Stephanie’s Ghost Ch. 02

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This is the second story about Stephanie and her haunted house, it is not necessary to read the first part to understand the second but it can help.

It was now a few months after her move to her new house and her first encounter with the ghost and Stephanie was going to the small town center to get out of the house for a while. She truly loved her house and all the extreme sex at the hands of the ghost, but she was always so exhausted after the morning fucking that she didn’t have the energy to leave the house for more then the occasional trip to the supermarket. Now she was just sitting at the quaint little cafe at the city square looking at people passing by and absentmindedly sipping a big latte and munching away at a piece of cake. She was stirred from her daze by a friendly female voice asking to join her at her table and turning around in her seat her eyes landed on a nice pair of breasts, precisely at eye-height, and the girl had to ask again before Stephanie shifted her gaze to the girls pretty face and responded that

“Of course you can”

The girl thanked her and placed her coffee on the table and sat down opposite Stephanie and proceeded to introduce herself

“Hi, I’m Nancy, don’t you just love this weather?”

“I’m Stephanie. Yeah, it’s great, really invigorating”

Nancy was a twenty-two year old brunette with a supple body, all curves and smooth skin and no hard angles. She spent most of her time working in a clothing store down the street but had the afternoon off and opted for a coffee instead of going home to her overbearing mother, a decision she already felt had payed of as her eyes roamed the cute girl in front of her. Stephanie looked to be about the same age as Nancy, with a cute, heart-shaped face with mesmerizing eyes, a cute button-nose and full lips, all framed in straight brown hair. She was kind of short, maybe 1,65 m tall, and she had a wide waist and big breasts for her height, making her almost voluptuous, but with a pretty flat stomach. Nancy thought this woman was the most beautiful woman she had ever laid eyes on and she was determined to get to know her intimately, this feeling was something that, going by the looks she was receiving from across the table, was mutual.

The two girls chatted away for a long while, Stephanie felt completely at ease with Nancy, something she hadn’t felt with another person since her parents died in a car crash years ago. She had dated a few boys as a teenager but had never felt a real attraction and had stopped dating when she was sixteen, just after her parents had passed away. The only sexual release she had was from her own fingers, and as she got herself at night her fantasies always drifted to girls rather than boys, making Stephanie realize that she was a lesbian, or at least bi-sexual. Stephanie had been a shy girl before moving to this small town but the ghost had made her much more aware of her own needs and made her feel very much at ease with her own body and mind.

They started out with light conversations but as they drifted to more serious topics they soon discovered that they had very similar views on many aspects of life. During the entire conversation Stephanie sneaked peeks at Nancy’s cleavage and sensuous neck and mouth, and she could swear Nancy was doing the same to her. It was the first time Stephanie had ever felt this strongly for another woman, but it just felt so natural with Nancy that she didn’t think twice about lingering fingers touching on the table. When Nancy returned to the table after a refill she sat down on Stephanie’s side of the table and started touching and caressing her, at first seemingly by accident and later much more boldly. Stephanie felt each electrifying touch shoot straight to her drenched pussy and responded in the same manner, occasionally touching a soft thigh or shoulder, looking deep into Nancy’s eyes as the conversation carried on through the afternoon until they were told that the coffeehouse was closing for the evening. Stephanie, feeling bold and afraid to break the magic, invited Nancy to her house for some food and wine, something Nancy gladly accepted. As they walked the mile home Nancy sought Stephanie’s hand and they walked merrily in the fresh spring night.

When they got home to Stephanie’s house Nancy excused herself and went to the bathroom and while she was in there the ghost, sensing Stephanie’s excitement, started taking her clothes of. Stephanie had, a few weeks after the initial encounter, figured out how to communicate with the ghost and now made it stop, however, she could only command it when she was in control of her own excitement. She had almost forgot about the ghost but now she was afraid that Nancy would be freaked out if the ghost joined in when they got physical, something she was very certain would happen.

Nancy stepped out of the bathroom before she could come up with a plan for how to tell her without sounding crazy, so she just acted like nothing was wrong and figured that a bit of alcohol would make things easier.

