Stand for Love Ch. 13

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Hello and welcome to the thirteenth chapter of my story. I do hope you’ve had a great journey coming this far with my story. It’s always nice to write to wonderful and lovely readers. Thanks a lot. Don’t forget to drop your comments and I hope this chapter brings me higher ratings. Happy reading…


Adrian came rushing down the stairs, his heart racing like he’d just come from a long run. He was breathing faster and his body was both hot and cold. He was really hoping his husband had come back home or called someone to inform them on his whereabouts. George had not called him too.

Speaking of George, Adrian quickly took the phone from his pocket and dialed George’s number. But unfortunately he couldn’t reach him. Something was wrong and he was getting worried. He knew Nicholas was mad about what he had just found out but he didn’t need to leave the house. Adrian wasn’t mad at him. All he needed was for him to talk to him. Sure, Nicholas had hurt him but he fought for their love and he was victorious.

Adrian tried the number again but it was telling him the same thing, unreachable. Fuck! He almost threw the phone away but he made himself cool, slipped the phone back in his pocket and continued rushing down the stairs.

Reaching down, he looked around and saw the family members seated in the living room, quiet and just like the way he had left them. The only difference was that they were in different clothes and there was no money on the floor and his bag was not there too. But they still looked lost, sad and helpless. He knew after what had happened they were bound to be in that very mood because it was not easy to be mad at your own mother and that’s for sure. It was even more painful to think that one’s mother had caused all the misfortunes that had happened in the house.

Adrian quickly pulled himself out of his thinking mode and began walking towards the living room, worried and uncertain. It was not long and he saw granny getting up from the couch and coming towards him with a frown on her face. Adrian stopped and waited for her to reach him before he asked her anything.

“You seem worried,” Granny said softly, extending her hand to touch his shoulder. “What seems to be the problem?” She reached it and gave it a tight squeeze.

Adrian sighed and then took a deep breath. “My husband,”

“Yeah, I know.” Granny said sadly. “He’s not yet back and it has kinda made everyone really worried. He left the house in a really bad mood and…”

“Nothing will happen.” Adrian smiled to encourage the older woman. “My husband will return. George will handle things. I’m sure they are on their way right now but I can’t help but get worried.”

“Like you said,” Granny gave a nervous chuckle. “He’ll return real soon.”

Adrian knew he had been the one who had encouraged the old woman but he was also worried and couldn’t shake off the worried look on his face. He kept staring at the door just to see if his husband was gonna right through the door and then kiss him and give him a tight hug. He’d love that but he also had a bad feeling that his husband was not in a good mood.

He stood right there with granny who was now holding him while his eyes watered and he began trembling. The family members now had their eyes to him and they were worried. They still were not over the fact that they had treated him badly when he had been innocent. They were still guilty and still didn’t know what to do anymore or even talk to him.

After several minutes of checking out the door, Adrian gave up. He was now worried and shaking like a leaf. He had waited for too long and couldn’t do it anymore. Why couldn’t Nicholas come back home so that they could live happily together? Was that too much to ask?

“Please, calm down.” Granny said softly as she felt Adrian trembling.

“I can’t help it, granny.” Adrian said softly. “He’s been gone for too long. I just want him to come back. I’m not mad at him or anything. I love him so much and I want him home.”

“He’s coming.” Granny smiled. “He’s fine and I’m sure George has it under control. Weren’t you the one who told me that he’s okay?”

Adrian looked at the old woman and for the first had no emotion to put on his face. He was worried…he was scared…he was hyperventilating…he was missing his husband. He hadn’t eaten whole day and he was a little hungry but that wasn’t compared to what he felt inside. He missed Nicholas and wanted him back.

Adrian took a deep sigh, pulled away from granny and began walking from side to side, impatiently waiting for his loving husband while everyone watched him. Noah wanted to hold him and tell him that his brother would be back real soon but how could he when he had treated him badly. He couldn’t even raise his face to meet with the boy’s eyes because he was ashamed of himself for doing what he did.

After walking from place to place in the living room, Adrian was now tired. He walked to the staircase and then sat there with granny by his side. He folded his hands together ataşehir escort and then rested his head on it, thinking and hoping as tears began forming in his eyes. Gee, it was a really long and painful wait that had him hurting.

