Sshhh Caught By My Boss Ch. 1

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I can’t believe that I was so stupid! It was just a stupid dare and bet. Something that I would never have done if we hadn’t been drinking that night. But all of you know that alcohol is never a good thing when you end up doing something that you shouldn’t. And because I was drinking, because my friends dared me and even bet me a month’s rent on my apartment if I would do it I ended up in the fix that I am in now.

If only my boss wasn’t so bitchy. Oh God, please don’t tell her that! She’ll kill me if she finds out that I called her bitchy.

It all started on a Friday night. Two of my girlfriends were over and we started drinking. We were having a great time, laughing and needling each other and then laughing harder. When we get together we joke around a lot and sometimes, well a lot of the time we end up doing stupid things. For example, just after dark, one of us dared another to go out on my balcony and strip naked, tossing the clothes inside. Enough alcohol had been consumed by that time that it wasn’t but a few seconds later that she was on the balcony, taking off each piece of clothing and tossing them through the sliding door. She did a little twirl and then ducked inside, laughing her ass off. She got dressed and would hear nothing but the rest of us had to do it also. So my other friend tripped outside onto the balcony, stripped, tossing her clothes inside and ducked in. Then I had to do it too. Let me tell you, it’s a rush to do something like that. When I tossed my panties inside and twirled around on my balcony, bare ass naked, I could feel my nipples get hard!

After I got dressed again there was discussion as to what else we could do that would be naughty, daring and something one would never do without being tipsy. Or maybe never do even if you were tipsy.

Somehow it was decided that each one of would go to where we worked and strip naked there and walk around our office naked. It seemed like a great idea at the time, it really did. It’s something that I bet a lot of women think or fantasize about. I know that I have. Imagine yourself at work, sitting at your desk. You are normally very business-like, prim and proper business attire. Very corporate indeed. Then imagine yourself sitting at your desk, bare ass naked. Picture yourself answering the phone or working at your desk with your boobs showing so that anyone that comes to your desk can see them. Picture yourself getting up and walking through the common area to the copier, wearing only your low, fashionable heels. And no one in your office says a word about it. Of course they look at you, but other than that nothing is said. It’s just normal, sort of. But now everyone that you work with Monday through Friday knows exactly what you look like. They know that your B cup boobs have very large areola and very large nipples that are almost always erect and sticking out. They know that you trim your pubic hair into a strip above your lips. They know that your pubic hair, what there is of it, is pretty thick and that your lips are shaved. They know that your ass is larger than it looks under clothes and that the crack of your ass is nice and tight. They know that when you bend over at the copier that your pussy shows between your thighs and that your ass cheeks open slightly so your anus shows right above your pussy. You know exactly what you look like because you have looked at yourself in a mirror. Even bent over you’ve looked at yourself. Admit it! Everyone does. Everyone has even taken a hand mirror and held it between their legs so they can see what their pussy looks like. Don’t try to tell me that you haven’t because I know you have. I know that you have because I have done all of that. And so have you.

They know all this because you are naked at work. Either a fantasy that you dream of or a nightmare that you wake up from in a cold sweat. Probably both, since I don’t know a woman who would want to be naked at work. I mean, I am sure that there are some women who would do it, but I certainly am not one of them.

But now, because of a dare and a bet, I am going be one. The only good thing is that it is after hours, everyone has gone home, the cleaners are not due until much later and you can do it without any problem.

Since I was the closest to work, it was decided that I would be the first to bare all on the job, so to speak. Before that, though, we each had to get dressed in business attire. So I picked out a matching bra and panty set, a white silk blouse and my best suit outfit, a deep blue jacket with matching skirt that was knee length and actually set off my figure nicely. I wanted my friends to get dressed in business attire also, but they convinced me that it might take too long to go their apartments and for them to pick out outfits and dress. We might end up being late enough that the cleaners might come in. So, we agreed that if it got late enough that that might happen one or both of the others would do it Saturday night and the last either Saturday or Sunday night. Everyone was fine with that and everyone promised that they would do the dare too.

So we piled into one of our cars and off we went. It’s about a twenty minute drive to my office. I had had enough to drink that I didn’t think of any consequences that might happen. Actually, none of us, in hindsight, thought at all. It was all going to be great fun to do something like this. Something that you would never do in real life. Something that would be funny and that you would remember for a long time and laugh about later with your friends. It was going to be great!

So the three of us made the twenty minute drive to my office and parked in the parking garage. The garage is not security so we just pulled in and parked on the level that my office was on. We got out of the car and I led the way, putting a little extra swing in my hips, dressed like it was a weekday morning, carrying my purse and wearing my best clothes. My two friends followed behind me, making comments about how I was moving my ass and giggling. I was giggling too, thinking about what I was going to be doing in a few minutes. I stopped at the security door on my floor and opened my purse to get my entry card out and pushed it into the scanner. Then I pushed the door handle down and opened it. I sashayed through the door, holding it so my friends could get through too. Off we went down the hall to the main office door and I used my card there also, opening the door so we could enter the business sanctum. I led the way to my desk.

I sit outside my boss’s office in an alcove that is open to the hall with a half wall across the hall, separating my space from the common area where the lower grade assistants sit. All of the manager’s offices have a glass wall that is fight next to their assistant’s alcove. They all have blinds on the glass wall so they can be closed for privacy but the company prefers that they are not closed. The only time my boss has closed hers is when she is doing reviews for those of us that she supervises. Otherwise the blinds are open and you can see through the glass wall, mostly. The blinds are small enough that, narrow, I guess, so you can see, but not that clearly.

My desk sits sideways to the glass wall so I can see the hall and into her office if the door is open or through the glass. Right behind the door is a small closet where I can hang my jacket if it is warm and where I keep my office shoes. When I go out for lunch I put on running shoes for comfort like a lot of women do. I also have recessed lighting so we didn’t have to turn on all the lights. We just walked down the hall to my space, using the lights that are on in common areas all the time to find out way there.

My friends sat down expectantly in the two of the three chairs in my area for people waiting to see her or if they need to talk to me. I walked behind my desk, unlocked it and put my purse in its drawer. Then I stood up and opened my closet and removed my suit jacket and hung it up. Then I sat down at my desk and pretended to work. After a few moments…..

“God it’s hot in here.”

I theatrically wiped a hand across my forehead and pushed my chair back. I walked to my closet and opened it again. Ignoring my friends I unbuttoned and removed my silk blouse and hung that up also. I turned and tried to look deep in thought and then I turned back, opened the closet again and unbuttoned and unzipped my skirt. I shimmied it down my legs and stepped out of it. I took my jacket on its hanger out and carefully folded my skirt and hung it on the hanger and put my jacket over it. Then they went in the closet.

I returned to my desk and sat down in my bra and panties, pretended to take a couple of telephone calls, scribbling on a legal pad. Once again I rubbed a hand over my forehead. My friends were giggling and one of them was taking pictures of me with her phone.

“It’s still way too hot in here.”

I pushed my chair back and walked to the closet and opened it again. Reaching behind my back I unclasped my bra and slipped it off, folding it carefully and laying it on the shelf. I hooked my thumbs in my panties and pushed them down, stepping out of them, folding them neatly and laying them on top of my bra. Then I shut the closet again and turned back to my desk. My friend snapped a picture of me standing naked but for heels behind my desk

I walked to my desk and sat down so only my boobs were showing and scribbled some more on the legal pad. Then I picked up my phone again and pretended I was listening.

“Yes, Ms. Holcomb.”


“There are supposed to be some copies you need?”

“Of course, I’d be happy to get them for you. I’ll be just a few minutes.”

“I stood up, exposing my pubes and pussy along with my boobs.

“Christ, why can’t she ever get her own damn copies. Get my copies, Sabine. Bring them here now. Get my coffee, Sabine. Are you done with that report yet? No, well hurry up, girl. I need it before noon. I’m nothing but a slave for her.”

My friends were giggling and the one with the phone was snapping pictures of me, full frontal at work, everything but my ass showing.

I walked around my desk and out into the hallway and started down it, swinging my hips again and my friends came behind me, giggling and snapping pictures of my bare ass. They were about twenty feet behind me as I turned into the common area where most of the girls sat, those in lower paid positions than me and where the common office equipment like the copier and fax machine were. I was getting a real rush walking around work naked. My nipples were as hard as they had ever been. I had a tingling low in my belly. I wasn’t really paying attention to where I was.


I stopped dead and my stomach wasn’t tingling anymore, it was twisted into a knot. My boss was standing by the copier, staring at me.

I let out a squeak and one hand went over my pussy and the other arm across my boobs. I closed my eyes and screamed to myself, “OH FUCK!”.


“I, I, I, it’s a joke, a dare.”

“Really? I suppose your boyfriend is here and going to give it to you on your desk.”

“I, I, I don’t have a boyfriend.”

“So then your girlfriend is going finger you on your desk, huh?”

“No, it’s just a dare Ms. Holcomb.”

I was trying to huddle into a small a space as possible, covering as much of me as I could.

“So, how is the dare going to be proven?”

“Two of my friends are here watching. It isn’t anything really, just a stupid dare.”

“Call them.”

I did and there was dead silence. I called again. Nothing.

“Friends, right, Jorgenson. Since you are by yourself I suppose you stripped so you could masturbate at your desk. God, what a nasty slut you must be.”

My so called friends had bailed on me when they heard her yell at me. God damn them!

“I was not going to masturbate at my desk.”

“Stand up straight and put your hands down, you stupid little bitch.”

I wanted to yell at her, but I slowly straightened up and even more slowly lowered my hands and arms to my sides. This is a nightmare! This cannot be happening to me! I’m going to wake up and find out this is a really bad dream! I closed my eyes and opened them again. She was still standing about fifteen feet in front of me, hands on her hips. I glanced down. I was still naked. SHIT! It wasn’t a bad dream. It certainly wasn’t a good dream! My nipples were still hard. The knot in my stomach was still there. SHE was still there! I was so screwed!

“What am going to do with you, Jorgenson? I should report this to upper management.”

“No, no, please don’t do that, Ms. Holcomb, please.”

“If this comes to light and for any reason they find out I knew about it, I’ll be in as much trouble as you.”

“Please Ma’am, I’ll do anything if you forget about this, anything!”


She smirked at me. I gulped. She had an evil look on her face. I had started to sweat, but now I got cold all over. My stomach knotted even more.

“I asked you a question, Jorgenson.”

I closed my eyes again. I opened them. She was still standing in front of me. I was still naked. I was so screwed!

“What do you mean by anything?”

“Oh, now we are going to negotiate? I meant what I said, exactly what I said. Exactly what you said. Anything.”

I was shivering.

“Can we talk about this Ma’am?”

“No. You said anything, correct?”

“Well, yes, but…”

“But nothing. I’ll be very clear to you. You will do anything that I tell you to do, anything. Give me your word on it or I will be forced to report to upper management that I found you cavorting naked in the office. And if you go back on your word, once it is given, you will be reported anyway. Now you can either give me your word or I’ll be doing a memo reporting this. Is that clear enough for you?”



“You have my word, Ma’am.”

“Actually repeat after me. I will do anything you say, Ms. Holcomb.”

I took a breath, a deep breath.

“I will do anything you say, Ms. Holcomb.”

She smirked at me. I felt lightheaded and scared to death. What had I just done to myself? What was she going to do to me?

“Good, now come with me.”

Ms. Holcomb strode past me and into the hall. I followed her, feeling like a condemned prisoner, being led to the gallows. She walked down the hall to my alcove, into it and then into her private office. I followed her. She leaned against her desk.

“I am not normally a vindictive person, Jorgenson. But I can see that this may be a lot of fun for me. Before your mind runs wild, I am not a lesbian. But I can see that you and I are going to have some interesting times ahead of us. Fun for me for sure, fun for you, depends on you, Jorgenson. When was the last time you were really bad?”

“I suppose when I was a young teen.”

“And what happened to you when you were bad?”

“Uh, my mother spanked me.”

“Did she now? Would your mother consider what you are doing tonight bad?”

“Um, yes, I guess so.”

“Yes, or no, not I guess so.”

:”Uh, yes.”

“So your mother would spank you for this?”

“Ah, yes, I suppose so.”



I am so screwed! She wouldn’t spank me, would she?

She walked over to her conference table and pulled a chair out and turned it so the seat was facing out. She rested a hand on the back of the chair and crooked her finger at me. SHIT! I hesitantly walked over.

“Stand in front of the chair, bend over and put your hands on the seat.”

I sighed and did as I was told.

“Move your feet apart a little.”

I shuffled my feet further apart.

“Very nice, Jorgenson. Do you realize that your twat shows between your legs when you bend over?”

I felt my face turning red. It was suddenly very warm and I was starting to sweat again. I certainly wasn’t going to admit to anything.


“Well, it does. A nice little seam that points right at your asshole. Did you also know that when you bend over your cheeks open up a little and your asshole shows too?”

I let out a soft sob.


“Well it does. Your little pussy, no it isn’t a pussy, it’s a cunt. Your cunt shows and so does your asshole.”

I sobbed a little louder.

“Oh for God’s sake, don’t be such a baby! Now brace yourself, you bad little girl.”

I sucked in a breath and closed my eyes.


I squealed as her hand slapped my ass. My head jerked up and my breath hissed out. Oh Jesus, that hurt!

“Stay down!”

I felt one of her hands grasp my neck and push down on it and the other peppered my ass, both of my cheeks with slaps, one after another. My hips squirmed back and forth but it didn’t matter, the target was large enough that she couldn’t miss. I felt my ass start to heat up and I was gulping air in as fast as I could. My boobs were swaying under me as I squirmed. And my nipples got harder! You can’t be enjoying this, Sabine, you can’t!

I kept squirming, she kept holding my head down, keeping me bent over, her hand slapping my bare ass over and over again. I wasn’t keeping track, but if I had been I would have lost count. She was doing it too fast. My ass was no longer getting hot, it was starting to sizzle.

“Oh God, please stop, please, stop, please, Ma’am, please don’t, please stop.”

I was babbling as she swatted my bare ass. I was begging her. I started to cry and then I started bawling, God it hurt!

Ms. Holcomb finally stopped spanking me but still held my neck and still pushed down on it. She ran her hand over my hot ass and I whimpered, but to my horror it felt good. Her soft hand slowly stroked my hot ass and I slowly stopped whimpering and began breathe harder.

“Jesus, Jorgenson, I guess now I should call you Sabine. Are you starting to pant?”


She stroked it a little more and my traitorous ass pushed up and back, pressing to her hand. I softly moaned. She snickered. She rested her hand right on my crack and eased it down until her middle finger touched my lips. I jerked and she snickered again and slid her finger down my seam to my clit and then back until it was resting just at my opening.

“Now, Sabine, I am going to ask you some questions. I want you to really think about them and be sure that you are telling me the truth. If you lie to me you won’t like what happens. Do you understand me?”


“Are you a virgin?”


“So, a man has fucked you?”


“Have you had sex with a woman?”


“Is your ass virgin?”


“When were you last fucked?”

“At least six months ago. I am not sure of the date.”

“Did he come inside you?”


“Did he use a condom?”


“Are you on birth control?”


“Aren’t you afraid of getting pregnant?”


“Then why no condom?”

“I was drunk.”

“Do you suck cock?”


“Are you wet?”

“I don’t know.”

“Do you think you are wet?”

I was silent for a moment.

“Not answering is the same thing as lying to me.”


“Should we find out if you are wet?”


“Wrong answer, Sabine.”

Her finger’s pressure on my lips increased and very slowly it slid inside me. I sobbed softly.

“Please, don’t.”

“It won’t hurt you, Sabine.”

“I don’t like it Ms. Holcomb, please don’t do it to me.”

She slowly twisted her finger inside me, making me whimper softly.

“Well, I guess we know that you are wet, don’t we? What made you wet, being naked or being spanked?”

“I don’t know, Ms. Holcomb.”

“What do you think?”

“Both, I don’t know, I don’t know.”

Her finger slid out of me.

“Stand up.”

I pushed myself up and stood in front of her, facing away, tears glistening on my cheeks.

“Turn around and face me.”

I did as I was told.

“Open your mouth.”

I did it.

She put her finger in my mouth.

“Suck it.”

I did as I was told.

She smirked at me. I closed my eyes so I didn’t have to look at her and kept sucking her finger. The taste of me was gone quickly. I felt her other hand cup one of boobs and she pinched the nipple, hard. I gasped around her finger. She chuckled. Her hand slid to my other boob and pinched that nipple, hard. I gasped again, she chuckled again. Her hand left me.

“We now know that your nipples are hard too, don’t we.”


“Listen to me, Sabine, closely. You no longer have breasts, you have tits. Do you understand me?”


She cupped one of my breasts again.

“What is this?”

“My tit.”

Her hand moved to my ass. She squeezed my sore cheek.

“You no longer have a butt or bottom, you have an ass. Do you understand?


She squeezed my cheek again.

“What am I squeezing Sabine?”

“My ass.”

Her hand moved and cupped my pussy and gave it a gentle squeeze.

“You no longer have a pussy, Sabine, you have a cunt. Do you understand me?”


“What am I touching now, Sabine?”

“My cunt.”

“Turn around Sabine. Your ass is nice and red, did you know that?”


“Well it is and it looks very nice. You have a nice ass even if it is a little fat.”

“How old are you?”


“A little old to be running around your place of work naked, aren’t you?”

“I suppose so.”

“Well, enough of this idle chatter. Is your car here?”


“Do you have a coat with you?”

“No. Just my suit jacket.”

“Well, go get your purse and your jacket.”

I turned and walked out to my desk and got my purse and then my jacket. She followed me, turned off her office lights and closed the door.

“Put the jacket on but don’t button it.”

I did as I was told.

“Follow me.”

She started walking down the hall, went out of the office and down the outer hall to the door to the parking ramp. I followed her, my jacket sliding over my breasts as I walked. It barely covered my ass.

As soon as we were in the parking ramp she turned to me.

“Give me the jacket.”

I stopped in shock.

“Do as I tell you, Sabine, or are you going to argue with me?”

My shoulders slumped in defeat. I slipped my jacket off so I was naked again and hesitantly handed it to her. She took it and walked off. I stared at her momentarily and then hurried behind her, feeling very exposed. She walked to her car and I cursed myself silently for not noticing it before this entire nightmare started. She unlocked the doors.

“Get in.”

I did and watched her get behind the wheel. She started the car and backed up and drove out of the ramp. I slouched down, trying to hide.

“Sabine, sit up like a lady.”

I looked at her and sat up straighter, nervously glancing out the passenger window. No vehicle was there but I was still nervous that someone was going to pull alongside us and see me, sitting naked in her car.

“Tell me how to get to your place.”

I gave her directions to my apartment building. I sat, rigid, my stomach crawling, as she drove to my apartment. When we got there, she parked in the lot, way at the back of the apartment lot. Then she turned to me.

“Do you have a coat, like a trench coat or raincoat?”


“Wear it to work on Monday. Nothing else, oh, and thigh highs. Understand me?”


:”Now, go home and we will see you at work on Monday, Sabine. Have a good weekend.”

“May I have my jacket, please?”

“No. Just pray that you don’t meet anyone, Sabine.”

I silently said FUCK to myself. I took a deep breath and opened the car door. I stepped out of her car and looked around. No one in sight. I shut the door gently and crept towards the apartment building doors, praying to God that I would not meet anyone. She sat and watched me creep through the parking lot. When I reached the door to my building I heard her car move and drive away. I opened the door and scurried inside. The lights were so damn bright! I listened and heard nothing, scrabbled in my purse for my door key and hurried up the stairs to the third floor. I peeked through the door at the third floor and saw no one either way in the hall. I almost ran to my door and shoved the key into the lock and unlocked the door and pushed it open and leaped through the doorway, shutting it behind me and leaning against the wall of my apartment, trembling. I finally stopped shaking and all I could think was, Sabine, you are fucked, really fucked.

Well, I was at home now, all by myself on a Friday night, which was not how it all started. Unfortunately my own stupidity along with two of my girlfriends had put me in a position that I was not too happy with, but I appeared that I had lost control of part of my life this night.

