Step Siblings Ch. 01

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Note: If sex between a step brother and sister bothers you then you probably don’t want to read this story. Also there is not a whole lot of sex in this first chapter. Enjoy. All rights reserved.


“Daddy, but why does he have to live here too?” Sarah asked her father who had just told her that his new wife was bringing her son Jake to live with them.

“Honey it will just be for one year and both of you will be going off to college anyway,” Jim said softly. He knew that she was already upset with his quick marriage to Ann and now would have another stranger living in their large home.

Sarah had met Jake a few times and didn’t seem to hit it off with him. They had both turned 18 recently and she was enjoying the mostly empty house so she could have some private make-out time with her boyfriend Brian.

“Yes but I really don’t like him,” she pouted.

Jim glanced at his young beautiful blonde-haired daughter and realized how much she had grown and filled out the past six months or so. She looked so much like his ex-wife who had run off with her personal trainer. “Don’t worry the house is big enough that you two probably won’t even see each other that much.”

“Once would be too much,” she said as she grabbed her book bag and headed out to jump into her BMW convertible. She was so upset she sped by her girlfriend Danielle’s house. After circling the block she drove into the driveway and watched the short but cute dark-haired girl jump off the front porch.

“Hi bitch,” Danielle laughed while landing in the seat next to Sarah. “Why the sour puss?”

“Jake is moving in with us!” She yelled while slamming her car into reverse and speeding back into the street.

“Really?” Danielle asked as she remembered the handsome dark-haired boy she had met at the wedding. “I’ll take him off your hands anytime.”

“You’re such a slut,” Sarah smiled for the first time that morning. She too had thought he was cute but they both were so upset that their parents married they took it out on each other. “He’s yours if you want him.”

“Boy Brian will be jealous,” Danielle giggled. She knew Brian kept close tabs on the head cheerleader at all times.

“He’s my step-brother,” Sarah gasped. “That would be like…….incest.”

“Not really. I mean you’re not blood relatives.”

“Yeah but even then I’d have to like him.”


Brian took it pretty well since they would be brother and sister. However his mission to break her cherry might be dampened with the dude living in her house. Since the father traveled a lot on business trips he would have to somehow get her alone with the new wife and brother living there. “When is he moving in?”

“This weekend,” she said holding his arm into her soft breast. So far they had seen each other totally naked and had touched to completion but that was it.

“Remember what you promised me last time,” he whispered while reaching back and gently caressing her nice round ass.

Sarah had promised him the blowjob just to keep his mind off of having intercourse. They had dated since the eighth grade and she had never really dated anyone else. Lately she had promised herself that she would only have intercourse with a boy as long as she knew for sure he was the one for her.

“I remember,” she giggled. Although Brian was the star quarterback and was almost six foot tall she had found out he really wasn’t packing a large weapon down below.


Across town in a middle-class neighborhood Jake stood by the front desk of his old high school waiting for his transfer papers. He had begged his mother to let him stay with his friend Mike but she insisted that he lived with her. He glanced at the clock as someone moved into him from behind and pulled him back. When he felt the large breasts he knew that it was Maria. “Stop we’re in the principles office,” he said pulling her hands away.

“No one is here,” she giggled as she reached down and found his limp package.

“Jesus Maria,” he gasped before pulling her fingers away. “You’re going to get me kicked out on my last day.”

“Sorry,” she said slyly. “I’m just horny because you are moving away from me.”

“It’s only 12 miles,” he laughed. “We’ll still see a lot of each other.”

“Don’t forget about today after school,” she whispered. She had promised him they would be alone in her bed for at least an hour. “Don’t forget to stop at the drugstore,”

“Drug store,” he repeated not sure what she meant. Suddenly it hit him. “Are you sure?”

“Yes I don’t want you messing around with any of those Kennedy chicks.”

Jake thought about how stuck up his new step-sister was. “No danger there,” he laughed. Suddenly a door behind the desk opened and the school secretary carried out a file of papers.

“Now don’t lose these,” she smiled. “I don’t have to worry about you changing any of the grades because you have straight A’s.”

“Thank you Ms. Simon,” he grinned. “I’m going to miss you.” He held out his hand but she hurried around güvenilir bahis the desk and hugged him into her. Her breasts were not as big as Maria’s but they were nice and firm.

“When you get older come back and see me,” she whispered.

“Certainly,” he smiled as he moved back to keep from getting too excited.


