Stepmom Betrayal Ch. 02: Way to Home

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Chapter Two: What happens on the way to their new home?

Miss Casandra Hall is feeling very happy as she pulls the car into the driveway of her new home and stops the before the gate.

She is thinking back at the last two months; “correction” she thinks and smiles. “Two months and 4 days to be exact. It was exactly that long ago that she conquered Tara, having already conquered Lara.” “Yes,” she thought to herself, “I got the stepmom and the stepdaughter. And now they are my slaves and sluts. It has been a whirl wind.”

“It was a thousand miles to the new estate and we could have taken just two days, hell, we could have done it in one if I had wanted to, but I took it slow, taking 4 days to drive it. It was a very relaxing trip. This is noon on the 4th day; we took 4 days and 3 nights. And oh, the nights were special.”

She continues to remember, “The two months were very busy and hectic. We stayed at a “safe house”, the house was owned by Barry. Once the Power of Attorney forms were accepted by the court, I had control of all the money. Lara and Tara helped with that too. When the lawyer, who had once worked for Robert, Tara’s father who died 7 months previously, tried to cause trouble, Tara and Lara told him to stay out of it, that it is family business, so, that was that, he stopped trying to interfere.

I then sold the house and everything in it and bought this estate. Lara and Tara have no things, no possessions, except what I, their Mistress, give them. That is how it should be; the slave should always depend on the Mistress.”

“I then paid off all those who helped me with this project and I paid them off very well. Jessica, Tiffany, Marie, Mike, Barry and Fred all did very well. In addition, I fucked each of the guys and as a bonus; I let each of them fuck both of my pretty little sluts. It’s funny, the guys are great lovers, but I’ll take my little slut slaves. It was a lot of fun fucking the guys but, as I always say, “Cock is great, but Pussy is better.”

“Lara thought that Tara should experience one of Marie’s special treatments and I couldn’t disagree with her. So, we went and got the experience together, Tara and Lara got the treatment and I assisted Marie. The girls were not put under, there being no need for that, but they were strapped in, shaved and Marie and I played with them. Being helpless sometimes makes for strong reactions and boy, did Tara have a time, she loved it.”

“The next week, Lara and I, along with Tara, visited the clothing store. Boy, were Lucy, Bobbie and Jasmine ever surprised. I made them close the store and we had a good time in the fitting rooms. For a short time, my little slaves felt like mistresses. We made Lucy, Bobbie and Jasmine do anything we wanted.”

“The best part, before we left the area for good, I gave Melissa, anonymously, the code to the camera system that is in the fitting room. Now, she can make those three bitches her slaves and maybe some of the young girls too. I love it. She deserved it and since she started the whole chain of events, I set up a trust fund of $125000 for her education, again, anonymously.”

“I throughout most of my stuff too and bought all new clothes for each of us so that we all are starting fresh. We went to a different city and did a lot of shopping in the mall and just acted like best girlfriends. Well almost.”

“Like when I ordered Lara to go to the mall food court, go to the first restaurant on the right; place the order with the first available clerk, male or female, then pretend she has no money and to say to the clerk, “Is there any other way for me to pay for this, I’m really hungry. I’ll do anything, anything at all for some food.”

“Tara and I watched her performance, it was great. When she got to place her order, it was to a guy, about 17 years old. She did exactly like I ordered her to but, when she was finished begging, she stuck a finger into her mouth and acted like she was sucking on it. Now, picture this, here’s Lara, a 26 year old woman who naturally looks 16 but with her hair style I keep her in, she looks like she 12 and oh so hot. Then she reached over, grabbed his arm and pulled him closer and said, “I’ll give you the blow job of your life. How about it?”

“The poor boy did not know what to do, she added, looking over his shoulder, “Are those friends of yours, I’ll do all three of you, right now? Follow me.””

“And she starts to walk away. The boy motions to his buddies and calls out, “Wait, miss, let us help you.””

“The three practically jump over the counter to follow Lara. And off the four of them went, straight to the restroom where Lara gave those boys blow jobs. When she disappeared with the boys, Tara and I talked, in loud voices about what we had just seen. That did it, boys started to head to the restroom. Tara and I finally had to limit access.

“When Lara was finally finished, she walked out and then, she stopped, turned to the crowd of boys and said, “I lied, I’m not hungry, and I just love to suck cock.””