I was scared, nervous, pissed off and slightly horny. Afraid of my boss most importantly right now, since she had caught me naked in our office and had taken advantage of it to give me a spanking and then take me home naked. She sent me off to my apartment wearing only some low heels and it was only by sheer dumb luck that I made to my apartment without being seen by anyone.

I was also pissed off at my two girlfriends who had come with me while I was doing my stupid naked dare, but when they heard my boss yell at me, they bailed out and left me alone to take the consequences. One of them also had naked pictures of me at work and I wanted to get them deleted from her phone as soon as possible.

I had been home for only half an hour and after the first blush of relief to be in my apartment and getting something on, I had called her three times already and she wasn’t answering. Which of course made me angrier.

And, last but not least, I was nervous, thinking of what was going to happen to me. My boss, Ms. Holcomb, had me dead to rights. She could get me reprimanded or fired if she told anyone what I had done.

I was screwed, no two ways about it.

As soon as I was inside my apartment and stopped shaking I got dressed. I put on panties, a bra, a t-shirt, a sweatshirt and sweatpants. If I could have figured out how to wear more than I was, I would have. I thought about, again, how stupid I had been but my mind wandered. I could see myself, in the parking ramp, handing Ms. Holcomb my jacket and standing right out in the open, naked. I shivered. I could see myself, walking behind her to my car and how I slumped down to hide myself. And then hearing her tell me to sit up like a lady. HA! I was certainly not a lady at that moment, but I sat up. Then I remembered the drive home, glancing out the window, praying that no one would pull up next to us. And last but not least her telling to go home and my shock at realizing that she wasn’t going to give me my jacket. And the creeping walk that I did to my building and how I ran up two flights of stairs, again praying that I would not meet anyone. And lastly, my dash to my apartment, naked in my hall, scared that a neighbor who knew me would step out and see me.

My relief at getting inside almost made me fall to my knees.

And now I was finally dressed, covered up and safe in my apartment, but my so called friends were not answering their phone. As I thought of every thing that had happened to me, I felt my traitorous nipples crinkle up and harden. My God, I could not be thinking that I had enjoyed this! But God, I felt warm and almost tingling! I very tentatively moved one hand down and lightly touched my crotch through my clothes. I felt warm, very warm. I jerked my hand away from myself and picked up my phone again. I dialed once more and she answered.

“Thanks, you bitch! Where the hell did you go?”

“We got scared and ran. What happened?”

“None of your business! I want those pictures deleted right now!”

“Of course, as soon as we hang up they’ll be gone. What happened? Are you in trouble?”

:”I guess you could say that. I’d like to say it’s all the two of your fault, but I was stupid enough to do it. But I will not ever forgive you for leaving me there alone.”

“We’re sorry, Sabine. Do you want us to come over?”

“NO! I just want to be alone.”

“OK. We understand. If we can do anything please let us know.”

“Yeah, sure, of course. Delete those pictures, now!”

“We will. Good bye.”

“Good bye.”

I hung up my phone and leaned back on my couch. You are fucked, Sabine, fucked. And I went to bed. I was haunted by nightmares all night long. I dreamed that I was naked at my desk. I dreamed that I was standing at the copier and fax machine, wearing only low heels and that everyone in the office had walked by to look at me. I dreamed that when work was done I walked out of the office to my car, naked. I dreamed that it didn’t bother me a bit. And I woke up three or four times, sweating and it took me forever to go back to sleep and then another humiliating and embarrassing dream would take over my sleeping brain. Needless to say, I did not sleep well at all.

I got up the next morning, tired and upset. What was I going to do? Better yet, what was Ms. Holcomb going to do? Was she going to report me and get me fired? I needed my job. I needed my job badly. I couldn’t afford to lose it.

All day I worried and fretted, driving myself crazy. I finally convinced myself that I would throw myself on her mercy. She certainly had to feel something for me, since we had been working together for three years and seemed to have a good working relationship. I figured that I should be able to get out of the entire situation by being contrite and using the relationship that we had developed over the years we had worked together.

I spent most of the afternoon and evening plotting how I was going to manipulate Ms. Holcomb and keep myself out of trouble. She had already told me that she wasn’t a lesbian so there was no sexual basis for anything. And since I was in my 30’s and not a hot body I shouldn’t be all that desirable in any case.

I didn’t eat very much on Saturday, big surprise! I was still nervous and I didn’t sleep that well Saturday night either. I didn’t have as many nightmares, but I had a very vivid dream of me, at work, wearing my good heels, earrings and a necklace and nothing else. What was so very disturbing about the dreams that I had been having was that nobody in them said a word about me being naked or even made any comments. It was as though all the people at work would not be shocked or care one iota that I was naked. The absolute worst part about them was that my nipples hardened in them and that I felt a very warm feeling way down in my abdomen, as if I was aroused by being naked around all of them. That bothered me a lot.

I got up Sunday morning and rehearsed some more and finally, a little after noon, I dialed Ms. Holcomb’s home telephone. It rang several times and I was just about to hang up when she answered.


“Hello, Ms. Holcomb. This is Sabine. I need to talk to you.”

“What about?”

“Ah, Friday, Friday night, Ms. Holcomb.”

“I think you may call me Diane, Sabine. Now what about Friday night?”

“Ah, well, you know. About me being, ah, naked in the office.”

“Oh, that. Well, yes, I think we should discuss that incident.”

“Well, ah, I just think that we have had such a good relationship over the past few years that we could just, ah, sort of forget about it. I mean, it was a dare and kind of a joke and no one was hurt by it, so, I’d like to put it behind us. I’m sure that you would agree that it isn’t anything that needs to remembered or brought up to anyone. You’d agree to that, wouldn’t you?”

“Well, actually, I have a problem. Well, not me, actually, you do or maybe I should say you did. I fixed the problem for you, Sabine, but it cost me something.”

“How could it have cost you something, Diane? It was me naked, not you.”

“I guess that you have forgotten entirely about the security cameras in the common areas of the office.”


“When I went to the security office yesterday to get the tapes of Friday night, Sabine, the supervisor wanted to know why. I didn’t say anything to him. He, of course, felt that it was very irregular for any employee, even a manager, to request them. He told me he had to think about it. So I left and came back in a couple of hours and by then he had watched the tapes. He chuckled pretty hard when he was telling me that you didn’t look too bad naked. I just asked him to release them to me and eliminate any possible embarrassment to you and any other repercussions that might arise from your little naked stunt. At which time he asked me what was in for him. Eventually it led to me sucking his dick in my car in the parking ramp. Which, as you might guess, has not set well with me. As a matter of fact, Sabine, I am pretty pissed off at you right now. But I do have the security tapes, so unless I decide to let them see the light of day, you are safe from anyone but me. He has a pretty good idea of what you look like, however. But now I am thinking that I need a little payback from you, Sabine. I’ve been thinking about it quite a bit since I left the parking ramp yesterday.”

“I’m so sorry, Diane. I’ll do my best to make it up to you.”

“Yes, you will. Yes, you will, Sabine, you certainly are going to make it up to me. I’ve given this a good bit of thought. I assume that you are home at this time, correct?”

“Yes, Diane.”

“I’ll be there shortly, Sabine. I’ll let you take a look at the tapes from Friday night and then I’ll tell you what you are going to do today to start making this up to me. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Diane.”

“Good. I’ll be there shortly.”

I sat down on my couch, thinking about what Diane had said to me. I had given no thought at all to security cameras on Friday. I was such an idiot! And then, what she had said she did to get the security tapes. Somehow I just couldn’t picture her sucking some guy. But I couldn’t really call her a liar about that. First, I couldn’t prove it. It was her word against mine. I suppose I could ask her to let me talk to the security supervisor but then if he had viewed the tapes he would know exactly who I was. I shuddered. This was really turning into a nightmare. I don’t know how long it was before my doorbell rang. I got up and peeked through the peephole. It was Diane. I opened the door. She walked in and walked to my small living room. She handed me a cd.

“Put this in your player and play it, Sabine.”

I kind of cringed but I did it. Diane sat down on my couch. I sat in the chair next to it. I didn’t want to watch this but I did. At first there was nothing, and then the office hallway appeared. It stayed like that for a while, and then I appeared. Damn it! I was naked except for my heels. Sabine, you are screwed I thought to myself.

Diane and I watched myself walk down the hallway and my two friends followed me. I turned into the common area and another camera took over and got me full frontal. Jesus! Then I just stood there like a deer in the headlights. The look on my face would have been funny if it was someone else. I stood there for a while and then Diane appeared and walked into the hallway. I followed her and the first camera picked us up, Diane in front and me following her. Then we both disappeared. It was now just the hallway for a while. Then it was her and I walking out of the office. It looked as though I was dressed, but I knew it was only the jacket that I had on. It was just as she said. I was on security tapes and I was in deep trouble. Finally the screen went blank. I was kind of in shock. Diane leaned towards me.

“I think you understand your position now, don’t you? It’s clear that the naked woman is you, Sabine. I believe that I have the only copy of you and I have paid for it with a pretty demeaning act. Because of that, Sabine, I think you should be aware that your ass is mine. Unless, of course, you wish upper management to review this and determine what type of reprimand and punishment is warranted for you.”

“I, ah, no, I ah, don’t want that to, ah, happen, Diane.”

“Fine, then right now I want you to order a pizza or some type of food to be delivered to your apartment.”

I got up and ordered a pizza, not caring what it was. It was going to be delivered in 25 minutes according to the pizza shop.

I sat down again. I looked at Diane.

“I’m sorry Diane. I didn’t mean for this to happen. I didn’t mean for you to have to get involved with all this.”

“Oh, just shut up, Sabine. Right now I am thinking about that damn man and what it cost me to get the recording we just watched. Just shut up.”

I could tell that she was pretty angry with me. I looked out my sliding glass door and was silent. I couldn’t even look at her. It was really uncomfortable. She wasn’t talking to me either. It seemed like forever before my doorbell rang again. I got up and looked through the peephole. It was a pizza delivery man, guy, boy, whatever. I opened the door and let him in. Diane was right behind me. She leaned against my kitchen counter which was right next to my door.

“Pay him and ask him what a good tip would be.”

I got my purse and gave him a twenty and stood while he counted out change for me.

“What would be a good tip?”

“Oh, fifteen percent would be about 4 dollars.”

“She can do better than that. Give him the 4 dollars and take off your clothes, Sabine.”

My head jerked around to stare at her. The guy looked at her and then at me. He looked slightly shocked, then he smirked.

“You can’t be serious.”

“Oh, but I am, Sabine. Deadly serious. Give him the 4 dollars and then take off your clothes.”

I shivered and I felt my face heat up. I went in my purse and got enough money to make up 4 dollars with the change he had given me. I looked at Diane. She was still leaning against my counter and the delivery guy was a little closer to me, leaning on the other side. I was at the end of my kitchen. I felt sick to my stomach. I slipped my shoes off and bent over to take off my socks. My face felt like there was furnace in my head. My top came off next and then my pants. I was standing in front of the two of them in my bra and panties. He couldn’t have been more than twenty. I was over thirty. I closed my eyes and shivered once more.

“Hurry up, Sabine. I am sure he doesn’t have all night.”

I looked down at the floor and reached behind my back and unclasped my bra. I slid it off my shoulders and down my arms, hiding my breasts behind one arm.

“Put your damn hands down and get rid of your panties, Sabine.”

I kept my eyes lowered and moved my hands to my panties and slid them down my legs and stepped out of them. I clutched them in both hands in front of my pussy. Diane reached over and pulled them away from me.

“Put your hands at your sides and look at him, Sabine. Then I want you to turn in a circle so he can see your fat ass too.”

I shivered once more and lowered my arms and lifted my head. He made eye contact with me briefly and then his eyes went to my breasts and nipples and then down to my pussy. I wanted to crawl into a hole. I turned around so he could see my ass and then ended up facing him again. He was smirking at me once more. I glanced at Diane and so was she. My face was burning. I was so embarrassed and humiliated that he had heard Diane tell me to strip and that I did it.

“Now walk him to the door and hold it open for him and no hiding behind it.”

It took me a moment to move and he watched me walk past him.

“Nice ass.”

I wanted to die. I opened the door and standing in full view of the hallway I waited for him to walk by me and out of the door.

“Tell him thank you.”

“Thank you.”

I watched as his eyes met mine and then slid down my naked body to my breasts and then down to my pussy. He chuckled

“No, Miss, thank you.”

He turned away, started to laugh and walked down the hall. I just stood there, in shock, and held the door open.

“I don’t care if you show everyone in your building, Sabine, but perhaps you should shut the door.”

I finally realized what I was doing and slammed my door shut. I leaned my head against it and shuddered.

“Do you have an idea of what your stupid stunt is going to cost you?”

I was silent.

“Answer me!”


“Your naked little body is not going to be as private as it used to be. And if I might suggest, you may want to start exercising to firm it up, Sabine. Now, I am going to my home. Remember, tomorrow, your trench coat, heels and stockings and nothing else to work, Sabine. And be on time. Good bye.”

Diane walked past me, opened the door with me still naked in front of it and walked out. It closed by itself. I stood like an idiot and then ran to my clothes and scrambled into them. I didn’t eat any of the pizza. I was sick to my stomach. I stumbled to my couch and thought to myself that Diane had left the cd in my player. I HAD IT! I jumped up and hit eject and the drawer opened. SHIT! It was empty!

I sat back on my couch and held my head in my hands. I was so screwed! I leaned back and stared into space. My life was over. My life was going to be a nightmare. What was Diane going to do to me? I didn’t remember much of Sunday night. Eventually I fell asleep on my couch. I woke up at 5 o’clock and couldn’t go back to sleep. Damn, I had to get stockings! Thank God the convenience store 5 blocks away had them. I grabbed my purse and ran to my car, drove to the convenience store and bought a pair. I was sure that the clerk knew exactly what I was going to be doing later this morning. When I got back home, I showered and dried my hair. I put on my makeup and then looked at myself in the mirror. I was naked. I went into my bedroom and put on the stockings and my best heels. I went into the bathroom again and looked at myself. You look like a tart!

I went and got my trench coat out of my closet and put it on, buttoning it up and sat at my kitchen table. I just waited for the time to come when I had to leave for work. I couldn’t stand it any longer. Fifteen minutes early I got up and left and drove to work. I felt extremely undressed. I was nervous as hell. I was scared to death. I wanted to die. I pulled into the parking ramp and parked. I sat in my car trembling and then I got out of it and walked to the security door. I took a deep breath and used my card to open it. I marched into the hall and down it to my office door. My card let me in. I walked down the hall to my desk and sat down, still wearing my trench coat. I didn’t know what else to do. All I knew was that I had been told to do what I had done and now I had to wait for Diane. I wanted to cry, but I didn’t. All I could do was wait for her. I was so screwed!

Well, I sat at my desk in my trench coat until 15 minutes after the day was supposed to start. That’s when Diane came in, late. Everyone who worked in the office that had to walk by my desk gave me strange looks, wondering why Sabine was at her desk with her coat on instead of working, like usual. I knew that they were wondering what was up with me. It made my stomach knot up even more. Several people said Good Morning or hello to me and it was hard to respond to them.

As Diane walked past my desk to her office she looked at me.

“Come here, now, Sabine.”

I got up. I was so glad she was here. Now I could get past whatever she was going to do to me and get on with the day. I walked into her office behind her.

“Take off the coat.”

No Good Morning, no hello, just take off the coat. This was not looking good for me at all. I unbuttoned it and slipped it off. Diane held out her hands. I gave it to her. She dropped it on the side of her desk.

“I’m glad to see that you wore what I told you to wear.”

I was standing, in plain view of the hallway in just heels and stockings and I was scared to death that someone was going to walk by and see me.

“Let’s get you dressed.”

As she said that she walked past me to my alcove with my closet. I was frozen where I was. I couldn’t walk out there like this!

“Get your fat ass out here, Sabine.”

“Diane, I can’t…”

“If you want something to wear, Sabine, get out here. Otherwise you can stay naked all day or if you want you can leave, but the coat stays here.”

I closed my eyes, opened them and walked out, hunched over, trying to cover myself.

“Stand up straight!” I stood up straighter, but covered my pussy and boobs.

“Put you hands down, Sabine.”


“I’ve already seen it, Sabine. Put your hands down.”

My arms went to my sides. Diane opened my closet. She handed me my skirt to my outfit. I looked at her.

“My underwear?”

“You don’t need any underwear, Sabine. The more you question me, the longer you are going to be bare assed out here.”

I grabbed my skirt and almost leaped into it. I had it buttoned and zipped in an instant. Diane handed me the jacket to the outfit.

“Diane, I at least need my blouse.”

“No, you don’t.”


“Do you want the jacket or not?”

I took the jacket and slipped it on, buttoning all the buttons. Then I looked down at myself. The jacket gaped open, plainly showing that I did not have a blouse on.

“Diane, I can’t be like this. Everyone will know that I am not wearing a blouse.”


“It’s not appropriate for the office.”


“Diane, please…”

“Sabine, go to your desk and get to work. Now!”

My shoulders slumped and I walked slowly to my desk. Diane walked into her office. It wasn’t long before one of the guys sauntered over to my desk. He started to talk to me but never made eye contact. His eyes were focused on the bare skin between the lapels of my jacket. I knew that I was blushing. My face felt very warm. And to cap it all off my nipples had tightened and gotten erect. My God, Sabine, this cannot be turning you on! I glanced at him and he was smirking at me as he stared at my barely covered chest. I was so damn embarrassed! Eventually he left, without saying one word to me. All he did was stare at me.

But before too long another one of the guys was just outside my little place. He leaned against the wall and looked at me, looked at my jacket and the bare skin showing. Everyone knew something was going on. No one knew what for sure, but they sure knew something unusual was happening. Before the morning was over every lower grade male employee had made a pilgrimage to my desk and spent a good amount of time staring at me. Some of them said nothing, some made attempts to talk to me, but they weren’t serious about it. All they wanted to do was stare. It embarrassed me, humiliated me. And there wasn’t much I could do about it.

Just before lunch Kate, the one girl in the office who didn’t like me came by.

“Jesus Sabine, why don’t you just show them all your tits?”

“Kate, why don’t you mind your own business? Don’t you have work to do?”

“At least I am not acting like some exhibitionist and drawing attention to myself. I suppose you are just loving the attention.”

“Actually Kate, it really isn’t any of your business, but no, I am not enjoying this at all.”

“Then what is going on here?”

“As I said, Kate, it isn’t any of your business.”

“So Miss High and Mighty doesn’t have to talk to the peons. I guess after kissing Holcomb’s ass to get the job as her assistant you’re too good for the rest of us. I’ll bet you’re still kissing her ass you little bitch. If it wasn’t for you, I’d have the job as her assistant and you’d still be in the pool with the rest of the girls. If Holcomb was a guy I’d bet you would be blowing him every day. We’ll see how Mr. Wilson likes this.”

She turned to walk away.

“Kate, what do you mean?”

“Wilson is going to hear about this. And then we’ll see who is sitting here, bitch.”

Kate walked away down the hall toward the executive suites. I laid my head on my desk. If she says anything to Wilson, my ass is grass. I got up and walked to Diane’s door and rapped on the molding.

“Diane..” “What do you want?”

“Kate is going to talk to Wilson. We have to do something.”

“Like what?”

“Like what? I need my blouse.”

“No, you don’t.”

“But, Diane, if he comes down here and sees me like this I am going to be in trouble.”

“If he comes down here, we’ll deal with it.”

“It isn’t going to be that easy.”

“Sabine, he is a man. It can be dealt with. Now go back to work. By the way, do you and Kate get along?”

“Obviously not.”

Diane smiled at that. I didn’t like the smile.

“That could be very interesting.”

“I didn’t like that either. I turned and went back to my desk. It wasn’t more than ten minutes and Mr. Wilson walked into my alcove. He didn’t say anything, just looked at me. I looked at him at first but then my eyes went down to my desk and the file on it. I didn’t say anything either. He walked up to Diane’s door.

“Diane, we need to talk.”

“Sure Bill. Come on in.”