“Are you really going to give him a blowjob?” Danielle asked Sarah while they looked out over the large swimming pool and hot tub.

“I told him I would,” Sarah said nervously. “You gave Bill Johnson a blowjob right?”

“Yeah but it wasn’t much of one,” Danielle giggled. “As soon as I kissed the tip he unloaded all over my face.”

Sarah laughed at the mental picture of cum dripping off Danielle’s nose. “Do I really suck on it?”

“I think so and you have to lick it. Paula told me that was important.”

“I don’t want him cuming in my mouth,” Sarah said seriously. “I mean if he does I know I’ll throw up.”

“What time does your new mother get home?”

“She’s not my mother,” Sarah snapped. “Her name is Ann and she gets home around 6:00PM.”

“So that gives you about an hour to get Brian off.”

“Lately all I’ve needed is a minute,” she giggled thinking about her hand job abilities.

“What if you decide to go all the way?” Danielle asked. “I mean what about protection?”

“I doubt it but you’re right. Do you think I should buy some rubbers just in case?”


“Hello!” Jake yelled through the screen door at the back of Maria’s kitchen. He knew her parents both worked and didn’t get home until 5:30PM. Since it was only 4:00PM they had at least 60 safe minutes.

“Come in,” her voice said from somewhere in the house. He moved in slowly and looked in the living room and dining room.

“Back here!” She yelled from the back hallway.

Jake smiled as he moved to her bedroom door and peeked around the corner. He saw the jeans and blouse she was wearing that day on the floor next to a pair of sexy blue thongs and a matching bra. She was on her bed under a sheet with only her head sticking over it. “Are you going to bed early tonight?” he joked.

“Very funny,” she said seriously. “Did you stop by the drug store?”

“I didn’t have to,” he smiled as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a condom package. “I found this in my father’s stuff.” Jake’s father had died in an automobile accident three years ago.

Maria pushed the sheet down off her 38DD tits and reached over to take the condom. “Just how old is it?”

He had not seen her breasts in the daytime light and now the large puppies were on full display. “God.”

Maria snapped her fingers in front of his face. “Look at me. How old is this?”

“I don’t know,” he said while quickly pulling off his tee shirt. “It must be OK. I don’t see any holes in the package.”

Maria started to tear the package and the whole side popped open. She read the word “lubricated” on the package but when she pulled out the rubber it was completely dry. “God Jake this is no good.”

His boxers fell to his feet and he stood proudly displaying his seven and 3/4 inch hard-on. “I’m sure it’s OK.”

“Yeah you won’t be the one with the baby to take care of,” she said feeling tears forming.

“Fuck! Give me a few minutes and I’ll run down to the corner,” he said pulling back on his boxers.

“Hurry,” she smiled while watching him dress. “Uh don’t take too long,” she giggled as she pushed the sheet down over her light brown stomach and dark trimmed pussy mound.

“I won’t,” he said as he ran from the room still pulling up his jeans.


“No one will know us here,” Sarah smiled as she got out of her car and moved into the small drugstore. It was across town and far enough away from her upscale neighborhood.

“Over here!” Danielle said loudly as she stood in front of a whole display of condoms.

“Shhh,” Sarah whispered. “Let’s just get these and get out of here.” She picked up a few of the various types. “I don’t think I need the large or extra large ones,” she giggled. Both were so engrossed in choosing the rubbers they didn’t see the person walk up behind them.

“I prefer the extra large ones,” Jake smiled as he walked up behind the two teenage girls. He had overheard their conversation and thought he would give them a hard time.

“Really?” Danielle giggled hearing the male voice behind them. She turned and her mouth opened. “Holy shit.”

“What’s wrong?” Sarah asked. She pivoted while holding two boxes of Trojan’s in her hands and saw her new step brother. “Jake.” Her first reaction was to hide the boxes behind her.

“Hi sis,” he laughed. “Fancy meeting you here.”

“These are for Danielle,” Sarah quickly said as she pushed the rubbers into her friend’s hands.

“Oh no,” Danielle said moving her hands away. “They are not mine.”

“Don’t worry I won’t tell,” Jake grinned. He felt sorry for his new sister whose face was glowing cherry red. “As long as you don’t tell on me.” türkçe bahis He moved to the side and took a box of basic Trojans and made sure they saw the Extra Large label.

