Stephanie’s Journey

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Judy looked at her assistant Stephanie’s quarterly marketing report.

“The girls’ got talent.” She thought to herself.

She sighed and looked out the window at the traffic below. Stephanie had been her assistant for the last year and a half. Her career at Dunphy & McCoy was about to take a big step forward. Judy recommended her for the vacant position of marketing manager which bought a hefty salary increase, her own office and assistant. The promotion meant that Stephanie and Judy would be equals at the firm. The managers committee voted unanimously in favor of Stephanie’s promotion. It was a well deserved but necessary step because of the fierce competition among rival marketing firms. Most were notorious for stealing top level talent of Stephanie’s caliber. Since she was Judy’s assistant, it was Judy responsibility to give her the good news.

Stephanie was recruited straight out of college. She graduated with honors from one of the best universities in the state. Her interview with the hiring committee was so memorable, that she was offered the position before she left the office.

When she first met Stephanie, Judy was taken aback by how much she looked like Lenore, her roommate in college. Lenore was on the swim team and had a lithe, almost muscular physique. Both were bi-curious and it all started the night Lenore’s boyfriend drove them back to their apartment after a Fraternity mixer. She and Lenore were pleasantly drunk and good hearted Jeffrey practically carried them into the apartment. Once inside, Judy and Lenore threw caution to the wind and started kissing. Ignoring Jeffrey, they spent the better part of the night satisfying their lust.

From Stephanie’s first day with the firm, Judy was captivated by her pretty and vivacious new assistant. She had talent and drive. They were a good team and within six months, doubled profits in their department. Now at the tender age of 25, Stephanie was on the verge of becoming the youngest manager in the firms’ history. Judy had little doubt that Stephanie would succeed at her new position.

Stephanie was dark haired, slim and pretty. Judy knew many attractive women but Stephanie had that extra something that appealed to her in a sexual way. At first, she thought it was a harmless fascination but working together on a daily basis and in close proximity had Judy masturbating to visions of Stephanie within a few months.

Stephanie was always tastefully dressed but on Casual Friday’s, she wore more form fitting clothes that accentuated her fit body. After several months on the job, her intuitive powers were telling her that Judy was attracted to her. But, since Judy was her superior, she thought it best to keep it in the background.

Stephanie was very shy and painfully thin in high school. She was the intelligent and studious type, which coupled with excellent grades, got her a scholarship to an excellent university. She gained a lot of self confidence when her body hit its biggest growth spurt in her senior year of high school. Finally, she had some curves and her previously flat chest blossomed with swells for breasts. With her new acquisitions, Stephanie’s social life improved especially dating. Still a virgin when she left for college, she met her first serious boyfriend during freshman year.

Handsome, brooding and highly intelligent, Ethan was everything Stephanie wanted in a boyfriend. He took her virginity and was a passionate and giving lover. She fell madly in love with him and they spent countless hours together.

But, by the end of freshman year, Stephanie got the eerie feeling that something about their relationship was different. The lovemaking was more mechanical and less loving. Ethan seemed more distant and they were spending less time together, a lot less.

With a week left in the semester and finals in full swing, Stephanie stopped to retrieve a textbook at Ethan’s apartment that she needed for a final exam. Ethan always left a spare key under the mat and as she was opening the front door, she heard loud moaning from somewhere in the apartment. She knew he shared the apartment with four other guys but when she got within sight of Ethan’s room, the door was open and he was on top of someone. His ass was flying up and down and he was screwing the daylights out of a girl she didn’t recognize.

Stephanie ran from the apartment and kept running until she reached her dorm room and there, she cried her eyes out. Diane, her roommate, tried to console her and offered to go over to Ethan’s apartment and,

“Kick his cheatin ASS!” were Diane’s fighting words.

Diane was petite but with heart of a lioness. She was accomplished in the martial arts and was more than capable of kicking Ethan’s sorry ass.

“Put a hurtin on that asshole!” as she so aptly phrased the words.

Every time Ethan called her cell phone, Stephanie ignored his messages. On the last day of the semester, Diane answered and in a calm voice carefully described what type of physical harm she would inflict on his body if he called güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri again.

