Spring Break Ch. 04

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Notes on Spring Break: Chapter 4 is pool party fun and drinks and dinner with the Gals. Long chapter with a sexy encounter.

I write primarily for myself. If you like it great, if its not your cup of tea, my sincerest apologies and please look elsewhere. I build up slowly through many chapters and there is some drama and doubt with most of my characters. I have a total of 15 chapters, so far, most of which I need to read through a few more times and edit. If you’re looking for a quick Daddy/Daughter fuck session this will be pointless for you.

Non-Anonymous Comments with constructive criticism are extremely valued and will be responded too when I can. Obviously I have no formal training and want to get better with my story telling. If you area seasoned erotic writer and would like to champion a noob, drop me a message on how I can improve.

Lots of Love, Casino


Miles’s Point of View

Miles, Sunshine, Avery, Gabbie and McKenna

I was relieved beyond belief. I wanted to make this spring break as fun as possible for Sunny and her friends. I washed my face quickly and stripped out of my clothes. I put on my board shorts and a linen cabana shirt. I knew it was hot outside so I buttoned only one button in the middle of my shirt. I walked to the bar in the living room and poured myself a couple of ounces of Scotch and downed it to mellow my frazzled nerves. I grabbed my sunglasses, took a deep breath and headed out to the pool.

“Hello Ladies,” I smiled, heading over to a lounge chair that was just out of the sun. The view was stunning. Not only was my daughter gorgeous but so were her friends.

Sunny had on the same tiny black string bikini as always. Her hair was a luxurious brown that landed on her shoulders. She was 5′ 5″ tall, olive skin and a firm body. She had c-size breasts, skinny waist and a round firm bottom. If only she weren’t my daughter. I know. I’m a sicko.

Avery was wearing a more conservative red and white polka dot one piece. It had large cut-outs on both sides. It really didn’t hide much more flesh than a bikini. She was a little taller at 5′ 8″. She had dark brown hair that she bleached blond and cut in a pixie style. She was skinnier but still had a lovely figure. Her breasts were a little bigger, around a D-size cup. She would always shelter under an umbrella to protect her fair pale skin.

Mckenna was maybe 5′ 2″ tall. Her shoulder length brown hair was up in pigtails. She was on the gymnastics team and had muscular legs and a very athletic body. She didn’t have much for breasts, a-size cups at most, but her nipples seemed to be permanently hard. She also had a round, muscular bubble butt. She was wearing an electric blue string bikini that was tiny even on her diminutive frame. The material on the back didn’t cover much of her ass at all and her cheeks were in full bounce mode whenever she moved around.

Last but certainly not least was Gabbie. I don’t know what to say about Gabbie other than she was the embodiment of sex. She was 5′ 6″ tall, olive skin, curvy with a tiny waist but a large round bouncing ass. She had a slight tummy which added to her sultry vision. Her hair was jet black and went down to the tops of her all natural tits. They must’ve been at least DD size I would’ve guessed. I couldn’t believe her choice of bikini. It was white and way too tiny for her. She had a sexual hunger about her that was unmistakable. Today, curiously she seemed to be focused on me. Every time I looked her way she was focused on me. It aroused me and made me uncomfortable.

Then Sunshine said, “Why don’t we play the music game?”

“OOOHHH, fun! I’m in.” McKenna piped up.

“Me too.” Gabbie said with a strange sense of focus and anticipation.

“HHHHHH, Fine,” Avery said with a sigh. She didn’t like to play games and watched most of the time. Her participation seemed unusual but not abnormal.

“What about you Daddy?” Sunshine said with a smile.

“I don’t know. Why don’t you girls just play?”

“AWW, come on Mr. B.” Gabbie said, shifting on her lounger, her heavy breasts jiggling suggestively. “One play we all play, right girls.” She had a devious smile on her face.

“She’s right Mr. B.” McKenna said with a gleam in her eyes, “Come on and play with us.”

“Even, I’m playing Mr. B.” Avery said coolly but with a hint of sass.

“All right, all right, But I’m adding a rule.”

“What’s that Daddy?” Sunshine said sweetly.

“No more Mr B. You have to call me Miles from now on.

“OK MILES!!!” they all said in unison, giggling after.

“How do we play?” I said matter of fact.

Avery piped in, “We pick a topic and then choose a scenario and then pick a song that would work great for that scenario.”

“Example,” I said with a frown not completely understanding.

McKenna chimed in, “Topic: Gun battles. Scenario: Slow motion move through a bar shooting drug dealers for revenge.”

Avery piped up, “Time of the Season Sincan Escort by the Zombies.”