Stephanie invited Nancy to the kitchen where she poured some nice red wine and they started Demetevler Escort cooking pasta and tomato-sauce. As they moved around in the kitchen they drank more and more wine and bumped in to each other more and more intentionally, the attraction and excitement growing fast. They moved to the dining-room and sat down at the candle-lit table and ate slowly, talking about everything, but turning more towards things of sexual nature. When they were finished they moved to the couch, taking their wine and the second bottle of the evening with them.

Nancy soon started caressing Stephanie’s neck and slowly pulled her in for the kiss they had both been waiting for since they first laid eyes on each other in the cafe. This was the first time in her life Stephanie kissed a girl and she was amazed by how soft Nancy’s lips felt, the taste and feel of her as she snaked her tounge into Stephanie’s hungry mouth and by how wet just kissing made her. As they traded juices their tongues started darting into each others mouths and were soon wrestling madly while their hands roamed each others supple bodies. Stephanie straddled Nancy’s hips and eased Nancy’s top over her head, only breaking the kiss for a second as the top passed between their panting mouths. Their hands caressing smooth skin, lips kissing necks and shoulders passionately.

Stephanie’s thoughts were yanked back to reality when she felt the presence of her ghost and felt it massaging her asshole. She pulled away from Nancy and looked in to her eyes.

“Look, there is something you should know about this house. It’s haunted!”

“What!? Ha Ha, nice joke” Nancy responded with a slightly ridiculing and skeptical tone as she tried to pull Stephanie back down for some more kissing but she pushed her away and said

“No, I’m serious, it really exists, and I just thought I should tell you so you don’t freak out when it joins in” Nancy started laughing, still thinking it was a joke so Stephanie said, a little angry now

“OK! Just see for yourself!” and told the ghost with her mind to grab hold of Nancy’s arms and stretch them over her head, making Nancy shriek in surprise, before she could say anything however, Stephanie leaned in for a kiss whilst grabbing hold of Nancy’s luscious breasts, fondling them through her flimsy bra. When she pulled back from the kiss Nancy just lay there staring at her, so she told her

“Look, I told you. I didn’t believe in ghosts either but when I moved here this ghost came to me and started pleasuring me in ways I didn’t believe possible, so just roll with it”

“OK, so it’s not going to hurt me or anything?” Nancy asked between moans, in a slightly subdued voice

“Well, what I’ve discovered is that it’s going to do the things it senses brings the strongest orgasms, and I can say that in my case that involves some pain” Stephanie could see some doubt still in Nancy’s eyes so she continued her explanation

“You can actually control it to some degree, at least as long as you are able to picture it in your head. This gets impossible when you are nearing orgasm, by the way. Go ahead, try doing something to me”

“Just focus?”

“Yeah, just get a clear image of what you want to happen” Nancy got a concentrated look on her face and then Stephanie could feel her arms being lifted over her head and her top being lifted over her stomach, her bra-less breasts spilling free, making Nancy don a broad smile and exclaim

“Hey, this is going to be fun!” She then made the ghost release her arms and leaned Stephanie forward so she could suckle her large, hard nipples and the supple flesh of her breasts, making Stephanie moan out loud and exclaim

“Please be rougher! I love it rough!” this made Nancy bite down on her nipple, causing Stephanie to scream out in pleasure and pain, feeling her pussy convulse in a miniature orgasm, soaking her jeans. Stephanie leaned her face down to Nancy’s in a wild, passionate kiss, tearing of the rest of Nancy’s clothes in a frenzy, she then felt her hips and legs rising and her jeans and panties were pulled of her by the ghost. They were now laying intertwined, breasts mashing together, hands roaming wildly and pussies grinding against thighs and hips, smearing each other with juices as they kissed passionately.

Nancy, able to collect her thoughts for a while, projected the image of the two of them in a 69 position to the ghost and felt them being lifted into the air and rotated so that they were hovering with their faces right in front of each others pussies. Stephanie was mesmerized by the look and smell of the beautiful, clean-shaved pussy now in front of her and tentatively leaned her head forward and ran her tongue up the velvety folds, reveling in the intoxicating taste of her very first pussy. Stephanie and Nancy ate away at each other suspended in mid-air by the ghost, who soon joined in, sucking and pinching both girls breasts and nipples. Soon it also noticed that Stephanie had a hole vacant and started prying her anus open slowly and penetrating deeply, making Stephanie cum hard, Otele gelen escort screaming into the pussy at her mouth, surprising Nancy with a strong jet of girl-cum filling her mouth, making her almost choke and pull away. When she realized what was happening, she quickly attached her mouth again, greedily drinking as much as possible, but not before getting her hair soaked with a few stray jets. Stephanie, after catching her breath for a few moments, attacked Nancy with renewed gusto, licking and sucking on her inner lips and clit while penetrating her juicy hole with a couple of fingers, going deep and curling her fingers to rub her g-spot. This made Nancy’s body writhe and pulled loud moans and screams from her throat as she neared orgasm. Then the ghost intensified the assault on her nipples, the exquisite pain pushing her over the edge and she came hard, her legs spasming and her hips bucking wildly, making it almost impossible for Stephanie to keep her mouth latched on to the overflowing pussy.

