Stepping Out Ch. 01

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“You should be ashamed of yourself,” he scolded.

“Yeah? And what are you going to do about it?” she challenged.

She was clad only in workout clothes: short shorts that clung to her shapely ass like another layer of skin and a tank top that barely covered her magnificently round breasts, her pointed nipples threatening to rip right through. Of course, he knew she had nothing on underneath and it had been driving him wild. He wore only shorts, commando style.

“Punish you,” he told her as he pushed her face down onto the sofa, and then dove on top of her dry-humping her ass through their clothes.

“You can try,” she shot back, squirming free and wrestling him over onto his back, straddling is crotch, feeling his massive erection pressing against his pants. She rotated her pussy around on him to tease him.

He attempted to reach out and rub her pussy in retaliation, but she had her hands firmly planted on his shoulders, pinning him down. Still, being bigger and stronger, he was able to wriggle free and turn her over so he was now on top. He slid back in an effort to pry her legs apart, but she resisted by pushing against his chest with her legs and feet. However, when she bent her legs for a second, he managed to press his cock against her ass and pump a few times.

Giggling, she pushed him back and rolled off the sofa onto the floor. She then eased back onto the sofa, sitting on the other end. Sliding over to her, he wrapped his arms around her. This time, when he twisted her onto her back, he was able to spread her legs and move between them, again with his dick mashed against her pussy. She clasped her legs around his waist, locking her ankles together. He was also able to ease her tank top up, exposing her tits. She pushed him up and wrapped her arms around his neck and ended up sitting in his lap.

Once more, he tried to reach for her pussy, but she grabbed his wrists and held his arms back while tempting him again by rubbing her crotch against his. With her boobs hanging almost in his face, they both paused for a second to catch their breath.

“Pretty pathetic that your stepsister can pin you down,” she teased.

“You can think that if you want. I can out-wrestle you if I want to.”

“Oh, you want to wrestle? Well, then, you’ll have to do it naked.”

“Is that a challenge?”

“Take it any way you want.”

He stood while still holding her and let her land on her feet. “Then I accept.” And with that, he stripped off his shorts.

Watching him to make certain he didn’t try anything, she quickly removed her shorts and top. They stood in front of one another regarding each other lustily. Pulling a fast one, she grabbed him around the hips, swung him around onto his back on the sofa and pounced on him. They pretended to wrestle some more until he was able to lift her up and reverse positions.

With him now on top, his aching naked hard-on rested comfortably against her bare, wet pussy. He couldn’t help but rub it against her, though he did not enter her. She feigned fighting back, but not too seriously, yet enough to once again swap positions. However, this time, instead of sitting crotch to crotch, she quickly scooted forward and planted her hot pussy on his face.

“Alright, stepbrother, eat my pussy.”

Even though she had him pinned down, this was a command he willingly followed. While his tongue snaked into her delicious snatch, she reached back and grabbed his oozing cock and tugged on it. She loved the feel of it and wanted more so she turned herself around and maneuvered them into a sixty-nine position. A second later, she was devouring his steel rod with her mouth. This caused them both to settle down from their playfulness.

The pleasure of his cock in her mouth was something she never tired of. Even though much was made of a hard cock, there was still a pleasing softness to it. Her tongue enjoyed the bulges of veins and muscles that contributed to its unique shape.

Likewise, her pussy lips against his facial lips was a connection he lived for: the tenderness of her labia, the tautness of her clit, the wetness of her vagina, the sweetness of her nectar. He would always clean off a spot for her to sit on his face. Yet, as much as he savored her slit, his cock wanted more.

“I want to fuck you.”

“And you think I’m just going to let you?” she titillated.

With a big grin he attacked her mirthfully and they playfully wrestled once again. He was able to lift her up, turn her around and mockingly throw her back onto the sofa, face down. She offered a reasonable amount of resistance, but didn’t fight too much when he straddled her ass, one of his legs kneeling on the sofa, the other planted on the floor. For good measure, she kept her legs together, but not tight enough to prevent him from slipping his cock between them and into her pussy. Both moaned their pleasure at the incredible sensation of him being inside her. He fucked with moderate, deliberate strokes.