Diane was Stephanie’s first and only roommate in college. She had a rough and tumble exterior and usually spoke her mind. Even with their opposite personalities, they got along well. Diane was genuinely friendly and supportive of her roommate. Stephanie was the type of person she could trust and knew would be a loyal friend.

With her lean petite body and blonde good looks, Diane attracted people of both sexes. During her senior year of high school, she started exploring her sexuality with boy’s and girls’ and decided she liked both. Stephanie was sad and depressed for most of summer break. Her part time job at the supermarket kept her busy and she spent the remaining time at the local gym. During her relationship with Ethan, he got her interested in fitness and she loved the way it made her body feel after a good workout. The trainer at the local gym helped her devise a program that incorporated weight training and she was hooked.

By the start of fall semester, Stephanie’s body had developed a lean and somewhat muscular look. Her breasts were rounder and rode higher on her chest; she liked what she saw in the mirror.

Stephanie was oblivious to the stares from the bi curious crowd in her dorm. She had zero sexual experience with girls’. On the other hand, Diane preferred her bi encounters. No fear of pregnancy, no cheating boyfriends and sex was usually better with a girl. She was surprised when she got her first glimpse of Stephanie’s “new” body. Diane always thought Stephanie’s was very attractive but now she was a bona fide “hottie.” She wanted to get into Stephanie’s pants in the worst way but was well aware that Stephanie was the straight arrow type and her feelings might be unrequited.

With her newly acquired “hottie” look, Stephanie’s dating calendar filled quickly. She dated several guys on a semi-regular basis but found that most were interested in sex and not much else. Since love was missing from the occasion, when she indulged her need for intercourse, it never took on the heated passion as it had with Ethan. It was sex, pure and simple.

As sophomore year was winding down, Stephanie and Diane were invited to attend a party at the most prestigious frat on campus. Most of the brothers were involved in sports and had girls’ swooning over them. By now, Stephanie had voiced her disgust with the whole dating scene to Diane. She especially didn’t like the jock types and was wondering why she was going in the first place.

“Did you ever stop to think that it might be a fun time?” Diane said in an exasperated voice.

In the many conversations she had with Stephanie since l’affaire Ethan, Diane made it a point of telling her to stop looking for Ethan in every guy she dated.

“If you’re unhappy with the sex, train them. Ethan taught you and you should pass that knowledge along to someone else.” Diane would say over and over.

Eventually, Stephanie took Diane’s advice and managed to turn one guy into a respectable lover. Even without the love aspect, she really enjoyed sex and wasn’t going to give it up.

At the frat party, Steve Romero, all star quarterback on the football team, was infatuated with Stephanie the moment she walked in. He made every effort to stay next to her but she wasn’t interested. She thought he was handsome but dim witted and he spent several futile hours trying to impress her with his gridiron exploits.

Meanwhile, Stephanie saw that Diane was drunk and wanted to get her home before anything happened to her. Diane watched Stephanie’s back whenever they went to parties and she always returned the favor. She collected Diane and headed for the door.

When Steve saw she was leaving, he asked for her campus phone number. She turned him down. Then, he asked for her campus address with the same result. Finally and in desperation, he asked her out on a date. With most of his frat brothers looking on, she told him she wasn’t interested and furthermore, he wasn’t her type.

“But I’m every girl’s type.” He bellowed in frustration.

Stephanie slowly shook her head in disgust and left holding Diane up with her free arm.

Stephanie managed to get Diane onto her bed. She was surprised that Diane was drunk as they rarely over indulged in alcohol consumption. With some effort, she had Diane’s coat and shoes off.

Stephanie was laying a blanket over Diane and couldn’t help but think how different they were. Diane was extroverted and flamboyant while she was introverted and conservative. But, somehow they got along really well, in fact they were best friends. She had a great deal of affection for her friend and valued Diane’s trust and loyalty.

When Stephanie returned from taking a shower, she saw Diane’s eyes were open.

“Did I hear you turn down a date with Steve Romero when we were leaving the party?” she asked in a mystified voice.

“Yes. He’s not my type, remember?” Stephanie said with mock seriousness. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri

“I guess I’m not your type either.” Diane said wistfully.

Stephanie was stunned and didn’t know what to say. She thought it was the alcohol talking and not Diane.

“I can’t keep this inside any longer, I think you’re hot and I want to make love to you.” Diane said bluntly but with sincerity.

