Star-Crossed Fate

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I saw her and suddenly felt the hook
A pull of fate
Caught in a magnetic field
Of star-crossed lovers
A green light went off
All systems shut down


Well, here I am. Never thought I’d make it back. It’s been almost 5 years since I’ve been in New York City, and I surprisingly don’t miss it. I made a home here once; I had an intimate group of friends who were like my family, I knew the ins and the outs and the places to go to have a good time, but Christ you walk around outside for two minutes and you get covered in city grime. I definitely don’t miss the city. I do, however, miss the hell out of everyone who made my life here tolerable. I glance down at my watch, which says 11:30. In fact, I’m meeting one of them right now. Well actually, I should have been meeting her 30 minutes ago. Jen was always late, but never this late. I glance around the bar to see if she had walked in at any point when I wasn’t watching the door, but alas she was nowhere to be found.

“Another drink?” The bartender asked as she popped two Corona’s for the gentlemen sitting next to me

“Um, no, no thank you. I don’t want to get to far ahead.” I said with a smile.

I sneak a peek at my cell phone. No missed calls or texts. What the fuck. I continue to stare at my phone, willing something to happen. It suddenly rang. It’s Jen. Wow. Did I just do that or…nevermind. I clear my throat and pick up the phone.

“Where you at, girl?” I say with a slight slur.

“Upper West Side.” She yelled over some roaring noise in the background. I covered my other ear with my hand to hear her more clearly.

“Well that’s a problem being that I’m waiting for you in the Lower East Side. Seriously though, what’s happening?

“The bar just got flooded. I thought I was going to be able to make it out but Cheryl got sick, and they have no one else.” She said with an apology in her voice.

“Aw, really?” “I’m sorry, girl. I know you’re only in town for a couple of nights. So I will make it my top priority to see you.”

“Yeah, you better.” I said in a miffed tone.

“I’m sorry I gotta go! I’ll call you tomorrow!”

“But wait I nee— ” My sentence was cut off by the silence on the other end. Well, that’s just fucking fantastic. I can’t contain my disappointment as I angrily jam my phone into my pocket.

“What moron would stand you up?” Said one of the gentlemen sitting next to me. I smiled a polite smile but it’s hard for me to fake small talk.

“Just a friend I haven’t seen in a while. It’s ok.”

“Can I buy you a drink?” He said with a flirty smile.

I cut to the chase. “Honey, you’re not my type.”

“How do you know?” He replied in a flustered tone. “What’s your type?”

“Women.” Said a voice behind me.

I froze. I’d recognize that voice anywhere. That warm, deep, rich voice. I felt my stomach drop out under me. I turn around slowly hoping that it’s anyone but her. It’s not. She was just as stunning as I remembered her, only better. My eyes drank in the sight of her and I was paralyzed. We stayed that way for a while just staring at each other, never breaking eye contact, and I have officially been rendered speechless. The man who was attempting to hit on me, clearly picked up an intense vibe between the two of us and he turned back to his drink. The memories came flooding back full force with almost a crippling pang of pain in my chest. Here was the woman who got away. Actually, she was the woman I never really had. The one whom all other girls have been compared to and the one who couldn’t be beat.

“Hi.” Was all I could muster.

“Hi.” She beamed.

Her name was Nevada. I met her when I worked at a private school in Boston as a part-time teacher. We had instantaneous chemistry, which quickly escalated to one of the most passionate interludes I’ve ever had. We spent a lot of time together over a year and what started out as some fun and careless flirting quickly turned into something very real. I was hands down obsessed with this girl. Unfortunately, she had a boyfriend, and it never really went beyond the recognition of the fact that we both loved each other. I got offered the job that I have now as a production designer in LA, and I bounced without really getting closure. I’m not sure that I’ll ever get closure.

“How did you—what are you…” I attempted to understand why she was suddenly thrown back into my life. But her amber brown eyes seemed to have a hypnotic affect on me and I had difficulty finishing my sentence.

“I could ask the same of you.” She said with a frown. “I heard a familiar voice, and I look over, and to my complete and total surprise you’re sitting here.”

“I’m sorry, I’m completely shocked right now.” I admitted.

