Standing Invite

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The following story involves people who are all over the age of 18. The events included may disturb you or infuriate you. Don’t expect a realistic story. If the events depicted which involve the added story tags could possibly bother you then read no more, please navigate away and find something else to read. Thank you.

There are no participants under the age of 18 anywhere in this story.


“Give us a kiss, dear boy, Don’t be shy now. Pucker up,”

Mom was a bit of a touchy feely person. She also loved to get a kiss, and if it was from me, her son, she was most happy. I gave in and leaned into her face, indeed puckering up. I had my hands full of her juggy big tits and had my fully erect dick up her ass so kissing her was just an additional service, and as it turned out a pleasure and a turn on. I loved to ass fuck Mom. She preferred it. In the position we were currently fucking, her tits naturally fell into my large meat hook hands if spilling over a bit. I was draped over her back, my large erect and throbbing member slammed into the shallow cleft of her buttocks, sluicing through her ass channel. Mom was giving back to me as hard as I was giving it to her. She stood with her long strong legs slightly spread, exposing her naked back and ass to my access. I had begun by licking and kissing her upper thighs and worked my way up and over her delicious butt to kiss her well shaped and finely sculpted back muscles and giving her a nice gentle but firm massage. My attentions settled naturally on her bum. Her ass, her derriere, her rear end, That Upon Which SHE sits. Her shitter, the most curvy of all female parts. The center of my sexual universe.

I remember first noticing my Grade 5 teacher had extra curves in her rear. She wore nice tight clothes that showed off her feminine shapes. I also became aware of her tits, too. She had a nice large shapely pair. I would day dream through class and think about her. She looked quite a bit like my Mom, if you changed her hair color and gave her a face lift. I only realized this much later.

I had gradually shifted from noticing women and having thoughts to honest real photos from girlie magazines. I had stolen a couple from stores and the pictures were much more exciting, all women with tits and asses and cunts on display. I was introduced to the wide world of porn by a buddy who had internet access. The internet was like an always on 24 hour bazaar of dirty pictures and movies. The kinds of things one could see there would have gotten store owners arrested.

As I, at 18 years of age, had my own internet connection eventually, I became a denizen of certain forums. I found a community of like minded and sharing users, whose main interest came down to older woman younger man anal sex. The women would all give a description and offer pictures of themselves that invariably consisted of big tits, nicely preserved figures, and large shapely asses. These women would tell tales of encounters with young men that lasted through entire weekends and consisted solely of anal sex and its variants.

I was initially hesitant as I had been taught to post carefully. I perused the postings, looking carefully at the images of tits, backs, tummies and most especially, asses. I became fixated on the various shapes and clefts and textures and wondered about the tastes, smells and feel of those various and exotic asses. I tentatively posted an initial question, hoping it didn’t make me look too much like a newbie.

I received several replies, some of which were encouraging, others not so much. I persisted, posting more probing questions and asking for specific pictures from specific posters. Over nearly a year, I developed into a suave and knowledgeable user. I was still untested, though. I had only known my left hand as a sex partner. I resolved, at 18, to lose my virginity.

I approached a particular favorite of mine, user name of ‘mamaB’, as regards making a meet. She suggested using a location open to the public and meeting at regular normal hours. We chatted back and forth, gradually taking our explicit talk to new levels. We shared a bit about ourselves and discovered we lived near each other. We agreed to a meeting, just to practice. The location was chosen and being known to us both was acceptable.

I arrived first and settled in. I waited patiently, if sprouting a raging hard on. Here I was, awaiting an older woman who shared an interest in anal sex with me! I sat on tenterhooks watching each woman who walked by. I spotted someone who met the criteria we had set. She was wearing a black dress with a yellow flower on the right side. Her hair was indeed brown and shoulder length. she had a lovely full figure shape. I was more than a bit shocked when she walked right up to me and sat down.

“Hi Mom. Fancy meeting you here” I said. She looked a bit nervous, and surprised. She sat down with me and looked me over, in a very different way. I felt kind of warm as if blushing. Here I was, awaiting an older woman with the prospect of sex and I bahis firmaları was sitting down with my mother. I noticed that Mom was dressed exactly the way I was expecting. We chatted a bit and I dropped the question.