“Alexa, play “Time of the Season by the Zombies.” McKenna said quickly and the iconic song began playing over the outdoor speakers.

“That was quick,” I said, a little surprised by the quick response and how well the song fit in my mind’s eye.

“We play this game a lot.” Sunshine said with a smirk, “Mostly because it’s one of the few games Avery will agree to play.”

Avery stuck out her tongue, “Not true.” She said defensively.

“Name another.” Gabbie said, challenging her.

“Touche.” She said with a sigh. A little annoyance played across her face. She was surprised Gabbie got the better of her.

“Topic?” Avery asked.

“Sex.” Gabbie said slowly letting it sink in for effect. She was staring right at me.

“Sex it is.” Sunshine declared.

I blushed, “Can we change the topic?” I must’ve been red as a beet.

“Nope,” McKenna said with finality.

“I’m not sure I can do this with you gals.” Beads of sweat broke out on my forehead.

“We’re all adults Miles.” Avery said. Then with a little pout she added, “Don’t you want to play with us?”

My cock stirred in my pants. Just the way she looked at me was giving me a fucking hard on. “Ok, ok, I’ll play.” I relented.

Sunshine continued, “Great!. Topic is sex. Any ideas on the first scenario.”

“Blowjob on your knees, hands on his hips for leverage.” McKenna said quickly and giggled. Her filthy words didn’t match the little girl’s pigtails. I noticeably shifted uncomfortably.

I felt dizzy, the girls were giggling. “Rush by Depeche Mode from Songs of Faith and Devotion.” I blurted out.

Sunshine eyed me, smiling. “Alexa, play Rush by Depeche Mode.” The song played and the girls listened intently.

McKenna bit her lip as the song played, “Holy shit Miles. That’s perfect.”

“Wow, I feel tingly.” Gabbie said blushing, running a couple fingers slowly over her tummy just above the seam of her tiny bikini bottoms.

Avery just stared, her mouth open, her pale complexion flushed a light pink.

“Wow Daddy. I think we’ve got a winner.” Sunshine said, fanning herself with her hand, “Girls, any other suggestions?”

They all shook their heads.

“Next scenario.” Sunshine said sweetly.

“Lying on your back with your legs spread eagle. A man eats and fingers your pussy until you explode.” Avery said. She was still a light shade of pink. I was surprised to hear her chime in. Her voice had taken on a little bit of an edge like she was holding something back.

“Fascination Street by The Cure.” I said matter of fact.

“Alexa, play Fascination Street by the Cure.” Avery said with impatience.

The song played. They all sat silently and listened. Out of the corner of my eye I caught Avery squeeze her thighs together and briefly run a hand over her left breast. “Jesus Miles,” she almost whispered, “You’re really good at this.”

“Maybe he just knows a lot about fucking and Music.” Gabbie said in a low hungry tone, giving me a steamy look.

“Gabbie,” Sunshine said, giving her a stern look.

Gabbie shifted back to her normal composure. “Sorry.” She blushed sweetly.

Gabbie chimed in again, “Sex with an older man.”

I gave her an inquisitive look, “Driven like the Snow by The Sisters of Mercy. Builds up slowly but it’s worth it.”

“Alexa, play Driven like the Snow by The Sisters of Mercy.” she said.

It really does take a lot of build up but the song is awesome. The line ‘Fuck me and marry me young’ had an intersting affect on McKenna. She blushed and her eyelashes fluttered a bit. She moved her hand to the inside of her thigh. It seemed like she wanted to move it somewhere else but she resisted the urge.

“She’s leaving you. You don’t want her to go and you try to convince her with sorrowful love making.” Sunshine said. All of a sudden it was very serious.

“Alexa, play Stay by Thirty Seconds to Mars. I know Rhiana did the original but the Mars version has more sorrow and pain.”

A tear ran down Avery’s face. McKenna moved and sat next to Gabbie in her lounge chair. She put her head on Gabbie’s chest.

Sunshine had a deep look of sorrow on her face.

“You know it’s over and you make love for the last time.” Sunshine said again, very quiet, almost whispering.

“Alexa, play Disintegration by The Cure.”

All the girls looked really sad. The lyrics hit hard:

‘But I never said I would stay to the end

I knew I would leave you with babies and everything

Screaming like this in the whole of sincerity

Screaming me over and over and over

I leave you with photographs, pictures of trickery

And stains on the carpet and stains on the memory of

Songs about happiness murmured in dreams

When we both of us knew how the end always is

How the end always is’

We were all wiping a few tears away at the end of the song.

