Stand and Deliver Ch. 02

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Wednesday morning she was on and I thought I would try another tact. After greetings I asked if she liked sports. She told me some but liked games better. We sometimes called sports “games” so I was a bit confused so I asked “what games?” She told me Kiss-chase was her favourite when she was at junior school. I told her my nan and one of my older aunts told me they played that when they were young girls. My mystery woman thought it was a pity we were not the same age and, at the same school and teased she would have loved chasing me and, especially catching me and, added a smiley. I told her I thought that wasn’t in the rules. She told me she doesn’t play by the rules so I told her “don’t I know it” but added “hee-hee” to take the sting out of it. She sent me another smiley face.

I thought I would try something else and asked where her nan lived and she told me in a house. I did groan a bit. I asked “which street?” She told me she had never heard of it and asked me where it was. I did throw my hands in the air and groan in exasperation although I really felt like banging my head on the desk. I did turn to see who was watching me and I saw Julia sitting at her desk and shaking her head while she laughed. I did give her a smile before turning back to the screen.

I told my mystery woman I would need to go soon as I had to go to college. She told me she forgot and asked wasn’t I meant to have gone yesterday. I explained rather than the usual lessons they sometimes had people from outside to explain about the latest ideas and that but, they can’t always do Tuesdays. She told me she understood before telling me she had better go too and we managed to say our goodbyes before the connection was lost.

Julia came to have a read while I was collecting up my things. She had her arm around my shoulder and told me she loved it. She teased it was better than a comedy. I did admit I often felt like I was losing the plot which made her laugh. She told me she was sure it would all work out in the end and kissed my cheek.

While I was having dinner in the college canteen I tried racking my brain as to what I could ask her next. I had to admit to myself my mystery women had a great sense of humour although it wasn’t doing my sanity much good I was sure.

When I got back to the office after college I checked my desktop. I had left the program running. Julia came to see me and asked what the matter was. I admitted I was a bit sad my mystery woman had not left a message. Julia gave me a cuddle and looking into my eyes told me it was definitely love.

As she wasn’t busy she took me into her office. While we sat there I told her everything about Jan. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I liked she understood why I was having trouble trying to work out how I really felt if my mystery woman was not my first love as Julia saw it. She told me she doubted anyone would ever forget their first love and told me about hers when she was a young girl. I did smile when she smiled after she told me she was a bit disappointed when she saw him years later and, he was nothing like the boy of his youth and, was very glad they had never stayed together. She told me not only was he a lot shorter than her, but he was totally bald as well even though he was not much older than she was. I did tell her I still found it hard to believe she was 38 as she looked more like 30. She gave me a lovely smile while she stroked my arm and, kissed my cheek before telling me I had made her day.

Thursday morning after greetings my mystery woman told me she thought I had looked sad when she saw me coming into work this morning. I asked where was she and she teased “not far away”. She asked if I was sad so I admitted I was. She asked why so I told her I had left my program running all day although I could not bring myself to tell her why. She asked if I would have liked a message from her so I confessed to her I would have. She did tell me sorry as she had wanted to leave one but was stuck in a boring meeting that went on until very late. I told her I was sorry. She told me not to be as she had felt quite sad too. That did make me feel better she seemed to be feeling the same way as me. When she asked if I felt better I admitted I did.

She told me then she was sorry but she had to go as she had to go to another meeting which made me sad. I did feel better when she told me she looked forward to talking to me this afternoon. I told her I did too before we said our goodbyes.

Julia did ask how it went with my mystery women when I took some files into her office. She was pleased I looked a lot happier so I told her why my mystery woman had not left a message. I had to admit I felt much happier too when she asked.