He entered her office and I sat there. I was scared. I was sure I was in trouble. Maybe Diane was too. I didn’t really care about her, but I certainly cared about me. I could hear them talking but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. It seemed forever but before long Diane was at the door.

“Come in here, Sabine.”

She turned and walked back into her office. I got up and followed her. Mr. Wilson was sitting in one of her side chairs. I stood alongside his chair, about three feet away from him. Diane sat down behind her desk.

“Sabine, Bill and I have talked things out. As long as you stay in your alcove except for lunch and coming and going there isn’t a problem with your dress. But there is a quid pro quo. Take off your jacket.”

“Diane, I can’t…”

“Yes you can, Sabine. Just keep in mind what started this.”

As if I could forget! I looked at her, my eyes begging for her to relent. I didn’t see any sympathy there at all.

“May I close the door?”

“Go ahead, but then do as you are told.”

I walked to the door and shut it. Diane motioned for me to come back. I walked back to stand next to Mr. Wilson. Diane motioned for me to get on with it. I closed my eyes and then unbuttoned my jacket. I looked at Diane, then Mr. Wilson. I slipped it off my shoulders and off. Mr. Wilson’s eyes bugged out. I turned beet red.

“She has fairly nice tits, even if they are tiny.”

Wilson licked his lips. I felt his eyes burning a hole in my boobs. I was embarrassed, humiliated and ashamed. But my fucking nipples were stiff! I felt really warm way down low, really warm. I stared above his head, I couldn’t look at him.

“Now, Bill, this is just a little treat for you. Maybe someday you can have a bigger treat, but just be happy with what you have gotten today. And nothing goes any further than this room, correct?”

“Sure Diane. Nothing goes any further. She does have nice tits and it looks as if she is enjoying this. Her nipples are erect.”

If anything I got even redder. I wanted to die. I wanted to quit but my finances were so bad I couldn’t. I vowed to find another job as soon as possible. The only problem with that was that they would surely contact my current employer. Diane would end up talking with them and I was pretty sure that she would tell them about me running around naked in the office. I was fucked. I cringed as Wilson got up and faced me, smirking.

“Yes, her nipples are stiff.”

He chuckled

“Well Diane, thanks for this. It’s been a pleasure.”

He turned and chuckling once more walked to the door, opened it and left. He thanked her for my boobs? This was too surreal. Diane stepped up to me. She took her right hand and tweaked my left nipple. She laughed.

“They are erect! This is too sweet. Does showing your tits get you hot, Sabine?”


“I think it does. Besides Sabine, you’d lie to me anyway. But I am pretty sure you don’t mind letting someone see your tits. We’ll see what we can do about other things soon.”

I wasn’t sure what she meant by that but I didn’t like the sound of it.

“May I put on my jacket?”

“Go ahead.”

I slipped it on quickly and buttoned it, breathing a sigh of relief.

“Is he going to keep silent?”

“Most likely. At least for now anyway. As long as you are a good girl, Sabine. Just remember the cd and that I have it. There are a few people here who are not as open minded as Bill. I want you to keep that in mind, Sabine.”

Like I was going to forget that recording of me. Like I was going to forget that if some people in upper management heard about it and saw it I was going to get fired. And that I couldn’t afford to get fired. Diane didn’t know that, I thought, but she could make it almost impossible for me to get a job as good as the one I had here. My ass was hers. She sat back down behind her desk and waved me off. I went back to mine and tried to work. I wasn’t very successful. I ended up watching a parade of guys in the afternoon coming by to stare at me. It wasn’t a very good day at all.

Finally five o’clock came. Diane came to her door and motioned me into her office. I walked in and shut the door. She grinned at me as I did it.

“That’s fine Sabine. For now you can be shy.”

Diane walked to her closet and took out my trench coat. With it folded over her arm she looked at me.

“Take off your clothes, Sabine.”

I closed my eyes, opened them, and Diane was still there. I undressed. There wasn’t much to take off. She handed me my trench coat and took my jacket and skirt. I slipped the coat on and buttoned it. She smirked at me. “Come with me. I need to run an errand before I go home.”

We walked out of the office and into the parking ramp. We got to her car and got in and Diane started it and drove off. She drove us to a gas station and pulled in.

“I need some gas and I want you to pump it for me.”

She handed me her credit card and I got out and opened her fill spout and worked her credit card in the pump. It approved and I pulled the nozzle out and stuck it in the fill pipe and squeezed the handle. Diane opened her door and leaned out.

“Lock the handle and then take off the coat.”

“I can’t…”

“Look, I am tired of hearing that you can’t this and you can’t that. Maybe I just should go to Prescott and let him see your cd.”

“No, please…”

“Then get the coat off.”

I looked around. There were three other cars at the pumps. I slowly unbuttoned my coat and slipped it off. Diane took it and dropped it in her backseat. A car pulled up right behind us. I turned my back to it. Showing my ass was the lesser evil. The guy in it climbed out and glanced at me and then stopped dead. I heard him start laughing.

“Nice ass, lady.”

I stood cringing as I felt his eyes on me. I listened to the pump ding next to me and cursed it for being so slow. And my nipples got hard again. The pump I was using finally clicked off and I hurriedly pulled the hose out and hung it up. I closed her tank cap and slammed the door shut.

“Turn and walk around the back of my car. Don’t look down and keep your hands at your sides.”

I did as I was told, blushing as much as I ever had. The guy behind us was staring at me grinning.

“Nice tits too and I like your pussy.”

I whimpered and hurried to the passenger door. I could still hear him laughing as I jumped into her car. Diane started it and drove back to the parking ramp at our office. She pulled up next to my car and handed my coat to me.

“Put it on so you don’t end up on tape again and go home. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I got out after slipping my coat on and she drove off. I got into my car and rested my head on the steering wheel. I was fucked, I was so fucked.

I spent the next four days in a state of fear, thinking of all the things that Diane could do to me. Mr. Wilson didn’t come around again, thank God, but I was still being told to come to work in just heels and stockings. Diane had me bring an outfit for each day and every morning when I arrived I was told to hang it up in my closet. Then I had to go into Diane’s office and take off my coat and give it to her. Only then could I go back to my closet and take my outfit out and dress.

I was certain that someone was going to walk by and see me but to my knowledge it didn’t happen. I felt half naked each day, mostly because I wasn’t allowed to wear underwear or a blouse. Every outfit I was allowed to wear was a jacket and skirt combination so everyone who saw me knew I wasn’t wearing a blouse. Thank God that they had no idea that the jacket and skirt was all I had on.

Late Friday afternoon Diane called me into her office.

“Sabine, I had to meet with Kate this week. I spoke with her about you. Now before you get upset, she has no idea about the cd that I have. But she is suspicious. I had to tell her something so she would keep silent, but I have made arrangements for you to go to her apartment for a party. Kate thinks that you are trying to loosen up a bit and she is going to help you with that. There will be some of her friends there, and of course she will be also. She is going to propose something for the party and you will go along with it. Do you have any questions?”

“Ah, well yes.”

“Go ahead.”

“What is she going to propose?”

“I think it will be better if you aren’t aware of anything. But, you will be on your best behavior, won’t you?”

“Diane, this is not making me feel very good. Kate doesn’t like me. She’ll try to do something nasty to me. Besides, I am quite a bit older than her and her friends. We wouldn’t do things together.”

“Don’t worry about that, Sabine. Just be cooperative. You’ll most likely enjoy it in some way.”

I sat in one of Diane’s side chairs and thought. What’s the worst that could happen to me? I didn’t really want to think about it. But I did and a lot of things ran through my mind. None of which I liked to even think about. Did I have a choice? Yes, I did. I could say no, but Diane would most likely turn me in. That would most likely end with me being terminated. Not an option for me at all. I sighed.

“Fine, I’ll go to her party and feel stupid.”

“Oh, I don’t think that you’ll feel stupid, Sabine. You’ll feel something, but I can promise you that stupid won’t be it.”

I got up and went to my desk. In a few minutes Kate walked up and before long I was invited to her party.

“Sabine, I want you to come to my apartment for a little get together tonight.”

“I know. Diane already let me know.”

“Good, good. And she told you to be cooperative, right?”


“Good, that’s great. It’s going to be fun.”

I highly doubted that, but my choices were pretty few in number. I got her address and telephone number and she told me that everything was going to start at 8. I asked about dress and she told me a top and slacks would be fine or a skirt if I wanted to wear one instead of slacks.

Before much longer I was in Diane’s office surrendering my clothes and putting on my coat so I could go home. Diane walked out with me and walked with me to my car. She stood beside the door as I got in. I was going to start my car but…

“Sabine, open your coat.”

I was going to say no, but thought better of it. I undid the buttons and slowly, looking around to make sure no one was near. I opened it. Diane looked me up and down, smirking.

“I’m glad to see that you are not arguing with me every time I tell you to do something, Sabine. Now just remember to be cooperative tonight.”

I had that sinking feeling low in my stomach, but kept my mouth shut. Diane ran her eyes from mine down my chest to my pubic hair and back up again. I flushed. She smirked and then walked off to her car. I hurriedly pulled my coat together and buttoned it up once more. I could feel that my nipples were hard once more.

I drove home wondering what all this cooperative stuff was and I wasn’t feeling too good about it, but I was sort of in a corner with no way to get out of it. At home I took off my coat and put some clothes on and made dinner. I ate, even though I wasn’t very hungry and then I picked out a reasonably nice outfit. One of my good silk tops and a pair of nice slacks. I put on serviceable underwear and found a pair of low heels that sort of matched the slacks. I got dressed in that and put on some tasteful make up so it appeared that I was trying to look my best. Then I sat down and waited for the time to come for me to drive to Kate’s apartment. It took me about twenty minutes and I parked and went up, knocking on her door. She let me in and introduced me to her friends, none of which I knew. They all were about her age, at least 8 years younger than me.

Drinks flowed during the evening and the conversation was much younger than what I was used to with my friends. I didn’t have all that much to drink, since I don’t normally but they all seemed to drink quite a bit. Younger people, I guess, do more drinking.

Eventually it got around to party games and we played some stupid stuff, although I did enjoy a couple of the games. I wasn’t having that bad of a time, actually. Kate asked me at the end of one of the games to join her in her small kitchen.

“Having fun, Sabine?”

“Actually, Kate, more than I thought I would, although your friends are a lot younger than me.”

“That’s good. We’re going to play one more game and Diane wanted me to tell you to be cooperative. You do understand what she means, right?”

I was suspicious.

“I guess. What game?”

Kate smirked at me.

“Well, I am going to tell everyone that you want to play strip poker, Sabine. And being cooperative means that you are going to lose every hand. And you should know that the loser is the only one who takes something off. So, I am sure that you are going to find the game most interesting.”

She looked at me and giggled. I looked at her in shock.

“Kate, you can’t be serious. I won’t do that.”

“Sabine, Sabine. Think of how disappointed Diane will be that you weren’t cooperative. You don’t want to disappoint her, do you?”

I walked out of the kitchen and got my purse. Then I went into her bathroom. I took out my cell phone and called Diane.

“Diane, this is Sabine.”

“I thought that you might call me.”

“I am not doing this, Diane.”

“You are not doing what?”

“You know exactly what I mean, Diane.”

“Actually, no I don’t. Enlighten me.”

“Kate is telling me that she is going to tell her friends that I want to play strip poker and that I am supposed to lose purposely. I will not do that, Diane, I won’t do it.”

“I guess then you are not planning on being cooperative. That’s too bad. I suppose that I will have to speak to Mr. Prescott.”

I winced. If she was going to talk to him she was going to tell him about me and then probably show him that damn cd.

“Diane, I don’t want you to talk to Mr. Prescott.”

The old bastard would fire my ass if he saw that cd. I knew he would.

“So then you will be cooperative tonight, right?”

“Diane, if I do this Kate will be insufferable. She’ll take every opportunity to she can to make my life a living hell. She hates me because she thinks she should have gotten my job.”

“Sabine, Kate and I have talked. It won’t be as bad as you think.”

“That’s what you think, Diane. I know better. She’s already told me that she wants my job with you. If she has this on me she’ll take every opportunity to humiliate me until I quit.”

“Sabine, I will tell her on Monday morning that she won’t be getting your job. Now just do as you are told. I am telling you right now that what she wants is what you are going to do. Unless of course you want me to meet with Mr. Prescott on Monday instead.”

God damn it! I was so screwed! If I did this I was going to be humiliated. If I didn’t do it I was going to be fired. SHIT!

“Now do you still want to say no?”

“I want to say no, but..”

“You’ll cooperate.”

“Do I have any choice?”

“If you want your job after Monday, no, you don’t.”

I hung up on her. I leaned on Kate’s bathroom counter. I dropped my cell phone in my purse. I opened the bathroom door and walked back into her kitchen. Kate was still there.

“Well, Sabine, what’s the story?”

I sighed.

“I’ll do it.”

“Tell me exactly what you will do, Sabine.”

“I’ll play strip poker with your friends, Kate. And I will lose. Satisfied?”

Kate smirked at me. Then she giggled.

“This is going to be great!”

Kate motioned me to walk in front of her. She followed me out to where her friends were.

“Listen everyone. Sabine wants to loosen up a bit. She suggested that we play strip poker”

The guys, all four of them, thought this was a great idea. Two of her girlfriends didn’t and one did, the one that had had the most to drink. Kate offered to play also so there were seven of us. The other two girls sat back and watched.

First we had to have rules. Everyone had to have the same amount of clothes on so no one had an advantage. Then it had to be decided how many losers for each hand. Of course Kate got her way which meant only one person was taking something off each hand. Then it had to be decided who dealt first. All this time my stomach was doing flips. I ended up having to take off my shoes before we even started. The first hand was dealt. I looked at my cards. I had absolutely nothing. When it came around to me I just kept my cards. I lost and when I showed what I had…

“Jesus, girl, do you want to lose?”

“No, I don’t really understand poker.”

The guys all looked at me like I was an idiot. I felt like one.

“Well, you lost so you have to take off something.”

I lowered my eyes and thought. Then I slipped off my slacks. My blouse still mostly covered my panties. I noticed that even the girls looked at me when I took off my slacks. My face got hot and I knew it was red. The next hand was dealt and I had a pair. When it was my turn I threw the pair away and took two cards. I had nothing again. I lost again. I did the girl thing this time. I reached behind my back and undid my bra, then slipped the straps down my arms and out the sleeves of my blouse. Then I reached under my blouse and pulled my bra out.

The guys were grinning now. Two hands and all I had on was my blouse and panties. It certainly looked to every one that was sober that I was going to lose and lose fast. My nipples were hard once more. SHIT!

The next hand was dealt. I got three of a kind and just closed my eyes. I threw two of them and ended up with two pair. I didn’t lose, one of the guys did. Kate looked at me. She got a good stare at me. I wanted to tell her that I did not plan it, but I kept my mouth shut.

The fourth hand was dealt. I had a pair and dumped it on the draw. Surprise, surprise, I lost again. I very carefully pulled my panties down and off. I tucked my blouse under my butt and kept my legs together. Kate was smirking at me. The guys high fived each other. I was feeling sick to my stomach.

The fifth hand was dealt. I got nothing again. I tossed two of the cards so I wouldn’t look like at idiot again and got a pair. Kate’s girlfriend lost this hand and removed her blouse. She was in a skirt and a bra now. I was feeling worse.

Hand number six was dealt and I had a pair. I seriously thought about keeping the pair and then thought about Kate saying something to Diane about me being uncooperative. I dumped the pair. I ended up with a smaller pair. I was afraid I was going to not be low hand and I was afraid I was going to be low hand. Everyone started to show their cards. I was second and when my pair showed Kate glared at me. It didn’t matter. I lost again.

All the guys cheered and Kate giggled. Her two soberer friends giggled too. The drunken one who was playing didn’t have a clue. I looked down after I turned my cards over and didn’t know who had won or lost until….

“Well, Sabine, looks like you don’t have any luck at all.”

I closed my eyes and then looked at Kate. She was smirking at me. My face was burning up.

“Get it off loser!”

The guys were leaning forward as my hands went to the top button of my blouse. I was shaking just a little as I undid the first button.

“She’s going to do it!”

I undid the second button. I couldn’t look at anyone there. I undid the third button. Just three more to go. I was shaking harder now and it took me a while to get the last three buttons undone. Finally I was sitting with my blouse completely unbuttoned but I was holding it closed. Kate looked at me.

“It was your idea to play, Sabine. Take off the blouse.”

I fixed her with a glare. My idea my ass! I tried to keep my boobs covered while I slipped the blouse off, but I couldn’t do it. When it finally slid down my arms I covered my boobs with my left arm and kept my legs clamped together. I got my right hand out of its sleeve and replace my left arm with my right to get my left sleeve off. Kate walked over to me and picked up my blouse and the rest of my clothes. The guys were staring at me. The drunken girl I think had finally realized that I was naked. The two sober ones were whispering together and smirking at me. Kate took my clothes and put them somewhere.

“All right, Sabine. You need to show everyone. You lost fair and square.”

I looked at her. If looks could have killed…if I could have killed Diane just then I would have. I stayed sitting with my legs together and my arm over my boobs.

“Just stand up, put your hands at your sides and turn around.”

I was angry right now and feeling pretty embarrassed. My face had to be beet red and unfortunately my nipples were erect. I certainly didn’t want to stand up and lower my hands or turn around. Kate looked at me harder. I was fucked.

I stood up and lowered my hands. The guys all cheered again. All eight eyes were right on my pussy. The two sober girls snickered.

“She doesn’t have very much in the boob department, does she?”

I was so humiliated! Not only was I naked, but they were making me fun of my boobs! I wanted to start bawling but kept myself from crying. I didn’t want to give them the satisfaction.

“Turn around, Sabine.”

I sighed and turned around so they could see my bare ass too. When I was back facing almost everyone I made to sit down again. Kate was having none of that.

“Just stay standing, Sabine. I don’t think everyone has gotten a good enough look yet.”

So I ended up standing in front of them, naked.

“Look at her. Her headlights are on!”

It took me a moment to realize that he was talking about my erect nipples. I was so humiliated it wasn’t funny.

“I think she likes it. Does it turn you on to be naked, Sabine?”


“I think she protests too much. I think she is turned on.”

Everyone laughed. My face was red, my nipples were hard and my stomach was getting a really warm feeling way down. Mentally I was hating this, but my body was saying something much different. I couldn’t believe how my body was reacting. I couldn’t be enjoying having to take off all my clothes in front of strangers, could I? The only good thing was that my pubic hair was covering me somewhat. I certainly couldn’t hide my nipples.

“Kate, may I please have my clothes. I need to go home.”

“Sabine, come on. It’s early. Stay for a while longer.”

“No, I need to go home, Kate.”

“Fine. Do one last thing. Get everyone drinks and serve them. Then you can go.”

It wasn’t the best thing, but after I was done I could leave. I went into the kitchen and got beer for the guys and brought them each one, embarrassed as hell. Their eyes played across my nipples and then down to my pussy. As I bent over to hand them their beer, the girls giggled behind me. I had no clue. The girls told me what they wanted and I went in the kitchen and made their drinks for them. I walked back into Kate’s living room and served the first two.

“Holy shit!”


I turned my head to look at the guys, wondering what they were talking about.

“What? What are you two talking about?”

They all smirked.


I went and got the other two girls drinks and walked back and bent to hand their drinks to them. Kate grinned at me.

“They were talking about how your pussy shows when you bend over. I guess they can say they’ve really seen it all now, Sabine.”

I was so embarrassed and humiliated! I wanted to die, but the heat increased in my belly. I wanted to touch myself so bad! I straightened up and only by will kept my hands from covering my butt.

“Kate, I did what you wanted. Please get my clothes so I can go.”

She grinned at me again and walked away. She came back with my bra and panties.

“I’ll bring the rest to work on Monday.”


“You’ll be fine, it’s late and no one will be the wiser. Except for us.”

I grabbed my underwear and put it on. I was so pissed off at her. I got my purse and pulled my car keys out. As I was walking to her door…..

“This was fun, Sabine; we’ll have to do it again sometime.”

