Stapleton Ch. 01: The Game

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Amber was afraid. Her favorite “Game” was too risky. It had taken her to a new level of self-discovery then and she toyed with the concept of repeating the phenomenon. The hiding, the sneaking, the rapture. –Little Girl Games– she thought but had not quickly dismissed. She was almost 20 and she was going to try to prove it. Remembering her place in the universe, she dropped her baggage in the doorway and along with it, the first year of college. The smell had shifted slightly but not changed since the beginning of her 14-month departure from her childhood home.

“Don’t drop your stuff there, take it to your room.”

“Fiiine”, Amber replied, grinning at the scolding from her mother. Something she didn’t realize she missed. “Anything else?” asked Amber, mocking disdain.

“Just you wait, young lady” started Debra. “Your work around here has just begun.”

Kicking the door shut behind her with bags in both hands, she started her nostalgic march up the stairs. Her eyes darted across the second floor’s horizon as in came into view. A flood of ancient blood surged through her system as she passed her parents room. A quick double take made unnecessary by the closed door. Almost as if she heard something…

She made it to the room she had once called her own. An invisible museum of emotional ups and downs. An altar to a soul not yet estranged. She set down her bags at her sides and spun in the chrysalis that she emerged from, gazing at the past from her present. The wanderlust only lasted a second before she stopped dead.

Her Game Box. The Pink bejeweled and unicorn-laced lock box that held her most unholy of secrets was on her top shelf. Far away from it’s hiding place in the closet, it’s presence caused a bolt of panic to shoot through her.

Her breath returned only after a brief furious investigation. The lock had remained untampered and secure. Amber shifted to the writing desk and reached deep underneath. Retrieving a small taped down key that survived the intermission, the Three were reunited at last. Forgetting all else in the world, She plopped down on the bed covered in freshly laundered towels and used the key.

Everything was there. Everything.


Everything for Amber’s visit home had been handled. The morning had become night, seemingly skipping the day. Debra emerged from the steamy aftermath of her nightly shower in her nightgown güvenilir bahis and plopped herself down with pleasant exhaustion. Her husband quickly entered the humid, mist-filled bathroom to brush his teeth.

“Fresh, fresh.” exalted Debra. “Fresh laundry for the whole house.”

“Dafs goob” Ben gurgled, attempting to agree. Spitting out and finishing up, Ben continued. “A clean place for us to dirty…”

“Don’t you start, Mister” scorned Debra.

“It was the deal”

“I know but…she might not be asleep”

“It was the deal”

“We might be too loud”

“The deal”



“Okay, well just let me say goodnight to her one last time.”

—Amber’s eyes widened—

“Woman, I haven’t had you all week so you could get everything ready for her. Let her rest. And get over here.”

—Amber held her breath, the ball gag in her mouth kept her voice–

Ben’s eyes aglow with carnal matrimony. He was going to take what was his yet again. His Fuck-Stare, as she called it, would almost always reduce her to a quivering slut, craving his dick and everything that comes with it.

“Slow,” said Debra.

Processing his command gnawing at her middle finger, Debra shoots her legs wide open, leaving all to be devoured and displayed. Shifting down into animalistic predator crawl, Ben crept his face to her feet and made the first contact. A small lick between the divide of her toes mutated into kisses along the ankle. The first moan out of her mother guaranteed Amber’s time frame. Against her better judgment, Amber started a new Game. Her Game. A game she had played dozens of times before. A game she loved. Some light calf biting and knee kissing later, Debra was wet and wanting. Her heavy chest a Harold of things to come ebbed and flowed in anticipation. Small imps escape as the map of her body is traversed. Amber’s Game had already begun. Unbeknownst to her parents, Amber returned to her favorite place to play her Game. Stealthily hidden and muted, Amber’s heart raced.

Game Rules:

Rule 1 – Sneak into parents room at bedtime.

Rule 2 – Find a Good hiding spot.

Rule 3 – Don’t get caught.

Amber, only a couple feet below her mother began to touch herself. Her sexual whines could only mean her dad’s mouth made to her pussy. She fantasized about what it would feel like. What a cunnilingus orgasm would feel like from her Father. Would he like türkçe bahis her taste? Her mother’s moans would be the closest she’s ever gotten to enjoying.

“Ughh” Debra let out a squeal when her clit was sucked hard then released by Ben. Her mother’s sounds, muffled as they were filled her only moments before her fingers did. Amber felt around her immediate area in the shade of her parent’s bed for her toy.