Tara escort buca and I were standing outside the restroom and just busted out with laugher.”

“A short time later I asked Lara, “So what happen in there little one.”

Lara giggled and replied, “They were so sweet. We walked into the men’s restroom and I walked to the center of the room. I went down to my knees and said, “Ok, who’s first?”

“The boys just looked at each other, not sure what to do. There was a different boy in the restroom, standing by the sink; he was there when we walked in. I looked at him and said, “Do you want a blow job, they seem to be afraid of me.”

“One of the three boys, the one I had begun with at the counter, says, “Wait a minute, you’re here for us, remember.”

“Yes, but I want to give some head and you three don’t seem to want it.”

“Yes, we do.”

I replied, “Then come over here now and let’s do it.”

He slowly walked over, he stood over me, and I unzipped his fly, pulled his dick out and started to suck on his dick. Didn’t take long either. The next boy walked over with his fly unzipped and he said, “Ok bitch. Suck my dick.”

And I did and again, it did not take long. As the 3rd boy walks to me, I turned to the 4th boy, he hasn’t moved from the sink and ask him again, “Want to?”

He just nodded his head and I said, “Well get in line.”

Just then, two more boys, younger than the others, walk in and one says, “See, I told you it was true.”

Someone must have overheard our conversation and saw us all enter the restroom, and told others. And I said, “Get in line boys, I love it.”

And they did. As I finished one boy off, another one took his place. I’m sure how many I did to be honest. Do you know Mistress?”

“I had let her tell her story, did not interrupt and answered her, “We counted; the first three, the one already inside and 10 more. You sucked on 14 cocks you little cocksucker,” smiling as I said it.

I then told Lara that was me that had talked about it, to get more boys in on it. Lara laughed and said, “I should have known. Thank you Mistress.”

And she gave me a hug. I ordered Tara to take Lara to a restroom and clean her up. When they returned, I said “Time for more shopping.”

Later, as we were sitting in a small courtyard of the mall, I was thinking to myself, “It’s not fair that Lara had an adventure here in the mall and Tara hasn’t had one. I’ll have to think up one.”

“I then noticed a group of young women sitting across the courtyard. They look like they’re just of out of high school, probably 19 or 20. That’s it I decided. I ordered Tara to stand in front of me and kneel. I then gave my slave her orders.

“But mistress, no, not them, they’re my age.”

“Slave, do not argue. Obey.”

“Yes Mistress.”

And so began Tara’s adventure in the mall. She stood up, turned and walked towards the group of young women. They had all observed her kneel at my feet and now they watch her walk towards them. They saw a tall long-legged beautiful sixteen year old girl with very little clothing on, coming to them.

“It’s funny; they all had a look of “what the hell?”

When Tara got to them, she knelt to her knees and said, “Hello young Misses, my Mistress orders me to ask you for a favor, may I ask it please?”

The girls just look at her and at each other. Finally, one says “your Mistress?”


“Ok, you may ask your question.”

“Thank you young Miss. I have been ordered to service with my mouth four young Misses like you and bring them to orgasm. May I eat your pussies please?”


“We can go to the restroom, there are benches inside.”

The girls look at each other and look at what they think is a sixteen year old; and they decide.

One says, “Let’s do it. If her Mistress gave her an order to service us, doesn’t that mean she must obey us as well?”

Another girl agrees, “That makes sense.”

“Stand up little slave and follow us. You’re doing all of us and some other friends too.”

And the girls laugh. I can tell that Tara is unsure about this but she continues to obey me. She’s such a good slave.

I noticed each girl was using their cell phones as they walked to the bathroom, probably calling friends. When the seven reached the bathroom and went inside, Lara and I walked over to the entrance and waited and listened. As time went by, several more young women went into the restroom. None had left yet. And two guys came too, and went in.

After one hour, everyone started leaving and walking away. The last to leave was the original six young women. After all departed, Lara and I went in and found Tara lying on a bench, naked and with the biggest smile on her face.

“She’s so precious,” I thought seeing her lie there.

We helped her up and cleaned her up and then she dressed. We than walk to the car and started for home. I asked Tara, “So, what happened in buca escort bayan there?”

“Oh Mistress, let me tell you.”