In a pigs eye! I was never going to her place again. Surely Diane would understand. I left and slammed the door closed and then winced at the noise. I scurried down the hall in my underwear and peeked down the stairs. No one there. I almost ran down the stairs to the main floor and out to the parking lot. I unlocked my car and jumped in, closing the door behind me. I started my car and for some reason I took my cell phone out and looked at it. I had a message. I checked it and it was from Diane. She told me to come to her town house when I left Kate’s apartment. She even had directions for me. I was also to call her when I arrived. So I drove to her home and parked in her driveway. I dialed her and she answered.

“Diane, this is Sabine.”

“I assume you are here.”


“Good. Take off all your clothes and come to my door and ring the doorbell. Oh, and bring your clothes with you.”


I squirmed out of my underwear and with it crumpled in my hand I scurried to her door and rang the doorbell. The light came on, bathing me entirely in it. I almost screamed. She made me stand there for while and then opened the door. She burst out laughing when she realized that all the clothes that I had was my bra and panties.

“I guess Kate had a little fun with you.”

I said nothing. I was fuming, angry as hell.

“Well, come in. We need to talk.”

I walked inside and she closed the door. She led me to her living room. She sat down. I went to sit also.

“No, you can stay standing. Drop your underwear and purse.”

I did as I was told, still fuming.

“Now, we have talked about you arguing and not being cooperative, haven’t we?”

I was not having a good feeling. My anger melted away almost immediately. I said nothing.

“Silence usually means agreement. I am going to help you understand that I mean it when I tell you to cooperate and not argue. Come here.”

I hesitantly stepped towards her. She grabbed my left wrist and pulled me over her lap. I squealed and ended ass up on her legs. My arm was bent behind my back and she trapped my legs with her right leg.

“You’ll either learn the easy way or the hard way, Sabine.”

As soon as she said that her right hand smacked me right on the middle of my ass. She didn’t say anything further, just smacked me, alternating cheeks until I could feel the heat bubbling off of them. I was too shocked to do anything and she had me trapped over her lap. But I could yell and scream and I did. She ignored me and kept spanking me, harder and harder until I started to bawl. I wasn’t screaming or yelling any longer, I was bawling like a baby. It hurt like hell after a while. It really hurt! Diane gave me a flurry of spanks and then at the end she let go of my arm and just pushed me off her lap. I slid off of her and landed on my ass on the floor. I yelped and rolled over until my ass wasn’t touching anything.

“If you continue to argue with me and not listen, Sabine, you can expect this more often. I don’t really want to do this to you, but I will not be defied any more. Do you understand me?”

I wiped my eyes and my nose and looked at her. She was bigger and stronger than I was. I could fight back, but I would probably lose and I figured that I would get it worse if I did fight back. I just nodded yes.

“Good. I hope that we don’t have to do this again, Sabine. But for some reason, I think we might.”

She smirked at me.

“Now, you can go home.”

I got up, forcing myself not to touch my burning ass. I bent to pick up my purse and my underwear.

“Leave the underwear, Sabine. That should make you think even harder about defying me again.”


She fixed me with a stare. I swallowed and without saying a word I walked to her front door and left, naked. I got into my car and started it and drove off. The streets were dark. No one was out. My stomach was flipping over. I drove a few blocks and pulled to the curb, turned off my lights and turned off my car. I slid down in my seat and my legs opened up. My hand went to my pussy and I started masturbating. I couldn’t have enjoyed everything that happened to me, could I?” My other hand went to my nipples and pinched and twisted them. My fingers found my clit and rubbed and rubbed. It wasn’t long before my hips were bucking against my fingers and not long after that my lower body exploded in orgasm. I think I passed out. It was the best orgasm that I had had in months.

After I had calmed down from my masturbation I sat in the dark in my car, sort of in disbelief. I mean I knew that I had masturbated to orgasm, but I was in denial that what had happened to me tonight had made me so horny that had to masturbate. Was I turning into a slut? As I sat there and decided that I wasn’t a slut, I looked around and my mind started going. It was dark here. The streetlights were quite a ways away from my car. I could get out of my car naked and stand outside. I could lock my purse and keys in my car because I had one of those little boxes with an extra key in it in the rear wheel well. I could be outside naked and no one knew me here. So even if someone saw me why should I care?

SABINE! I screamed that in my head. Don’t be so stupid. You don’t want to be naked outside. You don’t want to lock your keys in the car and stand out without a stitch on. That was the rational part of my brain. The not so rational part was telling me it would be fun and a turn on. It was telling me that I would like it.

My rational brain won. I started my car, turned on the lights and pulled away from the curb. As I did I started to get scared. What if I got stopped by the police? What was I going to do then? I drove so slowly and carefully it wasn’t even funny. Half an hour later I pulled into my parking lot. I parked and turned off my lights and car. Then I got this sick feeling in stomach. It was a Friday night. My apartment building was full of younger people and they tended to stay up later on weekends and even week nights. They went out and came home late. I looked at my watch. It was 12:45AM. The bars would be closing soon. I had to get inside and into my apartment. And I was naked.

I sat in my car in the mostly dark parking lot at my apartment building and thought about how I was going to get to my apartment without anyone seeing me. If someone did and they knew me or knew that I lived there it would be so humiliating. I wanted to be inside right now but I was afraid to go now. There could be parties breaking up or people coming home. I decided it was best to wait for a while longer and hopefully it wouldn’t be as possible for people to be in halls or leaving other apartments. So I sat for a while, waiting and watched as two cars pulled into the lot and people got out of them and walked into the building. And as I was sitting in my car the not so rational part of my brain started rolling again.

Psst, Sabine, you could get out of your car and stand outside next to it. It’s pretty dark here and no one can really see you. You could be outside naked! Wouldn’t that be great? You know that you want to do it, Sabine. You want to get out of your car and be naked in the lot. It’ll really be fun, Sabine. Let’s do it!

I looked around. There were lights at each end of the lot. I had parked towards the back of the lot on the left, farthest away from the street. There were a lot of spaces closer to the doors and more on the right side of the lot than where I was parked. I got out of my car, wincing as the interior lights came on. I locked it. I put my keys in my purse and bent over and slipped my purse under my car by the left front tire. No, I wasn’t stupid. There was no way that I was going to lock my keys and purse in my car. No, I wasn’t stupid. I was just standing, actually crouching next to my car, in my parking lot, naked. I wasn’t stupid at all. HA!

But, as I was crouching there, I felt that little tingle deep in my belly. One of my hands went to my right boob and I squeezed it and pinched the nipple. Guess what? My nipple was erect. And God it felt good! I leaned against my car and both my hands went to my boobs and squeezed and felt a jolt of heat on my chest. I pinched both nipples and rolled them between my thumbs and fingers. I moaned. My not so rational brain talked to me.

Let’s stand up, Sabine. No one is here. It’ll be great fun! Besides, you’re mostly behind your car.

I stood up, trembling and looking around. No one was there! I squeezed my boobs again. God it felt good! My brain talked to me again.

Hey, no one is out here but you Sabine. Let’s go lean against the front of your car. Sure, it’s a little lighter there, but no one is here to see you.

I stepped slowly to the front left of my car, looking about for anyone. Not seeing anyone, I stepped to the middle of my hood and leaned my ass on it. I spread my legs a little and leaned back on my arms. Look at me! Look at me, I’m naked! I felt a heat start low in my abdomen. God, I was getting turned on again! I closed my eyes and spread my legs a bit more. I felt cool night air on my pussy. It felt good! Then a flash of light crossed my closed eyes. You know how you can tell if the light is on even with your eyes closed? My eyes popped open and I glanced to my right and saw a car turning into the lot. I squeaked and hunched down right there. I started to tremble. I didn’t want to stay where I was but I was afraid to move. The car parked and its lights went off. I heard people walking and talking after the doors slammed shut. I rose just little and watched two couples walking to the building doors.

Stand up, Sabine, they can’t see you. They’re looking away from you.

I stood up and exposed my entire body to the two couples. I felt the heat build down low in my abdomen. I was getting turned on. I cupped my smallish boobs and pointed my erect nipples at them. I watched them walk inside and I felt disappointed. My not so rational mind spoke to me again.

Let’s walk down towards the street, Sabine. It’s dark. No one is here with you. Look at the car headlights going by on the street. We can get closer to them than this and it will be an even bigger thrill. When have you ever done anything close to this daring? NEVER! People think you are boring, Sabine. That you never live a little. Are you that person or someone who lives on the edge?

My feet propelled me to the side of my car and I walked down it and then to the back of the parking lot. I turned to my left and faced the busy street that bordered the lot my apartment building was on. There was at least two hundred feet of grass and a few trees and bushes, then the parking lot. I stood tall and walked towards the grass. I felt good, I felt daring, I felt alive! The closer I got to the grass bordering the street, however, the less good I felt. My rational brain began to talk to me.

Sabine are you crazy? You’re naked outside and walking towards a lighted street! Have you lost your mind? My not so rational mind spoke.

Just a little further, Sabine. It’s still dark here. No one is out here with you. No one can see you. But I think I am getting to know you better than ever. I think you want some one to see you, just as you are. You want some one who doesn’t know you to see you totally bare ass naked, don’t you?

I shivered and kept walking, but slower. My rational brain spoke again.

If you are going to be this stupid, Sabine, I wash my hands of you. If you want to listen to that idiot part of your brain, be my guest.

I stepped onto the grass and my heels dug in. I walked to a bush and slipped off my heels and stood bare foot in the cool, wet grass. I shivered again.

Let’s go Sabine! I didn’t think you had it in you! Isn’t this great!

I walked towards the street and the lights along it made it lighter where I was. I kept going and before I realized what I was doing I was standing on the sidewalk right next to the street! I was in complete view, the lights bathed me and the sidewalk in a yellow glow and as I began to think this was a very bad idea a horn honked, scaring me shitless. My head spun towards the sound and I saw a car passing by on the other side of the street with laughing faces staring at my naked body. I hunched down and thought you stupid fucking girl! I had to get moving back! I turned and began to run across the grass almost forgetting my heels. As I remembered them and slowed to find them I had a horribly strong need to pee.

I clamped my urethra tight and scrabbled in the darkness for my heels. I found them but I had to go, I had to go now! I squatted down and opened my legs and pee gushed out of me. I had had the piss scared out of me! Now all I could do was squat and finish, but all I wanted to do was to get inside, now! I felt like I peed for ten minutes but I knew it wasn’t that long, just too long for comfort. When the gush turned to a trickle and then stopped, I grabbed my shoes and slipped them on. I was right by the parking lot. I hurried down the back of the lot to my car and alongside it until I could squat again and get my purse and keys. I stayed down and looked around. No one was outside with me that I could see. Now that I had walked naked to the street and been seen by passersby, I was scared again. I still had nothing to wear and I still needed to get to my apartment. I scuttled along until I was hiding in the first row of cars in the lot. I looked all around and seeing no one I hurried across the drive next to my building and hustled through the door and into the stairwell. As I entered the stairwell, my heels made a clattering sound and I stopped dead because it seemed so loud that anyone could have heard me. I slipped my heels off and clutching them with my purse in one hand and my keys in the other I ran up the two flights of stairs to my floor. I slowly opened the door and looked both ways down the hall to see if anyone was out. I didn’t see anyone and I crept through the door, closing it carefully and then quickly rushed to my apartment door. I unlocked it and leaped inside, shutting the door behind me and slumped against the wall.

I found it hard to believe that I had been so stupid to walk to the street naked. But now that I was safely inside I began to picture myself walking there naked and my abdomen started to heat up again. I dumped my purse, keys and heels on my kitchen counter and walked hurriedly to my sliding glass door. I stood there for a moment and then pulled my d****s open. The moon cast a pool of light on the carpet and I sat in the middle of it. I was so hot all over again, just like in my car. My legs fell open and my right hand went right to my pussy and I started to rub my clit again. My left hand squeezed and cupped my boobs and I masturbated to another orgasm. When I came, my upper body fell back on the carpet and I twitched and shivered through my orgasm and the aftershocks, not caring that my d****s were open and anyone looking at my glass door from the building next to mine would be able to see me. I don’t know how long I lay there but I know it took a long time for my breathing to be normal again.

I finally got up and went to my bathroom and cleaned up a bit then I went to my bedroom and put on a t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants and went to bed.

I had dreams all night of being naked in front of others, people that I knew and people that I didn’t know. I took off my clothes, was told to take them off or was stripped by others for every dream that I had. I woke in the morning, exhausted because I didn’t sleep through the night, but kept waking up. When I got out of bed I showered and didn’t bother to put on any clothes. I did turn up my thermostat, though. And I left my d****s open, feeling alternately scared and nervous and very naughty. I spent the rest of the weekend naked in my apartment, thinking of having to play strip poker and lose and about Diane spanking me and how hot I got after that and also how stupid I was. Yes it was daring, but it was also foolish and I could have gotten into more trouble than I had with Diane and my job. I could have been arrested! I also thought that I needed to have something to slow down these urges that I had to be naked and risky. I vowed to take care of that on Monday.

So when Monday morning came around I showered and put on my makeup and then my stockings and heels. I had my suit for work in a plastic bag on a hanger. I put on my trench coat and went to my car and drove to work. I was late, again, since I didn’t like waiting at my desk for Diane to come in wearing a trench coat. People, I was sure, were starting to wonder. I hung my suit in my closet and went into Diane’s off ice and waited for her to tell me to take off my coat. She did and I did and handed it to her and then when she told me to go get dressed I went back to my alcove, carefully looking to make sure no one was there. I hurried into my skirt and jacket and rehearsed. After a half an hour I timidly walked to Diane’s door and asked her if I could speak to her.

“Come in Sabine. What is on your mind?”

“Well, this is hard for me, Diane. After I left your place, after, ah, you spanked me, I, ah, stopped my car and masturbated. And, ah, when I got to my apartment I, ah, walked to the street by it before I went in and I was, ah, seen by some people.”

She snickered.

“You mean you masturbated in your car?”

I felt my face heat up.


“And then you ran around outside naked?”


“And people saw you naked?”

My face felt even hotter.


“Well, you have been a bad little girl, Sabine, haven’t you?”

“Yes. And, ah, I would like, I mean, if you would, ah, kind of, ah, help me.”

“Help you how, Sabine?”

“Well, if you, ah, oh God, Diane, I am afraid of what I might do. I mean, ah, I stayed naked in my apartment all weekend and I had my d****s open. I need, ah, someone to, ah, God, I don’t know what I mean.”

“Let me see if I understand this, Sabine. You are afraid that you might do something stupid like running around the office naked and maybe some discipline may help you with keeping that stupidity under control. Is that about it? Or do I have something wrong?”

By now my face felt like the worst sunburn I had ever had in my life.

“No, I mean, yes.”

“Would a little dose of humiliation be in order too?”


“Go to your desk and let me think about this.”

I went back to my desk and sat, trying to do some work but wondering what she had to think about. I heard her on the phone and in about twenty minutes Mr. Wilson walked in, smiled at me and walked into her office. He shut the door and in about fifteen minutes Diane came to the door and called me into her office.

“Well, Sabine, I have thought about your little problem. I will take on the responsibility of trying to help you keep it under control. You will accept my decisions on how to best do this, correct?”

Oh sure, like I had a choice here. If I defied her, now that she was going to help me, she could hang me out to dry.

“I guess so.”

“It’s either yes or no, Sabine, not I guess so.”


“Just so we fully understand each other, Sabine, You have asked for my help with, shall we say, a little problem you have and you are will to accept the methods I choose to provide that help. Is that correct?”

I was just starting to realize that I may be even more fucked than before.

“Um, yes.”

“Good, we have an understanding then. Go and close my door, please.”

I turned and for the first time really saw Mr. Wilson sitting on the couch next to her door. If anything my face felt hotter. He had listened to the entire conversation. Diane took one of her side chairs and turned it so it was at right angles to the couch and sat on it. She motioned me to come and stand next to her, between her and Mr. Wilson. Without another word one of my arms was grabbed and I was pulled down over her lap and I realized what was going to happen. I started to struggle and she swatted me right on the middle of my ass.

“Be still!”

She had my arm twisted in the middle of my back, just like on Friday night. The only difference was that she didn’t hold my legs with hers. And just like on Friday night she spanked me relentlessly and even through my skirt it hurt. She kept spanking me until my legs started to kick and then she stopped. She still had my arm twisted into my back and she felt for my skirt button. I felt my eyes pop open. She wouldn’t! The button came loose and she pulled down the zipper. I started to kick harder and all Diane did was lean harder on my arm and let me kick as much as I wanted. I felt her fingers slip under the waist of my skirt and she began to tug at it.

“Diane, please NO!”

“Sabine, you have already agreed to this. Don’t make it any worse for yourself.”

Diane had played me once more and I was stupid enough to let her. I deserved what I was going to get, but she was going to have to tear it away from me. She kept pulling from side to side on the waistband of my skirt until I felt the top of my ass come bare. I squirmed and kicked and did everything I could think of and she just lifted one of her knees until my ass rose up and she reached under me and found the waistband again and tugged some more. My skirt, in short order was below my bare ass and Mr. Wilson was seeing it and knew that I didn’t have any panties on. As soon as my ass was bare, Diane began to pepper it with spanks, alternating cheeks until both were red and hot as hell. She let me kick and squirm all I wanted and all that happened from that was my skirt ended up around my ankles and Mr. Wilson had an unencumbered view of me naked from the waist down. I only barely managed to keep from screaming while she spanked me, just barely and I totally forgot about him. But it didn’t stop me from crying. God, she could spank hard! Diane finally stopped and pushed me up. She stood up and looked at me, grinning.

“God, Sabine, your nose is running. Let’s get this off so you don’t soil it.”

I didn’t realize what she meant until she unbuttoned my suit jacket and pushed it off my shoulders and helped slide it down my arms. It fell on the carpet behind me and I was naked for all intents and purposes.

“Why don’t you ask Bill for a hankie to wipe your nose, Sabine?”

Diane grasped my shoulders and turned me so I was facing Mr. Wilson dead on. I was absolutely humiliated! Now he was seeing me totally naked.

“M-m-may I h-have a h-h-hanky, p-p-please?”

“Of course, Sabine.”

He held one out to me and I had to step toward him to reach it, and in doing so I stepped right out of my skirt. I took it and wiped my eyes and then my nose, sniffling and beet red. I handed it back to him when I was done with it. Diane had turned the chair back so it faced her desk again. She took my arm and pulled me up to it. Then she went and sat on the couch next to Mr. Wilson.

“Her ass has a nice color to it, doesn’t it?”

“It sure does, Diane.”

“Sabine, bend over the chair so we can see the coloring better.”

I wanted to start crying again, but this was kind of what I wanted or at least I thought so at that moment. I eased my feet a little further apart and bent over at the waist. I knew exactly what Diane and Mr. Wilson were going to see. A bright red ass with the cheeks spread slightly and just below it a lightly furred pussy. I shivered and closed my eyes. I stayed bent over until Diane told me I could stand upright.

“Sabine, please come here and thank Mr. Wilson for keeping this a little secret.”

I turned and took two steps closer to them. I felt my stomach start to quiver and heat in my pussy.

“Thank you for keeping this a secret, Mr. Wilson.”

“My pleasure, Sabine. My pleasure anytime.”

Of course it was. He was seeing me naked. I was totally humiliated and embarrassed but surprisingly accepting and it didn’t hurt to have the feeling deep down in my belly that it was sexually good for me too. Diane ignored me and talked with Mr. Wilson for a bit and without her permission to dress I had to stand there in front of them. Mr. Wilson seemed to pay attention to her, but his eyes never left me. His gaze made my nipples stand up hard and erect and the heat increase in my pussy. I was afraid I was going to start leaking down my thighs. Finally he got up and with one last long look from my boobs to my pussy, Mr. Wilson left.

“All right Sabine, you can get dressed now.”

I slipped my skirt on and then my jacket.

“Thank you, Diane.”

And then I went back to work.