“I guess I’ll see you in the morning,” Jake said to his speechless step-sister before turning and walking away.

“Oh God that was so embarrassing,” Sarah said as she watched his cute hard butt walking towards the front of the store.

“I’m coming over to your house tomorrow,” Danielle grinned. “I hope he doesn’t use them all tonight.”

“You’re such a slut,” Sarah said as she grabbed one of the boxes and hurried to the front. Jake was in line so they moved behind him.

“Hey would you buy these for me?” Sarah whispered. She really didn’t want to talk to the elderly gentleman behind the cash register. “Here’s some money.”

Jake wanted to laugh but didn’t. “Sure.” He took the twenty and watched the girls move over to the side pretending they were looking at some DVDs.

“You know you have two different sizes here,” the man said to Jake.

“The small ones are for my little brother,” he said loud enough for Sarah to hear.

He took the package and turned but they had already left the store. He found them waiting for him in the expensive convertible. When he got to the driver’s door he stopped and glanced down at Danielle’s skirt which was high enough for him to see her dark red panties. “Here you go.”

“Thanks,” Sarah said. She noticed he was not looking at her and was looking at Danielle. She saw the exposed panties. “Danielle!”

“Oops,” Danielle smiled before slowly covering her new thong.

“Well have fun,” Jake grinned.

“It’s not what you think,” she said now peeking at the large lump in his jeans.

“Really? You mean you are going to blow them up and have a party?”

“You’re an asshole,” Sarah snapped back. “Let’s get out of here.”

“Hey, I was just,” he started to say but she back the car and sped away. “Joking. Wait I have your change.”


Jake hurried back down the street and ran into the back door without knocking this time. He sped around the corner into the hallway and ran into Maria’s mother. “Mrs. Lopez.”

“Hello Jake,” she saw the box he was carrying. “I think you need to take those and leave my house.”

“Oh. I uh…” He hid the condoms behind him and slowly backed up. He looked over her shoulder at Maria who was standing wearing an old terrycloth green robe. It looked as if she had been crying.

“I’ll call you later,” he said before dashing back into the kitchen and hurrying out the back door.


“God he is so cute,” Danielle swooned on the way back to Sarah’s house. “And he’s extra large too.”

“Too bad he’s an ass,” Sarah said upset that he now had something on her. She stopped at Danielle’s house to let her off and drove to her house. Brian’s car was already in her driveway. “Anxious are you?” she giggled.

“Hi baby,” Brian smiled as she moved up to his car. “I got here early.”

“The maid is still here,” Sarah said to let him know they were not going to get into it just yet. She hugged him and they walked arm in arm into the house.

“Let’s go to your room,” he whispered while cupping her butt.

“Stop,” Sarah said smacking his hand away. “Can’t we just be alone without you wanting sex all the time?”

“I wouldn’t know,” he snapped back. “I haven’t had any.”

She was about to say he would never get any but held back. “Let’s go and listen to some music.” She took his hand and guided him into the sun porch far away from her room.

They sat on the leather sofa but not touching. Finally she took his hand. “Why can’t we just cuddle and kiss?”

“Jesus Sarah I’m the only virgin on the football team.” Brian had told some of them that today was going to be his lucky day. He dropped her hand and let his fall to her bare thigh. Seconds later he pushed up under the short denim skirt and rubbed his middle finger over her dry crotch.

“Jake stop,” she gasped looking at the doorway to make sure the maid was not nearby.

“But I love you baby,” he said forcing his hand between her tender thighs. “You promised me.”

Sarah felt his finger press under the elastic band of her white lace thong and then into her slit.

“I’m leaving now Ms. Sarah!” The maid said from somewhere down the hallway.

“OK Dora!” Sarah yelled back. They waited until the front door closed and then Brian pushed her on her back and kissed her mouth hard.

Sarah tried to push him off but he was too big and strong. His tongue raped into her lips as his fingers found the top of her thong and jerked it down over her virginity. He had to lean back to push off the panties and when he did his mouth moved off of hers.

“BRIAN STOP!” She yelled into his ear but he was a madman on a mission. She kicked at his legs to get him off of her but he was too heavy. His hand fumbled at his zipper until he got it down and then pulled out his ready hard-on. When she felt his prick pushing into güvenilir bahis siteleri her outer lips she leaned forward and bit his earlobe as hard as she could.

“OUCH FUCK!” He screamed as he tried to pull his ear from her sharp perfectly formed teeth. “LET GO OF MY EAR!”