“When we walked in to the restroom, one of the girls pulled the gate to close the entrance. It’s wasn’t locked but they didn’t want to be disturbed.”

She giggled and continued, “They made me strip and they all took pictures. They made me pose in different positions. It was hot. I could tell they were all turned on so I said, “Who would like to be first?”

One of the women ordered me to kneel and each one sat on the bench before me and I brought them all to orgasm. Not sure how many.”

I told her we counted 10 more girls went in. She nodded.

“Thinking I was done, I started to stand up. But a hand on my shoulder held me down and a voice said, “Oh no slut. You’re not done yet. You like eating cunt”

“Well, here’s some cocks for you to suck on.”

There were two guys, smiling in front of me. I gave them both a blow job and the girls took more pictures. It was so hot.”

“When I stood up, I was push against the sink, bent over and held down. One of the women said, “I think this slave should be punished with a spanking for being such a naughty little girl. What do you all think? We’ll each give her a swat on her cute little ass.”

And another said, “Then she should be fucked by these two guys. Right girls?”

And they did. They all spanked my ass and then the two guys each fucked me while the women all played with me. I came so hard that I collapsed onto the floor.

Several said, “What a slut, a total slut.”

They picked me up and laid me down on the bench. Then they all left.”

She then said to me, “Thank you Mistress; that was fun.”

“I just smiled at her and thought, “What a day my two little slave slut have had.” And I giggled.”

“After that we stayed at the house and waited for the day to arrive that I had scheduled for our trip to our new home. It finally arrived, we all jump into the car and we were on our way. My plan was to take it slow and keep it simple, no adventures on the trip. Oh, I had my slaves expose themselves quite a lot. They love doing that and I love seeing others reactions to seeing my two perfect little sluts.”

“We stopped a lot since we were in no hurry. And that night we made love, just three women. Well, three women with one in complete control of the other two. I did order my two slave sluts to seduce the Night Auditor and fuck him. While they were busy, the Night Housekeeper walked in and they fucked her too. And that’s how the first day went but early on the 2nd day, we had a problem. A State Trooper, a female State Trooper.”

“I was not speeding but she saw two females in the back of the car that appeared to be naked. So, she pulled us over. When she saw what she thought was a twelve year old and a sixteen year old, she pulled me out of the car and put cuffs on me. I tried to talk to her but she would not listen and walked me to her cop car.

As she was cuffing me, Lara cried out, “Mistress.”

The lady cop, her name is Kate, heard it and smiled. When we got to her car she said, “So, you’re a Dom aren’t you?”

“Yes and those are my slaves.”

“Very nice. Are they really that young?”

“No, the one that looks twelve is actually 26 and the other is 19.”


“Now, will you release me now?” I asked.

Kate smiled; reached out to palm my mound through the short shorts I was wearing and said, “No, you three are going to give me and some friends a show, at my place. Wait here while I get “my girls.”

“Great, just great.”

She ordered Lara and Tara out of the car, cuffed them and walked them her cop car, still without their clothes, and put them inside the car. Once the girls were in her car, she walked me back to my car, un-cuffed me and told me to strip. I did as she asked and then she told me to follow her to her house. Later, the girls told me she made a lot of calls. Organizing the show, I guess.

It took 30 minutes to get to her house and when we arrived there were all ready 8 women there. I thought to myself, “How many did she invite, and on such short notice.”

She had me park my car in the back. Then, she paraded us around the yard, still nude and cuffed and she encouraged her guests to feel us up as we passed by. In the mean time, 10 more women showed up. I wondered how many times this had happened before.”

“Kate called out, “The show is about to start. Go into the barn and find a seat everyone” As they walked inside all the women cheered and chatted about us, like we couldn’t hear them. “I heard things like, “Did you see that young one? Bet she’s real juicy.”

Or, “How about those legs on the tall one, to die for.”

And, “Kate out did herself this time, wonder how much she going to charge us?”

“I thought, charge you? She’s making us her whores.”

Lara, Tara and I were left standing in the yard when Kate walked up buca escort to me and said, “Ok, here’s the deal. I sometimes provide “special entertainment” to these ladies, for pay. I usually get hookers to do the show for me and I give them a cut. However, sometimes, I find a young girl or girls on the roadside; maybe their hitchhiking, maybe their car broke down, you know. And, they do a show for me for free and they do it so that I don’t arrest them. And they never say anything to anyone about it because it is all caught on camera. Great, right.”