Nothing was said at all during the rest of the day after Diane spanked me in front of Mr. Wilson, stripping me while she did it. I ended up with a red ass, a red face and naked except for my heels and stockings in front of the two of them. Diane had me bend over one of her chairs so that my ass was pretty much all you could see, except that my pussy was in plain sight. I got that warm feeling deep inside and my nipples got so hard they almost hurt. I was very turned on when she was finished even though I felt really embarrassed and humiliated. The worst part was that I couldn’t or couldn’t make myself masturbate afterwards. I couldn’t do it at my desk and doing it in the women’s bathroom seemed so tacky. I found it kind of hard to believe that I got so turned on by having Diane tug my skirt down in front of him so my ass was bare and then spanking me. I was confused. I really could not be enjoying this, could I?

But the cold, hard facts were that I sort of manipulated her into doing it to me, even though she was very willing. I had to want her to do it to me and didn’t really understand why I wanted it to happen. I was so confused it wasn’t funny. I was acting like someone totally different than what I had been before she caught me naked the first time. I would never have taken my clothes off in front of Mr. Wilson or even Diane for that matter. They were supervisors at work and you just didn’t do things like that.

The absolute worst part was when I got home that night after work and closed my apartment door I set my purse on the kitchen counter and stripped naked right there. Everything, jacket, skirt, stockings and heels came off. My glass door d****s were still open and I didn’t close them. I stayed naked all night. My lights were on, my d****s open and my clothes nonexistent.

I kept looking out my glass door at the building next to mine. It couldn’t have been more than 100 feet away. There were balconies and windows all along facing my apartment and if anyone looked out their window or was on the balcony to their apartment and looked at mine it was very likely that they could see me. And it seemed to me that I didn’t really care if they did. If I did care I wouldn’t have taken off all my clothes and pranced around my apartment like that all night.

My horniness had toned down while I was at work for the rest of the day but being naked all night brought it back and when it was time for bed, I opened my bedroom curtains too. I didn’t have the light on but I lay on my bed and masturbated again. After I exploded in orgasm and when I finally stopped quivering I went into the bathroom, cleaned up and put on a t-shirt and sweats and went to bed for good.

I had dreams again. I dreamt that I was naked at work and acted like it was nothing and the funny part was that the people I worked with acted like it was nothing too. I mean they looked at me and smiled, but no one said a word, not even stuffy Mr. Prescott. I didn’t spend my day sucking cock or fucking or licking pussy, but it was like who cared. I was just the girl who worked there who was naked. It was like the bosses had a meeting with all of us and it was required that one girl be naked at work and either I was chosen to be the one or I volunteered to be the one. I mean I still blushed and got embarrassed and everything, but I acted like I wasn’t. It was just a job requirement. But the worst part was even as I was acting like it was no big deal, my nipples got erect and my pussy got really warm and tingling, especially when someone looked at me. I found excuses to bend over in front of people so they could see my lightly furred pussy peeking out between my thighs. There wasn’t one part of me that was private.

And the biggest part that really confused me was that Diane spanked me for any mistakes that I made at work. Sometimes it was just her and I in her office, sometimes Mr. Wilson was there watching and sometimes, if I made a really big error, she spanked me in the conference room with the entire office there to watch. They saw me start to blubber and bawl and kick my legs and squirm on her lap. They watched my ass turn bright red along with my face. I got really horny when that happened.

When I’d wake up after one of these dreams I’d sort of be in disbelief that I, Sabine, could do what I had done. Yes, it was a dream and subconsciously I knew that, but my dreams were so vivid that it really felt as though I had done those things. It was so unlike me. And I was confused by my feelings about everything. I didn’t know who to talk to about how I felt. And there were also the actual things that I had done or had done to me. And how I felt after them, how aroused I felt and how afterwards that I had masturbated. I kept my silence about everything on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, but finally on Friday I had to talk to someone. I was driving myself crazy worrying and wondering about myself. So, late in the day I knocked on Diane’s door.

“Diane, may I please talk to you about something.”

“Sure, come on in, Sabine. What is it?”

“Well, I don’t know how to start.”

“Just pick a spot and start talking. It’ll work itself out.”

“Well, the times that you, ah, had me take off my clothes in front of people, well, I get, oh God, this is embarrassing.”

“Just say it Sabine. I won’t judge you.”

“Well Diane, I get turned on and I don’t understand why. I should just be ashamed and embarrassed and humiliated. But I get turned on. And I, ah, I, ah, masturbated. I couldn’t help myself, Diane, I had to, but I shouldn’t feel that way.” My face was beet red when I admitted this to Diane. Diane just looked at me and then she smiled.

“I would guess that you subconsciously enjoyed it, Sabine. It’s not the usual thing for any woman, but for some women it just does something for them. I would guess that even if you don’t want to admit that you enjoy being naked in front of someone, you do enjoy it. Your mind is just saying that because of your upbringing and life to this point you shouldn’t want to get naked or enjoy it. But way down inside you do want to and you do enjoy it.”

“It’s not right Diane. No woman in their right mind would do that.”

Sabine, this is a bad example, because you feel embarrassment and humiliation but there are people who walk around naked in front of others. You know about nudists, right?”

“Well, yes, but I have never wanted to be one.”

“I didn’t say that you wanted to be a nudist. It was a bad example. Subconsciously you want to be made to take off your clothes. When you do you feel embarrassed and humiliated, but it also turns you on. So even if you don’t necessarily feel that it is right, it does something for you. Because it does something for you, you want to do it. This is simplistic but I am pretty sure I am right. If you really think about it, I think you’ll agree.”

Diane looked at me and didn’t say anymore. I looked at her and thought about what she had said. I was pretty conservative and the things that Diane had made me do because of that stupid dare, well, they had been arousing me. And I couldn’t explain to myself why I was now taking off my clothes as soon as I was inside my apartment and running around naked all night. But even if I couldn’t explain it, I was still doing it. I was still confused. And none of this explained why when Diane spanked me it got even worse or better depending on how you looked at it.

“All right, let’s say you are right. How am I going to stop this? I mean I don’t want to keep doing it.”

“You don’t? I’m not so sure. If it could be in a safe situation for you I’d think you would want to continue.”

I thought about that for a bit.

“What would be a safe situation?”

“Well, Sabine, I could help you there.”

I thought about that too.

“Diane, I don’t want to, ah, I don’t want people at work to know about this, about me. Mr. Wilson already knows and Kate too.”

“Wouldn’t you like to know that almost everyone here has seen you naked? Wouldn’t that be a real turn on for you? Wouldn’t you like it when you walked past the guys here, that they all knew exactly what you look like without clothes on?”

“I don’t think that that is such a good idea, Diane.”

“Maybe not at first, but I would think that you could get to enjoy that a lot. But let’s say I could help you away from work first. Why don’t you come to my place tonight at 8 o’clock? You go along with me then and later you can tell me if it worked for you. It won’t be at work and anyway with the cd I have, it isn’t like you have a lot of options.”

I frowned at that. With all that had been going on in mind, I had put the cd out of my mind.

“Well, what about it? My place at 8 o’clock?

I sighed.

“I suppose.”

“Just wear what you normally do at night. And be on time.”

“All right Diane. Thank you.”

I got up and finished my day. This time Diane didn’t make me undress, she just handed my coat to me.

“I’ll see you at 8.”

I nodded my acceptance and left. When I got home I hung up my coat and then, without thinking, I undressed right in my entryway again. It was becoming so easy for me to do that I didn’t even think of it. Until I was fixing dinner and it dawned on me that I had nothing on. I told myself that I had to stop this! But I still fixed dinner without dressing and ate it naked. Then I got up and put on a little make up and picked out my clothes for the night. I had a good pair of jeans and a nice top and I chose my best underwear, a lavender bra and panty set. I checked my watch and it was time for me to leave to go to Diane’s home. I put on a coat and walked to my car and drove there, wondering all the way what Diane had in mind.

I parked in her driveway of her town house and walked to her door. I rang the doorbell and in a few moments, Diane opened the door.

“Come on in, Sabine.” I walked into her home and took off my coat. Diane hung it up and led me to her living room. I was surprised to see another couple there. I was also suspicious.

“Sabine, this is Ryan and Ashley. I invited them here. I think you know why. The only thing is that I think you need to ask Ashley’s permission before you do anything. You understand why, don’t you?”

SHIT! She was going to make me ask this woman who I just met for permission to take off my clothes. I was going to be so humiliated! I just stood there for a few moments. I took a deep breath and without looking at Ryan I focused on Ashley.

“Ah, Ashley, would it, ah, be all right if I, ah, undressed?”

Ashley looked at me and then at Ryan and Diane. Ryan had leaned forward and Diane was sitting in a chair smiling at me. Then Ashley looked at Diane and finally at Ryan.

“You’re saying that you want to take off your clothes?”

My face had to be beet red. It sure felt hot! I mumbled.


“You want to take off your clothes with my husband sitting there?”


“Is she serious, Diane?”

“Ask her.”

“Are you serious?”


She smirked at me. So did Diane. Ryan just looked real interested.

“Do you think that I would like it to have some woman I just met take off her clothes in front of my husband? Would you like it if you were me?”

“Probably not.”

Diane took the opportunity to step in.

“Perhaps if she agreed that she was bad then you could reprimand her, Ashley.”

I looked at Diane in surprise. Was she offering to let Ashley spank me? “Diane, what do you mean?”

“Well Ashley, if a girl is bad or naughty she should be punished, right?”

“Well, I guess so.”

“So if Sabine agrees with you that she has been naughty I would think it appropriate that you punish her, Ashley.”

Ashley got a glint in her eye. She looked me up and down.

“So Sabine, would it be naughty of you to strip in front of my husband?”

“I guess so.”

“Not I guess so, Sabine, yes or no.”

I sighed. Diane had backed me into a corner with Ashley’s help. Not only was I going to up naked in front of them, but it really looked like Ashley was going to be doing something to me.


“Well then, as long as you agree that you are naughty and are willing to be punished, Sabine, I think that you can go ahead.”

Now I wasn’t as sure as I had been that this was a very good idea. I looked to Diane and she smiled at me and nodded. I was fucked again.

I bent over and undid my shoes and slipped them off. I pulled my top over my head and it came off and I folded it neatly and laid it down next to my shoes. I was trembling now and I had trouble unbuttoning my jeans but I finally got them open and worked them over my hips and down my legs. When I got them off I folded them also and laid them on top of my top and shoes. I was now standing in front of Diane and two strangers in my nicest underwear. My face was on fire and had to be bright red. And my fucking traitorous nipples were erect already!

I reached behind my back and unclasped my bra and slipped it off. I didn’t try to hide my smallish boobs. There wasn’t any point. After I laid the bra on my jeans I looked at Ashley. She had the biggest smirk I had ever seen on her face. I glanced at Ryan and his smile was even bigger. I closed my eyes and then stuck my thumbs in the waistband of my best panties and then pushed them down to my ankles and stepped out of them. I bent over and picked them up and laid them on the rest of my clothes.

Ashley giggled. I was looking at the floor, humiliated.

“OK, come over in front of me and sit on the carpet.”

I did as I was told.

“Now bring your heels up to your ass and let your legs fall open.”

I wanted to cry but I didn’t. This was going to be extremely embarrassing. I moved my feet like she told me and took a breath. Then I let my legs open. I was looking down at the carpet.

“Look at me bitch.”

I looked up at her.

“So I guess that you like showing off your pussy?”

I was silent.

“Do you want my husband to see your pussy?”

I still was silent.

“Answer me!”

“I don’t know.”

“Well, if you want him to see it, just keep your legs open and turn so you are facing him.”

I really didn’t want to do that, but I was getting that warm tingling feeling in my belly. I looked down at the carpet again and then up at her. She was grinning at me. She was pushing my buttons. I glanced at her husband. The heat in my belly went up. I slowly moved around so I was facing him and moved my feet further apart and let my legs open up once more. He got this delighted look on his face.

“She’s kind of hairy, isn’t she?”

I was just crushed by that comment. Wasn’t I supposed to have pubic hair?

“Tell you what honey, just take your hands and smooth the hair back from your pussy so I can see it better.”

I moaned softly. I looked down at myself and watched my hands as they brushed my hair back from my lips and moaned again as my lips opened slightly. I could see that I was wet. I shouldn’t be wet, should I? God, maybe I was a slut!

“Oh, that’s so nice! You have a very nice pussy, Sabine. It looks like you are enjoying this quite a bit.”

Ashley jumped in.

“Don’t get so gushy, Ryan. It’s just a pussy and she isn’t that good looking. She hardly has any tits.”

I really wanted to cry now. Ashley was making sure that any shortcomings that I had were pointed out to everyone. Of course she had larger ones than I did and so did Diane. They were both clothed but you could tell they were bigger than me.

“Look at her nipples, though. They look pretty hard to me.”

My nipples were the best part of my boobs. They were thick and they were erect. My areoles were big and much darker than the rest of my boobs.

“Did you get a good enough look, Ryan?”

“Honey, I could look at pussy forever!”

“Sabine, are you a bad girl?”

I wanted to say no, but that would be a pretty big lie, wouldn’t it?


“What do bad girls get when they are bad?”

“They g-g-get p-punished.”

“Diane, what is the best way to punish her?”

“Over the knee Ashley.”

“Sabine, get up and get over my knee.”

I got up and walked to her and lay over her knees. She rested on hand on my bare ass.

“Now Sabine, I want you to put your right leg out to the side, as far as you can and then put your left leg behind Ryan.”

I squirmed around until I had gotten myself how she wanted me, realizing that my pussy was right in the open.

“Look at how her cheeks spread! You can see her asshole!” I moaned softly. This was embarrassing and very humiliating!

Now, just stay like that so Ryan can see that little pussy and asshole, dear. Put both your hands on the floor.”

As I did that, Ashley reached under me with her left hand and cupped my left boob. Her right hand was stroking my bare ass.

“Now you are going to get punished, dear. Just don’t kick Ryan while he’s looking at that pussy of yours. Feel free to cry if you need to.”

With that last statement, Ashley swatted my left cheek. I could feel my ass compress and then jiggle. She laughed and then started spanking me fast, alternating from one cheek to the other and it wasn’t long until my ass was on fire. She covered every inch of bare skin on my ass with spanks and before long I was crying. But even with the pain I felt warmer and more liquid in my belly. Even though I was crying, as Ashley spanked me, I found that my ass was lifting up to meet her hand. And then Ryan, I was sure it was Ryan, stuck a finger up my pussy. And Ashley all this time was squeezing my boob and running a thumb over my erect nipple. And I was getting hot!

Ashley spanked hard and fast until she sensed that I was getting too hot and she stopped and stroked my hot ass.

“Get your finger out of her Ryan.”

I whimpered as he pulled his finger out of my pussy and then Ashley just pushed me so I fell on my side on the floor.

“Get up on your hands and knees, girl and face away from us.”

I scrambled into the position that she wanted.

“Spread your knees further apart so we can see that pussy and asshole.”

I did what she told me and laid my head on the floor, totally embarrassed.

“It looks she is ready to start leaking!”

Ashley giggled behind me while she looked at my red ass. Diane got up and walked over behind me too. I heard her giggle.

“Sabine, run a finger through your slit and then lick it clean.”

I did it. I shivered as my finger moved from the bottom to the top of my pussy and then I put it in my mouth and sucked it. This was even more humiliating than being naked and getting my ass spanked. They had me kneel like that for a while and every few minutes I had to stroke my slit and lick my finger clean, but they didn’t allow me to masturbate.

“All right Sabine, you can get up now.”

That was Diane.

“Pick up your clothes and put them in the closet by the front door. You can put your shoes on.”

I did what Diane told me to do and without being told walked back into her living room and stood in front of them.

“Now, Sabine, thank Ashley for correcting you so nicely.”

“Thank you.”

“OK, you can take your coat and go home, but you are not to wear it out to your car, in your car or on the way into your apartment. Once you are inside your apartment, hang your coat up and then go on your balcony just the way you are. Then you can masturbate until you orgasm. Then you can do whatever you want but I want you back here tomorrow morning at 9AM. Do you understand me?”


“Then run along, Sabine.”

“You’re sending her home naked?”


“Oh my God, this is too much! Will she really do it?”

“Sabine, will you follow my instructions?”


“So tell us what you are going to do.”

“I’m going to go to my car like this, then drive to my apartment and go inside.”

“Like this means that you will carry your coat, not wear it, correct?”


“Sabine, tell us truthfully. Do you like being naked in front of people?” “I guess so.”

“Do you get aroused taking off your clothes or being outside naked?”

“I guess so, I mean, I do it and I get embarrassed but I get tingly inside.”

“Would you like to masturbate before you go home?”


“But you are going to masturbate when you get home, correct?”

My face felt so warm.


Ashley burst out laughing and Ryan had this ear to ear grin.

I looked at the three of them and then I turned and left, getting my coat and walking out to my car. All three of them followed me and watched me walk out my car holding my coat. I looked at them and Ashley was laughing again. I laid my coat on the seat next to me and started my car, turned on the headlights and backed out of Diane’s driveway for the drive to my apartment. It was dark but still early. I was really aroused and my ass hurt. And I didn’t know how I was going to get to my apartment without being seen once again.

So I ended up driving home naked again. I kept my speed down and drove very carefully once more. I could have put on my coat but Diane had told me that I couldn’t wear it. If she asked me though, I could lie to her. She wouldn’t have anyway to know if I stayed naked or wore it. But if she asked me could I lie to her? She seemed to be able to read me like a book. If I lied and she found out I was probably going to end up over her knee again and I really didn’t want that. Or did I?

I was confused and conflicted again. So, I didn’t wear it. I drove home naked again. My coat was on the seat next to me, neatly folded to fit it. I was nervous of being stopped by the police or being seen. I finally made it to my apartment and parked in the darkest part of the lot which was also the furthest from the building door. Even though it was farther away, I felt safer back here. Hardly anyone wanted to park in the back of the lot.

I turned off my car and sat for a moment, looking around. There was no one in the lot and my brain, the stupid part, began to take me over. I got out and walked to the other side of my car and took out my coat. Then I laid it on the hood of my car. I locked the car. I put my keys in my purse and set my purse next to the right front tire. Then I walked to the right end of the parking lot. My mind was calling out…

“Look at me, I’m naked! If you want you can see my tits, ass and pussy!”

I stood at the end of the lot and faced my building. I cupped my smallish boobs and held them up towards the building. I lifted my hands above my head and went up on tiptoe. I turned so my ass was facing the building and bent over. It felt so good to be naked outside! I walked to left end of the parking lot, the one next to the grassy area leading to the street. I stopped and looked across the grass and saw cars passing by, too far away to see me but I could see them. I wondered if I should walk over there again but my rational brain told me not to push it. But I stood facing the street for a while. My nipples were erect and my abdomen had that familiar tingle deep inside. I wanted to do it but I thought better of it. I walked back to my car and thought about leaving my coat inside it but Diane had told me to take it in with me.

So I bent and picked up my purse and then my coat and started walking towards my building. Now I was getting nervous once more because when I entered my building there was a good chance I would be caught. I certainly didn’t want people in my building knowing that I ran around naked. Once I reached the back of the cars in the front row of the lot I stopped and laid my coat and purse down on the ground. I had to do it. I had to be completely naked. I slipped my shoes off and put them by my coat and purse and stepped into the driveway between the parking lot and my apartment building. I stood there without a stitch on, lifting my arms above my head. My nipples got even harder and my tingling stomach was driving me crazy. I turned in a circle, showing all parts of me to my apartment building and then thinking better, I walked back to my stuff. I picked up my shoes, coat and purse and started to walk across the driveway when out of the corner of my eye I saw a flash. My head swiveled to the right and saw headlights beginning to turn towards me. I panicked and began to run to the doors to my building, up the steps and I stumbled.

My coat and shoes fell out of my hands and I ended up on my hands and knees on the steps. My shoes clattered down the steps behind me. Clutching my purse, I scrambled to my feet and turned to get my shoes. I leaped down the steps and bent over to pick them up just as a horn honked. I looked up to see two guys hanging out of a car’s windows hooting at me. I grabbed my shoes and stood up without thinking, giving them a full frontal view of my naked body.

