keep to yourself,” Beth said.

“You wanna go, dipshit?” Lynn asked her brother, who was through eating and was standing as if in a sudden rush.

“Me? Go to ‘Spokes’? You gotta be fuckin kidding!” he joked. “I’m not into that country shit!”

He was on his way out of the kitchen as he turned to Leo and said, “You own a knife?”

“No,” Leo answered.

“Too bad,” Ted said, walking away, his voice trailing off in the distant.

“Ted!” Lynn screamed at her brother. “Shut up!!!”

“Oh, this is fucking great!” Leo said. “Are you sure I’m not gonna get killed at this place?”

“Relax,” Lynn said, somewhat annoyed at Ted.

“Don’t worry,” Beth said taking a seat again at the table, “Ted likes to stereotype.”

Just then, they heard Ted mimicking a banjo sound as he hummed the theme from ‘Deliverance’, while jogging up the stairs.

“Ted, I’m gonna kick your ass!” Lynn screamed loud enough for him to hear.

Leo was sweating, as he rose and began to clear off the table, wondering how he could finagle his way out of going to this bar tonight, and still save face with his girlfriend.

There was no way, and as evening rolled around, the topic came up again after dinner.

“So,” Lynn said, “are you ready to learn how to two step?”

“Uhm, sure,” Leo replied. “What should I wear?”

“Whatever you want,” Lynn answered.

“Yeah, right!” Leo thought to himself.

“What are you wearing, Mom?”

“I was gonna wear my jumpsuit,” Beth responded.

“I brought mine, too, but I’m not sure it still fits. We could match, if I wore it!”

“Up to you, honey. You’re welcome to any of my clothes, too”

The three of them finished dinner in silence. Ted was off somewhere, so Beth wrapped a plate for him, as she cleared the table. They had some Kahlua and coffee for dessert and chatted some more until eight o’clock, when it was time to get ready.

Near their last cup of coffee, the phone rang. Beth answered it. It was Glenda, wondering what Beth was up to for the night. Beth told her about Spokes, before eventually hanging up.

“She gonna go?” Lynn asked, surmising it was Glenda and hearing her mom invite her.

“No, she said that place is too rough for her.”

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