Step Father Surprise Ch. 04

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Craig bit his lip, as his hard cock just waved back and forth, untouched. He was so close, wanted to yell, but just kept quiet. He heard Mindy’s giggling continue, which angered him even more. He understood these girls were going to have their fun, but he knew he’d get back at them somehow. He closed his eyes tightly, trying to calm himself. Even though he was pissed, just seeing those girls through the somewhat transparent scarf was still a turn-on. He needed to gain some control. If he closed his eyes, and willed himself to think about something else…anything else, maybe he could get his cock to deflate somewhat, and they might tire of this and let him go. Craig started to think about work…and concentrated on his breathing, rather than on the sounds of the girls moving, whispering, giggling…yes, he told himself, this would work…

And then, he felt a soft hand wrap around his oiled cock.

“Craig…or do you prefer I call you ‘Daddy,’ too? Well Daddy,” Veronica was now whispering in his ear, “driving you crazy is fun for me. I’ve noticed you looking at me before…I didn’t mind…in fact I kind of liked it.”

She kept gently stroking…barely touching him. Craig kept his eyes closed and tried not to react. Tried to keep his breathing even…tried not to move.

“I liked it so much, Daddy,” she continued whispering, “that I’ve been dying to get my hands on this cock…and now that I have…now I think it’s going to be my cock. This cock is MY cock, Daddy,” she repeated, her lips just inches from his ear. “Do you understand?”

Craig’s eyes opened wide at this last comment. He turned his head and looked at her…looked at her through the scarf. “What the fuck are you talking about,” he whispered back. Then in a louder voice, “Mindy, untie me. Untie me THIS MINUTE.”

Veronica looked at Mindy. bahis firmaları Mindy, unsure of herself, didn’t dare move. Moving her lips back to Craig’s ear: “She’s mine, too, Daddy. You both are. She knows it already, but apparently you don’t. This is going to be fun…for me.”

Veronica kept stroking, even slower and more lightly. And Craig’s cock got even harder…Veronica was learning how his cock responded. More whispering “you seem to love it when I barely touch it…interesting. What if I just use one finger?” Craig closed his eyes again and didn’t respond.

Veronica gently kissed his earlobe, and licked lightly around his ear, as she barely caressed his cock. “Yes,” whispering still, “just one finger for a while…a long while.” Veronica did exactly what she told him. With just one finger, she traced up his cock, and hovered at the spot she knew would make him crazed…there was precum, and she tapped his cock right there…soft rhythmic taps…she was in control with just her finger. The control was addictive. She loved it.

Looking up, “Mindy, come here. Get another scarf and cover his eyes completely.” Mindy hesitated at first, but before Veronica could correct her delay, Mindy did as she was told. As she was finishing up covering his eyes with the second layer, Mindy whispered, “sorry daddy.”

Veronica heard her, smiled and said, “isn’t…that…precious. You love him don’t you. You’ll be showing him just how much very soon. Come closer…extend your finger…that’s it…now, do what I do.”

And with his eyes closed, he felt two fingers on his cock. Craig was hating this…hating that his fantasy was coming true…hating that his fantasy was so torturous already…and hoping it wouldn’t stop anytime soon.

“Mindy, soft small circles,” Veronica said as she guided Mindy’s finger to that kaçak iddaa special spot, “right there. Yes…barely touch it…and play right around there.”

Craig was squirming, pulling at the scarves around his wrists, knowing he couldn’t free himself, but trying anyway. “Please let me go,” Craig pleaded.


Veronica slapped Craig across his face…harder than she intended, but getting the result she wanted. Craig was silent, and clearly shocked. “No talking, unless I ask you a question. Understand?”

Craig was silent.


This slap was not quite as hard…”I asked you a question…Dadddddy. Do you understand?”

Craig replied with a tightlipped ‘yes.’ Craig felt his cheek get hot following the slaps…it stung, but he was no less turned on. He was slowly realizing what Veronica already knew. She was in complete control.

“Good…very good…Mindy, keep going…now, Daddy, whose cock is this?” Craig didn’t reply. Veronica placed her hand against his cheek, lowered her mouth to his ear, kissed it.

“Daddy, I’m not going to force you to tell me that cock is mine…what fun would that be.” More kisses on his ear. Veronica continued. “No, I’m just going to convince you. Soon…tonight, tomorrow…whenever, you will be convinced that this cock belongs to me.”

Veronica looked at Mindy: “now stroke him…get him close.” Mindy wrapped her fingers around her stepfather’s cock and stroked…softly. Then more pressure and a bit faster. “But do NOT let him cum.”

Mindy loved touching this cock; she was getting horny…getting wet…and stroked him faster and harder.

Veronica loved watching her two new pets play…she was going to see just how far she could push them.

“Now, press that thing against you…yes, against your leg, and pet it with the other hand.” Mindy kaçak bahis followed Veronica’s instructions without hesitation…she felt the heat of it against her bare skin…it was so close to her pussy, it made her even more wet…she wanted to slide on top and just impale herself. “Slap it against your thigh while you play with yourself,” Veronica directed.

Mindy gently slapped his cock against her bare skin…in rhythm just as Veronica told her. Mindy loved being controlled, too. Being told what to do was slowly become an incredible turn-on…maybe even an addiction. Mindy moved her other hand lower, and began caressing, playing, finding the spots that she knew made her feel the best. Although she had fantasized so many times about her step-father, she never thought anything like this was remotely possible.

Veronica was getting worked up, too. She touched herself, as she whispered into Craig’ ear. That’s your innocent little stepdaughter, and she’s going to cum, right next to that cock…my cock. I bet you’d love it if I let you fuck her. Tell me, and maybe I will.”

Craig said nothing, but was starting to thrust against Mindy’s leg, now slick with precum.

Veronica continued, “just tell me whose cock that is, and maybe I’ll let you. You do know that you are going to admit it soon…it’s really just a matter of how much teasing and edging and denial you can stand.” The only noises Craig gave in response were slight moans…Veronica took that as a good sign.

Looking at Mindy, with her cheek pressed against Craig’s ear…”Faster…get him close…get yourself close. I want one of you cumming soon.” Veronica’s voice was so sweet, Mindy thought, but the words were clear, and Mindy was excited to do exactly as she was told.

Veronica’s lips back to Craig: “Just admit it, Daddy. That cock is mine. You love the idea of me controlling it. Once you admit it, once you give me control, then we can have soooooooo much fun.”

Craig was silent. He told himself he could hold out, but he was starting to weaken.

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