After ataşehir escort a few minutes, she huffed, “Let’s do it right.”

So, he allowed her to turn over so they could do it missionary style. Once again, she wrapped her legs around him and clasped her ankles together.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes,” she cried.

After a few minutes of this, as a display of his strength, he raised her up so he could sit on the sofa with her riding him in his lap. His cock never left her pussy. She giggled, but now she was fucking him. He liked this position because he could easily suck her tits, which he eagerly did.

With all of their horsing around, and the intensity with which they were now fucking, she let out a loud roar as her orgasm took over. Her body shuddered and shivered as she allowed the climax to overtake her. Every nerve in her body tingled. As many magnificent orgasms as they’d had together, ones like this she didn’t have as often as she would like.

As soon as she finished, she got off of him, but quickly turned around and sat back down, his cock easily finding its way back in. She leaned back against him as though he was an easy chair and allowed him to plow away until she had completely caught her breath. At that point, she rotated around on him because she knew he liked that, but she also loved the feel of his rod revolving around the inner walls of her vagina.

After only a minute of this, he yelled, “I’m gonna come.”

“Oh, yeah, stepbrother. Come on, give it to me.”

And he did, blasting her pussy with plenteous amounts of pearly white liquid that dripped down his shaft as quickly as he pumped it into her. When he finished, she quickly slid off of him, knelt and licked and swallowed as much cum as she could.

Leaving a semen lip gloss on her mouth, Kendall said. “Damn you’re good.”

“No better than you,” Mark complemented.

They shared a good laugh over the great sex they’d just had, made all the more fun by the games—such as today’s wrestling—they had recently started making of it.

“So, remind me what I did to deserve such punishment,” she wanted to know.

“You shouldn’t have chased the folks out like that. Your mom looked like she was going to cry leaving you alone for the first time.”

“She wasn’t leaving me alone,” Kendall corrected. “She was leaving me with you.” Her mother was his stepmother.

“You know what I mean. The two of you have never been apart like this.”

“I didn’t want them to be on the road late,” she offered as a reason.

Mark and Kendall had just moved into their off-campus apartment to start college at a university completely across the state from where their parents lived.

“You wanted them to leave so we could do what we just did, like we couldn’t have done it with them here.”

The fact is they could have done it with their parents present; they could have even done it with their parents, as they had done many times over the last few months. But that would have had their parents leaving well after dark, and Kendall really didn’t want them driving so far at night.

Their parents were coworkers, and nearly a year ago, found they had an attraction to one another, started dating, and fell in love. Their obstacle had been her 18-year-old daughter and his 18-year-old son. The parents, George and Donna, concocted a scheme to get their children together to get to know one another. Not only did it work. It worked way better than they anticipated, to the point where the teens had carnal knowledge of each other.

As their sexual activities continued, Mark discovered that Kendall was already having lesbian sex with her mother, and at one point, thought she might actually be a lesbian because she hadn’t been able to find a guy she really liked—until Mark came along. He further learned that the two females had extreme sexual appetites, and found out just how much when they had their first threesome.

George found out about it by actually walking in on them one time and he was not happy about it. In fact, he stormed out of the house. It took Kendall in her typically convincing sexual manner to turn him around. This launched them into an openness that few other families had ever experienced. Foursomes became the rule rather than the exception.

Soon after, George and Donna were wed and they became one big happy family—until it was time for Mark and Kendall to go off to college. Mark had already enrolled, but Kendall finally decided to attend the same university so she could be with him. He was the consummate student and she would also benefit by having a built in tutor. It was a no-brainer that the two would share an apartment, ostensibly to save their parents money, but realistically to continue the loving relationship they had developed. They felt that, away from home, they would be freer to be together without the hassle they received from their friends back home who knew that they were stepbrother and stepsister. The second bedroom in the apartment kadıköy escort was just for show in the event they needed it.