After the orgasm was over the ghost set them down on the couch and let them be for a while. For a while they just laid there reveling in the after-glow of the orgasms, smiling and looking deep into each-others eyes and slowly caressing each others quivering bodies. Stephanie felt butterflies in her stomach and she realised that she was in love with the girl laying next to her. This was something completely new for her and it actually scarred her to be feeling something so strong for another person, but in her heart she also knew that the feelings were mutual, she had felt it in the kisses and she could feel it now from the way Nancy was looking at her.

Suddenly she could feel the ghost touching her again and made it stop, but then got an idea

“Do you like to be the one in charge?” she asked Nancy with a hopeful tone

“I do, I think, I really like calling the shots in bed”

“Well, I’ve always had fantasies where I’m being bound and dominated and when the ghost does it, I cum like crazy. Would you want to try doing things to me while I’m tied up?” Stephanie said the last part in an almost begging voice and Nancy felt her juices flow again with the idea of having this beautiful girl at her mercy, but thought it best to find out more about what was expected of her

“OK, I would like to try at least, what do you want me to do to you when you are tied?” Stephanie’s face turned red as she said

“Um, I would really love it if you played with my asshole, the ghost introduced it to me my first night here and now I love being stretched to my limits back there. Other than that you could do what ever you want, I really cum hard from pain and pleasure combined” At this Nancy smiled a wicked smile and got the ghost to pick Stephanie up and carry her to the bedroom. As she walked behind Stephanie’s hanging form she thought about what she wanted to do, she figured that she should get into character, act dominant, but she had never thought about doing something like this. Nancy had had fantasies where she was completely in control, and when she had sex she liked to be the one calling the shots, but never to this extent. When they got to the bedroom Nancy saw the stripes of bedsheets tied all around the bed-frame, left there by the ghost, and said to Stephanie

“I’m going to start with having the ghost tying you up, then I’m going to start with your ass, as you wanted, and because this is the first time we are doing this, I’m going to allow for you to ask for more or less” With that she made the ghost place Stephanie on her back in the middle of the bed and tied her hands to the headboard and placed a pillow beneath her head so she could see all expressions playing over that beautiful face. She then took more stripes and tied so they circled Stephanie’s chest over and under her breasts before circling the breasts, making them stand swollen from her chest. Next she spread Stephanie’s legs and pushed them toward the head board and placed a pillow under her lower back so that both pussy and asshole was extremely exposed and then she tied Stephanie’s ankles to the top posters of the bed while caressing Stephanie’s supple thighs, eliciting soft moans. She then tied Stephanie’s feet together, then tied a rope around her hips to the sides of the bed and lastly tied her knees to her arms just above her shoulders, making Stephanie completely immobile without cutting circulation.

Stephanie has bought this bed a while after her first encounter with the ghost, it had rubber sheets beneath the regular sheets and it was a four-poster bed with a specially made ceiling of ribs that was perfect for being bound by the ghost, and now the lovely Nancy.

Nancy loved how her willing captive’s breasts looked tied up and leaned over to touch and suck on those swollen nipples, getting rougher as she heard Stephanie’s loud moans turn to lust filled screams. This pushed Nancy to bite down on one nipple and pinch and pull the other roughly, this pushed Stephanie over the edge and her pussy squirted a few jets as she came from nipple torture alone. Balgat Escort When Nancy was done with her breasts she commanded the ghost to continue her work on Stephanie’s incredibly stiff nipples. Nancy then stepped back to view her handiwork, feeling proud of herself for getting it the way she wanted it the first time, then she asked

“Stephanie, is it to tight anywhere? I don’t want you to be too uncomfortable because you are going to stay this way a while” Stephanie answered between the moans elicited by the ghosts attentions to her sensitive breasts

“No, you’ve bound me just right, it doesn’t hurt anywhere and i think I can move my hips a bit” With that Stephanie started to wiggle and roll her hips, smiling at the mesmerized Nancy who, after a gulp tore her eyes from those perfect gyrating globes and the beautiful pink folds to get the lube and get started on that ass.