When she came on that afternoon we greeted each other and she teased had I any more questions. I teased back admitting I was trying to think of ones. As I could not think of anything I asked if she likes other games as well as sports. She told me there were some games she liked although thought hide and seek would have been much better if I had been there and she had caught me in a cupboard. She added a wink. I blushed but more from thinking of her dressed as a highwayman and having her wicked way with me in a very dark cupboard. I did snigger güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri a bit when I realized what I had thought as it sounded more like it should be a plot from my favourite movie. I blushed more when she told me she fancied playing hide and seek under the bedclothes with me too and added another wink. She asked what I thought so I thought I would try and tease her and get my own back. I told her I wasn’t sure as there was a big censorship mark over it. She teased I was a tease and was sure if she kissed me lots I will tell her and asked if I would. I told her “ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiipppp. My lips are sealed.” She teased we will see if they are when she next kisses me and then said she was sorry as she had to go so we had to say our goodbyes before she cut the connection.

I was a bit sad Julia was out of the office so I could not tell her what was happening. She was at a meeting with the executives on the top floor of the 2 storey block that linked the two tower blocks. Below that was the main entrance with conference rooms either side. There was the car park entrance beside the canteen that adjoined the building I worked in where people came in. Some came in by the car park exit gates at the back of the other building. I thought then I would have to have a good lookout for my mystery woman although I wasn’t sure if she walked or came in by car.

For some reason that evening felt a little flat and I wondered if it was the jokes keeping me on my mettle. I wondered too if it was because I was feeling sad when I thought about not being able to see her the weekend.

I did show mum the print from that day. She did smile lots reading what my mystery woman said. She laughed when I told her about my thoughts and having her wicked way with me. Mum teased I would have to stop watching those films as well as the period dramas. She loved them as much as me.

The next morning when she was on I thought I would try yet another tact. After greetings I asked her if she would tell me whereabouts she lived. She told me in a flat near the town centre. A great help I thought as there were hundreds of flats. I had been hoping she would have told me an estate so I could try and narrow it down. She did tease if it helped she could see my street from where she lived. I admitted not really.

She then asked what I liked to do when not at work. I told her although I didn’t really like sports I could quite get into watching women playing rugby. She teased it was probably better than watching men play with their balls and added a wink. I did go “very funny :-)” while I growled quietly to myself. I was hoping she would say if she güvenilir bahis şirketleri liked playing rugby or make a comment about my brother playing the sport.

She asked what else I liked so I told her reading, cooking and things like that. I did add it probably sounded a bit boring. I felt better when she told me “not at all.” She added she thought that I was the ideal woman to come home to as she didn’t like cooking much especially having to cook for just herself. I almost told her I would love to cook for her and then wondered where that thought had come from.

As she wanted to know where I liked to go out apart from the do I told her I did not mind going anywhere really. I added not that I go out often even to the pub but I prefer just being out with nice company. She told me she knew what I meant and then told me she was sorry but she had to go.

Over dinner I thought about what she said. I did snigger when I found it hard not to think about us in a pub and with her dressed as a highwayman. I tried to think what else I could ask her but nothing came to mind.

That afternoon when we were connected and had greeted each other I thought I would see how she got to work. So I asked her if she came to work by car. She sent loads of question marks back. I was a bit confused and, then when I read what I had sent I told her I was sorry and, meant car, not horse. As she wanted to know I had to admit before she came on I was thinking about Black Bess and Dick Turpin and just had this crazy thought about her parking her horse outside the do. I told her I think my mind is going. She told me she loved the thought about parking the horse but sadly she doesn’t have one as she only has a car but, it was black. I thought that was great as I now had a bit of a clue. That went out the window when she told me if of any help she had to park in the overflow car park across the road. I had to admit not really. I knew there were hundreds of cars over there as lots of the companies nearby used it.

I thought about tonight and told her I might take a walk over the park before it got dark. She told me she would not mind being there tonight but, wasn’t sure if she could make it or not as she was visiting a friend in hospital. For some reason I could not bring myself to ask if it was a girl. Instead I just told her I hoped her friend was okay. She told me her friend’s girlfriend was away for the weekend from today. She promised to keep her company as she was going to be alone for the rest of the weekend. I told her I understood before she told me she needed to go.

I was a bit sad if I could not see her. I did feel happier for some reason it was just a friend she was seeing. When I spoke to Julia as she wanted to know if I had got any more information I had to admit not much. She did give me a cuddle seeing I was sad.

I still felt the need to walk over to the park that evening on the off chance she would turn up…

More to come……………

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