The sticky wicket in their relationship was that they truly believed they were in love. They had expressed these feelings toward one another, but their parents tried to convince them that they needed to date other people to make certain what they felt for each other was real. Neither had ever experienced what they perceived love to be, so they interpreted the overwhelming emotion that was engulfing them as love. They believed that going away to college and sharing an apartment was a better test of the genuineness of their feelings than their parents’ suggestion.

They arrived in college town two weeks before classes were to begin so they could adjust to living alone and attend freshmen orientation and other activities that led up to the start of the semester. As much as they loved their home life, being on their own was indeed a good litmus test of their relationship, they were able to go out on dates without issues and just be a couple, and it was turning out to be quite a positive experience. They even contemplated not telling anyone they were stepsister and stepbrother. Not a day went by that they didn’t fuck, and more often than not, multiple times.

But that all slowed down when classes began. It was time to get down to a more regimented lifestyle. To be sure, Mark and Kendall did, but not to the extent they had anticipated. They were only in classes three or four hours a day, so there was ample time for homework, housework, and their favorite past time. They walked to and from campus together when their class schedules allowed, but were also apart for a few hours a day providing them with a bit of space. Unfortunately, they had no classes together, but those classes did provide opportunities for them to make some friends.

As the semester wore on, the ever studious Mark spent more and more time on homework; Kendall, not so much. As a result, times when he would otherwise be in bed with her with his head between her legs, his head was buried in a book. He had to repeatedly remind her that school was their primary focus. She had to repeatedly remind him the other reason they were here. It wasn’t that they weren’t doing anything, it just wasn’t as often as she wanted—and needed. Sometimes, she just had to be creative.

* * *

And so it went for Kendall . . . until one afternoon a couple of weeks into the semester as she was approaching their apartment alone—Mark still had another class—a guy she judged to be her own age came up to her. Though cautious, she was quite taken by his handsomeness, and finally recognized him from her algebra class.

“Hi,” he greeted. “I’m Joseph. I live here also, around back.”

“You’re in my—”

“Math class,” he completed for her.

She smirked at his simplification of the course.

“I’ve been watching you,” Joseph told her, and then quickly held up his hand. “I’m sorry. That didn’t come out right.”

Kendall was tickled by his boyish back-pedaling.

“I meant, I wanted to introduce myself, see if maybe you wanted to go out some time.”

Now, she was touched. She couldn’t remember when was the last time she had been asked out; certainly not since Mark came along . . . Mark. What was she thinking?

“Well, that’s very sweet, but—” she gestured to her apartment with a nod of her head.

“Your stepbrother would mind?”

Caught completely off guard, Kendall mumbled, “H-How did you know he was my stepbrother?”

Obviously embarrassed, it was Joseph’s turn to stutter. “I asked Todd, the apartment manager.”

“He shouldn’t have released that information.” Kendall wasn’t as put out as her tone might have implied.

“He’s a nice guy and really seems to care about his tenants,” Joseph told her with a helpless, apologetic shrug.

But how did he know, Kendall wondered. Only one source came to mind: their parents. She made a mental note to call her mother later.

“So, he would mind?”

“We just watch out for each other. Our parents expect it. Besides, we spend a lot of time studying.” Well, at least one of us does, she thought.

“Well—wait, I don’t even know your name.”

“Oh, sorry. It’s Kendall.”

“I like that. So, what do you think?”

“I don’t know, Joseph. Not sure I want to start anything.”

“It’s just one date. Would you at least think about it?”

“Sure,” Kendall conceded. “See you later.”

Once inside, she plopped down on the sofa, stunned by what had just happened. At first, she chastised herself for even saying she would think about it. But actually, the more she thought about it, her parents’ words echoed in her ears. They believed that despite the teens’ feelings for one another they should still date other people. Of course, part of that reason was because they never really wanted Mark and Kendall to date in the first place. Their fear was that if the teens did date and later on broke bostancı escort bayan up it could affect the parents’ relationship. Though George and Donna were now married and that was less of a concern, it was still the parents’ opinion.