Realizing she had blundered into telling Stephanie her secret fantasy, she added “If you don’t want to be my roommate anymore, I’ll understand.” in a weepy voice.

Stephanie was overcome with feelings for her friend. Although she never thought of having sex with Diane, she’d been having bi curious thoughts for several months. Diane was pretty with short blond hair and had a fit but feminine look from her martial arts training. Stephanie was intrigued by the idea of an encounter with her petite roommate.

“I better get you ready for bed.” Stephanie said in a matter of fact tone.

Tears welled up in Diane’s eyes and spilled down her cheeks and she wondered where she would find a roommate for next semester. With Stephanie’s help, she took everything off but her panties and got under the covers. She was crying and couldn’t stop.

“I’m sorry Steph, please forgive me” she said several times in the saddest voice Stephanie ever heard.

Her heart ached with need from the sound of Diane’s voice.

“It’s OK. We’ll talk about it in the morning.” Stephanie said in the same flat tone.

This was unlike Diane to show so much emotion and Stephanie kept thinking it was the alcohol. But, she wondered if Diane had romantic feelings mixed up with sex.

Diane watched thru tear soaked eyes as Stephanie turned off the lights. She was mad at herself for ruining their friendship and should never have gotten drunk at the frat party. As her chest heaved with sorrow and regret, she turned to face the wall on her side and away from Stephanie.

In the next instant, someone was pulling back the covers and getting in Diane’s bed. She felt paralyzed until an arm draped over her side and handed her a wad of tissues.

“I thought you’d like some company.” Stephanie said in a happy but quiet voice.

Diane turned towards Stephanie and embraced her still holding the tissues. She was crying harder and buried her head against Stephanie’s neck.

“Are you sad?” Stephanie asked.

“I thought I had lost you.” Diane sobbed.

Diane was overcome with emotion from the turn of events. Her heart was thudding like a hammer from her feelings for her roommate. As Stephanie embraced her, she quickly dried her eyes. They held each other tightly for a long time without saying a word.

As they were hugging, Diane looked at Stephanie and leaned in for a kiss. It was a quick lips only one but it felt great. Then they started making out in earnest as tongues intertwined and danced a duel in each others mouth. Except for Ethan, Stephanie couldn’t remember kissing anyone with so much desire and passion. She threw back the bed covers as the heat from their bodies rose dramatically.

As Diane kissed Stephanie’s face, throat and ears, her hand traveled south resting between Stephanie’s legs. She felt her roommates’ groomed bush and tenderly ran her finger along the damp slit.

“I’m not sure what I should do?” Stephanie said in a panting voice.

“Relax and let me take you to places you’ve never been before.” Diane breathed out huskily.

Stephanie was in ecstasy and lay on her back as Diane sucked and tongued her nipples like a baby. With each swipe of Diane’s tongue on her stiff nubs, hot sensations pulsed thru her body and settled in her pussy. As Diane stroked her wet slit, she moaned out loud from the intense pleasure.

“Oh God, That feels sooo good.”

Diane was lost in the throes of her lust for Stephanie as she manipulated the hard nipples with her ravenous mouth. Time ceased to exist and Stephanie’s pleasure was her one and only goal. She left wet trailing kisses all over Stephanie’s stomach and breathed in the heady aroma of her wet crotch. Diane admitted to herself that for her, this was more than just sex. She had romantic feelings for her roommate.

Propped up with pillows at the head board, Stephanie watched as Diane’s head descended between her wide open legs. With tender licks, Diane’s tongue replaced her fingers. She lifted Stephanie’s butt and gently lapped the moist fleshy folds. Stephanie bucked her hips as her pussy throbbed and pulsed with white hot sensations.

Before Stephanie got into bed with Diane, she naively thought that no one could compare to Ethan’s skills. Now she was convinced that Ethan was a mere novice compared to Diane.

“Eat me!” she groaned out loud.

Diane feasted on her roommate with passion and lust. Her one desire was to give Stephanie an orgasm she’d never forget and, it was a doozey. Steely legs squeezed her head so tightly, Diane thought she would pass out as Stephanie shook and convulsed güvenilir bahis şirketleri with each contraction.

“I’m cominggg! Stephanie screamed thru clenched teeth.