“So, are you meeting someone here?” She blushed and swallowed. I said that I was and that she, my Mom, matched what I was expecting. She said that I too, matched what she was expecting, especially as she was awaiting a young man. I thought for a bit then dropped another question.

“So would you know someone who might go by the name of ‘mamaB’? We are supposed to meet here tonight.” She swallowed again and offered up an answer.

“Billy. I am ‘mamaB’. We are supposed to meet here. Are you interested?” I swallowed. This was weird. Here was Mom admitting to being my paramour from the forum. We had discussed very explicit things with each other. Not exactly mother son topics, at least not usually. I took a few moments and thought through what I might do. I then reached out to Mom and took her hand before nodding. I smiled. She smiled and squeezed my hand. I then felt something go between my legs and into my crotch. Mom smiled wider as she saw my surprise.

“I see you are happy to meet me, son. Let’s go home. We’ll be alone tonight.” I sat there, with my Mom’s right foot tucked into my package and raising my already stiff staff to an alternate state of hardness. Mom was licking her lips and giving me an eyeful of movement as she shifted around, wiggling her tits under her dress.

“Sure, Mom. I am tired. Let’s go home.” I got the bill and paid. We left and went home. Mom got in beside me into the car and slid up next to me, reaching her hand into my pants and into my balls. She rolled them around and my raging hard on slipped around under my now very tight pants. Mom leaned in to me and put her head on my shoulder. I looked down at her and realized she really really had the hots on for me. We would fuck and soon. First, I must kiss that very kissable set of lips and gorgeous face.

I dropped my face in towards hers. Our lips sought then touched the others. It was weird. Kissing Mom wasn’t like giving her a peck goodnight, it was like there was a red hot woman here who needed attention and was going to get it. She stuck her tongue out and into my mouth. I was taken back by this, at first, but then my virile instincts took over. I took her cheek in my hand and turned her face more into mine. I slipped her the tongue back and we went into full on horny kiss action. We pawed and felt up the other right there in the parking lot. I got my hands under her dress and under her bra. Tits! Real tits! Mom’s tits? Mom’s tits! Mom’s big tits! Mom’s big tits with large pointy nipples! My hands on her tits! The heat and softness were surprising as was the slight sweat. Mom was shoving her tongue into my mouth and seemed to be trying to check on my tonsils. Her hand in my pants felt strong and soft and urgent. Her hand was sliding up and down my pole with a most delicate touch. I felt that if she kept it up, I was most likely to go off in her hand, right there and then. I didn’t want that so I grabbed her wrist, stopping her motions. She chirped into my mouth at this, I simply said that I might go off. She giggled. Here I was at almost 19, alone with a sexy older woman and on our to way to a sexual tryst! I was so excited!

We continued to paw and caress and stroke the other for a while as we were reasonably hidden. I suggested that we continue on home as we would be more comfortable there and could explore more. We disengaged and proceeded home.

Mom was on me like stink on shit as soon as the front door was closed behind us. Mom was a bit shorter than me at 5 foot 5 but pulled my face down into hers for another lip locked face suck. She had her hand in my pants almost as fast as her tongue went into my mouth. I had to reach down and pull the hem of her dress up and she pulled back and away for a moment as we disrobed the other. Here we were in the entry way and were stripping like two horny teenagers. The clothing flew off and hit the floor. Hands reached out and touched what the eyes now saw.

I could feel and see Mom’s big fucking juicy tits! I dipped my head down and onto those stiffly erect nipples. Mom rolled her chest and pushed her tit into my open, sucking and slobbery mouth. The meaty softness of her chest felt like fire to the gasoline of my lust. She moaned and roughly grabbed my head to pull me onto her tit and to push her nipple into my mouth. She got into it and reached down to grab my wildly waving stalk, all 10 inches of it. She stroked me to and it seemed, beyond full hardness. I reached around Mom and onto her ‘back deck’ as I called the ‘shelf’ atop her ass cheeks. I slipped a finger into the crack of her ass, probing for the star fish of her anal opening. I had never gotten this far with any other girl and here I was trying to touch my mother’s asshole. She shivered and pushed her back end out as if opening herself up to me. I slowly slid my fingers into her rear end. The strong muscles of her butt cheeks kaçak iddaa slowed my already slow pace but the heat and slickness of her randy ass allowed me entrance. I probed carefully trying to just touch her most intimate area. Mom dropped a hand back and gripped one cheek pulling it apart from the other. This released my hand and gave me room to start stroking the outer entrance to her ass. I felt her tight knot. I gently put the pad of my finger on top of it. She shivered at this and pushed her rear out even more. I pushed my finger across then down and into the tight spot. Suddenly her opening bloomed open and sucked my finger in past the first knuckle. Mom gasped and dug her face into my collar bone.