Nancy opened up the drawer in the nightstand and found several bottles of lube with long, narrow tips. She picked that was already slightly used and turned back to the bed and sat in front of the bound creature and started to squirt the lube over her belly and chest and down her butt and legs. She then started massaging Stephanie’s entire body with the lube, making her smooth skin glisten and shine in the warm light of the bedroom as she enjoyed gliding her fingers over soft flesh.

She had kept the lube from the valley between Stephanie’s legs and cheeks and now leaned down to get her first taste of that pink rosebud, first licking gently all along the crack before directing her agile tongue at the center of her attention. She first licked and kissed lightly and then, after hearing the highly appreciative moans and grunts coming from the girl in front of her, started licking with a much greater intensity, prying her tongue as deep as possible. Then she felt Stephanie pushing back at her tongue and open around it, Nancy then pulled her face from between Stephanie’s cheeks and her asshole was actually gaping slightly and was winking invitingly at her.

Nancy picked up the lube and pushed the slender tip right up Stephanie’s asshole and squirted in half the tube as she looked into Stephanie’s eyes, seeing them fill with surprise and then pleasure. She then pulled the tip from the asshole and squirted some more on the outside, she then started spreading the lube with the tip of her finger before zeroing in on her target, she easily got her fingertip into the slightly open hole and started pushing deeper, she soon had all of her finger inside and felt around inside and then stared pumping her finger in and out. Stephanie soon started to beg for more, prompting Nancy to ad another finger, and then another, fucking them fast and hard as Stephanie screamed out her second orgasm of the evening, her juices squirting from her pussy over both of them. After her sphincter stopped contracting around the fingers in her ass she opened her eyes and looked at Nancy with an verry pleased expression and said

“Thank you so much! That felt great, but I want more, could you try to get your fist deep into me? I know it works, I’ve done it several times myself but i can’t get very deep”

“OK, I’ll try” Nancy said, not quite believing that Stephanie could fit her whole hand in her hole, but eager to give it a go. She smeared more lube on her hand then started pushing four fingers into Stephanie’s rosebud, slowly pushing forward until her fingers were completely buried, then started moving her hand back and forth, every time going a little deeper and soon folded her thumb into the palm of her hand and pushed harder. As her hand went past Stephanie’s sphincter she felt her hand get sucked in the rest of the way, and as soon as she moved her hand inside she felt the muscles surrounding her hand spasming and she saw Stephanie’s pussy convulsing and squirting strong jets and leaned down to drink as much as possible while she prolonged the orgasm by slowly fucking her hand in and out of that incredibly stretched asshole and occasionally licking at her clit between gulps.

Feeling her hand in Stephanie’s ass felt so intimate and kinky and Nancy wanted more, and from the moans coming from above she was certain Stephanie felt the same, so she started working her hand deeper inside, mesmerized by the sight of her forearm slowly disappearing inside this pretty little girls obscenely stretched anus. The ghost noticed that all Nancy’s attention was on the girl before her started to work it’s magic on Nancy’s supple body, eager to explore this new playmate. It started massaging her breasts and pinching nipples and soon caressing the wet folds of her pussy, something Nancy apreciated greatly as fisting this goddess before her was the most erotic thing she had ever done. The ghost was getting her closer and closer to orgasm as she herself worked on getting Stephanie of again. When she got her arm in almost to the elbow Stephanie cried out that she couldn’t take it any deeper and asked Nancy to fuck her with her arm. As Nancy drove her arm fast and hard in and out of Stephanie’s ass the ghost started penetrating Nancy’s pussy, first moving gently deeper and deeper with something narrow covered with bumps and ridges and when it reached Nancy’s cervix it stopped and started vibrating and growing. When Nancy felt she couldn’t take more the ghost started fucking her with long, slow movements that made the bumps and ridges rub everything inside, giving Nancy more pleasure then she thought possible.

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