“Jesus Etlik Escort Miles,” McKenna said sniffling, “There’s a lot of pain and regret in that song.”

“It always hits me hard.” I said, wiping away the tears.

“Christ Daddy.” Sunshine stood up and moved towards me. She sat next to me on my lounge chair facing me. She embraced me, a tear streaming down her cheek. “How do you know all the right songs?” She kissed me gently on the lips. We always did that in our family but this felt a little different.

She broke the embrace and went back to her lounger. The gentle sway and bounce of her ass was delightful. “Well,” she said, “I didn’t mean to bring everyone down. Let’s liven it back up.” She sat down heavily in her lounge chair, her tits jiggled nicely.

“Gabbie,” she exclaimed, “Hit us with something raunchy.”

Without a beat Gabbie said, ” Filthy, sweaty fucking on all fours. The man relentlessly pounding his cock into her pussy, pulling her hair and slapping her ass red.” Her eyes went wild.

I was shocked. My jaw dropped to the floor.

“I can always count on you for something truly dirty.” Sunshine said, smiling at my loss for words.

“Alexa, play Closer by Nine Inch Nails.” I said regaining my composure. If you haven’t heard it before, its a song truly built for nasty fucking.

As the song started to thump and the lyrics began, Gabbie’s skin started to glisten. She looked like she was truly heating up. I took off my cabana shirt as I was getting hot as well.

I didn’t think McKenna’s nipples could get any harder. She just bobbed her head back and forth to the beat.

Avery stood up quickly and said, “I’ve got to have a quick cool down.” She dove into the pool. Surfacing, she placed her head on the side and floated on her back enjoying the cool water.

I saw little McKenna squeeze her legs together and quickly pinch one of her nipples. She was clearly flushed.

“Wow, Daddy. You seem to have gotten them all out of sorts.”Sunshine said beaming.

Gabbie got up next, “I think I’m going to cool down as well.” She dove in.

She resurfaced in front of me and slowly walked up the pool steps. Water rushed down her body as her too tiny bikini clung obscenely. Her nipples were rock hard and I swore I could see a dark triangle of pubes through the bottoms. She winked at me and gave me a devious smile. She accentuated her walk making her tits and ass bounce all over the place. I thought they would spill out of her suit. “I’m going to use the little girls room.” she said to Sunshine with a wink entering the pool house.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to recover from that display. My cock was rock hard and difficult to hide.

A few minutes later, “Hey Daddy,” Sunshine said with her sweetest bubbly smile, “Can you make us a round of your special gin and tonics. You know the ones with the crushed mint leaves.”

I chuckled, “Oh course Sunny, back in a jiffy.” They giggled at my campiness. Thanking my lucky stars that my hardon had subsided slightly.

I walked into the pool house. We have a full bar there as well and it was easier to make drinks here rather than in the house. The shades were shut which was weird but I made my way to the bar. I started filling the glasses with ice when I felt a cool wet arms snake around my waist.

“OOOhhhh Mr. B. I got chilled after coming in here soaked from the pool.” I felt Gabbie’s wonderful tits press into my back and the warmth from my skin warmed her gorgeous melons.

“I told you Gabbie. Please call me Miles.” I said trying to work through in my head what was happening.

She turned me around to face her. I dropped a few ice cubes onto the floor when I saw her. She had taken off her bikini top displaying her wonderful natural tits. She then started pulling the strings for the bottoms and they dropped to the floor. I was right about the neatly trimmed triangle of black hair just above her glorious shaved puffy pussy lips.

“Opps! You dropped some ice Miles,” she cooed. Gabbie bent over slowly, showing me more of her pussy and her asshole. Her tits gently swayed as she picked it up and threw it into the sink. “We don’t want anyone to slip and fall. Well not that kind of slip.”

She gripped the waistband of my board shorts. I was at a loss for words. I mumbled something along the lines of “We shouldn’t do this… You’re Sunny’s friend.”

She ignored my protests and pressed herself against me, “I’m hungry Miles. I’m hungry for you.” She wrapped her arms around me, ground her pussy into my thigh and kissed me long and hard. Our tongues dueled in our mouths.

Within an instant she was down on her knees and yanking down my swim trunks. My hard cock bounced free and she grabbed it with one of her hands. “WOW!” She said with a huge grin, “Sunny was right! You are packing some weight!” She quickly pushed it into her mouth until she gagged. I could feel a little pre-cum release as it hit the back of her throat.

Hearing that Sunny Çankaya Escort had referenced my cock with her at some point was distrubing and erotic at the same time. Gabbie was sucking so hard I knew I wouldn’t last long. It had been a while since I’d been with a woman. “Jesus Gabbie, please slow down. I don’t think we should be doing this.”