I reached back with my other hand, having dropped her magnificent boob, to pull her other ass cheek apart and to spread her ass open. I suddenly had wide access to her back door. Mom kept her face hidden. I nuzzled her and snuggled her head into the spot. Mom and I stood there in the entry way with our bodies revealed and explored. Mom began to stroke me and pushed me back slightly, pulling my fingers out of her body. She dropped down to her knees between my feet. She did not let go of my stiff staff but kept stroking me. The look of fascination as she did this was truly hot. Here was Mom looking at my rock hard hard on and she was whacking it as well. My Mom was intent on getting me off! Mom slammed her fist up and down me, then slowed, stopped and pulled the tip down to point it at her mouth. She opened and stuck her pink tipped tongue out to sample the sweat and oils of my engorged dick. She slurped, then slobbered up some saliva and spit on my dick. I stood completely still as she bent to her activities. I sensed she was about to swallow me whole, like a fleshly sword swallower. Mom sat on her heels and moved her face into my pork lance and opened to swallow me down.

I gasped as Mom went down on me. Her tongue and mouth were hot and wet and slurpy. She used her lips, tongue and teeth to stimulate me, not that I needed it. She slurped and swallowed and pulled me deep into her mouth. I realized that dear old Mom had just sucked my entire 10 inches into her mouth and down her throat! She could take more than any girl ever before! Wow! Mom was a blow job artist, for sure.

Mom sucked and slurped and bit lightly on my cock lance and I was in danger of blowing my load in her mouth. I did not want our first fuck to end with a mouthful for her. Later, most certainly, but not right now. I gripped her ears and slowed then stopped her motions. I gently popped out of her mouth and pulled her up to where I could kiss her, which I did. She smiled at me after and then stood up and pulled me into the hallway.

I watched her cute butt as we went down the hallway to the kitchen. Mom stopped and dropped in front of me. She sucked me some more but not as deeply. She then popped me out and pulled me down to get on top of her. I went with the flow. She reached down in between us and positioned my dick at her cuntal opening. We were going to fuck and straight! She shoved with her hips and I slipped into her slick and juicy cunt. The normal man woman actions took over and we fucked. I slapped my hips into her raised ones and we pulled apart. Mom wrapped her lovely strong legs around me and pulled me into her only to relax and fuck up and onto my prong. I fucked down and around and into her cunt.

I was a bit unsure as to what we should do next. Here was mom underneath me fucking me. I was atop her at her insistence. We were happily fucking and enjoying the sensations of cunt, cock and natural lubricants. We were face to face as well as hip to hip, chest to chest and cock to cunt. Mother and son were as close as it was possible to be. Mom grabbed my ass and pulled me into her, grinding her cunt on my cock. She began to be more insistent and humped wildly against me and began her first journey to orgasm. She pulled my face into her collar bone and wrapped her other hand over my butt. I felt a finger insinuate in between my ass cheeks searching for my asshole. She found it as she grappled her legs about my midsection and ground her cunt hard against me and from her gasping I deduced she was in the throes. Mom gasped and moaned and bellowed and yelled out her climax. I certainly didn’t miss it.

She collapsed underneath me, her legs dropping off to either side and finger slipping out. I stopped and pulled out, not wanting to rut in her. We shifted position and lay side by side on the kitchen floor. Mom tousled my hair.

“Well, my son. Are you surprised? Your Mom is a sexual being and I have needs that must be met. Are you up to it, so to speak?”she asked me as she fondled me, variously my still rock hard dick, my bloated balls, my chest and my face. Mom hauled herself up to one elbow and looked over and down at me. Her eyes were wild, with an unfulfilled something in them, a look that was quite new to me. She dropped down and kissed me, lightly then with more passion. I responded, in kind.

She pulled back and got up and pulled me up with her. kaçak bahis She took me back down the hall to my room. As we were nude, there was nothing to hide and we went in together, arm in arm. Mom turned to me and put her arms around my neck. She looked up at me and with a very serious look on her face asked me a question.