“Yes, great.”

“So, you three will walk into the barn when I call you, ok, and I’ll introduce you. I’ll then take the cuff off you and you three will have sex. And, please. Do it however you want to, use any of the gear you want. The show will go on for a minimum of 2 hours. My guests get what then pay for, and to see you three little sluts, they’re paying a lot.”

“We do this for you and you’ll immediately let us go? Deal?”

“Of course, my dear. I’ll let you go.” And Kate walked into the barn to start.”

“I said “I’m sorry girls, it looks like we have no choice.”

Tara replies, “It’s not your fault Mistress, it’s that Kate’s.”

Followed by little Lara, “Yes, I like to beat her.”

We all laughed with that comment.

And I said, “Well, if we have too. Let’s show them how to do it right. Ok my little ones. Just like if we were at home. Ok?”

They both nodded. We soon heard Kate speaking to the crowd, “Ladies, I called you in for a special show. You all saw the three perfect young ladies. I met them a short time ago, told them all about you and they insisted I let them give you some “special entertainment.” Now I know my asking triple the usual fee may seem like too much. But believe me ladies; these three little sluts are well worth it.” Then she called out to us, “Sluts, get your little whore asses in here.”

And in we walked. I saw before me; a large carpeted area set up like a bedroom with a bed, a bench, a couple of regular chairs and even a chair like the one Marie uses at her salon. On a rack, just off the carpeting, is a variety of bondage gear and on a table, also just off the carpeting but on the other side, was a selection of dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, etc. The three of us walked to Kate, who was in the clear area of the carpeted area, and stopped.

She said quietly, “Remember, I will arrest you and put you away, if you don’t cooperate. You do not want to go our jail, do you?”

“No, we’ll do our best.” I replied.”

“Kate stepped behind me and took the cuffs off, she then did the same to Lara and finely to Tara. This was a mistake, a big mistake and I took advantage. When she undid one arm on Tara, I stepped behind Lara and, using my training, kicked Kate in her back hard sending her and Tara fly onto the bed. I then jumped onto Kate, hit her several times in her kidney and with the help of Tara, subdued her. Holding her down on her stomach and holding her arms in back on her, I told Lara to “put the cuffs on her, hurry.”

After Lara put the cuffs on her, I put a ball gag in her mouth while Tara put her in ankle cuffs and a spreader bar. Kate was still out cold, I told my beauties, in a loud voice, to “wake up that bitch and stand her up, if these ladies have paid for a show, they’re going to get a show.”

None of the guests had moved a muscle; they were in shock at the turn of events. They probably didn’t know if this was part of the show or not but when I said that, everyone of them cheered. Again, in a loud voice, I told my girls to “cut her clothes off and bend her over that chair and tie her down.”

The crowd roared as I said, “beat her good.”

Lara and Tara rushed to follow my orders and when they had Kate tied down good and tight. I handed Lara a paddle and Tara a whip and told them to “beat her ass but good.”

And then looked up at the crowd and said, “Right ladies, beat her ass.”

The crowd started a cheer, “beat her ass. beat her ass. beat her ass.”

Lara and Tara alternated striking Kate and after about 50 strikes, Kate had stopped moving. She had passed out.”

“I thought, “good, this will be easier this way.”

I told the girls to “remove the gear from her and put Kate into that chair, pointing to the chair that is like the one Marie uses, and strap her down. Kate, still out of it does not resist and allows my girls to put her into the chair and strap her down. I walked over to Kate, slapped her face several times to wake her up completely. She looked up at me in terror.

I said to her, “I guess I should have mentioned this earlier but I am a black-belt in three disciplines. So, here’s what going to happen. My two slaves are now going to give you the sex show you have never had. I stepped back and said to Lara and Tara, “My dear ones, do anything do her you want. Only; one thing. She stays strapped down.”

My little ones both nod and go at her with gusto. They played and pawed at her body; her tits, her ass, her pussy. They made her eat their pussy and they used dildos on her, both her pussy and her ass. Whipped her some more; on her tits, her tummy, her cunt. They just kept hampering away at her; giving her orgasms after orgasms. And a very good show to her guests.”

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