“Likewise. Why are you here? In the city I mean.” She asked.

“I’m on etiler escort location for the next week. Paramount’s shooting some stupid, unfunny comedy with Will Farrell, so I’m out here making sure that things run smoothly.” I said.

“You were always good at smooth.” She hinted and glanced down shyly. I felt a little of the shock wear off. And it was quickly being replaced by the pure excitement I used to feel when she was around.

“How are you?” I ask genuinely.

“Good. I finished school.” She said proudly.

“Well that’s fantastic.” I said with a smile.

“What are you doing now?”

“I teach kindergarten in a public school in Manhattan. And I picked up a couple of dance classes in a conservatory just to get back on my feet. I really love it.”

I always did love the way that she moved.

“That sounds great, girl. I’m very happy for you.” She stared at me for a while.

“God! I just can’t get over this! It’s fate!” She said with a little bounce. I felt another pang of pain as I remembered how kind fate was to me the last time with her.

“Yeah, fate…”

“Are you free right now, or do you have plans?” I shrug and give an internal laugh. My life is a movie.

“I am completely and totally free.” I replied.

“Have dinner with me? I know it’s late, but I say we get out of here.” She threw a glance at the man who was hitting on me earlier. He was watching us intently. I catch her drift and I finish the last of my Jameson.

“Let’s get out of here.”


We walked around the city for a bit, lost in conversation, catching up on what was going on in our lives. She spotted a cozy looking Thai restaurant and suggested we go in. I held the door open for her, and I watched her walk into the restaurant. She had a brief exchange with the hostess, and while she was distracted, I took the opportunity to give her a full once over. She took off her coat to reveal a black dress; which clung loosely to her body in the most flattering of ways, black leggings, black high heels with buckles. I called her style posh-punk. I was happy to see that she was still the same in that regard. She even had the same morbid necklace; a small, silver human spine. She glanced back at me and caught me ogling her. She winked and then proceeded to follow the hostess to our table.

Once we were both comfortable in our seats at a small, intimate table, she looked up at me from under her eyelashes and smiled. She opened the menu.

“Let me guess, you’re getting the Red Chicken Curry.” She said.

She remembered. Hm.

“Actually I’m all about the Pad Thai these days.”

“I see your tastes have changed.”

“Some of them.” I cast her a look that I know she didn’t miss. I was testing the water. You would have thought that I had learned my lesson last time. Guess not. She cleared her throat and changed the subject. The blush that crossed her chest was telling.

“So how are you, really? Are you happy?”

“I can’t complain. I have the career of my dreams, I live on the beach in Cali…got my job to pay for my Masters. Life has been good to me.”

She seemed a bit disappointed by my answer. She nodded her head, but she looked like she wanted to know something specific but was too afraid to ask. I already knew what she wanted to know. So I took the liberty of responding to her unasked question.

“…and I bounce around a lot, since I’m constantly on location. That makes it tough for me to set up shop. Can’t really seem to find myself a girl.”

Her eyes lit up at this admission, she glanced down at her menu. I knew she wasn’t really reading it though.

Now that she knew I was single, I wanted to know her status.

“What about you?” I asked, afraid of the answer.

“Well after you left, I went on a little journey myself. I bounced around Europe for 6 months, came back to the states to finish school, and now I’m completely unattached.”

This was too good to be true.

“So…you’re not seeing anyone?”

She took a steadying breath and looked me right in the eye.

“I can’t really seem to find anyone like you.”

My heart slammed to a stop in my chest. For the second time this evening, I was speechless.

“So yeah,” She fidgeted with her napkin, looking incredibly vulnerable, “There it is….say something.”

“I-” I trailed off, not having the words.

“You…” her eyes were pleading.

Suddenly, the waiter appeared. He asked us for our order. That seemed to happen a lot whenever I was with her. Somebody would always interrupt our intense moments. Not this time though. I didn’t even acknowledge the waiter. I never took my eyes off her.

“I’m still in love with you.” I admitted with a sigh.

The waiter slowly backed away until he was gone.

A look crossed eve gelen escort over her features. Her eyes darkened to that incredibly sultry look that I knew so well, and I felt her run one of her high heels up the inseam of my jeans.

