Steamy Windows

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The windows ran with condensation, time stood still, as it had since they arrived at their destination high in the mountains overlooking the sprawling city, whose lights, coupled with that of the moon, caste a weak luminescent glow throughout the car’s interior.

With pounding hearts they pawed at each other, their inhibitions giving way to lust.

No longer satisfied to kiss, his arm brushed briefly, almost imperceptibly, against the firm swell of her breast. Emboldened, he repeated his gentle exploration, gradually applying more pressure with the heel of his hand as his fingers trailed back and forth up the length of her arm. He was sure he could feel her nipple, proud and erect, as it chaffed against his wrist through the thin fabric of her cotton blouse.

Still he could not bring himself to grab at her, to take her magnificent treasures into his hand and bury his face into their warm welcoming embrace and to breathe in her scent. Intoxicated with lust, he groaned, his mind aflame with unfulfilled erotic imagery. Shifting awkwardly he eased the pressure that threatened to cut off all circulation to his imprisoned cock.

“Are you OK?”

“Wh…what’? He stuttered nervously, afraid that the spell had broken.

“You groaned… are you OK?”

“Yeah…Yeah sure… I’m OK” silencing her with his lips, he took the opportunity to adjust himself, straightening his cock so that it lay comfortably full length against his thigh.

Lost once more in their heated embrace he grew bolder, pausing from time to time to run his knuckles softly against her breast. With a languid sigh she shifted, arching her back, encouraging him. His heart pounded heavily, taking his breath away as he spread his fingers, and slowly… deliberately… took her breast into his hand, his head spun as he explored and savoured the weight and texture of its warm rounded magnificence.

Nothing was said, it was beyond words. In the dim light he could see his hand as it lay clam to her. Softly kneading, his finger sought out her nipple, trapping it between his thumb and finger, lightly pinching.

Shuddering with his touch, It was her turn to moan.

“Yeah…” he whispered under his breath, basking in his minor victory. “Oh yeah!”

With renewed enthusiasm they attacked each other. With mouths locked together, their tongues probed deeply, suckling at each other as his hands caressed and fondled. So absorbed, lost in the joy of discovery, it came as a shock to him when she dropped her hand onto his lap and ran her hand firmly down the length of his aching pole. Any fears that he held that it was an accident were quickly dispelled she repeated the process this time pausing to grasp and squeeze its pulsating length.

Raising himself away from her, he looked at her, her eyes were closed as she continued to caress him. She was a beauty, even on a bad day. The subject of his many masterbatory fantasies, a dream come true, only now she was with him, together alone, playing with his cock as his hands flowed around the bountiful expanse of her breasts.

Her eyes, deeply hooded with lust, slowly opened, her lips flickered with a weak smile of acknowledgement as he gazed down upon her.

With a soft kiss to her forehead, his fingers traced lightly down across her neck descending to the top button of her blouse. Slowly, effortlessly, one by one, the buttons were released exposing the two perfect spheres of her breasts to his gaze.

The moment was shattered when she sat up, for a millisecond the pang of loss gripped him, had he gone too far?

“Let me take this off” she murmured stripping the shirt from her waist and releasing her bra in a well-practised motion. He gapped as her bounty tumbled free from their restraint. Jostling and bouncing as raised her arms and tossed her clothing into the backseat. With mouth agape he marvelled at their unrestrained beauty, reaching out, he cupped them in his hands, weighing them, watching them as they responded to his touch, kırşehir escort smiling as goose bumps sprang up in response to the cool air and his caress. No longer anxious, no longer afraid he knew that they were for him, she was offering them to him to do as he chose. Brushing his lips against her nipples he traced his tongue across the erect nubs, sighing as he breathed in her scent, that indefinable quality that defines women.

“Wow” he thought as he opened his mouth, taking a nipple gently between his lips to suckle, to stimulate.

“Oh… God” she groaned arching her back, thrusting her breast at him, seeking his further oral attention as she shifted in her seat, languidly spreading her legs.

Reaching for him, her hand became more active, gripping massaging and tugging at him, signalling her need.

Lost to his task he continued to toy with her breasts alternating kissing sucking squeezing and licking, occasionally lifting his head to seek out her lips and jostle with her tongue.

Through the fog he became slowly aware of her fingers loosening his belt, and wrestling with the buttons of his fly.

“Lift up”


“I want… I want to touch you” she puffed drawing out his shirt whilst struggling with his jeans.

As he lifted his hips she was able to ease the constriction of his trousers from around his waist. Flattening the palm of her hand against his stomach she slid beneath the waistband of his shorts, quickly coming into contact with the thick root of his pulsating cock.