“She’s bare ass naked!”

Both my nipples and stomach were tingling now and I felt the flush of heat both on my face, boobs and belly. I turned and scrambled for my coat and grabbed it, running for the door.

“I’ve seen her before, she lives here!”

OH MY GOD! I yanked the door open and ran for the stairs, hearing the screech of brakes behind me and then doors slamming. I dashed through the doorway to the stairs and ran as fast as I could up them. I had maybe fifteen seconds of head start on them. Up the stairs I ran, fumbling in my purse for my keys, cursing myself for an idiot. I heard the stairway door slam against the wall. Sheer panic made me go faster and without looking I slammed the door to my floor open and ran down the hall to my door.

I fumbled with my key and finally got into the lock. My door opened and I dashed inside, pushing it closed, just as the stairway door opened behind me. I stood, shaking, in my entry way. You stupid girl! You stupid fucking girl! I sank down on the floor, my coat and shoes to one side of me, my purse to the other. I listened.

“She lives on this floor. I know she does. She was bare ass. I wonder why?”

FUCK! I wasn’t caught, but the closest thing to it. Some one here had seen me, but I didn’t think they knew it was me. Safe behind my door my shakes began to slow and I cupped my boobs and squeezed them, moaning softly. I was scared and turned on! Remembering what Diane had told me to do, I stood up and leaving my things lying on the floor, I made sure my door was locked and dead bolted. On shaky legs I walked to my sliding glass door and eased it open. It was dark out except for a small sliver of moon that drifted in and out of clouds. I stepped onto my balcony. I stepped forward and grasped the railing with my left hand and my right dived between my legs. I spread my lips open and my finger found my clit, hard and poking out of its hood. I touched it and moaned and then began to rub myself frantically. I was naked on my balcony and masturbating for all I was worth. My hips were bucking back and forth as I relived the scene on the steps. My panic at the headlights coming toward me, my shoes tumbling down the steps, my shock at hearing them talk about me being naked, how I stood up, exposing my body to them and my frantic dash for my apartment. It wasn’t long before I was coming, screaming out loud, not caring who heard me. My orgasm burst over me and I sagged down to my knees. My body twitched with aftershocks and I knelt there, naked, for a long time. I finally got up and staggered into my apartment. I went into my bathroom and cleaned up and then into my bedroom where I fell on my bed and almost immediately fell asleep.

When I woke up the next morning I was slightly disorientated. I was lying on back in a tangle of sheets with my legs spread and I was naked. I smelled of sex. I needed a shower. I looked at my alarm clock and panicked. I had 45 minutes to get dressed and to Diane’s townhouse. I leaped out of bed and showered as fast as I could. After I was dried off I pulled on panties and a bra and grabbed a pair of slacks and a blouse. I almost leaped into them. I didn’t want to be late, God I didn’t want to be late. I had no clue if she would be accepting or pissed off. I couldn’t find my shoes and then remembered that I had left them at the door. I ran to my door and slipped them on, grabbed my purse and tore out the door, running for the stairs.

I ran as fast as I could. It seemed to take me forever to get to my car and leaped into it. I started it and backed up and sped out of my parking lot. I told myself to calm down. It wouldn’t do for me to get a ticket. So I drove as fast as I dared towards Diane’s townhouse. I kept looking at my watch and as each minute ticked by my stomach clenched harder and harder. It seemed as though I hit every red light on the way. I got more and more scared the closer I got to her place, realizing that I wasn’t going to make it on time. When I finally pulled into her driveway I was ten minutes late.

I parked and had to drag myself out of my car and up to her door. I rang the doorbell. I stood waiting. It seemed as though it took forever for the door to open. Diane looked at me through the doorway.

“You’re late.”

I was silent.

“Is there a good reason for being late?”

“I overslept.”

“Is that a good reason, Sabine?”


Diane stepped back and let me inside. She shut the door.

“Stay here.”

Diane walked into her living room and in a few minutes she came back with Ashley. My stomach clenched harder. I didn’t like Ashley so much. They stood about ten feet from me, looking at me and then started whispering back and forth. I didn’t like it. I didn’t like it one bit. Diane and Ashley walked up to me.

“Take your car keys out of your purse.”

I did and stood in front of them stupidly.

“Give me your purse.”

I handed it to Diane and watched her drop it on the floor of her entryway.

“Go and unlock your trunk and bring your keys back to me.”

I was getting pretty nervous about this but did as I was told. When I walked back to them, Diane held out her hand and I set my keys in it. They were both smirking at me.

“Now, Sabine, since you didn’t have a good excuse for being late, you can go and stand in front of your trunk and take everything off. Make sure you fold your clothes nicely and lay them in your trunk. When you have everything off and in the trunk, close it, turn and face the street and stand for fifteen seconds. Then you can come back here.”

“Diane, please, its broad daylight!”

“You should have thought about that before you overslept. Now do as you are told!”

Mournfully I turned and walked out the door. I glanced over my shoulder as I reached the front of my car and Ashley was leaning against the door, smirking at me. Diane was no where in sight. I walked to the back of my car and slipped my shoes off and placed them in the trunk. I stood and thought for a moment and then undid my slacks and wriggled out of them. At least my blouse covered most of my ass. I folded the slacks and put them on top of my shoes. Then I did the girl thing, reaching behind and unclasping my bra and sliding the straps out of my sleeves and then pulling it out of the bottom of my blouse. That was folded and laid on my slacks. Then I took my panties down and folded them and into the trunk. I hadn’t looked because I didn’t want to see, but now I did. I glanced left and right. No one on the sidewalk and no cars. I slowly unbuttoned my blouse and slipped it off, folded it and put it in the trunk of my car. I was totally naked in Diane’s driveway. I turned and faced the street and started mentally counting to fifteen. I felt so exposed. And then it happened. A car turned the corner just as I reached ten. I wanted to scream and run. I didn’t, I closed my eyes and kept counting. As soon as I figured it was fifteen seconds I opened my eyes to see a car screech to a halt right in front of me. I turned and ran to the side of my car and dashed for the door to Diane’s townhouse, hearing laughter behind me.

“Nice ass lady!”

I reached the door and twisted the handle and nothing! Ashley was still smirking at me and standing inside. I twisted the door handle again. The door didn’t open. I looked at Ashley. She motioned for me to turn to face the street. THAT FUCKING BITCH! I tried the door again. Nothing happened. Ashley was still smirking at me. I mouthed bitch to her and turned to face the street. The car was still there.

“Don’t have much in the tit department, do you?”

Then I saw a fucking cell phone taking a picture of me and I turned to face the door. Ashley wasn’t smirking at me now, she looked pissed off. The door was still locked. I was still outside naked. Ashley walked away and I felt scared. I rang the doorbell and finally Diane walked up. She shook her head at me and opened the door. I scurried inside.

“Did you call Ashley a bitch?”

“Yes, but she locked the door on me.”

“Do you think it’s nice to call someone a bitch?”

“She deserved it, Diane! She had no reason to lock the door and make me stand out there with a car and some guys right out front.”

“So, because you were late and I helped you with a little fantasy of yours, she deserved to be called a bitch?”

“If it was you, Diane, I would have never said that, but I don’t like Ashley. She’s mean to me and she enjoys it.”

“Well, Ashley is my friend. I’m not too sure that I am happy with you for calling her a bitch. I know she isn’t. So perhaps a little reinforcement for you will be necessary. Something to keep your mouth in line. What do you think?”

“If that is from you, Diane, I’ll accept it, but not from her.”

“And what if I tell you that you will accept some things from Ashley?”

FUCK! Now Diane was making her friendship with Ashley part of the whole thing with me. I was not at all happy. Ashley was going to be a condition for me. And she was a nasty bitch and was going to enjoy humiliating me, probably a lot more than Diane.

“I suppose, Diane, but please don’t leave me alone with her. She scares me.”

“Maybe a little fear will be good for you, Sabine. You can get to be a little willful at times, and I certainly don’t need that from you. Now come on.”

Diane grasped my left arm and started walking to her living room, pulling me along with her. As we turned into the living room, my eyes shot wide open and I bent over, my right hand covering my pussy. Right in front of me was her couch and sitting on it was a young girl and two young men! The tingling in my nipples and deep down in my stomach left me with a lurch. I could feel my face heat up so fast.

“Stand up!”

“Please Diane, no!”

“I want you to stand up and put your hand at your side, Sabine, now!”

I swallowed and straightened up and moved my right hand to my side. Diane was still holding my left arm. I couldn’t look at them and glanced to my left and saw Ashley smirking at me. She was sitting in an arm chair with her legs crossed, the epitome of demure. The epitome of evil demure!

“This is my daughter, Amanda and two of her classmates from college. It’s their freshman year in college, Sabine. So, you’re almost old enough to be their mother, aren’t you? How does it feel to be naked in front of some k**s?”

I didn’t say a word. I was embarrassed and humiliated.

“How old is she?”

“You’re 32, right Sabine?”

I could only nod my head yes, I don’t think I could have talked.

“She doesn’t have very big tits, does she?”

I wanted to die! Why did everyone have to say that? It was pretty obvious that I wasn’t well endowed, but did everyone have to draw attention to it? But the worst part was that I was naked in front of three teenagers! The girl looked from my pussy, up my body, over my boobs and then right in my eyes, seeing how humiliated I was. She smirked. The boys were focused on my pussy. They were grinning.

“So what’s the deal with her, Mom?”

“She likes to be naked, Amanda. And she likes people to see her naked.”

“She doesn’t look too pleased right now.”

“I don’t think she expected to see you and your friends, Amanda. So what do you think of her?”

“Well, she must be a slut, Mom. She’s just standing there showing it all. Except for the hair on her cunt.”


“Well, we can’t just call it a pussy, can we? I suppose with all that hair we could call it a beaver.”

“Honest to God, Amanda, I don’t know where you get that from. But I suppose cunt is good word for her.”

I looked over at Ashley and she was smiling. I’m pretty sure that she wasn’t surprised with any words that came out of her daughter’s mouth.

“So, Diane, do you think cunt is good name for her?”

“I have no problem with it Ashley.”

I wanted to die. I was naked and now they were going to use cunt instead of my name.

“Diane, would you say that cunt has been a bad girl today?”

“Yes, I would.”

I glanced at Diane and she was grinning at me.

“Remember that I told you she probably would be. Aren’t you glad that we prepared for that?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Well shall we take care of that now?”

“That probably would be a good idea.”

I wasn’t feeling real good right now. I watched Diane walk into her kitchen and come back with a stool which she put right in front of the couch and the three k**s. Ashley stood up and in her hands was some rope. My stomach clenched.

Diane took my arm and led me to the stool with my ass facing the k**s.

“Bend over the stool, cunt.”

I wanted to run away, but Diane had my keys and my clothes were in my trunk. I bent over the stool. Ashley knelt down on one side of me and pulled my left foot out and my left arm down and tied them together. Then she moved to the other side of me and did the same with my right leg and arm. I could feel very cool air on my pussy. I was sick to my stomach. Ashley and Diane moved behind me. I heard snickering.

“When she’s bent over like that her ass opens up! You can see her cunt and asshole too! This is too much! How many do you think, Diane?”

“Well, she’s been spanked before as you well know, but this will be the first time for this. Maybe just ten.”

“That won’t work, Diane, there are five of us. I think fifteen.”

I was getting really scared because I had no idea what they were talking about. Just that I knew whatever it was I was not going like it.

“All right. Fifteen it is.”

It finally dawned on me that they were including the k**s! Ashley walked around me and grasped a handful of my hair and pulled my head up. Right in front of my eyes was a paddle with some Greek letters on it. My stomach clenched hard.

“This is my old sorority paddle, cunt. Amanda is thinking about pledging my sorority and I thought she should get an idea of what she is getting into. So, we are each going to give you three with the paddle. Feel free to scream and cry. It doesn’t help any, but it is funny.”

She walked out of my sight and I wanted to start crying already.


My head jerked up and I yowled. My legs were working up and down.


I screamed.


I screamed again and tears burst out of my eyes.

“Did you see how her ass compressed? Its beet red already and I can tell you from experience Amanda, that it feels like some one lit a fire on it. If you pledge, this will happen to you Amanda.”

My legs were squirming around and I had no concern for modesty. Christ it hurt! And that was only three!

“Greg, why don’t you play with her tits for the next three.”

Greg was off the couch like a shot and in front of me before I could say a word. Both of his hands went under my chest and each one grasped a boob.


“Amanda, you can be next.”




I was bawling and my legs were squirming as much as they could. I tried to slip myself off the stool but that fucking Ashley had tied me to it besides tying my arms and legs together. All I could do was get slightly off balance.

“Brad, give her three more.”

Oh my fucking God!




My ass was burning up and I had six more to go! I didn’t care anymore that I was naked. I just wanted this paddling to stop.

“OK, Brad, go and play with her tits and let Greg paddle her.”

Greg reluctantly let go of my boobs and Brad took his place. He fondled me a bit and then squeezed me.

“Her nipples are hard!”

I was so ashamed! There was no way this should be turning me on, but it was.

“Cunt, are you getting horny?”


“Let’s just check, shall we.”

I felt a finger at my pussy and it easily slid inside me. I was so humiliated.

“I think she protests way too much. Her little cunt is wet. Greg, go ahead.”




My shrieks should have raised the dead.

“Diane, finish her off.”


Diane let me scream and wriggle.



My ass was burning up and I couldn’t stop squirming on top of the stool. Like I said, being naked was not a concern of mine. My ass was the only thing that I was concerned about right now. I was now sobbing with tears dripping onto the carpet.

“See how red her ass is? That’s what you can expect Amanda. I just wanted to make sure that you understood what you are getting yourself in for. Of course, you’ll only get it on the bare ass if you really screw up, but still, it’s going to hurt.”

“If you could do it, Mom, so can I. Is there something else we can do to her?”

“Did you have something in mind? Only if Diane approves, though.”

“She’s awfully hairy. It would be easier to see if she didn’t have all that hair.”

“Diane, what do you think?”

“It’s fine by me.”

“Diane, I don’t want….”

“It’s not a question of what you want, Sabine, I mean, cunt.”

“Let’s let the boys take off that unsightly hair.”

“Diane, please, no, please…”

Ashley knelt next to me and untied my left side and then scooted around me to untie my right. I started to get up but Diane’s hand was in the middle of my back, keeping me bent over. My legs slammed together, hiding my pussy as much as possible.

“Sabine, you are going to cooperate, aren’t you?”

“Diane, please, I don’t want to be shaved.”

“It’s not about what you want, Sabine, it’s about what I want, isn’t it? You can always grow it back.”

I started to sniffle. She grasped my left arm and pulled me up and dragged me into her dining area. Right up to the end of her table and she pushed my ass up against the edge. I winced as my sore, red ass touched the table.

“Get your ass up on the table, Sabine.”

“Diane, her name is cunt.”

“Oh shut up, Ashley. I think what we have done to her today is enough without calling her names. Get up on the table, Sabine!”

I lifted myself up, resting my ass on her table and winced again. My breath came in shuddering gasps. Greg and Brad were smirking at me. My legs were clamped together as tight as I could get them.

“Ashley, get the rope.”

Ashley hurried back into the living room and came back with the two lengths of rope. Diane took one and pulled my left leg open, tying my ankle to the table leg. Ashley grinned and did the same with my right.

“Amanda, go get the clippers from our house.”

Amanda bounded by everyone and ran out the front door. Greg and Brad were staring at my pussy. Diane pushed me back until I was lying flat on the table with my legs spread wide. Tears started trickling down my cheeks. In a few minutes Amanda was back and she plugged in the clippers she had brought. She laid them on my stomach and leaned over my face.

“I’m going to love this!”

Brad picked up the clippers and turned them on. His left hand rested on my abdomen and the clippers slid over my mound. I whimpered as he moved them over me. He slid it down lower and held my left lip. I could feel my pussy hair floating down to my ass. He carefully clipped the patch above my lips and along them. When he had finished with the clippers he brushed the loose hair off my abdomen and pussy. All five of them stood between my legs, the women in front and the guys looking over their shoulders. I couldn’t look at them. I stared up at the ceiling.

“Greg just a second and you can finish.”

I didn’t see Ashley leave but in a few minutes she was back with a bowl of water, shaving cream and a razor. She set the bowl down next to me. I heard the hiss of the shaving cream and felt a hand rubbing it on me. I looked up and Greg was smirking as he rubbed it over my pussy. I let my head flop back down and bit my lip.

The next thing I felt was the razor sliding across my skin. Greg made sure that he felt my pussy as much as he could while he shaved the stubble off me. He moved my lips around with his fingers and rubbed me as much as he could. Finally it was over and Diane gave him a towel to wipe me off.

“There, nice and clean, spic and span. Do you think her cunt looks a little puffy?”

I moaned. Because I knew it was. My legs were spread almost as wide as they could be and there was no longer any hair to cover me. I felt a finger slide through my slit and lifted my head to see Greg between my legs, his hand on my pussy. I let my head fall back to the table and his finger went up me. My hips bucked upwards. I whimpered. Everyone watched Greg finger fuck me. My nipples got hard and I struggled to keep from humping his hand.

“OK, Greg, that’s enough. Get your finger out of her.”

Greg reluctantly removed his finger from my pussy, for which I was very grateful, since I was having trouble keeping my hips still. I didn’t have to see to know that my pussy was swollen and that my lips were slightly open. I was ashamed and humiliated. Everyone else seemed to be pretty happy. Diane bent down and untied my left leg and then my right one. I sat up shakily and kept my eyes on the floor. I was so horny! As my eyes lowered, I could see that both Brad and Greg had erections. Ashley and Amanda were smirking at me and Diane was just sort of calm.

“Ashley, take the three of them and go for now. Perhaps you can come back later.”

“All right, Diane. Come on k**s. I’m sure you’ll get to see more of her in the future.”

I heard them walk away and then the door opening and closing. I was happy about that but not about too much else.

“Diane, how could you do this to me?”

“Sabine, let’s just talk about this. You like being seen naked, right?”

“Well, maybe, but I didn’t need to be naked in front of three teenagers! And I didn’t want to be shaved! You couldn’t have humiliated me more if you tried!”

“Tell me that you weren’t turned on, Sabine.”

For a bit I was silent.

“I was scared, Diane. I didn’t know how far you would let things go and they were just boys, Diane. You let a k** stick a finger in me!”

“Tell me that it didn’t turn you on.”

As much as I hated thinking about it, she was right. I was just embarrassed as hell and feeling pretty sorry for myself. And I was still bare ass naked and without pubic hair. My clothes were still in the trunk of my car and Diane had my car keys.

“Are you going to answer me Sabine?”

“Well, I guess, but you would have been too.”

“And that means what?”

“Well, if you had a finger up you, you’d get turned on too.”

“OK, let’s forget that. Were you turned on before he stuck his finger up your pussy? Be honest with me Sabine. Didn’t it make you hot when you were bent over the stool with your legs spread and tied? How much hotter were you on your back with your legs spread open? Do you know why I tied your legs? That way it wasn’t you doing it. It was me doing it to you and it wasn’t your fault. You didn’t do it; it was done to you so you can’t blame yourself for your exposure. Now, tell me. Were you turned on before he stuck his finger up your pussy?”

I had to think, think hard about it. I realized that I had been aroused. The embarrassment and humiliation, especially with the three k**s, it had flipped a switch inside me. And that embarrassed me even more. I shouldn’t be enjoying this at all!

“Well, sort of, I guess.”

“Sort of my ass, Sabine. I saw you and it wasn’t sort of, it was I was turned on. Just admit it.”

“OK, damnit! I was turned on. I liked being naked in front of you and them! Happy now?”

“I just wanted to hear you say it and admit it to yourself, Sabine. Now, we can get past this Diane has these pictures and can get me fired bullshit. You know damn well that I would not use that to get you fired. But at least you finally can tell yourself that being naked in front of people is an arousing experience, no matter how embarrassed or humiliated you feel. But if it makes you feel better you can still think that I would. So you can fool yourself into thinking that it isn’t you but Diane who is making you do things. Now, here are your car keys. Go and get your shoes. We are going shopping for some things.”