“I feel the same.” She said with a quiet intensity. We gazed at each other for what seemed like forever

“I suddenly don’t feel like eating…” I said distantly

“Me neither.”

We simultaneously stood up, put on our coats, and rushed out the door. It was snowing outside by the time we walked out. I took her hand, and she intertwined her fingers with mine. I hailed a cab, and told the driver to go to the hotel that I was staying at. We were silent in the cab. She slid her hand over mine repeatedly, intensely staring at me, knowing what was coming.

I could barely contain my excitement. I had been dreaming about this for years, and it was actually about to happen. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t think, all I could do was stare at her stupidly as my heart threatened to beat its way out of my chest. I paid the cabby and held the door open for her. She climbed out and stepped up the sidewalk. I closed the door behind her, and turned to her then. She was so beautiful. I had to kiss her.

I cautiously slid by body closer to hers, staring at her mouth. I watched her gaze lower to my mouth, and I knew she would let me kiss her. I took my sweet time, and I waited until she parted her mouth in anticipation. I finally descended and I took her mouth with my own. She responded with a slight moan, and lifted her hand to my neck to hold on as a wave of passion nearly made us both swoon. I felt dizzy, intoxicated by her soft lips and the smell of her skin. I tasted her mouth, testing, exploring, ravishing. The temperature got higher as the kiss got deeper. I didn’t even feel the cold anymore. It got too hot to continue on the street. I ripped my mouth away breathing heavily and gazed at her. The snow clung to her hair, and I was suddenly transported back to the promenade in Brooklyn when I first kissed her. I was amazed to have her standing in front of me.

“Come on.” I said huskily as I pulled her towards the hotel.

We got onto the elevator and once the doors closed, I felt her energy shift. She bit her lip as she threw a glance my way. I didn’t hesitate. I shoved her up against the wall rather harshly, and followed with my body. I crushed her to the wall, making sure there was full body contact. I ravaged her mouth this time. The kiss outside was mild compared to the way I was kissing her now. She wrapped her arms around my neck, and hooked one of her legs behind mine. The sound of our heavy breathing reverberated in the elevator. I pulled the collar of her coat out of the way so I could bite her delectable neck. When I sank my teeth in, she gave a small gasp and started to gyrate her body on mine. The rush that went through my body was white hot, and my blood began to boil.

The elevator doors opened, and thank god no one was on the other side otherwise they would have gotten quite a show. I broke away from her and hurriedly pulled her towards my room. I didn’t even get the key in the lock before she began to kiss my neck. I lost my focus on opening the door and grunted as she slid her tongue down the length of my collarbone. I continued to fumble with the key, and once I turned the knob the two of us practically fell into the room.

She began to unbutton my shirt, as I slid the slipper down the back of her dress, all the while, my mouth never loosing contact with hers. She continued to unbutton my shirt as I slid my hands to the front of her body, and started to sensually massage her breasts. She groaned into my mouth, and her tongue followed shortly after that. This time, she was the one to pin me up against the wall. She slid one of her legs in between mine and raised it to apply pressure in the place it would feel good. I moaned in response, and pulled down the front of her dress, and bared her breasts to my gaze. Her mouth kissed my temple as I caressed her breasts with my eyes. I wrapped one arm around her lower back, and pulled her body up against mine. With my other free hand I grabbed her breast and raised it to my mouth. Her head fell back in pleasure as I licked and bit her nipple.

“Oh fuck.” She whispered into my hair. As I sucked on her, my hands slid behind her body and down lower to cup her ass. I loved her curves. This girl was all woman. She broke my spell, and she finished unbuttoning my shirt. She pulled it halfway down my back. The unbuttoned shirt restricted my arms, and she took the liberty to begin her own seduction. She ran her hands up my tight stomach, lightly grazing her nails across my skin. She leaned in and kissed my neck, then my collarbone, and then moved to the edge of my bra. She pulled the cloth aside teasingly licked fatih escort my nipple once. I gasped and gave a hiss. She smiled at this, knowing that she had control in this moment. She turned around, and pushed her ass into my crotch. She started rubbing herself against me, as she lifted her arm up and behind her and tilted her face enough to kiss me. She made my head spin as she undulated on top of me and kissed me with all of the pent up passion she had for me. I tried to grab her, but my shirt stopped me. She saw me struggle and helped to free me from my ties.