But despite Mark’s current emphasis on studying, she still loved him and he still satisfied her. So why would she even considering seeing another guy? Then she was reminded about why she almost gave up boys in the first place. Without being conceited, she knew she was a very attractive girl and she worked hard to make herself so. As a result, in high school, so many boys were only looking to get inside her pants. However, Mark had been different. So, what was it about Joseph?

Fortunately, Mark entered the apartment, halting her tormenting thoughts. Kendall instantly stood to embrace him.

A moment later, he took a step back with a puzzled expression. “What was that for?”

“Do I need a reason?” she asked, toying with him. “Our secret is out.”

“What secret?”

“That we are step-siblings.” She then told him about Joseph.

Mark considered the news. “I would agree the folks told the manager. But in fairness to them, they might have had to. I mean, Donna is your parent, Dad is mine. Their two children are rooming together. Anyone would have put two and two together. I guess it was foolish of us to think we could keep it a secret.” Then he grimaced. “I was less afraid of that than the possibility of what happened happening.”

“What do you mean?” a confused Kendall asked.

“That guys would start hitting on you.”

She smiled warmly, touched that he felt that way. “You don’t have to worry about losing me,” she heard herself saying to reassure him, confused by her own about-face.

“Thanks. But it isn’t only that.” Mark took a seat on the sofa to think out loud. Kendall sat very close beside him. “This guy is in your algebra class. You’ll see him every other day. He’ll keep bugging you—at least for a little while—to go out with him. And then, when he gives up, someone else will try. And when you keep refusing all of these guys, then everyone will start talking.”

Frowning, Kendall asked, “So, what are you saying? I should go out with him?”

“I don’t know, just thinking out loud.”

“But you didn’t answer the question,” she persisted. “It sounds like you want me to go out with him.”

“No, I don’t. But it might solve some problems.”

“I can’t believe you’re saying that,” Kendall shot back with a raised voice. “So what if people know we’re stepsister and stepbrother and so what if they know we’re together. What’s the worst that could happen?”

“Even though we’re not related by blood, some people still think it’s wrong.”

“Then, that’s their problem!” With that, she stormed off into her bedroom, which was the one they shared because it was closer to the bathroom.

To say Mark was stunned, was a huge understatement. In all of their time together, he had never seen her so put out that she stormed off. He didn’t even know what to do, not ever having to deal with such a situation. He decided to do nothing for now, opting to give her some time to cool down. He prepared dinner for them. A half hour later, he knocked on her door to tell her it was time to eat. She thanked him, came into the kitchen, fixed her plate, returned to her bedroom, and otherwise said nothing. If he was stunned before, Mark was absolutely floored now. He ate alone wondering about this new facet of her, and then cleaned the kitchen. Afterward, he sat in solitude, contemplating what to do next.

A while later, it occurred to Mark that it was awfully quiet in the bedroom, so, he finally decided to investigate. After a couple of unanswered light taps on the door, he entered quietly under the correct assumption that Kendall might have fallen asleep. Standing over the bed, he wondered in a whispered voice what ever made him suggest that this amazingly beautiful woman—his woman—go out with another guy. It made him further realize that he was neglecting her, putting school ahead of her. Sure school was important, but he really didn’t need to put in as much time as he did—he just wanted to be good at it.

To further enjoy her beauty, Mark gently pulled the covers down to expose her upper body. As she normally did, Kendall was sleeping nude. It almost took his breath away every time he laid eyes on her gorgeous breasts, so full and round. He couldn’t help sliding the blanket and sheet further to reveal her rounded hips, shapely legs, and of course, her lovely shaved pussy. He touched her leg softly, running his fingers up and down a few inches, and it caused her to turn onto her back, slightly spreading her legs. He wondered if this was involuntary or if she was feigning sleep.

Regardless, Mark had no resistance with her spectacular body laid out before him. He kissed her abdomen just above her pussy and on up, tenderly sucking each hardened nipple. Though her eyes remained closed, her breathing picked up and she spread her legs wider. He took that as an invitation to lightly drag his tongue along her slit. As the motion gradually parted her labia, his tongue delved deeper enjoying the softest, sweetest dessert he could ever hope to have.

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