“I realize that what we have done so far, many have done as well, but we would not have connected like this without a mutual and very specific interest. Do you want to continue? If you are uncertain, say so.” I paused, looking down into my mother’s beautiful face and eyes. I thought about what we had written to the other in the forum. I thought about how exciting it was to anticipate meeting with an older sexy woman and to anticipate fucking her up the ass. I had not considered that the woman in question might be my mother, but the reality was before me and undeniable. Here I had a woman who was asking to be fucked up the ass. She also happened to be my mother and she had just sucked my cock as well as just fucked me. I thought for at least 2 seconds before answering her.

“Fuck yes. I do so want to do you, Mom. You are right in the forum about young men needing older women. I need you to teach me how to please an older woman. We can help each other. I also find the fact that we are to fuck each other to be an additional and exciting factor. Let’s fuck, Mom!”

Mom squealed at this. She jumped a bit and turned away, revealing her naked back and ass to me. I began to fondle her back, rubbing and massaging her muscles. She rolled her back and wiggled her ass as I did this. I took my other hand and placed it on her hip, slowly moving it down and back into her ass crack. I brought my rubbing hand down to help with spreading her ass cheeks wide. I needed to see the little knot of her ass hole. As I spread Mom’s ass open to the light. I smelled her aromas. I say aromas as I could clearly make out her cunt, her sweat and her ass smell. The three smells worked on me like nothing I had ever smelled. I was stone horny.

I dropped to my knees as if worshiping Mom’s ass. I probably was. Here was the first real live woman’s ass in front of me and my hands were spreading her ass open that I might see clearly the center of my sexual universe. The smells gave me a new thought. I dipped my head into the ass before me. I sniffed deeply. I stuck out my tongue, as if returning the favor Mom had given my dick. I slurped up and down the sweaty ass crack. I could taste both the ass flavor and the cunt juices. It was a heady mix, a flavor I loved immediately. I slurped and licked and touched my tongue to Mom’s pulsing ass hole. The sigh Mom gave off as I did this was louder than I could have imagined. She shoved her ass onto my probing tongue. I pointed the tip and with Mom’s delighted assistance, we achieved some sort of oral anal penetration. Mom gasped and reached back to grind my face into her ass. I loved this!

Mom gasped more and pulled off my face. She dropped down onto her knees in front of me, waving her ass from side to side. I reached out and gripped her hips, trying to slow her waving ass. I was now intent on fucking this round lovely bum. I slipped my throbbing dick into her ass crack and began to slide it up and down there. Mom groaned again and began to join me in this sliding motion. I was rubbing the length of my cock over the top of her anal opening. The sensation was driving me wild and as I could see, Mom too.

Mom began to clench her ass cheeks and got some traction in slowing down my rapidly stroking cock. I pushed harder up and down. She looked back at me over her naked shoulder with a new look in her eyes. I loved it. She was totally horny now and was awaiting her anal penetration. I realized that Mom needed to be ass fucked and that as I was in the right place at the right time was elected to be ass fucker.

Here I was with my hard dick in position to ass fuck a beautiful older woman who was very willing and in need of young dick up her ass. The fact the woman was my mother made the whole thing just that much more exciting and sexy. Incest was the word for this and it didn’t bother me. In fact it made it all better, more sexy, more exciting.

I grabbed my dick lifting it out of my Mom’s ass crack. She looked at me as I did this. I merely centered the tip of my cock on the opening between her ass cheeks and gently began to put pressure on her. She moaned once more and rolled her eyes as if in total pleasure. I felt the tip begin to slip into her tightest hole. I looked down and watched my dick slip inside its first asshole. Here was my moment of ass fuck!

Mom groaned deeply and throatily as if she were in some sort of pain. I sensed she might be but the sensation of my hard rod entering a hot tight and slick asshole were too much to allow me to stop or pull out. I groaned as if my dick was going to be crushed right then and there. I looked down again and saw I was actually up Mom’s ass. My dick was firmly and completely embedded in my mother’s rear end. I was a pervert fucking my mother anally. It was a thought that gave me the first instantaneous orgasm of my life. I blew my enormous load up Mom’s ass, spurting jet after jet into her anal cavity. She seemed to sense what I was doing and came as well.

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