With my hands free, and her topless, I pushed her back on to the bed and climbed on top of her. I lowered my body down, and kissed her once again.

“You feel so fucking good.” I mutter with a groan.

She unbuttoned my jeans, and I angled my body to allow her to slide them off me. She ran her hands up my legs, squeezed my ass, and then wrapped them around my neck. I slid my leg in between hers and I started to move. I ground myself against her sex and she gave it right back. The room began to fill with the sounds of pleasure and I couldn’t tell which moans were mine. I was on another plane. I started to move faster making her begin to utter things in a language I couldn’t place. I couldn’t take it anymore, I needed her naked now.

I slid a finger inside her panties and I touched her. God she was so fucking wet. My brain exploded when I felt how wet she was. She moaned her approval as I continued to play with her. I then began to slide her underwear down her body, and she lifted her legs up so I wouldn’t have to move. I looked upon her naked glory for just a moment. She smiled a cheeky smile at me.

“Even up.” She ordered. She didn’t have to ask me twice. I unhooked my bra and pulled down my panties, and then I leaned back on my arm to allow her a good view. She definitely took advantage of it. Her hands following her gaze all over my body. I climbed back on top of her, and this time when I slid my body into hers I could feel her wetness against my upper thigh. We both groaned at the exquisite contact. I didn’t dally. I began to move against her again this time with a little force. I kissed her as I ground myself against her, and she seemed short of breath. It didn’t take long for me to cum. I had been waiting for this for five years. I was impressed by the fact that I didn’t explode just from kissing her in the snow.

Wave after wave of pleasure washed over me, and my body tightened as I crashed against the biggest climax of my life. It took me at least 5 or so minutes to open my eyes and come back to earth. Her fingertips were lightly stroking my skin as I came to.

“Wow.” I whispered in awe as I stare lovingly at her.

“Ditto.” She said as she grabbed my chin somewhat possessively.

I watched her pick up my hand and thread her fingers between mine. She softly stroked my fingertips, and then raised my finger to her mouth. She stopped to look at my face and made sure I was watching her as she seductively slid my finger into her mouth. And like that, I was on fire again. I watched her suck on my finger for a little, and then she acknowledged the hunger in my eyes and kissed me again. I ripped away from her to gain my wits.

“Wait.” I breathe.


“There’s something I want to try.”

She just raises an eyebrow.

“Ok. Do it.”

I was surprised that she didn’t ask me what it was. I was kind of blown away. I kiss her quickly, leap up from the bed, and I begin to rummage through my suitcase. She propped herself up on her arms to curiously watch me. I pull out a plastic bag, and reach inside. I watch her expression as I begin to fasten the strap-on to my body. Her eyes darkened again and I watched her chest rise and fall at a faster pace. She seemed to like the notion I had in mind.

Once I’m ready, I make my way back to the bed and slid in next to her. I kiss her passionately again, but she seems to be more interested in other things. She slowly began to pull the dildo towards her, and I positioned myself on my knees. She took the tip of the dildo and lightly brushed it back and forth over her clit, teasing herself. After a couple of moments, she began to pull the dildo inside of her, gasping as I sank in. I was so turned on it was unbearable.

At first, I start a slow rhythm, watching her and gauging her reactions. As I went deeper and faster, her body started to rise to my thrusts, as I watched a blush rise to her chest.

“Oh my God.” She breathed.

I silently agreed with her, and really began to slam her. The sound of skin slapping against skin was almost enough to send me over again. Her moans began to rise in pitch, and I gripped her hips tighter as I fucked her brains out. On my last hard thrust, she screamed, and I watched her ride out her orgasm to the last crest. We both breathed heavily for few minutes. I pulled out, removed the strap on, and gathered her body close. We stroked each other languidly for what seemed like hours.

I finally pulled back to gaze at her. She beamed, and I kissed her forehead then and closed my eyes.

Maybe fate was not as unkind as I thought.

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