She pulled my cock from her mouth, “Miles honey, let me explain what’s going to happen.” she said in a lusty low, voice; she almost fucking growled. A sloppy line of saliva trickled out of the corner of her mouth and down onto her tits, “”I’m gonna deepthroat your cock and I’m going to swallow every spurt of cum you give me.” her tongue flashed out and swirled around the head of my cock. “Then, I’m going to get down on all fours and your going to fuck me just like I described earlier. You’re going to pound my pussy, pull my hair and slap my ass red. Then you’re going to shoot that second load into my hot wet pussy.” She grinned evilly.

I blinked, “Uuuuhhhh. What about Sunny? She’ll hate me for this.”

“Oh, I doubt that.” She gave me another quick lick and a squeeze to make sure I was still rock hard. “After you cum in my pretty pink pussy, I’m gonna put my bikini on and feel your cum drip out. I’m gonna sit in your cum all fucking day.”

Her filthy words had me reeling as she attacked my cock again. This time she put her arms behind her back jutting her tits even father out. All the slurping and gagging; the vision of saliva drooling from her mouth onto her tits. It was all too much. Then I smelled it. I smelled her arousal and it brought me to my peak. My cum started shooting into her mouth it was all I could do not to fucking scream.

She pulled her mouth from my cock swallowed the entire load. A little escaped from her mouth and landed on her left breast. She brought her breast up to her mouth and slurped it off. “Opps, I almost missed some.” That made my cock twitch again.

“We can’t have you go soft now can we.” she gently cupped my balls with one hand, licked and kissed and gently sucked the head. I was sensitive but it still felt good.

Then she sucked the middle finger of her opposite hand and gently probed my asshole. “Jesus Gabbie.” I closed my eyes and I could feel my cock getting hard. I knew this load wouldn’t be as big as the one I shot into her mouth but it would be a good enough one to fill her bikini bottoms.

With a few more deep sucks on my cock she said, “That’s better Miles.” she quickly dropped to her hands and knees. She arched her back and presented herself to me. Her swollen pussy lips were slightly parted and a slim line of her fluid leaked down her lips and slowly dropped to the floor from her clit. She looked back begging me, “Please Daddy. Play with me. I’ve been naughty and I need to be taught a lesson.”

I felt sick and incredibly aroused. She fucking changed her voice and somehow sounded exactly like Sunshine. “Gabbie please don’t call me that” as I smelled her wet sex I shrank to my knees behind her like a fucking zombie.

“Why? You’ve asked others to call you that before. Or maybe they just guessed and that pushed a button for you.”

I looked confused, worried… humiliated.

“Oooooo…. I’m sorry Daddy. I hit the nail on the head. Just look at how swollen and hard your cock is.” She reached back between her legs and gave it some long gentle strokes making it harder pulling a little more pre-cum from the tip. She used her thumb and spread it against the sensitive part under the head. “He’s ready Daddy. Are you?”

I was weak and unable to resist her but completely confused about my conflicting emotions. She was right, I never asked Audrey to call me that. She just did and it pushed a button within me. I had never touched Sunshine before, but now, hearing her voice from Gabbie, I wanted to. It was the same feeling I had for her after her mother died. I spent years with a therapist to control that urge.

Seeing my conflict, Gabbie pushed me over the edge, “Drive it in me HARD Daddy, I need you to punish me with your cock.”

I felt my cock raging. I was unable to resist. If she wanted to play a little rough I would play along “You wanna play little girl?” I grabbed her black hair and pulled her back with a quick pull.

“OHHH…. Yes Daddy.” She pushed her cunt towards me, wagging it seductively in my face. “You know this naughtly slut will do anything for you.”

I gave her a quick slap on the ass, “Anything.” Her hips pushed towards me searching for my cock.

“Anything Daddy.”

With that I buried my cock into her dripping twat. I fucked her hard yanking her hair and slapping her hard on the ass alternating cheeks just like she asked. I fucked her like I hated her. There was no way I could actually hate Gabbie, but in that savage moment, I fucked her like I did.

She was panting and moaning now. Pushing hard back against me with every thrust. “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God,” she moaned. “OH MY GOD! FUCK!”

She reached up and pulled one of her nipples hard. I took that as a cue. I lubed my thumb with some saliva and jammed it into her ass, continuing to pump her cunt feverishly.

She didn’t yelp or scream. She just gasped and started shaking. When I could tell she was at her peak I pulled my thumb out as quickly as it went in. “Jesus Daddy…” was all she could whimper.

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