As her passion subsided, Stephanie gazed at Diane with love and longing. Overcome by the look in Stephanie’s eyes, Diane humped her friends’ thigh mercilessly and exploded in orgasm.

In the aftermath, Stephanie held Diane’s petite body as it lay prone on top of her and lovingly stroked the velvety skin on her back. They were both exhausted and Diane with her head against Stephanie chest was in a dreamy half sleep. Overwhelmed with fondness for her roommate, hot tears ran down Stephanie’s cheeks. Nothing this emotionally and physically satisfying had stirred her heart since Ethan.

From the sound of Diane’s breathing, Stephanie realized she was asleep and gently set her roommate on her side facing Stephanie. She held the sleeping figure against her and smiled. Her friend usually displayed a tough but friendly exterior but now she realized Diane was hiding a loving and caring heart at the center of her being. From that night onward, Diane dropped the hard boiled image with Stephanie and it only appeared in public or mixed company.

When they woke late the next morning, Diane hugged Stephanie with all her might. After showers and breakfast, they raced back to the room and jumped naked into Diane’s bed. They needed to discuss what had happened and although neither wanted to give up men, decided to continue their relationship. The future would decide what was in store for them.

Stephanie gazed with lust at Diane’s lean body and in a voice full of stammering and hesitation asked,

“Could you show me what to…I mean… you know, like, how you, well, ah, do I… ”

Amused by her friends’ rare display of uncertainty, Diane let Stephanie go on for a bit then said with yearning,

“Kiss me!”

Stephanie was a quick study and soon had Diane growling passionately.

As they were cleaning up the wreckage from their lovemaking, Stephanie chuckled out loud.

“What?” Diane asked quizzically.

“You’re a real softy at heart.” Stephanie said in a very amused way.

Standing on the balls of her feet, Diane, with a defiant face bellowed,

“I am not!”

Magically, her face softened to a sheepish and endearing look. With her voice full of admission, she said

“I guess I am.”

“BUT, if you tell anyone, I’ll…” she said in a mock serious tone.

It was no use, Stephanie had her number. She realized that Stephanie knew her better than anyone else and was loyal to a fault.

“Which me, do you like better?” Diane asked, sounding timid.

With an overly serious but joking look on her face, Stephanie answered,

“Actually, I like you both.”

They laughed out loud and collapsed into each others arms.

By the time Diane met her future husband in senior year, their relationship had evolved into a platonic one of love and respect. Neither had a sister but bonded as sisters’ are apt to do.

Diane met Tony at the same frat where Stephanie turned down Steve, the macho man quarterback. Tony was Steve’s younger brother and except for parentage, as different as night and day. Tony was shy and very intelligent. To please his parents, he was on the swimming and track teams in high school but unlike Steve, didn’t inherit the athletic prowess. Mechanically inclined from an early age, Tony had plans on an engineering career.

When he met Diane, Tony thought she was the cutest bundle of energy and he recognized her from senior year English class. Determined to get to know her better, he made it a point of talking with her after class and was impressed by her forceful personality. A bit rough but Tony was perceptive and knew there was something underneath that she kept hidden. He just had this feeling about her.

Diane liked Tony the first time she saw him at the frat party. She thought he was good looking and his personality was different from most of the brothers in the frat. When she found out who his brother was she almost ran for the door. But, something in his eyes kept her rooted to the spot. With his shy and unassuming attitude, she was attracted to him.

Diane smiled as she remembered the day he asked her out. She saw he was nervous but after two weeks of conversation leading up to this point, she was getting impatient. She would ask him for a date if he got cold feet.

“Diane, ah…” He stammered.

“That’s my name” she shot back.

“I was…ah, wondering, ah, if you…” he said with the same stammering voice.

Diane wanted to torture him as he fumbled and almost mumbled his words but she didn’t have the heart.

“Are you asking me out?” she demanded in a serious tone.

Tony looked stunned but kept on going.

One bright and sunny Saturday with only a week until finals and graduation, Tony was knocking at the door of the efficiency apartment that Stephanie shared with Diane. Stephanie let him in and explained that Diane was out but expected back any minute.

It was the first time Tony and Stephanie were alone without Diane present. Right away she saw his shyness and engaged him in small talk. He relaxed and during a brief silence, started to laugh as though he were amused by some private joke.

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