“What have we here?” she teased, pushing lower, pressing fingers down his length and loop around him.

He grunted and shifted uncomfortably as she tugged at him, applying pressure to release him. Succeeding, she drew his bloated, purple-crowned member out into the cool night air.

Shifting onto her knees, she pressing him back into the seat, his burgeoning tumescence never left her control as she silently ran her hand it up and down its impressive length.

Balanced on the edge of the seat, her every motion caused her breasts to sway seductively, he reached to capture, to stroke, to arouse. Totally absorbed, they spared no conscious thought in what they were doing and how far they had come.

His cock pulsated strongly with her touch; a thick dollop of pre-cum emerged glistening like a pearl into the moonlight. Her throaty chuckle roused him.

“What?” raising his head, the source of her amusement became apparent as she captured essence with her thumb and smeared it around his distended cock head, lubricating it, wetting it so that it to glowed like burnished copper in the dim light of the cars interior.

Her breasts flattened against his heaving chest as she pressed herself against him, kissing him with her open mouth, continuing to stroke his cock through her hand.

Burying her face into the nape of his neck she nuzzled him nibbling and sucking, leaving him with a deep crimson welt.

Sitting up, she tossed her head and swept her long flowing hair back over her shoulder, never releasing her hold of him, she was in charge she knew it…they knew it.

With both hands circling his enormity her movements slowed as her head descended to his lap and, without any preliminaries, she took him deep into her mouth.

Shocked and surprised, he gasped as the soft rasp of her tongue caused his cock to buck wildly. Encouraged, she redoubled her efforts, cupping his aching balls in her hand, squeezing gently.

Panicking, anxious to prolong the moment, he struggled to free himself from her tender torment. She was having none of it, she was in charge and he was her willing captive. Desperately he tried to redirect his attention as she clamped her lips around him centring her lashing tongue against the sensitive underside of his glans as she pumped him strongly in her hand.

The race was lost, in desperation he sought to divert her… and himself, frantically he reached kocaeli escort for her breasts that bounced and brushed so alluringly against his thigh. Too late he exploded, through the roar of blood surging through his ears he heard her slight gag as a super-heated bolt of semen hit the back of her throat, he groaned as wave after wave of his savage release rose up and crashed over him.

Her lips never left him as she slowed down, gradually lowered him from his altered state until, breathing deeply, he finally relaxed, collapsing into his seat. Sitting up, she smiled and wiped her lips with the back of her hand.

“Whew” he laughed weekly, self-consciously “where did you…” he stopped himself, blushing at the dumb question, “why… why didn’t?”

Softly, gently massaging his semi-tumescent tool, she interrupted him “Why didn’t I stop? I didn’t want to, I wanted to do something for you that you would remember… besides” she laughed ” you were to wound up to be any good for me.”

She chuckled as the dawn of realisation crossed his face. Reaching across him she triggered the seat restraint and collapsed across him as they were propelled into the horizontal.

“You’re too much… way, way, WAY to much.” He laughed as she squirmed upon him.

For many minutes they lay against each other softly stoking, caressing, discovering and rediscovering. Her fingers trailed up and down his chest loosening the buttons of his shirt exposing his muscled chest and midriff to her gaze. Her tongue circled his nipples as her hand danced over him; down to his knees up over his cock to his neck and down again. Slowly his cock began to respond, rolling sluggishly against his thigh and then, with each beat of his heart, it lengthened and slowly rose, encouraged from time to time by her fleeting touch and a gentle squeeze of his balls as they rolled heavily within their sac.

“Hello… are we back again?” she purred, speaking directly to his throbbing phallus, gripping him with satisfaction “Are you ready for me now, Hmmm?”

As if in acknowledgement his cock surged in her hand.

“I take that as a yes.”

Sitting up she undid her waistband and shimmied out of her clothes. In the soft glow of the moonlight her beauty took him in. She was more, better than he had ever imagined, perfect in every way, a dream.

“Oh yeah” he sighed, sitting up to strip his jeans and shorts off. Naked together he took her into his arms, feeling her cool skin as it pressed against him. He wanted her now, in every way.

With both seats set horizontal, he drew her down onto him running his hands down her back to grip her ass and spread her legs to press her sex against his bucking cock as it reared up between her thighs. Signalling its need and his hunger.

“Ooh, steady lover” she murmured, grinding herself against him “Do you want me huh?”

“Sure, I want you.”