Finally after a long wait, Adrian heard the door slowly opening. He quickly got up, almost jumping up and running to the door but he kept his cool and stood there, waiting and hoping that it was his husband and no one else.

In just a few seconds, Adrian saw his husband entering the house slowly, looking really vulnerable. His eyes were dropped to the floor even as he came in. His clothes looked dirty and so did his hair. It was like he had just come from an underground mine but Adrian didn’t care as long as his husband had come home.

By his side was George who didn’t seem well himself. His clothes were pretty dirty too and so was his hair. He looked a little happy but Adrian could tell that he was not in a very good mood too. It was all so clear.

Looking at his husband’s mood, Adrian began slowly walking towards him with tears in his eyes before he suddenly stopped and froze. He had no freaking idea why he had stopped but whatever it was he was sure it was for the best. The very look on his husband’s face was pretty much painful and he didn’t even care to look in his eyes.

Nicholas had stopped crying but once he had entered the house, tears began falling again. He just couldn’t control his emotions knowing that he had caused so much pain to his husband. That was really worse than anything.

Somehow he knew, he knew that Adrian was watching him and hence the reason why he had come in with his eyes dropped to the floor. He just felt that he didn’t need to look at Adrian especially after what he had done. Even as he went further inside the house, he was cursing himself for being an idiot.

After spending several hours at the beach, Nicholas had finally calmed down thanks to George who kept him company. Now he was ready to beg for forgiveness…now he was ready to rectify his mistake…now he was ready to start a new life. He wouldn’t mind if Adrian told him to get lost because it was what he deserved.

When granny saw the condition her loving grandson was in, she knew Adrian and he needed some privacy. Looking towards the family members seated quietly on the couches, she signaled them to leave and give the two some privacy. They got the hint and then quickly got up, leaving the room quietly.

Adrian watched as the family members passed by him with heartbreaking faces. Even George increased his pace and squeezed his shoulder as he passed by.

“I’ll be in my room,” Granny said, squeezing his shoulder. “Don’t be hard on him okay?” She whispered.

Adrian smiled faintly and then nodded in agreement. The last thing he wanted was to make Nicholas feel any worse so he was gonna be gentle with him and not inflict any more pain on him.

As granny left, Adrian felt a sharp pain which left him and at the verge of tears. The pain that he felt was not physical but emotional. Seeing Nicholas looking so down and especially since he was quite famous and loved by everyone was pretty hard. What was important was that he had finally proved his innocence and will get back with his husband soon.

Nicholas knew that everyone had left the leaving room. The only person that was left was Adrian and he swore that Adrian had his eyes on him and was probably in tears because of the pain that he had caused him. There was no need to look down. It was now time to face Adrian and tell him how stupid and sorry he was.

With a soft cry, Nicholas quickly raised his face and stared into Adrian’s wet eyes. It was painful seeing him like that but Nicholas needed to apologize and make everything right again. He needed Adrian more than ever and never will he break his trust again. He had learnt his lesson and he’ll never forget all about it.

Staring in Nicholas’ eyes felt like torture to Adrian. Nicholas’ eyes were blood red and filled with tears. He got heartbroken when he thought about what Nicholas must have been going through. It was clear he was in more pain than Adrian had thought.

Nicholas slowly walked to Adrian, tears flooding his face. Once he was near, he dropped to his knees, still staring in those wonderful blue eyes. Then he put his hands together as a painful groan escaped his throat adding to the tears that were uncontrollably coming out. He had never experienced such pains before. His head was pulsing and he had a really bad headache that made him wish he was dead. But it was also punishment for his foolish acts.

“I’m sorry,” Nicholas cried, dropping his eyes to the floor. He couldn’t bear to see the tears that were forming in Adrian’s eyes. “I’m truly, truly sorry for being such a stupid fool. How could I have committed such a big sin?”

Adrian closed his eyes slightly as warm tears made its way to his face. Hearing Nicholas speak while in tears was not doing him any good.

“I know I don’t deserve your ataşehir escort forgiveness after all this.” He added, sobbing uncontrollably. “I admit I am a fool and an idiot for choosing not to believe you. I was slowly blinded by my mother’s lies forgetting that I have a responsibility to listen and trust my…husband.” He cried loudly as his head pulsed bringing him nothing but pain. “I was supposed to be a husband, a good husband to you. I vowed to make you happy. I promised you that you would remain happy as long as you are with me but I completely broke that promise.”