All of a sudden I was slightly nervous once more. It was late morning and Diane was telling me to go in her driveway naked. I got the sinking feeling in my stomach again, but also a tingle of arousal. She expected me to go into her driveway naked and she didn’t seem to care that I did. She just stood there and smiled at me and all I could do was to walk to her front door and peak outside. God it was bright out!

I opened the door slowly and looked both right and left. Seeing nothing I stepped onto her front step and hesitantly started walking down the driveway to the back of my car. My head kept moving back and forth. The tingling in my stomach and lower got more and more. Christ, I was getting even more aroused! I reached the back of my car and fumbled with the key getting it into the lock and finally my trunk opened. I reached in got my shoes from underneath my folded clothes and then shut the trunk. I could feel my nipples crinkling up as they came erect. I walked along the side of my car and heard another passing behind me. I wanted to ignore it, but I had to turn my head and let the driver see my face. I saw a car slowing with the shocked face of a woman behind the wheel as she realized that I was bare ass naked. I turned my head back to Diane’s door and walked up to it. Diane stood inside, smiling at me. I stopped on her step and waited for her to open the door, holding my shoes in one hand and my keys in the other. She let me stand in full view until the car passed by and then opened the door. I stepped inside like it was nothing, nothing to be naked.

“Good girl Sabine.”

I sort of smiled back. I wanted her approval so much, but it was still very embarrassing to be naked in front her while she was fully dressed.

“How do you feel Sabine?”

“Scared, embarrassed and slightly turned on.”

“Just slightly turned on Sabine?”


“Turned on enough to wish you were alone and could take care of yourself?”


Diane snickered. She looked at my hard nipples. Her right hand rose up and brushed across both my boobs and I had to suck in a breath. She took each nipple in turn, pinched them gently and tugged them out, stretching them. I sucked in a breath. I dropped my shoes on the floor of the entryway. I leaned back against the wall and let her toy with my erect nipples. She finally let go of them.

“I’m not a lesbian, Sabine, but it is fun to tease you and watch your expressions. I know that you would probably like a little more but not now. Put your shoes on.”

I bent over and straightened my shoes and slipped my low heels on my feet. Diane opened the closet and took out a belted coat. She handed it to me.

“Put this on but do not button it, just tie the belt.”

I did as I was told. I felt covered but not covered, knowing that if the belt came untied the coat would fall open. The coat was long enough that I was covered almost to my knees.

“Come on.”

I followed Diane to her garage and waited as she opened the door and then got in the passenger’s side as she got in the driver’s side. She back out and down the driveway past my car and I watched as the garage door closed. Onto the street and she headed out of her neighborhood.

“The first thing we need are some better heels for you Sabine. Something higher. Don’t you agree?”

I said nothing, wondering where this was going. She didn’t tell me to untie the belt or anything, just drove to a strip mall with a shoe store. She parked in front of it and motioned me to get out. She followed me out and then led me to the store. We walked in and found that we were the only two in the store other than the man working.

“Pick out some higher heels and ask to try them on.”

I wandered about the store checking the shoes and found three pairs of higher heels. The salesman came over and asked if he could help. I was nervous and excited. I couldn’t talk. Diane stepped in.

“She needs some higher heels and you can help her try them on.”

I hesitantly moved to the chairs along one side and sat very carefully. Diane sat down beside me. The salesman sat on the little stool in front of me. He looked at the three pairs of shoes I had chosen and asked me my size. I looked at him stupidly. I was nervous and wound up.

“Measure her foot to be sure the size is correct.”

The salesman took my left foot in one hand and slipped off my low heel. He put my foot on the measuring device and measured it. Then he checked the sizes of the shoes I had chosen. The coat had slipped off my left leg as he did this, baring my leg fairly high up, but still leaving me covered. He came back with three shoe boxes and I noticed him take a look at my bare leg. I felt a little twitch inside as he did. He sat down again and opened the first box and took out the left shoe. He lifted my foot and slipped it on. It looked good on me! I carefully put that foot on the floor and lifted my right and he put that shoe on that foot. I stood very carefully and walked to a mirror and looked. The heels were higher than what I wore but they made my lower legs tighten and define more. They actually made me look slimmer and better than my usual low heels. I walked back.

“Diane, I like these!”

“The others are pretty similar, aren’t they?”

“Yes, pretty much.”

They were all black and close to 3 inch heels. I sat carefully in front of the salesman. He hadn’t gotten up from his stool, expecting to have to put the other shoes on me. Diane turned to him.

:”Is there a discount if we buy more than one pair?”

“Well, not really.”

“Could we do something to get a discount?”

He looked at her and then at me, a questioning look.

“I don’t think I quire understand Ma’am.”

Diane looked at me and just nodded. My stomach fell a little and I started to turn red. I could feel the heat rise in my face. I immediately thought that she couldn’t mean it, but deep inside I knew she did. My fingers plucked at the belt and untied it, holding it closed over me. I looked at her and she smiled at me. I was scared and nervous and starting to get embarrassed. I opened the coat and heard him suck in a breath. I shyly looked up, my face on fire and saw his eyes wide. My boobs and lower body was exposed to him. I glanced at the door and no one else had come in the store.

“Why don’t you try on the other pairs Sabine.”

It wasn’t a question, it was an order. I lifted my left foot up and felt his eyes slid down my body to my pussy, my very bare, hairless pussy. My nipples were so hard they almost hurt. His eyes stayed on my pussy for a few moments and then slid up to my boobs and then my face, smirking. He had to look away to find the left shoe on another pair, but as soon as he did they were back on me. He slipped the first shoe off and had to look down at my foot to put the other on, but his eyes went right back to my hairless pussy. I could see his cock stiffen in his pants. I moved my left foot down and lifted my right up. Doing so slightly spread my legs. Diane had to clear her throat to get him to stop staring and put the right shoe on. The tingle in my lower belly was much greater. I put my right foot down so each foot was on either side of his stool and slid forward on my chair. I felt my pussy lips sticking together. I was getting more aroused! I stood up right in front of him, my legs apart, and my pussy no more than a foot in front of his face. He couldn’t look away from me. I walked to the mirror, leaving my coat open, admired the shoes and how they made my legs slimmer and more defined, then walked back and sat down again. I lifted my left foot again and he smirked at me while he removed it. Diane reached over and took the coat and pushed it down my arms until I had to slide out of it. The coat was still behind me but it was off. She giggled as she watched the salesman. He shook his head and took the other left shoe out of the third box. He put the third pair of shoes on me. I looked at Diane and she nodded. I stood up again, my pussy right in front of him once more. Then I walked, naked but for the heels to the mirror again. Naked in a shoe store! I could feel his eyes running over my body. I shivered. My face was burning up with embarrassment but I was extremely excited. I admired my legs and the heels in the mirror once more and turned to walk back, totally bare ass! I felt as though I should be dripping! I sat down again, in front of him.

“Now about that discount.”

“I’m sorry Ma’am, but I am not authorized to discount shoes, even for this.”

He smiled at Diane.

“Although I think I should be able, but I just can’t”

His eyes were back on me. I had nothing on but shoes and I was red faced but oh so excited!

“Well, it was worth a try. How much for all three pairs?”

He stood up and walked to the counter with the cash register. He rang up the three pairs of shoes. Diane nudged me and I stood and walked over to the counter, letting him see me in full again. She came behind me, holding the coat over an arm. He quoted the price and Diane laid the coat on the floor next to me. She got her credit card out and paid for the shoes. Then she took his arm and moved him behind me.

“Sabine, you can put on your coat now.”

I knew what she wanted me to do. I bent at the waist and picked up the coat, my legs slightly parted. I heard her giggle and him snicker as my ass parted, exposing my anus. I could feel the cool air on both my pussy and anus. I shivered again. I held myself just like that, bent over, until Diane spoke again.

“Well, we should go now. Thanks for your assistance.”

“Ma’am, thank you! Please come back again!”

Diane smirked at me, at my blushing face and naked body. Then she nodded and I slipped the coat on again. I pulled it closed and tied the belt. I looked at the salesman and forced a shy smile and Diane led me out of the shoe store. We got into her car and looked at the store. He was standing at the door with a wry smile on his face. Diane started her car and backed out and drove off.


“It was very embarrassing, Diane.”

“Did you enjoy it?”

“Well, sort of, I guess.”

She laughed.

“Sort of my ass, Sabine! Your face might look as though you are embarrassed, but I know better. I would be willing to bet you’d like to masturbate right now.”

I didn’t say a word. Because she was right. I wanted to open the coat and stuff my fingers up my pussy and rub my clit until I came.

“One more stop and then we’ll go back to my place. Then we’ll talk about everything.”

I wondered what she had in mind next but I kept silent. I had a feeling it might be even more embarrassing than what had already happened and I wasn’t sure if I should be excited or appalled. Diane drove into a seedy part of town and parked. She motioned me to get out of the car and followed me, locking it. She started down the street and led me to a place called Sex World. I looked at the front of the store with trepidation. I mean, I knew these places existed, but I had never been near one, let alone inside one. Diane opened the door and motioned me inside. I hesitantly walked into it and she followed. I glanced around. There were several men by some racks of magazines and DVDs. There was one older man behind the counter. All their eyes moved to Diane and me. Diane had to take my arm to get me moving. She led me past the counter and down an aisle, looking for something. It took us three aisles until she found was she wanted. When Diane stopped I finally looked at where we were. Most of the men had gone back to looking at magazines and DVDs, but some were looking at us. I gasped when I saw what was in front of me. Plastic encased cocks! Some were so large I couldn’t believe it. Diane just looked through the display until she found one that she took down. It had to be at least eight inches long and two inches across! She handed it to me and without thinking, I took it. Then I wanted to drop it! She stepped down a bit and took another from the wall and handed it to me. This one was shorter, but thicker with a suction cup bottom and very lifelike, with balls at the bottom. My face, which had lost its red color on the drive here, flushed bright red again. She walked down further and took another package down. This one was pointed and triangle shaped and I glanced at the writing and gasped again. It said anal plug. She held it out to me and I just looked at her.

“Just take it Sabine. It won’t bite you.”

I hesitantly took it from her. I looked at in my hands and it looked huge as I was thinking about what it was for. I was not innocent but I had never thought of anything at all like this! Diane moved down the aisle further and found the last thing she wanted. She took two packages down from the wall and as I walked up to her I saw that they were lubricant. I certainly understood what these were going to be for. My face got even hotter and I glanced up towards the men along the wall. One was looking at the two of us but the others were looking at magazines and packages. Diane led me back to the counter. She motioned to me and laid the lubricant on top of the counter and I sheepishly laid the three things I had next them.

“Do you offer discounts?”

“No lady.”

“If she takes off her coat would you be willing to give a discount?”

“Come on lady.”

I noticed that some of the men had turned to listen to her. I felt very nervous.

:”If I told you that she is naked under the coat and she is willing to take it off for a discount, would that change your mind?”

The man behind the counter smirked at me and I heard footsteps behind us as some of the men browsing moved closer.

“Well, lady, if you are not lying, I’ll see what I can do.”


I stood for a moment, hesitant. Diane just looked at me, smiling, as if she already knew what I would do. Did I want to do this? I wasn’t sure. I turned to face Diane so I could see the other men who were in the store. Several of them were looking. I looked at Diane again.

“It’s your decision, Sabine.”

So, she wasn’t going to tell me to do it, she was going to let me decide to humiliate myself. I closed my eyes and opened them. My hands went to the belt and untied it. I took a breath and slipped the coat off and handed it to Diane. She giggled softly and I felt really, really warm all over. I looked up at the cashier and he was looking at me smirking. I turned to face the other men in the store, giving them a full frontal look at me and showing my ass to the cashier. Then I turned back to the cashier and let him look me up and down.

“Well, I normally would for this, lady, but her tits are too small for a discount.”

I was so humiliated! Here I had bared my entire body for him and it wasn’t good enough for a little money off a fake cock!

“Well, it was worth a try.”

Diane was almost laughing, holding the coat and watching my face get redder as the humiliation of the cashier took hold. She laid my coat on the counter and got her credit card out and paid for the stuff, leaving me standing naked in front of all of them. At that moment I hated him and her! I lowered my eyes to the floor and just stood there. I heard steps moving closer and moved closer to Diane. I heard the cash register ringing and her credit card going through, and then the sound of items placed in a plastic bag. I just stood there, naked. I was embarrassed, humiliated by the cashier and aroused. Diane took the bag, her credit card and my coat and had me turn around to face the men browsing again, except it was my naked body they were browsing now.

“Look at them and smile.”

I looked up to see several men grinning at me and gave a weak smile. Then Diane patted my shoulder and handed me the coat. I slipped it on quickly and tied it closed. Diane walked towards the door and I followed. We stepped outside and started walking to her car.


“Why do they always make fun of my boobs?”

“Because they are small, Sabine, but they are cute. Doesn’t that little bit of humiliation do something for you?”

“At first I feel humiliated but then it’s something different, Diane. I don’t know how to explain it, but…”

“You like being shown off, Sabine. You know it as well as I do. You just don’t want to admit it to anyone, least of all yourself. I didn’t tell you to take off your coat at the shoe store or here. I helped you at the shoe store, but you didn’t resist. Here you just did it. It does it for you. Now lets get back to my place and you can do something about how horny you are right now.”

I just looked at her as we walked along. I was pretty sure what she meant. I was silent. We got to Diane’s car and got in. She pulled out of the parking spot and drove to her townhouse. We were both silent on the drive. She pulled into her driveway and I watched the garage door open. Diane drove into her garage and without prompting I removed the coat and handed it to her when she stopped. Diane smiled at me and pushed the button on her controller to lower the door. I got out and walked around her car, waiting for her to open the door to her townhouse. She did and walked inside with me following her. Diane walked to her living room and dumped the contents of the bag on her couch. The heels in their own bag ended up on the floor. She went and got a pair of scissors and cut open the package with the suction cup cock. She took it out and held the suction cup up to my mouth.

“Lick it and get it good and wet.”

I did as she told me and watched her fasten it to her coffee table. She opened a bottle of the lubricant and drizzled some on the tip. I watched like a bird in front of a snake as it trickled down the sides of the fat cock that was standing up from the coffee table.

“You’re not a virgin Sabine, you know what to do.”

I looked at her and both wanted to and didn’t want to. I had turned back to my pale complexion on the drive here, but now I felt the heat flow back into my face. I looked at the cock and then at Diane as she sat down on her couch. I moved and knelt over the cock, facing her. I reached down and held it. It touched my pussy, my opening and I sucked in a breath. Then with my eyes riveted on Diane’s I sat down on it, gasping as it slid inside me. Diane watched me, she watched me bury it inside me and I couldn’t look away. My face flushed deep red and felt very hot. I looked at her as my hips began to buck up and down on the cock that was deep inside my pussy and saw her smiling at me.

Diane smiled at me as she watched me humping that fat cock in front of her and I couldn’t look away from her. I humiliated myself for her, fucking myself in front of her, Diane, sitting fully dressed watching the cock slid in and out of my pussy. I leaned forward, placing my hands on her knees, my ass bucking up and down and lifted my little boobs to her. She reached out and caressed me, my boobs and nipples, pinching and tugging on them. I wanted her to watch me humiliate myself, I wanted her to touch me. She pinched my nipples hard and my ass moved up and down faster and faster and then I was there. My stomach clenched and my head threw itself back. I drove the cock as far inside myself as I could and felt my orgasm explode inside me. Diane tugged my nipples out and I squealed and spasmed through my orgasm in front of her. She let go of my nipples and pushed me back upright, my legs splayed wide open and the cock buried inside me. The spasms slowed and I leaned back on my hands, shuddering as I came down from a wonderful orgasm.

“Good girl.”

Diane let me sit back on her coffee table, legs splayed wide with my pussy leaking around a fat cock. I was covered in sweat and feeling very weak as though I couldn’t stand even if I wanted to. That was the result of an orgasm that shook me to my core. I was still shuddering, even though it was slight. And I was embarrassed that I had done such an intimate thing in front of her. She had been smiling at me, but now she was looking serious.

“Well, was that what you needed?”

I took a couple of breaths. I nodded, embarrassed at myself.

“Now we need to talk a little Sabine. I think that you are feeling a little degraded right now even though you obviously enjoyed what just happened. But I don’t think that you understand how degraded I felt when I got that security tape to keep your little escapade from being found out.”

I looked at her since I had forgotten what she had told me. I was more caught up in my exposure than anything else. Diane seemed to realize that I didn’t understand what she was talking about.

“You forgot already, didn’t you? Well, just to remind you, I had to suck the security manager’s cock to get that tape. I didn’t enjoy at all. It didn’t occur to you that I was just as humiliated, if not more, than you have been so far. Well, young lady, I mean to see that you can get the same feeling that I had. Except you will be doing it in a slightly more public forum.”

She stopped talking to me to let that sink in a little more. She had my full and undivided attention.

“When I had to suck it was just me and him. He told me what it would cost me to get the tape and I decided to pay the price. I wasn’t naked. He just pulled his cock and balls out and told me to get at it. I could have said no, but for some unknown reason, I wanted to protect you. Besides, it got me you, didn’t it? But for you, it’s going to be different. First, you are going to be bare ass naked. Second, I will choose who you are going to be sucking. Third, I am going to be watching you do it, for sure, and maybe some others too. Fourth, the bastard came in my face and on my clothes, but you are going to suck until whoever it is comes in your mouth. Then you are going to keep sucking until his cock is soft and then open your mouth to show whoever is there that your mouth is full of come. And last but not least, you will then swallow what is in your mouth.”

I just stared at her. I didn’t know what to say. It probably wouldn’t change anything anyway. I could say no, but she could still get me fired, even if she said that wasn’t her goal. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to say no anyway. The entire thing sounded deliciously nasty and totally dirty.

“Diane, you won’t make me let someone, ah, do it to me?”

“What do you mean Sabine? Let someone fuck you?”

“Ah, yes.”

“Only if you want to be fucked, dear. Of course, I’ll be watching that happen to you also.”

I shivered and closed my eyes, imagining Diane watching some man sticking his erect cock in my pussy and fucking me. I wasn’t going to do that, no I wasn’t.

“No Sabine, all I want to see is you naked and sucking cock. It’ll get your need to be naked taken care of and I will get to see you doing what I had to do for you.”

“Who are you thinking of, Diane?”

“I have several in mind. I’ll decide when I decide. But for right now I have some other things that I want to see. Get off that thing and clean it, you can use the kitchen sink and then come back here.”

I sat up straighter and lifted myself off the cock, hearing a soft sucking sound as my pussy raised up. Diane was cutting open the other two packages as I loosened the cock from the coffee table and took it to her kitchen. I washed it in the sink and looked towards her living room. I carefully wiped it dry and then wiped my pussy off too. I walked back into her living room and handed her the cock and she set it down beside her.

“Move the coffee table back and then get on your hands and knees facing away from me.”

I did as she told me, nervous.

“Put your head on the floor and keep your ass up.”

I laid my head on my arms and closed my eyes. My ass was up and open and I felt her squirting some liquid on my anus and realized what she was going to do to me. I felt her fingers rubbing it on my anus and then a finger went easily up my ass. I groaned. It felt so alien. She worked her finger around inside me and after a few moments removed it. It was soon replaced by a cool plastic tip.


I tried and she pushed and I felt my anus open a little. She twisted it and pushed again and my anus opened a little more but it started to hurt just a little.

“OH GOD, Diane, it hurts!”

“Just relax your ass.”

She pushed harder and more slid inside me, making me groan louder. Another bit of twisting and a squirt of lubricant and another push and my ass felt like it was going to tear. Diane twisted it some more and squirted more lubricant and pushed again and this time my ass opened up and I felt it expand hugely and then most of the pressure and pain was gone and I just felt full. Diane held it in me and I could feel the base of the anal plug between my cheeks. She removed her hand and it stayed in place. I felt so full and strange.

“Maybe when you are sucking this will be in you or maybe you’ll be sitting on that little thing that you just used, Sabine. Or maybe I’ll be using the other one on you while you suck. Or maybe you’ll just be sucking. But you will suck. Now just stay right where you are and keep silent until I tell you that you can talk.”