She wouldn’t let go as she pushed his body to the side. “OK….OK!” He said as he shifted out from between her legs and fell to the floor on his knees. She finally opened her teeth.

“Fuck Sarah my ear is bleeding,” he said feeling the sharp pain.

Sarah quickly jumped up and found her panties. “Leave my house.”

He realized he had fucked up. “Sarah please. You said today was the day. What will I say to the guys?”

“What? You told them that I was going to let you fuck me. Brian how could you?” She said with tears running from her baby blues.

“I really didn’t say fuck,” he said again realizing that he had royally screwed up. “Remember you said you’d give me a blowjob.” He touched his semi-hard penis and rubbed it.

“That’s all I am to you isn’t it? I think you should leave.”

“But.” He watched as she dropped her skirt over her panties and walked from the room.


Saturday Morning.

Jake stood in front of the huge mansion carrying two large canvas bags that had his clothes. Three large boxes of his stuff were in the back seat of his old Volkswagen Jetta. “I hope I can make it through the year,” he said out loud as he walked to the big maple door and rang the bell.

“Jake!” Ann yelled with a big smile. “Come in.” She grabbed one of his bags but it was too heavy.

As he moved into the door he saw his new step father. “Hello Mr. Cameron.” He took the man’s hand in his and shook it.

“Please call me Jim,’ Jim Cameron said as he grabbed one of the big bags. He then turned and yelled. “SARAH COME HERE. JAKE HAS ARRIVED!” She had promised him that she would be nice.

Sarah had been watching her favorite Saturday morning cartoon. She drudgingly stood and shuffled into the hallway. “Hi.”

“Come on give him a hug,” Jim said remembering his deal with her.

Sarah glared at her father and moved up to Jake and stood. She then put her hands on his arms and pretended to hug him from three feet away. “Welcome to our house.”


She sighed. “Welcome to our family.”

“I’m honored to be part of your family,” he smiled as he walked forward and pulled his gorgeous new sister into his hard chest.

Sarah was shocked at first but then went along with it. She blushed and pushed back when his hands dropped from the top of her hips.

“Let me show you to your room,” his mother said smiling. Ann was so happy that Jake and Sarah seemed to be getting along.

After they left Jim smiled at his daughter. “That wasn’t so bad was it?”

She wanted it to be bad but realized it wasn’t. After crying for a few hours after Brian had left she found herself thinking about Jake. Now she was excited to see him. She knew that she had to hook Danielle up with him before things got bad.


An hour later after Jake had unpacked in his huge bedroom he walked to the window and glanced down at the pool. He had heard some giggling and knew Sarah was down there with someone and then saw Danielle standing on the diving board in a tiny bikini. Her tanned butt cheeks had only a thin white strap covering the crack. He stepped back and peeked straight down at Sarah who was wearing the same tee shirt and shorts she had on when he saw her before.


“Is he watching?” Danielle whispered back to Sarah.

Sarah peeked up at the window. “I can’t see.” She then sat up on the lounge chair to get a better view. “I think he’s watching.”

“Good,” the shorter girl said as she took a big step and did a perfect dive into the deep blue water. After surfacing she made sure to swim to the edge knowing her bikini was shoved into her buttocks and her pink ass was visible.

“God,” Sarah gasped as her friend climbed up the ladder facing the house. Her top had fallen so low the hard pink nipples were out in the open. “Danielle!”

Her friend giggled and slowly pulled the top back over her titties. She then pulled up her bottoms making sure the outline of her shaved pussy lips could be seen.

“Don’t make it too obvious,” Sarah whispered when her friend sat at the base of her chair.

“You’re just mad because I might lose my cherry before you do,” Danielle whispered back. Sarah had called her last night to tell her about her problem with Brian.



Jake had a hard-on after seeing the short girl’s nipples when he heard someone tapping on his door. He quickly sat on his bed and crossed his legs. “Come in.”

“Jake honey do you need any help?” Anna asked her son. She moved into the room and sat next to him on the bed.

“No I’m unpacked.”

“Do you like your room?”

“Yes it’s nice,” he said. He was happy for her that she had fell in love again because he knew what a rough time she had after the death of his father. “They both seem nice.”

“Sarah has had a rough time too with me around. But I think she’s finally realized that I love her father.”

“I’ve always wanted a sister,” he grinned.

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