“Tell me… tell me how much you want me”

“Oh God… don’t do this too me… I want you so bad… I’ve always wanted you… I’ve dreamt about you… being with you… holding you… feeling you against me… feeling me, feeling you… I’ve wanted you so often in so many ways…” he trailed of as she gripped his cock, pumping it in her fist.

“I’ve wanted you too.” She whispered silencing him with a kiss, staring deep in his eyes. “I’ve wanted you too.”

Caressing each other, the air heavy with their scent. Rising up onto her knees she continued to fondle him.

“Are you ready for me now?” she asked.

“Oh… yeah.”

“Touch me… I want you to touch me”

Reaching out, his hand moved up her thigh he could feel the heat of her sex as has hand settled upon her. She was ready, her moist nether lips were puffy, swollen and distended. She closed her eyes as his fingers trace lightly around her. Pausing he drew his finger to his lips breathing in her scent. Wetting them, he returned to her, lubricating her, running his fingers along konya escort the length of her labia, feeling their soft folds flow through his fingertips. Trembling, she tightened her grip as his fingers settled upon her clitoris. Gasping, her open-mouthed breath grew shallow and ragged. A soft low groan escaped her lips as his finger dipped into her entrance.

“Oh God… I want you” she panted, sagging with his touch. “I want you so bad.”

In a moment she twisted from him, on her knees once more she descended upon his manhood taking it back into her mouth, sucking frantically as if her very life depended on it.

Releasing him, she straddled his hip, hunched over in the cramped environment. Directing him in one hand, she opened herself with the other, drawing his glistening dome across her opening she spread her lips and slowly descended upon him. Her all embracing super-heated pussy expanded, accommodating the girth of his enormity, as inch by inch she lowered herself upon him. Fully impaled she braced herself on her arms, brushing her heavy pendulous breasts against his face.

“At last”, he mouthed silently as he took her breasts in his hands to lick and nuzzle…”At last” he repeated, as he basked in the warm, wet, all embracing grip of pussy. “At fucking last.” He cried out as she rose slowly up from him.

Descending, he was again quickly taken up within as she wriggled her hips appreciatively, purring her satisfaction.

“Wow…”she groaned hoarsely, shaking her head as if to clear her thoughts “You… feel…feel so good inside me.”

No longer able to talk, all his senses were centred on the here and now. His cock pulsated deep within her as she massaged him with her inner muscles.

Tossing her head, her hair spilled forward tickling his face as she laboured over him. Rotating her hips, with every downward thrust, she savoured their connection. Wet with her juices, his throbbing tool emerged to glisten briefly in the moonlight before sliding effortlessly back into the hot welcoming deeps of her pulsating pussy.

Wanting more, he gripped one of her breasts roughly in his hand, trapping her nipple between his lips he drew it deep into his mouth to suckle hungrily, noisily. Gasping, with the twin sensations of his assault she arched her back bumping the review mirror in the process, almost throwing he off her stride as she rose and fell upon him.

Their horizons shortened as their sexual progress became more frenzied. Gasping, panting and heaving they spurred each other on, accompanied by the sound of the car’s squeaking suspension as it rocked violently beneath them.

The crisis came quickly. Sliding his hands down over her hips he grasped the quivering globes of her firm ass. Taking command, he steadied her, controlling her movements in order to satisfy his needs. Redoubling his efforts with a final burst of energy, he brought forth a long deep-felt moan from deep with her as she trembled with the renewed vigour of his assault.

“Oh God…Oh God…Oh God!” She gasped, panting, slowly raising her head. The syncopated rhythm of her pleas punctuated the contractions of her released as it overwhelmed her and took control. Grunting, she collapsed forward, sinking her teeth into his shoulder she bit deep, wailing with its intensity, wanting it to continue… wanting it to stop.

“FUUUUCK!” he screamed silently into the gloom with the pleasure and the pain.

Taking her head in his hands he prized her teeth from him. Her face, contorted with lust, was a cocktail of emotions; furrowed brow, unseeing eyes, slack jawed and mouth agape she panted heavily. Directing her lips to his own he kissed he firmly, preventing her from any further painful distractions as he sprinted toward his own conclusion.

Sensing his discomfort and need, she reached down between their wet, naked bodies to gently massaged his balls as they rose within his sac.

His moment came with a roar, plunging deep within her he erupted sending a bolt of white hot semen deep within her womb, quickly followed by another, and another until he subsided, spent, nothing further to give.

In the silence of the car, moments became minutes that were finally broken by his heartfelt sigh.

“Whew… I needed that”

“Me too….” She whispered. ” Me too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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