Nicholas’ heart was pounding hard and painfully that he thought that he’d have a heart attack. There was nothing worse than what he had done. There was nothing painful than realizing that he had caused pain on the one person that he claimed he loved with whole his heart. Thinking about it made him dead inside as his cries intensified.

“Right now,” Nicholas gulped, shaking from the fear of losing Adrian. “Right now I just wished I could turn back time and make everything right. If I could go back in the past I would make sure that I trust you and put the people that had caused you pain to…” He felt a sharp pain in his throat that made him cry hard. He was finding it hard to breath and with each passing moment the pain was getting out of control. He needed to hear Adrian’s voice. He needed his forgiveness and he needed his touch and his feel.

Adrian on the other hand was dying inside. What he was hearing and seeing was too painful. What really surprised him was that he couldn’t raise his voice and tell Nicholas to get up from the floor and kiss him. It was like his voice was gone and gone for good. He tried to move his mouth but he felt like his jaw was frozen. What the fuck was happening to him?

Nicholas tried to swallow the pain he felt on his throat but he just couldn’t do it. He gulped painfully and found his voice once again.

“Right now I’m regretting, I’m in pain and…” He paused gave a low whimper. “I feel really weak. I feel like I’m about to die and I think that I’m foolish.”

Still on the floor, Nicholas crawled and then held Adrian’s legs as his cries became painful. He felt at least happy that he was holding a certain part of his husband’s body. It gave him an assurance that he would be forgiven but then again after everything that he did maybe he didn’t deserve Adrian.

“I feel so hurt and so stupid.” He added. “I had the only thing that I needed and I tried to throw it away. I tried to divorce you and that is causing me more pain than I could really imagine.” He cried, breaking Adrian’s heart. “I tried to divorce you under my mother’s influence. I’m really stupid and I deserve to suffer for all eternity.” He gripped on Adrian’s legs. “I’m the most foolish guy on earth. Instead of fighting for our lover I foolishly pushed you away.

I should have supported you in your fight and given you my complete love.” He cried. “Please forgive me for everything. I’m really sorry for being such an asshole.” Nicholas’ eyes were swollen and they were painful. “I’m really sorry for everything that I have done.”

Adrian had no idea the reason why he couldn’t move. He had been dying to see Nicholas home but now that he had come back, he was speechless and couldn’t utter a word. He wanted to tell Nicholas he had forgiven him but something he didn’t know had him frozen. He felt his hand was numb and he couldn’t move it all. What was going on?

“I know I don’t deserve you forgiveness but try and forgive me for everything that had happened.” Nicholas sobbed. “Try and forgive me. Maybe I need to carry this pain forever. Maybe I don’t deserve someone as good as you. Maybe you also…”

That was it for Adrian. He snapped out of whatever mood he had been and looked down at Nicholas who had made his trouser wet with tears. What he had said brought him pain and tears. He quickly leaned down, gripped Nicholas’ arm and got him up.

“Who gave you the right to decide what I deserve?” Adrian shouted. “Who gave you the right to decided what is good for me?”

“I’m sorry for everything.” Nicholas cried. He couldn’t even raise his face to stare into Adrian’s eyes. “I only said…”

“Shut up!” Adrian yelled angrily. “You don’t have that right and don’t you dare tell me what is right and what is wrong for me.”

Hearing the words Adrian had said, Nicholas’ cries turned into wails that filled the whole house.

“Stop that.” Adrian ordered, drawing Nicholas into just soft muffled cries. His sobs were like piercing arrows directed at him.

“I’m really…”

“I don’t want to hear it,” Adrian yelled. “Whatever you said is bullshit. I don’t need anyone good because I have the best husband in the whole wide world.”

Nicholas quickly raised his face once he heard what Adrian had said to him. He cried even more when he stared deep in Adrian’s eyes. They showed him love once again and he got hurt because he couldn’t get what had happened out of his mind. It was like the memories anadolu yakası escort had become a part of him.

“Please stop,” Adrian begged, moving his hand up to rub his husband’s face. “I’m not mad at you or anything. I love you a lot and that’s why I fought for our love. I just couldn’t let you go because I love you a lot and I knew you still loved me even though you had found out something.”