So I knelt, head down, ass up, in front of Diane with my ass filled and thought about what she said she was going to have me do. I felt horribly nasty and dirty. I felt humiliated that she could do this to me and I didn’t even object other than to tell her it was hurting me. And now it didn’t hurt anymore, it just made me feel so full.

“How does it feel to have something up your ass in front of me Sabine?”

“I feel dirty and nasty.”

“Do you like it?”

“Not really, Diane. It hurt me some.”

“Well, a few more times and you’ll get used to it. I’ve heard that once that happens it doesn’t hurt anymore.”

I was silent after she said this to me. I was feeling extremely dirty and degraded. Mentally I was thinking that it was fair for Diane to do this to me because she degraded herself to protect me. I was wondering who she was going to have me suck in front of her and if she was expecting me to strip without her telling me to do it before I started sucking. If the past was any indication, I was going to get aroused by taking my clothes off in front of someone. Hell, I got aroused when I took my clothes off in front of Diane. I just knelt there and let my brain picture me on my knees, naked and sucking Mr. Wilson. Diane sitting in the room and watching me and smirking at me.

Diane let me kneel, head down, ass up with my ass stuffed for quite a while. Then she leaned forward and took hold of the base of the thing.

“Relax your ass.”

I tried but now instead of clenching to keep it out, my ass clenched to hold it in. Not because I wanted it in me, but because I was afraid it was going to hurt coming out. I was so frustrated! I wanted it out but my body didn’t want to relax at all. Finally Diane just grasped it and began to pull. I whimpered as it began to slowly slide out of my anus. I could feel my ass widening more and more and then it was like a pop and it quickly came out. Diane giggled as I gulped air and moaned. She squirted some more lubricant on my anus and before I could say anything she slid the dildo up my ass.

“You gaped pretty good there girl. Once that plug opened you up you could take any size cock up your ass. I think you would be good at ass fucking.”

She giggled behind me and pulled the dildo back and then pushed it back into me.

“I’m doing this so you get used to it just in case you want to get ass fucked sometime Sabine. Just use lots of lube and take your time. Once your hole is open it’s just like a pussy. You can finger your clit when you get too.”

Oh really? I could finger my clit with a cock up my pussy too.

Diane pushed the dildo in and out of my ass a few times.

“OK Sabine, get up on your hands and knees. Then reach back with one hand and fuck yourself for me.”

I did what she told me to do and felt really degraded to be pushing a dildo up my own ass. It was degrading to have her do it to me, but even worse when I had to do it to myself. She was giggling behind me listening to my whimpers and she could see how much more red my face got when I was abusing myself for her entertainment. Eventually Diane got bored with that and she let me remove the dildo from my ass. She still kept me naked, though. It was now afternoon and she decided she was hungry so she ordered pizza and I knew what was coming.

“When the delivery guy gets here Sabine, I want you to go to the door and open it wide and invite him in.”

I sat on the floor, waiting, since she wouldn’t let me sit on any of her furniture. After about forty minutes her doorbell rang. Mournfully I walked to the door, Diane following me. She leaned against the wall and watched me. I peeked through her sidelight and saw that it was a delivery guy and took a breath. Then I opened the door.

“Please come in.”

He stood stock still, staring at me and I turned beet red. Then he got a big smile on his face and walked through the door. I shut it behind him and he took out the pizza Diane had ordered and held it to me. I took it and turned my face to Diane and she pointed to the table in the entryway. I walked over to it and put the pizza down, blushing like crazy. I wanted to cover up, but knew better than to do that. She giggled and held out a twenty but when I reached for it, she dropped it. I tried to grab it but missed and it fluttered to the floor.

“Just bend over and get it Sabine.”

I knew exactly what she meant and I sort of wanted it too. I bent at the waist and with my legs slightly apart I could only imagine what he was seeing. My nipples were hard and my insides were tingling again. I held myself in position for few seconds and looked up at Diane. She smiled and then nodded and I straightened up, turned and walked to him. I handed him the twenty and forced myself to look him in the eyes so there was no doubt he knew exactly what I looked like facially along with everything else I had to offer. My heart was beating fast and I was very aroused. I watched as his eyes went down to my pussy and stayed there for few seconds. Then they traveled up my body to my boobs and then my face. He had this huge grin on his face.

“Let me get you your change.”

“That’s all right, she doesn’t need any change. It can be your tip along with what you’ve seen of her.”

He grinned again and looked me up and down. My face was red and I was aroused, just standing in front of him naked.

“Well, thank you then.”

“You’re welcome.”

All I could do was stand there while they talked. It was very embarrassing and also exciting. Finally he opened the door and backed out so he could continue to look at me. With a final big grin he turned and walked to his car. I closed the door and leaned against the doorframe.

“Oh God, don’t act like you are so relieved he is gone. You loved it and you know it.”

I kept silent because that seemed to make Diane a little pushier with me. At that moment I wanted her to be pushier. I wanted her to take me out somewhere and strip me. That didn’t happen however. Diane told me to take the pizza box into the living room and I did. She got two plates and forks and brought them in. She sat on the couch and I sat on the floor. Diane was hungry and got several pieces but I got just a couple and mostly pushed them around on my plate. I wasn’t really hungry. Diane finished eating and I guess I did too. She took the plates and forks and the rest of the pizza into the kitchen. When she came back and sat down she had me move the coffee table.

“You can sit on the floor in front of me and spread your legs. I want to get a good look at your cunt, Sabine.”

So I did as I was told and leaned back on my arms with my legs open and everything on display. Diane leaned back against the couch and looked at me, my little boobs and my hairless pussy. It was pretty humiliating to sit like that with her dressed and me with not a stitch on.

“Go wash yourself off, you know what I mean and come back here.”

I got up and went into the bathroom on this floor and washed my pussy, rinsed it off and dried myself. Then I went back to Diane. She was sitting with a coat for me and one for her. She handed me mine and put hers on. I put mine on. It was the one with a tie so I tied it shut without buttoning it. I was figuring that I would be removing it somewhere so I didn’t bother with the buttons. We walked into her garage and got in her car. She opened the garage door and drove off, closing it as she backed down the driveway. We drove to a club and she pulled into its parking lot and parked.

“Stay here.”

Diane got out of the car and walked to the club. She was gone for a while and I was sitting, daydreaming. There was a rap on my window and I jumped. I looked and it was Diane. She crooked her finger at me and I opened the door and got out. I expected her to tell me to take off the coat but she only smirked at me and waved behind her. I looked past Diane and saw Robert, one of the younger guys from work. My eyes opened up wide and I looked at Diane.

“No, Diane, please no.”

“Remember what I told you?”

She pulled me by the arm away from her car and shut the door.

“You do remember what I said, correct?”

I had already turned red faced and just nodded yes. Robert had walked up with a curious look on his face.

“Tell Robert and I what I said, Sabine.”

I took a deep breath.

“You told me that you would watch me suck and swallow.”

Robert looked at me and got a big smile on his face.

“That isn’t all of it. Tell us the rest.”

“You said I would be naked.”

“Holy shit!”

“So get that coat off and you can kneel on it. Robert, I am going to watch if you don’t mind.”

“If she sucks, no I don’t mind.”

I shivered.

“Wait a minute. Robert are you here with some friends?”


“Why don’t you go and get them.”

My head snapped around to stare at Diane. Robert just grinned more and trotted off to the club.

“Diane, damnit, he’s from work! I thought this was going to be something private.”

“I decide what is going on Sabine, not you. You understood that from the beginning. If you didn’t and didn’t think of anything like this, you should have told me to fire you. Now just shut up and be quiet.”

I stood, already feeling humiliated and degraded. Diane after telling me what she had, just stood next to me as silent as I was. It wasn’t long before Robert was on his way to us with four people trailing behind him. They got to us and sort of surrounded us in a half circle with Diane’s car behind us.

“So what’s the deal Robert?”

“Yeah, why did you want us out here?”

Robert grinned and looked at me and then, a little hesitantly, at Diane. She, after all, was one of his supervisors at work. He didn’t seem as sure of himself as he was earlier.

Diane looked at them

“Move back a bit and Robert, you stand in the middle of them.”

She waited until they had formed in line. She motioned until each end of the line moved in a little, partially hiding me.

“Now, Sabine, I want you to squat down and untie your coat. Then lean back on your hands and lift up your ass.”

I hesitated. I didn’t want Robert to see me or for that matter to take his dick in my mouth, but my mind, the not so rational part, was telling me that Diane had me over a barrel. I squatted and then untied the belt. I closed my eyes and put my arms behind me. As I lifted my ass up the coat slid off me and then down my arms to the asphalt. I was clearly naked and because I had squatted my legs were open. I heard a giggle from the one girl and snickers from the guys. I wanted to die and be swallowed up into the ground. And there was worse to come.

I pushed myself up and let the coat slip off completely and bundled it up, placing it before me. I knelt on it and looked at Robert. He stepped up to me. I hissed at him.

“Take it out!”

“You can do that Sabine.”

He stepped a little closer and cursing him silently I reached up and unzipped his pants. I stuffed my left hand inside them and felt around until I found his cock. They were all laughing at me. I was naked and it sure looked like I was going to be doing something. I fished him out of his pants and the girl gasped. He wasn’t that big, but I don’t think she expected this. I wrapped my fingers around it and looked at the tip. Then I bent forward and took him into my mouth. I wasn’t very happy, first of all it was someone from work who I would see every day, second, I had an audience and third, other people could come by also.

Every one of them leaned forward and watched me suck Robert. He wasn’t fully hard when I started but it didn’t take very long and he was very erect.

“Who is the bitch Robert?”

“I work with her.”

“No shit?”

“Yep, little miss perfect. She has a better job than me. As a matter of fact she works for the other one.”

The all glanced at Diane as I sucked. Diane gave a smile.

“This will be a little secret. I don’t expect you to not talk about it amongst yourselves, but it would be nice if it went no farther. Some of you other guys may get a chance another time to feel her mouth, but not if it gets out.”

While she was saying this Robert took my hand off of him and grasped my head with both of his hands. He started fucking my mouth slowly, taking his dick almost all the way out and then pushing it back in. The others were whispering amongst themselves. Then giggling and snickering as they watched my mouth get filled with cock. Robert was getting more urgent, pushing harder and I gagged a couple of times.

“Gently Robert. She won’t take it out of her mouth.”

It seeming like I had been kneeling naked on the ground forever but it hadn’t been that long. I felt Robert get even harder in my mouth. I kept my lips wrapped around his dick and he pushed in and out, once, twice, three times. I felt him twitch in my mouth and then I gagged as his first squirt of come hit the back of my throat. He held my head as his dick kept twitching and he kept squirting. Some of his come was leaking out of the corners of my mouth. He finally gave on last twitch and pulled back. His cock was slimy and I had a mouthful of come.

“Show everyone Sabine.”

Disgusted and degraded, I opened my mouth so they could see the come coating my tongue.

“Good girl, now swallow.”

I closed my mouth and gagged as swallowed. I choked it all down and looked at Diane. She was smiling at me. I felt nauseated. I really didn’t care that was naked anymore. I wanted to puke.

“Lick him clean Sabine.”

I wanted to kill her. I leaned forward and licked his now partially stiff cock. I licked him until it was just my spit on it and leaned back.

“Get up and get your coat on Sabine.”

I hurriedly stood up and grabbed the coat and pulled it on. Robert was just grinning at me. The others were too. FUCK! FUCK!

“Get in the car.”

I got in her car and hid my face from them. Diane stood and talked to them for a bit and then walked around and got in.

“How could you do this to me?”

“You mean degrade you like I had to do for you? It seems only fair to me.”

“But he’s from work!”

“And you don’t think that I see the security manager from time to time. What do you think he thinks when he sees me? Does he see the manager or the slut that was on her knees sucking his cock?”

I had no answer for that since if I knew men, I knew exactly what he was thinking of Diane.

“I told Robert and his friends if this got out none of them would be feeling your little mouth ever again. If he says anything do you think anyone would believe him? Sabine, you have been so prim and proper at work I don’t think anyone would believe him unless they saw you sucking him.”

“What about the girl? I for sure won’t be sucking her cock, will I?”

“No, but I took her aside and told her if she wanted that you would lick her pussy. All she has to do is call me and let me know.”

I put my head in my hands. I was fucked, just totally fucked!

I sat silently as Diane started her car and drove off. I had Robert’s come on my chin but nothing to wipe it off with but my hand and the coat and since the coat was Diane’s I didn’t think she would be too happy with me if I used it. So I just sat in the passenger seat and let it dry on my face.

“Sabine, what is the problem?”

“You know exactly what the problem is. He is going to see me everyday at work and remember me naked and sucking him, Diane.”

“You’ll get over it. Just think of him as an ex-boyfriend.”

“He’s 10 years younger than I am!”

“He’s a guy with a dick, Sabine. Who cares how old he is.”

“I do!”

“Well, I don’t.”

I sat and fumed. She was being really mean to me. Unfortunately it was getting that tingling going again. Just thinking of Robert walking up to my desk, looking at me and smirking was doing things to me. Diane glanced over to me.

“What are you thinking Sabine?”


Diane chuckled.

“I think it is more than nothing. Do you feel a little warm?”


“I think you protest too much Sabine.”

She chuckled again. There wasn’t anything I could say that I hadn’t already and she didn’t believe what I said anyway. Unfortunately she was right. How could what had just happened and thinking about it turn me on? I didn’t really have an answer for that question, only that it did. I was pretty sure that Diane knew it also. And if she knew God only knew what else she was going to do to me. I was fucked!

We got to Diane’s townhouse and she opened the garage door and drove inside. I sat silently as the door closed.

“Get out and get inside.”

I did as I was told. When we were inside she held out her hand and I removed the coat and handed it to her. She hung it in the front closet and led me into the living room. I stopped dead. Sitting on her couch were Amanda, Greg and Brad. Each one of them had a big grin on their face.

“What’s that on her face?”

Diane chuckled.


They all burst out laughing. I turned beet red.

“What did she do?”

“She sucked off a guy from work and in front of his friends.”

“No shit?”

“No shit.”

They all looked at me again. I was absolutely humiliated and degraded. And I was naked in front of them again.

“Sooo, would she suck us off?”

“I don’t know. Would you suck them off Sabine?”

I was terribly embarrassed but I was also turned on. I looked at Diane. She just looked back at me, saying nothing. Very quietly I spoke.

“Do you want me to?”

I was looking at her and she smiled broadly.

“What if I asked you to do something else? Would you?”

I was turned on and I wanted Diane to be pleased with me. At least in the not so rational part of my brain. If I had been thinking with my rational brain I wouldn’t be here, would I? My nipples were erect and my lower belly was twitching. I swallowed and nodded yes.

“OK boys, here is the deal. How old are each of you?”



“Good, good. If you are willing to do as I say you can have a treat.”

“What do we have to do?”

“The first thing is take off your clothes.”

“In front of you?”

“Do you want a treat?”

“Yes, but…”

All of a sudden it didn’t seem to be a great idea to them, but finally Greg stood up and took off his clothes. His face got a little red since Diane and Amanda were seeing him naked.

“Sabine, start sucking.”

I closed my eyes and knelt in front of him and took his cock in my mouth.

Amanda giggled. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Brad get up and strip. Greg got hard really fast.

“Brad, lay down on the floor.”

He did. His cock was half erect.

“Sabine, get between his legs and start sucking.”

I let Greg go and his erection swayed in front of him. I crawled over to Brad and on all fours bent my head down and slurped his cock into my mouth. I was bobbing my head up and down and Brad got hard.

“Can you figure out what to do with that?”

Greg moved behind me and pushed my knees apart. I felt his dick at my pussy and groaned as he pushed it up me. He grasped my hips and started fucking me. Fucking me in front of Diane and Amanda, both of whom were smirking at me. Then I realized that he was inside me bare. I lifted my head up and looked at Diane.

“I’m not on birth control, Diane.”


“Diane, I need at least a condom!”

“No, you don’t.”


“Young man, it is fine if you come inside her.”

I just looked at her while Greg was furiously pumping me. Brad’s dick was waving around under my face. Greg had a grip on me, enough that I wasn’t going to get away. Brad pulled my head down and I opened my mouth and started sucking him as hard as I could, hoping he would come in my mouth fast.

“You there, boy on your back. If you don’t come in her mouth you can fuck her too.”

My eyes lifted up to see Brad. He was looking over at Diane and then back at me. He gripped my head with both hands and pulled me off his dick. I struggled, trying to get my mouth back on him.

“Greg, a little help here.”

Greg kept pumping inside me but he also grabbed my hair and pulled my head up and back. I gave up. Brad slowly stroked his cock beneath, waiting for his turn.

“Look at me Sabine.”

I looked over at Diane.

“What’s he doing to you?”

I looked away. I said nothing. I felt humiliated and degraded.

“Is he fucking your pussy, Sabine? It sure looks like it and in a little bit, from the looks of him, he is going to shoot a load inside you.”

I heard Greg groan behind me. Brad got up and moved out of my sight. Greg’s fucking got harder and faster and then he gripped my hips and pulled my ass back while he slammed up my pussy and I felt him squirting inside me. He thrust a few more times and then pulled out and his sperm, his come ran out of my pussy and down my leg. Brad was on me in an instant and his cock was up me. He did the same thing Greg had done. He grasped my hips and pumped in and out of me. I just gave up and let him have me. My head hung down and my body jerked back and forth. I could hear his hips make a slapping sound as he thrust up me. Diane and Amanda watched. They watched me being degraded in front of them.

Brad finally came inside me and pulled out and more sperm drooled out of me and down my leg. I just knelt on all fours and stared at the floor. THEY CAME INSIDE ME! I COULD GET PREGNANT!

“Sabine, come over here and clean them off.”

I looked at her incredulously.

“Sabine, get your mouth busy, now!”

Greg was sitting in an arm chair and I crawled over to him and slurped his soft dick in my mouth and sucked and licked come and pussy juice off him. Then I looked for Brad. He was sitting next to Amanda. She was smirking at me as I crawled over to him and I felt terribly humiliated from everything she had seen so far and she was going to see me degrade myself further. I bent my head down and sucked him into my mouth. I sucked and licked him clean also. I lifted my head and looked at Amanda. She grinned at me. Diane was smiling also.

“Boys, you can get dressed now. Then you and Amanda can go.”

I sat on my right hip on the floor in front of the couch with a sick feeling in my stomach. Two k**s had just fucked me and come inside me. And two women had watched them do it to me. AND I WASN’T ON BIRTH CONTROL! I laid my head on the edge of the couch and tears trickled out of my eyes.

I didn’t even hear them leave.

“You’ll live, stop crying.”

I sniffled and wiped my face with a hand. I looked at Diane. She had a self-satisfied look on her face.

“Just tell me one thing. Did it feel good?”

I looked at her. I nodded yes. Because it had felt good up until they came inside me.

“Well, I’ll get you an appointment with my doctor and get you on birth control, Sabine. It was sort of fun to watch you get it. If you get pregnant, which I doubt you will, it can be taken care of. We can wait until the birth control has had time to work and then there won’t be any reason for you to be hesitant. Now go and clean yourself up.

I stood up and slowly walked to the bathroom on this floor and washed my face first, then my pussy and legs. I peed and sat on the toilet to make sure that everything that was going to drool out of me had drooled out of me. Then I walked back to the living room. Diane was sitting on the couch with a drink. My lower lip started to tremble again as I remembered the entire evening.

“Oh for God’s sake, stop it! You weren’t a virgin. You were horny. You got fucked, quite energetically from what I saw. If you’re still horny you can masturbate. If not, you can go home.”

I started walking to the front door and picked up my purse and got my keys out.

“I’ll see you on Monday. Don’t be late and no underwear.”

I went out her door, walked to the back of my car and unlocked the trunk. I got my clothes out and went to the driver’s side and opened it. I tossed my clothes in and got in the car. I drove home naked. It didn’t seem to matter anymore. It didn’t seem to matter at all.

** to be continued in Ch. 2 **

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