“Yes. Yes. God.” Whispered Debra.

Amber found her 9″ Black Life-like dildo she brought for every Game and wasted no time putting 7″ of it directly inside her. The sudden stretch of her pussy caused Amber to shutter. Amber pinched her naked nipple with one hand and assumed a penetrating rhythm with the other. Her Father’s moans filled the room now, signaling to Amber that they traded places.

“Suck that dick, young lady”, He said to Debra without breaking her gaze.

Amber thought deeply about fulfilling his wish and nodded silently in her place under the bed. She had seen what his face looked like when contorted in pleasure. Earlier Games were held at great risk but with great reward.

“Yes, Daddy”, replied a cum hungry feral slut he called his wife. “I love sucking daddy’s dick.”

Amber stopped. This role-play was new. Did they take it to a new level when she was away?

“Mommy said I have to make you cum good, Daddy,” Debra said, releasing a mouthful of cock.

‘I guess so’, thought Amber.

“Daddy wants you to sit on my lap now.”

“Yes, Daddy”

“Easy, honey. Don’t hurt yourself.”

“I’ll be–urgh–fine–umf– Daddy…”

“That’s my girl”

“Oh, Daddy. It’s so big. Big Daddy.”

“Oh, fuck, baby girl”

The sexual banter had Amber’s already wet pussy a spout for the cum pooling under her ass on the carpet. The incestual role-play got her going quicker than usual.

“Fuck me, Daddy!”

“Oh ride that cock, Honey”

“Am I tighter than mommy?”

“Yes baby”

The mattress, now bending under the weight of her parent’s sex, was now reaching the tip of her nose. Amber felt almost a part of it. Her orgasm was sent and was to arrive soon. Amber assaulted herself with the huge false dick inside her and dreamed of the dick only feet away, occupying the empty space of her design.

“Fuck me, Daddy. Ugh. “

“Daddy is gonna cum soon!”

“I Want it, Daddy. Daddy cum. Give it to me. Give it. Your baby girl needs it!”

Amber güvenilir bahis siteleri was just on the verge of cumming when she heard her mother begin to beg for cum. Her pleas making Amber hotter. “Fuck!” Amber shouted through the ball gag but remained undiscovered. Her eyes agape from the fear and orgasm tightrope she masturbated on. Then she lost the last of her innocence when she heard what her mother said next.

“Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck your little Amber silly!”

Her mom was role-playing AS her! Amber began convulsing and spasms from the orgasm her young inexperienced body wasn’t ready for. It hurt. Amber’s eyes rolled back into her head as her mom and dad shared a simultaneous orgasm with their daughter tucked inches below. Amber suffered through the orgasm that would change her very future. She clawed drunkenly at the mattress coffin she entombed herself in, still cumming. Her loins chewing at the toy still in their jaws.

“I’m cumming, Daddy!!” Shouted Debra into the night.

–I’m cumming too, Daddy!– thought Amber.

Ben came so hard, he filled up his wife and the faux daughter she was portraying. His real daughter lay dazed and confused under the bed, tears from the intensity of the orgasm streak her young pale face. Amber removed the gag from herself and worked out her mouth.

Ben and Debra lay in bed, cuddled in orgasmic bliss. Amber began plotting her escape when she heard her dad.

“That felt weird with her here. At first anyway”

“Is that so Daddy? I have enough cum in me to make you a Daddy all over again”

“You nasty bitch. I love you.”

Debra shifted to the side of the bed and got on her feet. Her feet were 3 inches from Amber’s face and she could smell the soap from the shower still on them. Just then, a huge glob of white semen fell between her feet on the carpet. Then another. She daringly looked up her mom’s nightgown to see her snatch painted with patriarchal cum. Debra went to clean up and Amber stared at the clump of jizz so close she could smell its savory salty sin. Amber did the lustful math for a moment before she risked exposure and grasped a clump pile and licked her hand and molested her spunk covered hands. The taste swirled in her mouth, tasting the distinction between her mother and father. The taste was soothing…

Amber, all cummed out, swayed herself into a false sense of security and fell asleep there, beneath the bed, naked. With a dildo still lodged halfway inside her, a loose ball-gag around her neck, and the taste of her parents combined cum on her tongue; Amber fell into the arms of Morpheus and was gifted the best sleep she had ever had.

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