Adrian reached his husband’s face and slowly rubbed his tears off. To Nicholas’ feel, Adrian’s hands were magical on his skin. They felt incredible and made him cry too. He had missed him a lot and now that he heard all those wonderful sweet words from him, he loved him some more but the pain was also intensifying.

“I can’t…I don’t…”

“Shhhh,” Adrian whispered. “You don’t have to say anything. I was never mad at you. I forgave you long before today. In fact I never even stopped loving you.”

“Why?” Nicholas cried, feeling his strength leaving him. “Why did you choose to love a stupid man like me? You should have left and make me suffer for…”

“Don’t say that,” Adrian said softly, cupping Nicholas’ cheeks as his own tears flooded his face. “I love you a lot that I couldn’t leave you alone. You showed me how to love and I needed to show you the same gesture.’

“No!” Nicholas cried, slowly nodding his head. “You’re too good. I don’t think I deserve you.”

“You deserve even better,” Adrian said with a sob. “You deserve everything and I’m the luckiest man on earth to be married to you.”

“Even when I couldn’t trust you,”

“You love me and that’s what matters.” Adrian said softly. Nicholas was becoming inconsolable and it was getting to Adrian. He needed to make him calm or everything was gonna become a disaster. He didn’t want him to cry anymore.

“Please, my love.” Adrian said softly, getting closer to his face. “Stop crying and come with me.”

“I can’t,” Nicholas cried, nodding his head. “I need to do it for causing the boy I love so much pain. I deserve to suffer for it.”


“I’m really sorry for everything.” Nicholas cried, nodding his head. He needed to cry as punishment for what he had done. His head was aching and his eyes were in so much pain. Adrian had told him he’d forgiven him but he still needed to cry. Adrian hadn’t betrayed him.

“I accused you of betraying me and…” He paused and then sobbed painfully. “…I also accused you of not loving me when you truly loved me. I said a lot of painful things to you. Those were things that I shouldn’t have said in the first place. I should have stood firm and stood for our love. You didn’t need to fight it all alone.” He cried.

Nicholas was getting on Adrian’s nerves. No matter how much he was trying to console him, Nicholas was just getting out of hand. He was not only affecting himself but Adrian too. He needed to do something but he broke down too or woke up Gabriel who had already gone to his room.

“Please, listen to…”

“No,” Nicholas cried. “You’re too nice and I…”

That was it for Adrian. Nicholas had just got on his last nerve. Cupping his cheeks sweetly, Adrian brought Nicholas’ face and then captured his soft lips and then began kissing him. It was only seconds and he felt Nicholas’ lips moving against his in a sweet sensational kiss.

Nicholas felt like he was on cloud 9 even though he was crying. His tears suddenly stopped…his pain and anger melted away…his sobs stopped…his body trembled in pleasure as he felt an intense vibration take control of his body. He was suddenly connected to electricity and his whole body twitched and he almost lost balance.

Adrian’s lips were magical…they were sensational…they were sweet…they were captivating…they were amazing…they were intensely ecstatic. Nicholas felt a lighter weight on him. The only thing that remained was his pulsing headache but he couldn’t feel it anymore because the kiss had taken everything that he was feeling. It was really beautiful and reminded him of all those wonderful times that he had spent with Adrian kissing him and making love to him. He couldn’t resist it so he slowly began moving his lips.

As time went on, Nicholas slowly moved his trembling hands and then gripped the back of Adrian’s head, bringing his lips further. Then he took Adrian’s top lip, sucked on it and then nipped, drawing a moan from the wonderful boy he was kissing. He felt his body squirm from the pleasure the kiss had given him. It was followed by blood rushing to his cock, making it slowly coming to life. It was really beautiful.

As he was sucking on the top lip, he used his other hand, gripped Adrian’s waist and brought him close, closer than ever. They were now like a magnet and Nicholas loved it a lot. Using his other hand to bring closer those wonderful, breathtaking lips, Nicholas used the other hand to massage Adrian’s waist. He was getting turned on and he gave out a low moan as his body caught fire.

Adrian was on fire, feeling Nicholas’ body closer and his lips were vibrating on his making him pant and groan. He had missed wonderful kisses like that. Nicholas had kissed him once but it didn’t end well. Right then he just wanted to feel the wonderful kiss which was coming from the wonderful man’s lips. It was sensational and sweet.

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